Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1081
Can come up from Lower Realm ascend, does not have one is the simple character, that feared that is these old Magician, by their aptitude, if appears in machine here, that is also side a character of talent rank, was only a pity that other people were born in Lower Realm, when their take great pains ascend comes up time, was frail, in wants to have any show, is the countless sufferings and hardships. However these old Magician in Lower Realm, is Fang Renjie, moreover like them, can from ordinary Magician, practice to ascend boundary, in that hand was not stained with completely the blood, moreover mental was incomparable unswerving determination. But they from Lower Realm just ascend to machine here, because of the change of environment, were adding on their age, therefore temporary dejected, will plan to find a place in the future casually, returning to native place countryside. But Zhao Hai just words, were actually faint must tie with them defends the union successfully, these old Magician were also the characters who the person always became a ghost, one hear of Zhao Hai this saying on understand Zhao Hai were any meanings. They are come from Lower Realm, although just arrived at machine here, their also very good that the machine here person receives, but will be what kind in the future, no one can reach an agreement, perhaps in the future will regard the cannon fodder to make uncertain them, these old Magician may not have Zhao Hai Space, if in the future they will not listen to the arrangement of machine person, that possibly can die will be very miserable. But if their alliance gets up, that situation is different, even if their alliance strength still does not have the means and compared with the machine here original influence, but if, if they alliance motion time, several people of some gangs said that can also the live long time. These old Magician are the person is outstanding, before was only demoralized, in adding on them was come from different plane, did not have what relation, now by a Zhao Hai such saying, several people have been thought through, therefore immediately had the respective registration character, but now in entire dining room, had 15 old Magician. After several old Magician have introduced oneself, Zhao Hai smiles said : to several old Magician several Grandmaster, youngster just ascend came, knows nothing about the here matter, looks at several Grandmaster appearances, just ascend came, later we want many mutual taking care.” These Magician naturally also with a smile comply, Zhao Hai went to robot there to hit one point of food, then all people gathered together to eat. although does not have what good dish, does not have the liquor, moreover in dining room that suffices 200 people of dining also only then several people, appears very spacious, however before that spiritless atmosphere actually already vanish from sight.

Zhao Hai knows that has tinkle in here, the matter that he handles today, definitely is known by many people, but he was not worried that because of them altogether several people, later was the person were many, was impossible to threaten the machine here situation, he will such do may also bring to the attention of some big influences. Zhao Hai believes that no matter in there, an influence wants the show to expand, needs many talented people, but impolite said one, his Zhao Hai is a talented person. The matter also truly like Zhao Hai thinks, the first matter that Zhao Hai handles today, by the machine here major influences, was obtained information from the different channels, person who even if these not recorded, obtained the writing report. But Dark Magician Clan, Ashley Clan is one of them, Ashley Clan is machine here very famous Dark Magician Clan, this Clan Black Magic really has unique point. In Comprehend the world here, is not only then six big these influences are hostile, in six big, will also have some thing is also their enemies, compared with Malicious Ghost that some extreme terrains produce, or some incomparably powerful Monster Beast. How Malicious Ghost this thing produces, can explain clearly to the present also nobody, some people said person who these Malicious Ghost has the feeling of being wronged, after dying, spirit soul is not loose, therefore slowly has formed Malicious Ghost, this view is also considered as the view of closest reality, do not produce Malicious Ghost not to die of punishment on a false charge has been possible pill, but also needs some special terrains the line. It looks like in Underworld there, the Dark Energy very strong place, will produce Undead Creature, is also same in machine here. But these Malicious Ghost that generally machine here produces or threaten Magic Beast that the people survive, needs some people to clean up, in the common situation, the work of this cleaning up will give Magician or Warrior carries on, therefore in machine here, Magician and Warrior, does this generally. In the machine here has plenty church, this church not only naturally the Light Element Magician church, various is Magician has own church in fact, besides the church, the influence of aristocratic family, these aristocratic families is some Magic aristocratic families, or the Warrior aristocratic family, their Clan himself has very formidable Martial Skill practice method and Magic practice method, in Magic of that department, there is a very prominent result, after many years of show, brain gain, formation slowly an influence.

