Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1079
........................................................................ In the Zhao Hai registration office walks, that school assigns to his robot Butler, has bitten, when lang walked, Zhao Hai look at this robot Butler, this thing long was really too ugly, has been adding on the reminder of Gu Mingyue, Zhao Hai naturally cannot keep this robot in the side. However his immediately will not give to replace this robot, such words extremely were conspicuous, after waiting, he was in trading is not late to the here heat, in any case this robot impossible, when the evening rested also with him, when he did not follow, Zhao Hai was entering Space and that's the end. Zhao Hai not polite, is giving you to give outside the name to robot Butler said :, called you to be tinkle, you later called me Young Master, can understand?” Robot Butler bows to Zhao Hai said : is, tinkle understand, invited Young Master feel relieved.” Zhao Hai then nodded, to tinkle said :tinkle, leading me to go to my room to have a look.Has complied with one tinkle, directing Zhao Hai to walk toward side, Zhao Hai then notes, among there however several elevators, on including several also writes the goods to use three characters. To be honest, this machine science and technology level also is really the imagination of Zhao Hai, but similarly, here Magic Formation level also imagination of Zhao Hai. here no matter the elevator or the speeding car, all with science and technology related thing on, can see the Magic Formation shadow, these Magic Formation may not for decorative or ornamental purpos, but can play really does to use, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised. Place that science and technology so reaches, can see Magic Formation in the daily life, here may really be not simple, is thinking, Zhao Hai while and entered the elevator tinkle, has pressed tinkle, Zhao Hai actually presently on this elevator besides the digit, really also has many writing prompt, for example under twelve layers this digit writes is the store, under 14 this digit is the dining room wait / etc. these, to is one is looked on understand. Zhao Hai looked at elevator one, digital altogether 100 ten layers on entire elevator, including ten layers is used to make the classroom, has ten layers to the bedroom that the student prepares, five layers is library, on five layers writes the drill ground unexpectedly, this is lets some Zhao Hai rub really the brains.

However thinks that Gu Mingyue said this academy base solid was small urban Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, this drill ground feared that was the real drill ground, but has constructed in the building looks like they do not have the means to outside in this year. Goes to that one layer dormitory, to does not use the Zhao Hai tube, tinkle naturally knows that must lead him to go to there, the quick elevator door opened, is bringing walked out of Zhao Hai tinkle from the elevator. Zhao Hai regarding this elevator to is very curious, he felt that this elevator compared with quickly, comes out from the elevator that he imagines, coming is on a floor plane building demonstrated that with different face several region come, but on these face different region, wrote, for example has only block, had Qing block not block, for only area, altogether four region. Zhao Hai looked at the characters on that four region, cannot help but in a soft voice said : pure inactivity? For those a little meaning.” Looked at Zhao Hai to stop tinkle, he also stopped Ping to come, Zhao Hai look at tinkle was said : tinkle we to live in that area?” Tinkle said : returns to Young Master, we live in clear block, asking Young Master to come with me.” Zhao Hai nodded tinkle walks toward inside, this is all the way tinkle seven revolutions of eight revolutions proceeds, but Zhao Hai this unexpectedly extraordinary big, feared that is this one layer must have dozens rooms. Tinkle brought Zhao Hai to settling the block No. 13 room stopped, then turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, was here, you can open the door with your ID Card.” Zhao Hai selected, has put out own ID Card, inserted toward the inserting bayonet socket in gate on, that the gate bit has shot, opened the door to Zhao Hai tinkle, asking Zhao Hai to go. Zhao Hai take deep breaths, crossed the dormitory, Zhao Hai has sized up all around one, but also let alone, this room had more than 50 square meters fully, but also was really very good, passing through the gate was a small living room, living room here is suspending one group of sands, a television, between the living room and bedroom, did not carry on the room partition with the ordinary wall, but was stance/framework/shelf of use, was suspending some models on this stance/framework/shelf, had the speeding car, had other thing. In the bedroom to is very simple, a netg cabinet, a closet, in not having other thing, in side of living room, but also a room, Zhao Hai looked at one, presently inside sanitary equipment, it seems like there is a washroom, but in side of bedroom, a room, Zhao Hai paid attention toward, presently there is suspending a table chair, side the row some stance/framework/shelf, on stance/framework/shelf are putting some books, unexpectedly is within study room.

