Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1080
.................................................................. Zhao Hai mind already complete was attracted by this book, under the guidance of this book, enormous incomparable Comprehend the world, development slowly in Zhao Hai at present. This is an incomparably mysterious world, moreover here has not looked at like former Zhao Hai novel such, the Cultivation World person, only knows that steps on flying sword to fly in all directions, is not, the entire Comprehend the world here science and technology level very reaches, weapon of sword person is flying sword, however hurries along, not necessarily must with flying sword, they use many are some Transmission Formation and car(riage) this kind of thing. Comprehend the world incomparable bad risk, even if the people of these Cultivator, they anytime will also be in danger, but you step on flying sword to fly, is needs Law Force to maintain, where if you must go, stepped on flying sword to fly, but your personal enemy knew, actually ahead of time used Transmission Formation to there, that then waited at ease for an exhausted enemy in there, that result was not very wonderful, therefore was the person of Cultivator, they in hurrying along, many were selected some speeding cars and so on transportation vehicles, but was not Zhao Hai wastes Law Force to hurry along. This looked like said that you were a long-distance race[ transported] mobilization, but did that you go to another city to jog from a city not necessarily? Cultivation World here is also same. However Science and Technology Civilization of these places, understood with Zhao Hai some the Science and Technology Civilization disparities, can say that here Science and Technology Civilization is not pure Science and Technology Civilization, but is based on Science and Technology Civilization unfolds, has each one especially all kinds of civilization. With machine here, machine here is Science and Technology Civilization and Magic Formation civilization wants to unify, one type of new civilization that lives, but machine here is partial in Science and Technology Civilization many, Magic Formation plays auxiliary doing to use. But Cultivation World there, actually by Cultivation Civilization give priority to, Science and Technology Civilization plays auxiliary doing to use both are entirely different. This difference, therefore machine here has displayed the speeding car, Mecha, Universe battleship. But Cultivation World there strongest fighting strength is still Cultivator, is still all kinds of Magical Treasure. But currently speaking, civilization show of Cultivator is smoother, has pressed machine here Magic Science and Technology Civilization. although said that machine here has many Universe battleships, but these battleships cannot fight Magical Treasure that Cultivation World these almighty use slightly. Besides Cultivation World and machine beside, Demon Realm, monster, Spirit Realm and Elf! Entire Comprehend the world altogether on these six Interface these six Interface, middle of Comprehend the world situated in all Interface, is the country of true Central. Several other Interface construct in Cultivation World all around, moreover these Interface do not have Cultivation World to be big, the strength is also inferior to Cultivation World, but each an Interface wins own checking hand bronze medal, is adding on the Cultivation World interior is also not peace, therefore they have existed now. although these Interface are also hostile relationship, but this did not express that these Interface do not have what communication, conversely, these six Interface communications frequent have Transmission Formation to be connected, now both sides are cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt, no one will provoke the war, everyone/Great Clan on the surface is maintaining the peace. Since must maintain the superficial peace, that trade is essential just in these this fights darkly has not actually stopped.

Naturally, these thing will not have written on written, in some contents that but writes from this book Zhao Hai can look, the matter that he experiences was too many. Saw here Zhao Hai also on understand, it seems like Ark Continent belongs to Cultivation World control small plane with God Realm there, Atlanta Continent here is the machine control small plane although ascend place is different, but is actually ascend to big plane, is this Comprehend the world. The straight sea reads is quick is adding on this aircraft introduction very not to be long, therefore the Zhao Hai one breath looked that he has gathered submitted a written statement, let out a long breath, two eyes is actually sparkling with divine light. Before this is him, has not thought completely the splendid world, here has Immortal and resistance between Universe battleships, here has between Monster Race and Human Race to war, here is incomparably general, incomparable formidable big plane, here compared with Ark Continent, compared with God Realm, compared with Atlanta Continent, is more splendid than Underworld. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, returns to normal the mood that some ji moved, turns the head to staying in nearby tinkle said : tinkle, what curriculum tomorrow do I have to arrange?” Nodded tinkle said : some Young Master, the tomorrow 9 : 00 am class, to No. 1 classroom, accept special flying idea counselling in there.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : that I to go to the cafeteria in school to eat meal now?” Tinkle said : can Young Master, you, so long as received ID Card, can go to the cafeteria to eat meal.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, we eat meal, right tinkle, what energy do you need? Isn't will eat thing?” Tinkle said : returns to be short of his words, tinkle does not need to eat thing, must charge tinkle, everyday evening's time, meets to charge tinkle, please be short of him not to need to be worried.” Zhao Hai nodded, to be honest, he has not thought really that this tinkle unexpectedly with charge, he thinks that tinkle will use anything to include the immense energy battery, then many years do not need to change the a piece battery, have not actually thought that a day must charge. Zhao Hai Magic Robe has put on has done on the body, this Magic Robe naturally is he exchanges the transformation fight clothes from Space, but arrived at here he naturally unable to demonstrate that own clothes had anything's difference, will otherwise be suspected. although Gu Mingyue are not many to matter that Zhao Hai said that but Zhao Hai actually listened to many thing from his words, like their this people from Lower Realm Ascenders, has plenty can use Space equipment, therefore should some people not manage with Space equipment in academy, but if on him had 1 or 2, thing of far machine here imagination existed, that machine here person feared that will not let off his. Zhao Hai put on Magic Robe to walk tinkle outward, walked while to tinkle said : tinkle, did you charge to maintain how long? If some day my leave academy, called must with me, if I go out, is leading you, you also didn't suddenly have the electricity that is not very troublesome?”

