Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1078

..............., That person takes that card, has given Zhao Hai the card, said : this is your ID Card piece, this year time, you can only live in Ascend Academy model|pattern because of within, has in here with outside same thing, you will have the independent room, here also has to sell various thing stores, this ID Card, can regard the bankcard to use similarly, do you know the bank?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : naturally, has the bank in our there, in our Atlanta mainland, ID Card can also regard the bankcard to use.” That person of said : looked like I must an understanding Atlanta mainland well, has not thought that your there was so advanced, this card had 10,000 point machine coins, these money you can be used to buy thing, naturally, the here food in house and cafeteria did not use the huā money, but here also had the dining room, if you want to eat to select, can go to the dining room to dine, you wanted here to buy thing and dining, needs the huā money, 10,000 although not to be many, but must live for one year to use in here enough, a little you must pay attention., here will have a test every month, the content of test is various, has the article also to have the military, if you through test, organic coin as reward, if you do not take a test qualified, will deduct a machine coin as the punishment, understand?” Zhao Hai nodded, his understand, this machine person who to just ascend come, but also is takes great pains really that first has built a such school, lets person who just ascend came, can try to alert to opportunity the Spiritual Qi change of here slowly, but this school constructs is the same with a small town city, to let the life of their adaptation machine here, moreover gives in vain 10,000 points machine coin, was very natural. That person looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but said : you did not feel that is startled? I remember beforehand receives Magician time he heard that one year does not let, immediately/on horseback shouts, said that his one year does not exit, equal to gave to put under house arrest him him not to agree.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : mister to chat, like this arranged my very satisfied, was my this OK? Do I want to go to there to live? Goes to there to eat meal? Goes to there to attend class?” As soon as that person listened to Zhao Hai saying that immediately/on horseback said : this you did not need to be worried, you while obtaining this card, will obtain a Butler robot, this robot gives to you, even if was your leave school time can also carry off that robot, you in this building, there is any don’t know can ask that machine.” Was saying, the door was opened, a robot walked from outside, this robot does not receive inside tower that several robot that Advanced level like ascend, this robot semblance is the one layer metal shell, a head of two eye, walked also has to bite has worked as lang the sound, understood at a glance that was not good thing.

That person of look at this robot said : this is your Butler robot, if you do not want this robot, can go to the store in school to purchase, robot Butler is inexpensive, 10,000 point machine coins can buy several, naturally you have also been able thing that brings from Lower Realm to buy you for the store, the store to you a machine coin, does not circulate in the here Lower Realm money, if you have brought gold coins this class thing from Lower Realm, can in the bank in school, the exchange become machine coin feel relieved, the exchange rate be very cost-effective, cannot by you. Suffered a loss, my Jobs is done completed you to have any matter to ask that this robot, in the procedure of this robot, almost included the question that all Ascenders must ask.” Zhao Hai nodded, bows said : to thank mister to help my Xie Da to that person, you look, from seeing you to the present, I had not asked What is your name, this was really has been disrespectful, this was I gives your gift, please accept.” Said that Zhao Hai turns, in his hand left a small cloth sack, this small cloth sack is not big, thing that but inside installs actually probably is ten rounds of heaviness. That person is also the person of being able to judge the quality of goods, he saw the cloth sack that Zhao Hai takes knows, this is one bag of gold coins, to be honest, he has not thought really Zhao Hai will deliver one bag of gold coins to him. That person of dry joint worked for more than 20 years, reception excessively innumerable Ascenders, these people just ascend came up time, was an arrogance, gave a present to him, wants not to need to think that each and every one saw him, probably saw the servant was the same, although does this work, the talent that but that person came up regarding these ascend, still felt that not being feeling well, but Zhao Hai actually this for more than 20 years, first delivered gold coins to his person. That person has not actually put out a hand to meet gold coins, but bowed said : I to thank Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai in here, I called Gu Mingyue, Mr. Zhao Hai, you were I do the reception clerk for more than 20 years, first gave me the gold coins person, but I cannot want, these gold coins you were remaining, was the same with the small town city in this school, you just came here, anything asked for money, keep the some money self-defense to well.” Zhao Hai laughs said :mister not to need for me to be worried that thinks my Magician, one, but research has Magic to come, long is the place that about one year leave do not live, moreover I do not like walking everywhere, what money in this then huā, you didn't accept? Said that takes up the hand of Gu Mingyue, has put in the purse his hand. Gu Mingyue looks at Zhao Hai this, at heart move, outside he looked at all around one, Body-Lightweight you went to wait to that Butler robot said :.” That Butler robot has not moved, but turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, obviously now his Master is Zhao Hai, he only listened to words of Zhao Hai person. Zhao Hai looks at the Gu Mingyue appearance, knows that he had the words to himself say, outside his immediately/on horseback turned the head you to go to that robot said : just wait.” That robot immediately/on horseback bows to Zhao Hai said : "Yes, Master. ” Said that has bitten, when lang walking of outward.

