Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1077

........................................................................ Law of the Heaven and Earth, mysterious not measured! Law of the Heaven and Earth of each place is different, Magic Continent there Law of the Heaven and Earth is so, in Magic Continent there, only then Magic energy, besides Magic energy, other energy although can also use, but actually cannot use too strong energy, therefore in Magic Continent there, nobody meets Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, will not go to same military Dual Cultivation, because of such, they are forever impossible to achieve most top layer strength, do not say ascend, is the same like Magic Armor Continent there not formidable Warrior and Magician. But reason that Zhao Hai will be repelled by Law of the Heaven and Earth in Magic Continent there , because Zhao Hai energy is, moreover these two energy comprised of Magic energy and Warrior energy in his[ body] in very formidable, therefore he will be repelled by Magic Continent there Law of the Heaven and Earth. When his ascend machine here, his all energy can use, if a locally born Magic Continent person, when old Magician lets he uses Magic energy, he will certainly use oneself most adept Magic energy, but Zhao Hai and don’t know this point, therefore he said that he is Magician of entire department. Zhao Hai don’t know Magic Continent there what's the matter, but the machine here person actually knows, therefore they heard that Zhao Hai is Magician of entire department, was shocked. An entire department, ascend to Magic Continent here Magician, how that aptitude, was needless to say also knows that was because of so, therefore the machine here person such will take seriously Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai and don’t know these, he sat an evening on netg, this he not to stop is practicing in the evening, he is clear, in Atlanta Continent there, he is Expert extremely person, but in here, he is only one has the potential, he wants in here to live better, wants in here the comfortableness wants to be competent. But Zhao Hai such performance, was paid attention to his person to see by these that actually appreciated, the person who ascend comes, thinks one are very strong, the body is having an arrogance, unavoidably some idleness, just ascend like Zhao Hai went all out to practice, was really too few. Even if after is these ascend come up, became time that a side Expert person they just flying counted, is an arrogance, this first late does not want to exit to transfer the extension, feels restless in there, has practiced a whole evening person like Zhao Hai, almost glide. But is this, more is demonstrated that out of the ordinary of Zhao Hai, these people looked that Zhao Hai such performance thought this is the person who is worth them paying attention. Late time, regarding a person of wholly-absorbed practice, is really not anything, Zhao Hai only thought one just ran Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula several times, hears some people to knock on a door. Zhao Hai one received Cultivation Method, deep voice said : please come in.” The door opens, walks one to wear the Magic Robe person from outside, Magic Robe that this person puts on not like Magic Robe that robot Magician puts on, that style is very old, Magician that Magician this person who the counter- whole person covers puts on, is very fashionable Magic Robe. Zhao Hai stares, hastily look at that person of said : from netg „you are?” Does that person show a faint smile said : to Zhao Hai „you are yesterday is Magician Mr. Zhao Hai that came from Atlanta Space Magic Continent ascend? Hello, I am meet your.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Hello am I Zhao Hai, don’t know you must take me to go to that?” That Magician smiles said : all from Lower Realm Ascenders, must first goes to machine Continent Ascend Academy to study one year of time, later after the test, put machine Continent official ID Card, now I must lead you to go to the school.” Zhao Hai one hear hastily to good person said : good, troubled you, please.”

That person smiles said : not to be troublesome, here is only a momentary rest place, has waited till school there, I am leading you to eat meal, please.” Said hand signal that has made invitation. After Zhao Hai has expressed gratitude, walks with that person shoulder to shoulder outward, but that five robot Magician, did not see, Zhao Hai walks with that person outward, what Zhao Hai lives is only second floor, they arrived at outside quickly. Was shocked one to outside Zhao Hai, outside this science fiction movie in scene has looked like with he has seen, tall buildings, each one 100 multi-layers about, from the sky fly, only then aerocar that wants in the science fiction movie to see, in the airborne putting on corner back and forth, on each building, the a piece giant screen, on that screen, is showing some advertisements, looked like attractive extremely. That person sees the Zhao Hai appearance, will show a faint smile said :do not feel strange, you slowly will be used to it, come, we will board.Was saying while is pointing in front of Zhao Hai, before Zhao sea surface not far away, is stopping a car(riage), this car(riage) is the same with the car(riage) that these from the sky fly, does not have the wheel, behind of car(riage) brought a propeller, looks like looks like somewhat like the aquatic airship of automobile. Zhao Hai has not asked anything, but lowered the head to cut through in the car(riage), that person also afterward sat, Zhao Hai then had opportunity to turn head the place that looked at his yesterday to live, this was tower, in this tall building such as the woods place, this tower appeared short, only used two more than ten layers, even if were the raising-of-truss method of tower is high, with the equivalent to three more than ten layers buildings about high. Entire tower, all over the body by one type of green made of stone, this is a against ancient construction, looks like also really the flavors of some Magic towers. Any window in this tower, this point to is not just the same as the Magic tower, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, he has not thought really that will see a such building in here unexpectedly. That person also saw the Zhao Hai expression, does he show a faint smile said :to feel very strange? Is this ascend staff reception desk, noon incompatible with nearby construction? ” Zhao Hai nodded, said : „, looks like Zhao's some is not quite coordinated.” That person smiles said : this is entire Magic in the city, the most ancient construction, simultaneously this building is also to intend to complete this.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at that person, that person shows a faint smile said : you to come up from Lower Realm ascend, if you one, makes you live in these constructions, you can be familiar with?” Was saying him while has referred to nearby these tall buildings. Then he turns the head to front of said : Ascend Academy.” The vehicle started silently, start very smoothly of vehicle, Zhao Hai had not even felt that the vehicle starts. However he shook the head to that person said : „, if just came to be admitted to such large building truly is some are not familiar with.”