Tinkle to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I am fellow robot Butler, is impossible to leave home to be too far, if Young Master must lead me to exit to go by car, can charge on the vehicle, if Young Master you must go to one not to have the electricity place, should better keep me at home, I charge enough maintain two days of normal work, in my body also has the a piece spare battery, can suffice me in the situation of not charging, normal work five days five days on not line. ” Zhao Hai nodded, what it seems like Ding takes seriously was an ordinary household robot, Lou Kaijia really cannot useaccording to this situation, this robot was inferior that own Undead Creature was easy-to-use. Thinks that here Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, then he has tapped the head, he to has forgotten, who yesterday he reported were Magician of entire department, after that arrived at here, can use Undead Creature, nobody will suspect that ” the don’t know school did permit. Thinks that here Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback turns the head to tinkle said : tinkle, I am Magician of entire department, I can summon Undead Creature to help me work, in academy permits?” Tinkle immediately/on horseback said : permits, but cannot be too many a ascend student, are most only to summon five Undead Creature in the school to work for him. ” Zhao Hai nodded, he has not thought, in the school also meets rabbit allow this, but mentions this matter, to was makes Zhao Hai remember another matter, that was the machine Continent here Faith issue. He uses Undead Creature, that is the Darkness Element energy matter, if machine Continent herealso like God Realm, carried on the suppression that his situation to Darkness Element Magiciannot quite to be wonderful. However this matter asked that tinkle should also unable to ask anything comes, after this he must go back, slowly, after or tomorrow sees teacher, in careful asking. They sit the elevator, quick arrived at the academy cafeteria, the academy cafeteria is very very big, the academy classroom occupied the ten layers building, First Layer had an independent cafeteria, but Zhao Hai also can only study in the First Layer classroom now, therefore he must eat meal also can only go to the cafeteria in First Layer classroom. First Layer classroom here, is the person who some recent ascend will come, they also will be Magician, come from different plane, but these Magician will have very big disparity. Like Zhao Hai, young on ascend, other plane some talent characters, young could also ascend, naturally also some not be the talent, their ascend time, the age was not small, can look from this point, aptitude of ascend these people how, the age cannot hide the truth from the person after all. In the academy each one layer cafeteria can accommodate 200 people simultaneously to dine, naturally, has established from the cafeteria on that day starting from, has not filled, from Lower Realm Ascenders, except for some old, other these young man, that is not an arrogance, they in their plane, that are the talent same characters, daily was being supplied, but meal that cafeteria here of this First Layer classroom, provides but very ordinary, they are how possible to eat up, therefore some young Ascender, to academy here, will have drawn general straight uses gold coins that brings from Lower Realm to exchange some. A machine coin, then dining room that one layer of flying institute eats meal, will not dine in the cafeteria. When Zhao Hai and tinkle enters the First Layer cafeteria, presently this cafeteria now has several people, these people put on Magic Robe, looks like the age is not small, there is one and beard was white. These old Magician static sitting in the dining room, their surface have the pendulum a very ordinary meal, are eating, entire cafeteria piece of spiritless that everyone/Great Clan keeps silent.

Zhao Hai looked at these old Magician one, cannot help but sighed at heart, he can understand these old Magician moods, these old Magician, the cultivating practice of take great pains for a lifetime, after wanted ascend, worked as the deity, after their ascend actually presently, oneself simply is not works as the deity, but to one compared with their there Advanced level many plane, here called a person at will, feared that will be will not compare them to be bad are too many, in this case, to their attack, but very enormous. Zhao Hai also noted, in these old Magician sides, with a Butler robot, moreover most people's Butler robot with tinkle same model, only then a few Butler robots looked like Advanced level some. These old Magician although in spiritless is eating thing, but they are very familiar, now hears some people to come, they careless looked at one toward in front of the door, then stares, they have not thought that will see Zhao Hai this kind of young man in cafeteria here unexpectedly, moreover before this person them, has not seen. However they changed mind one to want also on understand what's the matter, this definitely was the new person who just ascend came, they have not cared, turned the head look at front food. Zhao Hai look at these old Magician, his understand these old Magician moods, look like in these old Magician, after their ascend to here, presently here is not imagines Immortal Realm, moreover their old, in have wanted to promote their strength to be very difficult, therefore they will not go to the chaotic hua money now, the money of but oneself from Lower Realm bringing saves, so that after could leave academy, can use these money, spend one's remaining years in happiness. Zhao Hai sighed lightly, he sympathized with these old Magician very much, moreover he does not think that these old Magician really points with did not have, these old Magician can ascend come up, represented them to have certain potential, moreover they lived that many years in Lower Realm, the experience was very rich, but sometimes, experienced this thing, was most precious. Zhao Hai never looks down upon old person, he stood in in front of the door of cafeteria looked at these old Magician one, then gently has coughed two, in these old Magician said : to cafeteria Hello everyone, in Zhao Hai, yesterday just came from Atlanta Continent ascend, later asked everybody to look after much.” These old Magician have not thought Zhao Hai will take the initiative spoke to them, moreover was so polite, must know that these young on Ascenders, that was not soars to the heavens arrogantly, saw them, yes snort|hum did not utter a sound, the eye was growing on the forehead, suddenly appears such polite, they have not been familiar with. Zhao Hai looked that they have not made noise, he cannot help but shows a faint smile said : everybody also to come up from other plane ascend, we can say from the same place, moreover everybody arrived at here, wants to come also just ascend to come not long after, everyone/Great Clan was the a batch well, later had any matter, but also hopes that everyone/Great Clan helped mutually, after all regarding us, machine here was a completely strange place.” These old Magician static look at Zhao Hai, quite a while have not spoken, some little time old Magician has stood, bows said : to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai, courteous that mister said that below is come from Ollie Continent, my name was Dins.” a.