Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1084
, ..................................................................... Zhao Hai meets Metal element Divergent Technique, but he did not have the means to integrate into his attack system this Divergent Technique, resembles him uses Martial Skill and Magic the time, does not have the means to use Metal element Divergent Technique, therefore he, as soon as listened to Maggie saying that this Magic Symbol was divided into nine big departments unexpectedly, had Five Elements time, he cannot help but had this one to ask. The Maggie look at Zhao Hai appearance, she also knows that Lower Realm does not have Metal element Magic generally, therefore Zhao Hai will have this one to ask, good that her deep voice said : you said that really has Metal element Magic in machine here, this Metal element Magic does not unfold from Lower Realm Magic, but through studying Cultivation World there Five Elements energy, but slowly unfolds, one type of machine here unique Magic.” Zhao Hai nodded, it seems like that this Magic to machine here, has absorbed some Cultivation World Spell characteristics, evolution slowly the law of present demon, this arrived in his expected. Actually must say that in Comprehend the world, various Realm Cultivation Method came under the influence of Cultivation World there, takes machine here, machine here strongest fighting strength has two types, one type of is the battleship, one type of is Magic-Mecha. Battleship that was needless saying that that simply has learned fur/superficial knowledge of some Cultivation World crafting techniques, after passing through Magic Formation blessing/additional support, appears one type of weapon, although Might was formidable, but must mention comes wonderful, fell far short compared with Cultivation World there Magical Artifact. But Magic-Mecha, this thing to put it bluntly, is the variety of Cultivation World Golem technique adds the enlargement version, must mention comes exquisitely, feared that is inferior to the Golem technique, the Golem technique can control many Golem, moreover is you Golem destroying, regarding the injury of Golem Master also very limited. But Magic-Mecha is different, Magic-Mecha was learn some Golem techniques, in adding on some Cultivation World the aggregates of war armor refinement technique, although Might was not small, but regarding the Magic-Mecha pilot, Magic-Mecha was actually not that Lao Kao thing, so long as Magic-Mecha were broken, the pilot must die without doubt. But law of the demon say nothing, in the method of this Magic originally included Strength of Five Elements, profits from many from Cultivation World there, did not say to understand. Zhao Hai although thought through these not saying that he nodded, Maggie looked at Zhao Hai to nod, this then said : heard that you were Magician of entire department, you said that you do want to learn the Magic Formation article of that department?” Zhao Hai wants not to think that direct said : teacher, I wants to study Runes of dark department, best to be related with the summon.”

Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, her originally is the Ashley Clan person, Ashley Clan is famous Dark Magician Clan, she naturally is hopes that Zhao Hai can study Darkness Element Runes. However must study anything, must look at Zhao Hai own, even if Zhao Hai must study Runes of other departments, she will also summon Ashley Clan Zhao Hai. Ashley Clan although dark Dark Magician Miao, but in their Clan only does not receive Dark Magician, otherwise their Clan is impossible to unfold, because of their Clan core members by Black Magic give priority to, therefore is considered as Dark Magician Clan. Maggie take deep breaths, returned to normal own mood, then said : actually such as wants to use the profound boundary the law of demon, wants learn all Magic Formation Rune, was just a pity that Magic Formation Rune are too many, can achieve this point were too few, if any Magic Formation independent uses, Might will not be big, but if Magic Formation Rune of two departments, fuses in Magic Formation, Might that he can unfold, absolutely will not be one will add First Grade in two that simply.” Zhao Hai nodded, Maggie said : Darkness Element summon Magic you certainly will not be then strange, but in machine here, this Magic wants to wield biggest Might, must study Darkness Element Magic Formation Rune and Magic Formation Rune of Space department, I teach you first Darkness Element Magic Formation Rune, crosses several days to give Magic Formation Rune of Space department, Darkness Element Summoning Spell, by Darkness Element Magic Formation Rune give priority to, Magic Formation Rune of Space department is auxiliary.” Zhao Hai nodded, Maggie starts to keep is drawing symbol on the wall, each stroke of symbol, in symbol behind, but can also interpretation about this symbol, very detailed. In the Zhao Hai although surface is was only looking that he has actually informed Cai'er, letting Cai'er all contents that today sees, record that a character does not fall, with the aim of using in the future. although Cai'er is recording these symbol, but this equal to Zhao Hai did not understand that these symbol, these symbol although look like very simple, but each small change, will play certain influence to this symbol, but is very obvious, understanding of machine here to these symbol his imagination . Moreover the production of these Magic Formation Rune, regarding the utilization of Magic Formation, have inestimable doing to use. In Zhao Hai Space although also in research Magic Formation, but how these Magic Formation possibly compare with machine here Magic Formation, machine here person research Magician don’t know had many years, entire Magic Formation already complete by them, but must cross the threshold first is good, our these teacher can do, is leads you to cross the threshold, then you can study Magic Formation Rune, reason that Magic Formation Rune will become these many, will be because some often people will create new Magic Formation Rune, therefore Magic Formation Rune this thing will not be fixed, you can also profit from under one, before , will form some. Magic Formation, but you should better or want to go to rub rope, creates most to suit own Magic Formation, Creates to suit own Magic Formation, creating new Magic Formation Rune is much easier. ” Zhao Hai nodded, the meaning of his understand Maggie, this creates a new Magic Formation Rune probably person to want the writing of Mingxin to be the same, is not that spatial easy matter, but the creation suits own Magic Formation not to be different, that probably writes one most to suit own words with the writing, this be easier than the creation writing.

