Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1083
Barlett although was old, but character is straightforward, stature also very tall and strong, if not he puts on Magic Robe, but also thinks that he is Warrior. Other Pak Lay this proposition people on also agreed that they in Lower Realm, that are also absolutely the characters above person, after machine here, continuously very depressed, now that depressed heart eliminated, naturally also wants to exit to transfer the extension, contacts other places in the academy. Zhao Hai smiles said : well, outside I also want to have a look, but I think gold coins that everybody brings does not certainly have me to be many, I looked how I did invite everybody?” These old Magician one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, Dins look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, your tone is not small, you said how many gold coins you did bring? Your there does not use the bankcard and so on thing? Did you bring many gold coins?” They in Lower Realm, several were being supplied, therefore on them basically little brings gold coins, even if the belt only will also bring to be similar to the bankcard and so on thing. Zhao Hai smiles said : our there naturally also to have the bank, but I always am familiar with xing has massive gold coins on own body, naturally also has silver coins and copper coins, I may, not only Magician, is Merchant.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Dins they oh, Pak Lay well has laughed said : originally your youngster unexpectedly is rich and powerful people, good, today eats your, was right, has a money, when the time comes do not have money to pay a bill.” Zhao Hai laughs said : feel relieved, the time will not be up. I went to the classroom, has reached an agreement, after waiting to finish class, we in the here set.” Dins their several people nodded, then several people of standing bodies get up, walks toward the different classrooms, today Zhao Hai is first day attending class, therefore he must go to a Jane Du classroom, will have special teacher to counsel him in there. After Zhao Hai has put down the tableware, tinkle walks toward his classroom, these tableware do not need him to manage, the robot in dining room naturally can tidy up. Classroom not anything special name that Zhao Hai arrives, above only then electricity Secondary Token, above writes No. 2 classroom inscription, Zhao Hai has not cared, in any case, his everyday attended class in there, knows tinkle that this matter does not need him to be worried. Zhao Hai entered No. 2 classroom classroom has appeared very spacious, inside anything did not have, the furniture did not have, looked is an air-to-air dangdang room. Zhao Hai has gawked, that several classrooms that his yesterday looks, in that several classrooms have the furniture, inside also sits the person, what therefore Zhao Hai has not noted their classrooms is really. Was in this time, tinkle actually deep voice said : one set of furniture!” His voice just fell, place suddenly in classroom had a piece to turn, one set of furniture appears on floor. Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really can be this, he shows a faint smile said : well, to is convenient.” Said that sat on the chair.

Zhao Hai sits down the non- time, outside has heard the sound of footsteps, before long the gate of classroom opens, walks wear Magic Robe female Magician from outside. This female Magician looks like young. A [gold/metal], what although she puts on is that type old style, spacious black Magic Robe, but actually covers unable to show her slender physique. Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that his teacher can be a beautiful woman unexpectedly, moreover is Dark Magician. Zhao Hai has stood hastily, did that beautiful woman size up Zhao Hai a while deep voice said : „you are Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai bows said : „below, are you my teacher?” That female Magician nodded said : is, I called Maggie, was Dark Magician, over the next year, I am your teacher, you can look for me at any time.” Zhao Hai has gawked, is said : Teacher Maggie hello, did not say us, only then has the special teacher in initial one month?” Maggie look at Zhao Hai said : is not, I will be your next one year of teacher, but personally will teach you in the first month, later you must study with the robot, but I will be your teacher, you will have any matter to look for me, will have any difficulty also to look for me.” Zhao Hai nodded said : so that's how it is, after that troubled Teacher Maggie.” Maggie shook the head said : not to need to be so polite, today I tell you, Lower Realm and machine here Magic have anything to distinguish, like other regarding the machine understanding this class matter, I do not manage, you can grounded computer and robot study, slowly has understood, does not need to waste that time, now you must study is machine here Magic, machine here Magic and Lower Realm Magic is different, Lower Realm Magic although Might is formidable, but compared with taking off here Magic, must the difference be many, machine. here Magic, is senior after many years of research, the Magic Formation study, demon magic studies, the summon study, the alchemy study and other course fusions in new type Magic that together creates, Might is huge, if you want to survive in machine here, must learn here Magic.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, thanks a lot Teacher Maggie.” Zhao Hai also really thinks most from the beginning this teacher is the guidance with life related thing, has not thought that unexpectedly is real Professor Magic, this arrives is Zhao Hai has not thought. Zhao Hai and don’t know, Maggie is not the common teacher, moreover like Dins they, does not have the special teacher, only then Zhao Hai has the potential, will have the special teacher by the talent of training with emphasis. Actually in Ascend Academy here, the common teachers is holds concurrent jobs, only then minority teacher are long in here, because the Ascend Academy here student is few, in less than too many long in teacher. Maggie is a teacher of concurrent job, but she is not the general concurrent job different master, but is Ashley Clan, person who Bones Symbol Camp sends, for is ahead of time examination Zhao Hai, has ahead of time the meaning that Zhao Hai is scheduled, her appears here must tell these people, Zhao Hai is their Bones Symbol Camp subscribes ahead of time, if who must contact Zhao Hai, on was does with Bones Symbol Camp.