But, only then three places that said most calculates in machine here, one was the church alliance, this church alliance was the Magician alliance, taught High level of alliance is almost Magician, they also by training and absorbing the Magician give priority to place, in the machine here church was the influence of church alliance, but taught in the alliance not only also had the church, some Magic influences were also the members of church alliance. Second is dojo association, this dojo association is the Warrior alliance, is similar to the Magician alliance, they in machine here start dojo in all directions, what no matter ascend is the member in native place, has plenty can join arrive in the dojo, naturally also some Warrior aristocratic families. Third is the machine armed forces, must say that the machine armed forces is a machine in biggest influence, the machine armed forces known as armed forces, look like an army are the same, they have the Universe battleship, has the Magic-Mecha soldier, Magician, there is Warrior, can say machine here strongest fighting strength in their there. If machine here is a country, that machine armed forces are the regular troops of this country, but teaches the alliance and dojo association, can only be the government recognize military strong strength, they have the complicated relation with the government, but also has certain restriction to do to use to the government. Teaches the alliance and dojo would there also having own battleship and Magic-Mecha corps, but the quantity and quantity of Magic-Mecha of corps their in hand battleship, and was inferior that machine armed forces are many, but in machine here, strongest fighting strength, is the battleship and Magic-Mecha corps, Magician and Warrior, cannot be the here strongest strength. But Ashley Clan, teaches one of the alliance members, famous Dark Magician Clan, their Clan influence in church alliance, arranges in hundred. Does not play underestimated these hundred, must know machine, but control more than 1000 may live in administrative planet of person, but teaches the strength of alliance, can in be able to stand in line top three in machine, that is how the formidable colossus, but Ashley Clan, can display hundred in the church alliance, this fully explained their strengths. But place that Zhao Hai is at now, is the Ashley Clan control domain, machine here or, not only Zhao Hai ascend such ascend point, ascend also many, but that Zhao Hai ascend comes up, belongs to Ashley Clan control. Ashley Clan is Magician Clan, then naturally regards with a special fondness regarding Magician, especially regarding Magician that Lower Realm ascend comes up, Ashley Clan attaching great importance, because of Ashley Clan first generation Patriarch, comes up from Lower Realm ascend.

Matter video recording that now Zhao Hai these days makes, has arranged on the Ashley Clan Outer Sect Manager table, Ashley Clan Outer Sect total hall, is Dark Magician, he is also putting on black Magic Robe to sit in there now, but in Dark Magician with common people impression is the thin appearance is different, this Outer Sect Sir Manager is actually carefree and contented, the 1.9m ten many heads, feared that must have more than 300 jin (0.5 kg), a brown head, eyes of silver gray , his actually general Fatty that simple and honest appearance, conversely, ugly and ferocious-looking of his face, has not looked like. Not like good person. His table last present is broadcasting the matter that Zhao Hai these days handles, a middle-aged person stands in his side, ordinary of this middle-aged person appearance ten noses, puts on Magic Robe, but he letting the person pays attention to his two eyes besides Magic Robe, other have not been worth the person paying attention in anything. Now this person of face respectful standing in the opposite of fat Manager table, the atmosphere does not dare to breathe heavily, Zhao Hai comes after all for two days, the matter that he handles are not many, moreover in this video recording impossible Zhao Hai all the fine cuts of life to record, valuable matter that but the selection some Zhao Hai have handled. The quick fat total hall watched this video clip, fat Manager looked up that middle-aged person said : this person to is interesting, came up from Lower Realm ascend, did not have an arrogance, moreover very good at with person communicate, to was a talented person.” That middle-aged person bows said : „, this Zhao Hai appears was divided the zps number room, then he wastes money receiving his person, then alliance these were not treated old Magician that sees, from these matters, he truly is a talented person, therefore small recommends him to Sir Manager, Sir Manager, these years our Bones Symbol Camp slowly was given to be inferior by several other battalions, should attract some talented people time.” This fat Manager nodded, sighed said : our Bones Symbol Camp is Outer Sect first large camp, but also because this first name tired we, every time had duty, most dangerous was our Bones Symbol Camp, in adding on our Bones Symbol Camp not like other battalions, completely was the death elimination series, therefore slowly will decline now, this ascend is our Bones Symbol Camp can completely control few ascend, what a pity, this ascend these many years have not actually given us to deliver who, hope that this Zhao Hai can give me pleasantly surprised one.” Ugly and ferocious-looking of this fat Manager although face, looks like ferocious is incomparable, the sound that however spoke was actually the peaceful nature, let the person heart fresh favorable impression, was really makes the person not have the means his sound with his appearance association to together. a.