Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1082
As soon as the middle-aged people listened to fat Manager saying that cannot help but also sighed said : Sir Manager, this blamed your heart being too soft, if you eliminated like several other battalions, our Bones Symbol Camp so will not decline.” This middle-aged person fully realized that the fat Manager temperament, do not look at ugly and ferocious-looking of fat Manager face, looks like ferocious is incomparable, actually is actually a it for the tenderhearted person, moreover is always friendly to the subordinate, therefore he dares such to speak with fat Manager. Fat Manager looked at that middle-aged person one eyes, sighed said :Tao Wang, you did not understand, although our Ashley Clan was one of the church alliance hundred big influences, but the pressure was very big, moreover this talented person was divided into many types, can only hit and not necessarily was the talented person, some talented people their has plenty special ability, if can make them wield own manager, to the help of Yu Clan clan was very big. Can the person in present Clan, actually only settle on the person who can hit, no matter what person, so long as absorbs, first delivers to Outer Sect in several battalions to carry on the smelting trial, the smelting trial only then dies, this makes large quantities of not be good at fighting, was actually good at other talented people in aspect dying a violent death, this was the one type of waste. Especially these from Lower Realm Ascenders, in Lower Realm that are not startled certainly the colorful generation, was to machine here , many was truly attached great importance, but these loves attached great importance, was some young man, these young man came up from Lower Realm ascend, a each and every one arrogance, to machine here, was attracted by this infinite universe, can mature truly, very few, but the people of these old ascend, were actually not regarded, but actually nobody wants, they from Lower Realm ascend, aptitude also to be good, in adding on them practiced. The time is long, fight is experienced, if gives their enough time, their achievements will be higher than these young Ascender, what a pity, actually nobody takes seriously this point now. The method of eliminating can select talented person, the talented person but who elects like this was really too few, I remember that the beforehand some people have spoken a few words, a silly servant was useful, he was a good servant, but does not have many people to remember these words now, anxious merit constantly entered the advantage, solid unrecommendable! ” Ugly and ferocious-looking of this fat Manager although face. However he considered that matter actually really with other person of differences, is only comments him to say such words to come, indicated that he has the heart of such mercy, only spoke the weak are the prey to the strong person much better to other these. Tao Wang looked at fat Manager one, deep voice said : Manager, then regarding this Zhao Hai, how we can do?” Fat Manager has pondered next step: Too such person to excess that do not monitor, this, looks for a time to remove his robot internal supervisory system, such person should adapt is on good terms he, in order to avoid he presently has the opinion to us in the future, observes him, how has a look at his heart xing.” Tao Wang nodded said : is, invited Manager feel relieved, I know how should do.” Fat Manager nodded said : to go, lists as the key observation Zhao Hai, if there are people in other camps to contact with Zhao Hai, should not be polite. Gives them a lesson, here was our few ascend has selected, cannot let their control.”

Tao Wang has complied with one, then said : what to do, if Zhao Hai were challenged in the school? That maybe these came quick one year, these fellows had some already join to other camps, feared that will receive inciting of other camps, copes Zhao Hai.” Fat Manager sighed: Visits him to unfold, I always felt that this Zhao Hai is not a simple character, if he challenged unable to deal with like this, even if entered the camp, will not be big to our help, moreover do not forget, can challenge in the school, person but who challenged, can not accept a challenge, from this point how we can have a look at Zhao Hai heart xing , after and other that several old Mage rose to the Advanced level class, can look for opportunity with them to contact under one.” Tao Wang has complied with one, this turn around walked, fat Manager opened on desktop/tabletop the video recording of Zhao Hai, looked some little time sighed said : „is really a talented person, hopes that you can live to my Bones Symbol Camp.” Machine here other people of influence also knew Zhao Hai, other big influences do not have the means that after all here is Ashley Clan, Ashley Clan not to be trifled with, in machine here although is not a top big influence, its influence is not small, for possibly becomes the Expert person, but offends a such influence, is unworthy, after all each big influence has own training channel, mechanical well here so is also big, the talent has is, does not lack this. But the Ashley Clan base its Outer Sect fights the person in camp, does not have such idea, before Bones Symbol Camp, is very sight, but actually declined now, now selected here in Bones Symbol Camp ascend, suddenly appears a talent, how they possibly let off, these people moved. Zhao Hai although knows something people who one do know, but he has not actually thought that will cause such big causing a sensation, in his opinion he now is ordinary ascend staff, to cause how likely the attention? He has not actually thought that just arrived at here to enter the 2 o 46 number room to start from him, was paid attention , the matter that added on him afterward to handle, has brought to the attention of many person with high aspirations. After these old Magician have eaten meal Zhao Hai on returned to own in the room, has rested to the room, enters to study room, lets teach him to use computer tinkle. Machine here computer, Earth on wants Advanced level more, here computer although places on the table, however use time, computer is actually in the withdraw to table, but desktop/tabletop of entire table, turned into the computer page, you can directly carry on operate with the hand on the computer page, can carry on voice operate. Such computer naturally is much better compared with Zhao Hai, to look after to use the feeling of computer person on Earth using, the surface of that table can also move, can make him stand, can the keep flat like ordinary desktop/tabletop, to look after convenient of user.