But Dins they do not have such allowance, their teacher are other concurrent job staff, teaches them one month, later walked, will not manage them, other influences can also contact with them, Bones Symbol Camp person not willfully Gan She. A control ascend point that Bones Symbol Camp said that did not mean that in this ascend, the person who all ascend come, must enter Bones Symbol Camp, but said that in this ascend Ascenders, Bones Symbol Camp has first enrolls the power, came the new person, after the Bones Symbol Camp light to select they selected remaining, others select, this was a custom. Naturally this ascend can also be robbed, if other people are quite strong, that ascend can be robbed, after robbing, this type first enrolls the power not to have. Maggie looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded, then deep voice said :Lower Realm Magic, generally is grounded Magic Incantation, is adding on the hand signal to leave Magic, to make Magic formidable, must add on Magic Staff blessing/additional support to do to use, can say that such Magic, the strength that can wield is limited, because such Magic is very big regarding a person's spiritual force request, only depends on your can spiritual force, how many Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi communicate? Your communicate Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi are few, Might that Magic wields is small, but this situation in Lower Realm is very universal, because Lower Realm Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi quite used such method to be OK thinly. However was not good to machine here, the machine here Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi density is Lower Realm about hundred times, if you are using such method that on equal to are, you defend a river only to take small bowl water intake bit by bit, extremely in wasting time, extremely in wasting this water source. Therefore machine here Magic senior, through many years of research, understands now machine here use law of the demon finally, the law of this demon, unifies the Magic Formation study and demon magic studies, new type Magic that creates, this Magic Might very formidable. ” Speaking of here Maggie to stop, looked at Zhao Hai one, presently Zhao Hai looking pensive fears the appearance, cannot help but slightly gawked, because of such theory, if the person of first hearing, will feel to be confused, but Zhao Hai has probably actually understood, this made Maggie somewhat surprised. Maggie look at Zhao Hai said : „did you understand these that I just spoke?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to understand probably, takes Atlanta Continent there, studies Magic in there practices spiritual force, then through Incantation and hand signal, concentrates these spiritual force, Magic energy between communicate Heaven and Earth, is Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, then executes release Magic, but I had thought this method is not quite easy-to-use, spiritual force of person is limited, but Magic between Heaven and Earth has the quantity is actually many, grounded own spiritual force comes communicate this Magic energy, after must miss many, if said like the teacher, can pass Magic Formation, increases own spiritual force, Perhaps can many communicate Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi words, that Magic Might increase, but this method is not good to grasp.” look at Zhao Hai that Maggie two eyes shines, nodded said : well, good that you said that this method is not good to grasp, machine here senior, passed several hundred years of research, research slowly left the law of this demon, so-called demon, uses Magic Formation and spiritual force alliance, this can communicate many Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, making Magic Might huge.” Zhao Hai nodded, Maggie then said :must study law of the demon, first studies Magic Formation, Zhao Hai, had you studied Magic Formation before?. Zhao Hai nodded said : to study some, but I do not study give priority to by Magic Formation, Magic Formation that therefore studies is only some simple Magic Formation.” Maggie nodded said : machine here after many years of show, regarding the Magic Formation study, has own one set of theory, the Magic Formation study is one type of looks like very difficult, actually actually very simple knowledge, wants to learn Magic Formation, defends you to want the learn Magic Formation article first, Magic Formation basic framework, so long as learn this difference, you can learn Magic Formation in a short time.” Zhao Hai has gawked, but his immediately/on horseback two eyes bright said : teacher, your meaning is, machine has here all symbol in Magic Formation formed the one type of Magic Formation article? Did doing of each symbol with also clarify?”

Maggie nodded said : well, after many years of show, machine here broke reels off silk the meaning that each Magic Symbol has represented, doing that can play uses, doing that these Magic Symbol can play uses, is actually fixed, but has some changes in the subtle point, if with an analogy, that Magic Symbol on idea in stroke, with casts aside in any case presses down firmly these stroke to be the same, but Magic Formation is the each and every one character, comprised of stroke, stroke although is fixed, but uses on the different characters, meaning that character represents also on. It is not, this is the Magic Formation study.” The Zhao Hai two eyes none remaining sparkles, he has not thought of this point, this in the Magic Formation show regarding Space, will play important doing to use. Maggie look at Zhao Hai said : composes Magic Formation Magic Symbol, this is only the foundation that an demon studies, later wants Magic Formation Set to gather, forms a huge Magic Formation net, the Magic Formation net be too more than Magic formidable, such as said that Magic Formation is a character, that Magic Formation net is a few words, the meaning that a few words can express, naturally compared with character Xi Jia clear understand.” The nod that Zhao Hai keeps, the Maggie look at Zhao Hai appearance, nod of gently, has arrived at Zhao Hai opposite wall there, gently has knocked on the wall, that wall immediately turned into a screen, the screen is all white , actually does not shake the eye. The hand of Maggie delimits on the wall lightly..., On wall on appears row of Magic Symbol, these Magic Symbol Zhao Hai not very strange, because these Magic Symbol Zhao Hai have used, these Magic Symbol are arranges in Magic Formation most common Magic Symbol. Maggie look at Zhao Hai said : „the Magic Formation study is most difficult to study is Magic Symbol, Magic Symbol that currently speaking, had been broken has hundred thousand many, moreover along with the Magic Formation show, many Magic Symbol presently, waited to break the code, a person is the energy, also impossible to remember 100,000 Magic Symbol, therefore general Magician, is specialize with Magic related that oneself study is Magic Symbol.” Zhao Hai said : teacher, Magic Symbol also divides the department?” Maggie nodded said : well, Magic Symbol also divides the department, Magic Symbol is divided into nine departments, split is, [gold/metal], wooden, water, fire, earth, light, dark, the wind, Space and other big departments, Magic Symbol of these nine departments, are all Magic Formation composes Bu Fen.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that this Magic Symbol will be divided into nine big departments unexpectedly . Moreover the top five department with divides according to Wujing obviously, this does Magic Symbol have what relationship to be inadequate with Five Elements? Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but frowns said : teacher, has Metal element Magic to be inadequate? Why will have Metal element Magic Symbol?” a.