Although the house sparrow is small, is fully equipped, this place also is really very good. Then tinkle then Zhao Hai, introduced like him this in the room facility, this in the room also really not extremely in Advanced level thing, besides that computer, only then the floating astronomy wound to carry on the joint, regarding an old networm, this computer was good thing. Zhao Hai transferred several in the room, read books in study room, these books are some quite simple contents, in that book most the book about machine here diameter, obviously these books also to take care of the Lower Realm ascend person, in such place, has been actually only OK with computer, but Lower Realm just ascend came the person, regarding computer is also not familiar , the nature uses not to be used to computer, therefore on putting these book in here. The room had looked, Zhao Hai anxiously in the room has not actually been reading the understanding machine here situation, the time he currently has is, what he needs is understanding school a situation in well. Zhao Hai look at tinkle said : tinkle, leading me to go to the classroom to have a look, cafeteria.” Has complied with one tinkle, bringing Zhao Hai to walk outward, if the gate of this room locks is also very simple, in the gate has one to press to turn, so long as pressed to lock, moreover this according to turning carried on Identifier through the fingerprint, Master of room, one has locked according to him, others pressing to turn according to going bad could not lock. Then tinkle brought Zhao Hai to go to the classroom, to the floor that the classroom was, Zhao Hai knows that this classroom was different, the classroom that person minute of arriving that just came specially arranged, attended class to you in there teacher, after a period of time will take a test you, so long as were qualified, can not go to a classroom, but later classroom not teacher, in there only then an explanation robot. Zhao Hai to had not opposed regarding such arrangement that then tinkle also brought Zhao Hai to go to the cafeteria, actually this cafeteria in not far away of classroom, for the convenient student went to school eats meal to use, in cafeteria there, had the robot to prepare food to them specially, the here meal was the free supply, the stock of goods of meal was fixed, in other words, ate anything in here, is calculation that others said that if ran into you not to like eating, that not means. After visiting these places, Zhao Hai on returned to the room, other any stores, the ginseng hall, he has wanted to wait to understand after a period of time, after all this understanding was to need one procedure, here Science and Technology Civilization must reach compared with Earth on, he must understand well was good. With tinkle returned to the room, Zhao Hai went to washroom there, has taken a bath well, he just noted, in the closet in bedroom, is suspending two sets of night clothes, he has also changed one set of night clothes, then threw in own clothes the automatic washing-machine of bathroom, these matters by tinkle have been handled, he not in tube. Zhao Hai to study room, has suppressed is not having immediately to open computer, but has arrived at bookshelf there, put out a book of this aircraft introduction to look.

Zhao Hai slowly turns writes books, looks like on the face piece of calm, however his at heart actually absolutely not calm, in book of this machine introduction, introduction may, not only machine, other lot of contents, his understand, why oneself can come ascend to machine finally. From this book, machine, before , Cultivation World that Lu Wei Remnants Soul mentioned, in plane, looked like Atlanta Continent there difference of Magic Armor Continent among with Magic Continent is unexpectedly same. But machine between and Cultivation World, great distance is not ocean, but is Universe is void! Machine here altogether has more than 1200 to live in the planet composition of person, but Cultivation World there, actually compared with machine on big many, Cultivation World altogether has more than 10,000 to live in planet of person, but two are not peaceful relationship, but is hostile relationship. Reason that machine here called this name, because of here very good of Mechanical Civilization show, moreover besides Mechanical Civilization, but also in also unfolded one type of Magic Formation extremely. Zhao Hai when Underworld there on present, this Magic Formation although seems like inferior to Cultivation World formation, but both are the completely different systems, Zhao Hai thinks Magic Formation most from the beginning , to learn the high deep place, finally must research formation, but afterward he knows one have made a mistake, Magic Formation and formation, what walks is the complete two political lines, but in machine here, Magic Formation had been unfolded one extremely, formation of Cultivation World there use, is different from here Magic Formation completely. Entire machine can be said as by two big systems supports, a system is the Mechanical Civilization system, another is the Magic Formation system, because of this, therefore here called machine. Besides machine beside and Cultivation World, here also has Demon Realm, Spirit Realm, monster, Elf wait / etc. several influences composes, moreover these Interface all in plane, the surface are not comprised of innumerable small plane, among these small plane, has Transmission Formation to be connected, the words that wants are not the too difficult matter. Saw this book Zhao Hai is understand, here was group many small plane, incomparable enormous plane that composed, can say that here was Comprehend the world! a.