That person smiles said : „, is for this reason, therefore here was completed this appearance, simultaneously here completed this appearance also to have another reason, here is arranged many Magic Formation, for suppresses here Spiritual Qi.” Zhao Hai said : Spiritual Qi?” That person of look at Zhao Hai smiles said : right, Spiritual Qi, to machine here, Magic energy that you studied could not be called is Magic energy, but was received to make Spiritual Qi, do not think that your yesterday and present felt Spiritual Qi that was not very strong, that was because these underwent the Magic Formation special suppression actually machine here Spiritual Qi, enough was Spiritual Qi about hundred times that now you can the prestige realize, but the person of your ascend ”, if among suddenly felt that to that big Spiritual Qi, the possible means not to have adapted, direct possessed by the Devil. Gives you a process of adaptation, this Spiritual Qi desirably was suppressed, wait for you to Ascend Academy time, in future one year , the adaptation machine here Spiritual Qi quantity slowlywait for you fully will adapt to the here Spiritual Qi quantity, you can inspect, so long as you inspect to complete, even if were machine in official staff. ” That person was saying, speeding car while fast forwardalthough car(riage) is quick, but actually a little ill feeling, they look like sit chat to be the same in in the room. Waited for that person to say the time , the speeding car stopped in front of courtyard, this courtyard looked like very big, ” had large building of more than 100 story-high in courtyard, in large building above, writes the Ascend Academy four characters. After the car(riage) stops, ” vehicle door opened automatically, then electronic speaking sounds: Ascend Academy to please get out. ” That person gets down to Zhao Hai said :.” Zhao Hai nodded, walked from the speeding car with that person. They just stood the ground, ground immediately proceed[ transports] moves, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai stare, but he looked at ground one, did not care. The performance of that person of look at Zhao Hai, is actually shows a faint smile real good, is very calm, you who said : you display are don’t know, I had received a person before, as soon as he stands on this, directly threw down.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : actually in our Atlanta Continent there, now show very good of , although did not have this transportable ground, but the elevator had, I think that the principle of this ground is also similar to the elevator.” That person of can't said : „? Your Atlanta Continent did there have the elevator? true or false?” Zhao Hai smiles said : naturally real, you possibly also know that Atlanta Continent there, three Continent compose, including Magic Continent, Warrior Continent, one is Magic Armor Continent, our Magic Continent and Warrior Continent naturally will not have the elevator, but Magic Armor Continent there has, afterward we also said that oh, was right, yesterday receives my several Magician, seems like similar to Magic Continent there Magic Armor, aren't they Daoist/actual person?” Zhao Hai was deliberately said that to try that person, that person had not really suspected that he smiles said : naturally is not Daoist/actual person, that was only several reception robots, looked like Daoist/actual person is the same, actually they were only the machines, was right, was Magic Armor that you said what?” Zhao Hai smiles said : Magic Armor is several meters high Iron-man, the person must enter to Iron-man in goes to operate, this Iron-man can carry on to fight, can do other, that Iron-man fighting strength very formidable, moreover their there also has to fly or Magic Armor, heard that can let some high level Magic Armor pilots, harnesses Magic Armor ascend to arrive at Upper Realm, is here?” That person nodded said :that possibly is here, that place that but you said that definitely had for a long time nobody ascend to here, I did to receive this Jobs is done to have about 20 years, had not actually heard had such a place. Zhao Hai smiles said : „, our Atlanta Continent there, ascend is very slow, already has plenty year nobody ascend.”

That person smiles said : this is very normal, some small plane several hundred years of nobody ascend that were normal, does not have anything at the worst.” They was saying before while arrives at large building, before large building, has set up the a piece screen poster, on that poster, writes some situations in this large building, this large building is entire Ascend Academy, can be called ascend Magic academy, because studies in this academy, is some person who came from Magic plane ascend. That person looks at Zhao Hai to note that screen, smiles said : not to need to look, this thing to the beginner looked that called the life in large building all knew some time, walked, first got you to register, then went to your dormitory to settle down, then in ate meal.” Zhao Hai nodded, enters large building with that person, enters large building is a very big hall, area of this hall not Zhao Hai ascend comes the time that metal room that sees is smaller. Has in the hall puts on the Magic Robe person to walk back and forth in, several people see Zhao Hai to come, directs to Zhao Hai, was saying anything in a low voice. The ear of Zhao Hai very spirits, he very clear hearing person said : is one newly arrived, don’t know came from there ascend.” Another said : can be what kind, in their there that came from there ascend he possibly is a talent, to here, everyone/Great Clan was the same.” At this time Zhao Hai has arrived at the innermost in hall with that person, there had Dao Sect, in front of the door writes three characters registration office that person to push the door to walk entered to rush, Zhao Hai was running hastily. This is one is not very big room, only then more than 20 about square meters, in the room also very simple, a table, a chair, on the chair sits a robot. This is one looks like very simple robot, the round head, his whole piece face, is a screen of semicircle, the silver bright body, two arms look like are also add the gear coupling by two metal plant roots, in a hand is a machine of four square shape, another hand directly has actually installed a metal pen. Looked at this situation Zhao Hai on understand, strange, no matter that person that this polite, sentimental here work unexpectedly was a robot. That person not polite, arrives around the robot, turns the head to take that record that yesterday you attain to Zhao Hai said :.” Zhao Hai immediately took that paper that old Magician gave present. After that person received the paper, has put on the paper the table, the screen on machine face slightly one bright, then his manual, has delimited on the paper with metal pen that hand, then stopped, then in another hand the machine of that square shape called two, has put out a card from that machine. a.