Zhao Hai is not strange regarding computer, uses the computer here computer although show good of in in addition, but some operate will not have too many changes, will only make people feel convenient, quick that therefore Zhao Hai begins. Quick he can handle skillfully computer, then his immediately entered machine here several portals, read the news in there. To understand an Interface, this news has no alternative but to look, Zhao Hai the floating astronomy of that this aircraft introduction, this has come up not to stop now, Zhao Hai late at night then has rested, but is well deep in his present skill, simply does not need to sleep, he rests also sets an example, has rested a while on netg, tinkle calling. Zhao Hai has made tinkle arrange the time to him, everyday in the morning seven days of times after calling he has netg, to clean the personal hygiene, then sits in study room drinks two cups of tea, reads a while book, then the cafeteria in school dines, then attended class. He had asked was tinkle, cafeteria there of school does not have the time to limit, when you want to eat, when eats, that feared that is your one day eats ten also nobody to manage you, these robots do to you equally. Zhao Hai already crossed the net hidden that level, after he washes, sits in study room drinks tea, while look at book, in study room, but many books, these books are some regarding the introductions of six big and so on book, some are the history books, these books regarding just ascend to machine here, wanting many understanding here Zhao Hai to be very important. Eight o'clock about, Zhao Hai has put down the book, goes to the cafeteria in one layer classroom tinkle, these old Magician arrived at there, since yesterday Zhao Hai has had meal after them in the evening, several old Magician had clearly recognized own situation, in adding on their ages was not small, like young man, everything compared with high, their boundary were in the serene situation. Before , they just arrived in such environment, to here is not very familiar, around adding on the person who they are stronger , such huge contrast at heart, makes their some demoralized, now was completely good, therefore among them the relation also increased. If before, their everyday gets up in the morning, is the nest reads in own in the room, to selecting will come to the cafeteria to eat meal, after having eaten meal, studies, did not notify others basically. However today is different, this cafeteria has become a small meeting place, these old person sit in there eats meal while chats, even if were these finished eating, sat in there drinks tea. This tea is also one of the school welfare, in the room of everyone will have several to be small

Managed, in some nose small pipes, one was specially can the release tea, other drink, what was a pity, did not have the liquor. These old Magician looked at Zhao Hai to come, immediately greeted him to pass to sit, Zhao Hai also smiles the past, sat, tinkle from going to bring something from the kitchen to the table to him, this did not need him to worry. After Zhao Hai sits down, Dins look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what kind of? Crosses is also familiar with? Is useful that computer?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to use, but also really let alone, that thing also is really convenient, was more convenient than the book were many, wanted to look for any thing, came up to look, good thing.” Dins laughs said : „, good thing, saying that when yesterday does rest in the evening?” Zhao Hai thinks that said :has forgotten, I am first time rest in any case am so late, unconscious time on the past. Other old Magician also laugh, they have also experienced Zhao Hai experience these, naturally also understood that feeling of Zhao Hai, known as Barlett's old Magician Little Hai to Zhao Hai said :, you also wants a suitable control point with a smile, otherwise that thing is very easy on hidden.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, I knew, feel relieved, I can control be good.” Barlett nodded, smiles said : today you are first day goes to school, will have teacher to carry on independent counselling to you, only then the morning has the class, afternoon time has rested, was inferior that we in the afternoon poly, I think that on everyone/Great Clan also some gold coins, change into money, outside goes to eating well, how drinks two cups?” a.