But most lets Zhao Hai happy is actually the Maggie those words, these Magic Formation Rune can learn on computer unexpectedly, this regarding him may absolutely be good information. Others possibly do not have the means to remember that many Magic Formation Rune, but he can, have Space to come, his equal to had computing power incomparably formidable computer, naturally can remember these Magic Formation Rune. The average people have remembered all Magic Formation Rune, but to using moment actually not necessarily can use the most appropriate place most appropriate Magic Formation Rune, this looks like a person, his could write however may not write the good article. although Zhao Hai now has learned only several Magic Formation Rune, the time of but using is actually a lot, they taught one study to use near two hours time, when Maggie proclaimed arrange class time, is 11 points about. Zhao Hai has proposed the spirit, walked out from the classroom, walks toward the cafeteria, walks in the head also while is thinking these Magic Formation Rune matters, he too wants to obtain these Magic Formation Rune. However he also knows now cannot be anxious, waited for Zhao Hai to the cafeteria the time, Dins they arrived, saw Zhao Hai, these old person stood to say a hello warmly. Zhao Hai although is young, but these old person that after the person of humans affair, naturally cannot because of the Zhao Hai age but underestimated he, if not Zhao Hai, they were dejected to the present, when refer to being uncertain died. Zhao Hai also hastily returns a courtesy, after everyone/Great Clan sees exchanging greetings, Zhao Hai look at Dins their said : everybody, anyone of you goes to the building to transfer, brings a road?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Dins on their cannot help but face one red, their former each and every one were dejected, that had the mood to go to the building to transfer, when added on their ascend to come up not to be earlier than Zhao Hai many, otherwise did not need still to mix in the First Layer classroom, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said now that somewhat was embarrassed.

Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, knows that they were any meanings, he has not laughed at these people, these people were the poor man, the joke are also also useless, Zhao Hai chuckle said : that made these robots guide, tinkle, first led us to go to store there to have a look, was right, looked for a bank.” Tinkle deep voice said : is, Young Master, has the bank in store that one layer, asking Young Master to come with me.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Dins their said : today my big bleeding, window-shops with together, you settled on anything to buy, yeah, what a pity, I unexpectedly did not window-shop with the beautiful woman, but with one group of old men, lost spoils the fun!” Dins they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but in the heart was moved, but behind one hear of Zhao Hai, several people cannot help but gawked, then laughed, Dins was smiles said :to be smelly small You can accompany us to window-shop, but your good fortune, you have anything not to be content, walks quickly. ” Zhao Hai puts on airs shakes the head to sigh, this outward walks, these old Magician are also a face smiling face with him. Walking that outward several people of chatting, quick arrived at elevator there, this time they looked for a quite big elevator, went to store that one layer. Waits for the elevator to open, Zhao Hai sees two beautiful women of wear profession dresses to stand in elevator in front of the door, smiles said : welcome to visit to several people.” Zhao Hai nodded, has sized up one toward inside, here is a very big market, inside has many people, including a large part serves staff, these serve staff not to put on Magic Robe, but these put on Magic Robe, the side is bringing a robot, is comes here to buy thing the person of ascend. Zhao Hai has not managed that two beautiful women, walks toward the building in several old Magician, several old Magician are also first time sees such big store, cannot help but exclamation. Zhao Hai careful is sizing up this store, here also is really very entire, any thing has, from[ date] the commodity that this using, to Magic Staff, thing here that all Magician need has almost, this arrives somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai. a.