When a that robot leave room, Gu Mingyue immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, if you want to use this robot, must pay attention, not only this robot the Butler robot of person, has used also the surveillance person, if you must use him, can carry on modified in the strange robot store in school, removes inside surveillance your thing, in this school all robot stores, only then strange there can not care about the academy power and influence, other's store not line, you , to buy the robot, may in strange. there, their thing, quality has the guarantee.” Zhao Hai two eyes one bright, bowed said : "OK, I to know to Gu Mingyue, thanked ancient mister, ancient mister, later had any matter, performed to look for me, so long as I can help, I will help, please feel relieved., Gu Mingyue bowed said : so to thank Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai, I said goodbye first.” Said that turn around walked. Zhao Hai looked at Gu Mingyue to be straight, he also cannot help but showed a faint smile, his understand, Gu Mingyue was the machine here life in most low level character, feared that was this is for a lifetime impossible to have the too great achievement, therefore can only do reception clerk living, moreover did is more than 20 years. Like the life in the social lowest level character, general ascend Expert will not go to manage, but Zhao Hai actually knows, these social lowest level characters, they to survive, will have own one means that sometimes was on good terms they, will have the unexpected advantage regarding oneself. Now Zhao Hai to such strange a completely place, two eyes has discredited, in this case, becomes friends with two friends, the low key handles matters, this is the kingly way that survives, you did not hear, the generation of up to cunning or petty ruses, can rescue a Meng Changjun life? Like today's this matter, that bag of gold coins regarding Zhao Hai, simply is not anything, but regarding Gu Mingyue, that bag of gold coins is actually representing many thing, that bag of gold coins will possibly change his life, what is more important, Gu Mingyue from that bag of gold coins, saw Zhao Hai to his respect, this is Gu Mingyue most cares. Also because of this, therefore Gu Mingyue told Zhao Hai very important information, is used to monitor Zhao Hai information about that robot. This information regarding Zhao Hai was really too important, he biggest secret was Farm, made these people know that Zhao Hai in hand had Farm such going against heaven's will thing, they will possibly use all kinds of means that gets so far as this Farm.

Gu Mingyue has told Zhao Hai, in machine here, Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi is Lower Realm hundred times, in such Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, Expert that is born, certainly compared with the Underworld there diameter many. Zhao Hai knew now, plane Law of the Heaven and Earth, has direct relationship with this plane Spiritual Qi density, compared with saying the Ark mainland, there Spiritual Qi was inferior to God Realm, therefore there were most can only birth 9th level Expert, to God Rank, ascend, this, not only because of Law of the Heaven and Earth, but also because of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi. God Rank Expert, if grew in the Ark mainland there dull time, massively will absorb Ark mainland there Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, affects develop(ment) of entire Ark mainland, because Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi is too low, therefore Ark mainland there Law of the Heaven and Earth will not permit existence of God Rank Expert. Law of the Heaven and Earth and Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi is between Heaven and Earth the thing of natural vitality, naturally complements one another, Ark mainland there Law of the Heaven and Earth was changed forcefully, because is only interlinked with God Realm, therefore there Spiritual Qi was unable to be the God Realm density for a while, therefore meets appears that Space rift, to Ark mainland prompt supplement Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi. In Underworld there, although has Dark Energy, but this Dark Energy is also Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi one type of, Underworld there Dark Energy, is more formidable than Deity, therefore in strongest Expert that Underworld there is born, want much stronger compared with God Realm there. But the machine here Spiritual Qi density must really be Atlanta mainland there over hundred times, that here is born some, strength in God Realm Strongest about hundred times Expert, is natural, but facing such Expert, Zhao Hai feared that now is share that is without a fight. Before Zhao Hai also imagines, in Underworld there such rampancy, moves , then destroys the city to extinguish the country, but his very clear, now he also not in the machine here rampant qualification.