Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1085
........................................................................ Machine here Magic and Lower Realm is completely different, thing that Lower Realm Magician has a need, not necessarily was useful to machine here, therefore Zhao Hai sees these many Magician things time, cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently. here Magician thing very entire, has Magic Staff, Magic Robe, Magic Potion, even also has Magician, law of the demon but these thing learn with Zhao Hai nearest/recent actually does not satisfy the need. Zhao Hai present this point, the law of this demon is very mysterious, but actually meets the high Magic strength by Formation, if wish makes Magic Staff confront law of carry out additional support demon, that uses that ordinary Lower Realm Magic Staff definitely is incorrect. Because has thought of this point, therefore Zhao Hai will feel strangely, why in don’t know this store suspends thing that these many Lower Realm Magician use. However Zhao Hai quick on understand, that several old Magician sees these thing, one came the interest unexpectedly, half step walked, look at that a each and every one face does not abandon. Zhao Hai looks at these old Magician expressions, he one on understand, what thing these old Magician did not have the law of complete understanding that demon is, therefore they are also thinking must buy some these Lower Realm thing, can strengthen by own strength. In Lower Realm, they stand in the Gold [金] character tower topest character, the person like them, any Potion, Magic Staff, simply does not need, because in Lower Realm, the level to their this, almost nobody has dared to fight them, therefore he has not certainly been preparing these thing. However to machine here, these Potion and Magic Staff has appeared very heavy wanted machine here compared with their strength strong person, everywhere, therefore they think is buying Magic Staff or some Potion and so on thing, to help increasing their strengths. However Zhao Hai can affirm that these thing almost do not have any help regarding them, law and ordinary Magic completely different the demon, later they certainly can learn more useful practice method, these Magic Staff and Potion and so on, are possibly useful regarding Lower Realm Magician, regarding them completely is the weak. Zhao Hai arrives at Dins's side, shows a faint smile said : what? to buy these thing?” Dins turns the head to Zhao Hai forced smile said : „, before machine here knows one is the shortsighted person thinks own Unparalleled Under The Heaven, therefore wants to buy point these thing to maintain life.”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : to believe my do not buy, these thing did not have you also to study law of the demon to our help, law of the demon before us has studied Magic completely different, before these thing, definitely useless, I thought that we went to other place to have a look, can look find machine here the special tool of Magician use.” The sound of Zhao Hai this saying is not small, he does not fear to queer, but Zhao Hai has not made to see his this saying exit / to speak, standing serves staff, actually face shocking look at he. You are such that Zhao Hai said that these thing is a point with does not have regarding machine here Magician, reason that had in here has sold for these Magician that to try Lower Realm ascend came up regarding the understanding of law of demon deeply, if confronted the law of demon to have some understanding, they will not buy these thing, opposite on mysterious Dins them, can want to likely buy two Magic equipment to be good to maintain life. although that serves staff is first time sees Zhao Hai I, but she actually for her very clear of Bones Symbol Camp work, Zhao Hai today is first attending class, first time attended class on the law of confrontation demon has such high understanding ability this is really too astonishing. That served staff not to wait to say anything, heard coldly snorted to transmit then arrogant sound speaking sounds: Could not afford says cannot afford, installed any attire, probably you confronted the law of multi- understanding demon.” Zhao Hai they stare, several people turn the head to look that young Magician is standing in there look at they, this young Magician looks like, only then over 20 years old, is less than 30 -year-old, his side with robot Butler, his robot Butler were also more than tinkle Advanced level, this robot Butler although makes person one eyes see is a robot, but he walks does not have any sound, moreover looked like also compares is tinkle pleasing to the eyes many, already a little appearance of person. This Magician body symmetrical, face is very white, very magnificent Magic Robe, a [gold/metal], in addition also very charming, was most minimum Zhao Hai this looks like the ordinary person on were too many, but an arrogance of his face, saw look look at Zhao Hai of beggar with the one type of emperor. Did Zhao Hai look at this person, wrinkle under brow said : mister to know us lightly?” coldly snorted said : that look at Dins their eyes, disdains some useless old bastard, even if were ascend has been able to be what kind , how many day good work? Snort, how not daily hiding like in own in the room?” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Dins their eyes, presently Dins's their face also was very unattractive, Zhao Hai turned the head look at that person of said :...... mister, if liked these thing, that bought some were good, do we buy probably with mister your it doesn't matter? Can it be that did you collect these Merchant money? Gives them to work as the request? ” Dins they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has gawked, then each and every one laughed, they know certainly that this was impossible, Zhao Hai was teasing that person.

As soon as that person listened to Zhao Hai saying that face pale said : was short in there speaks the wind discouraging talk, could not afford says cannot afford, what attire installed, wanted the young master I to bestow the difference to give you?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : useless thing, gives in vain me not to want, everybody, let's go, goes out meets the mad dog, senseless tight.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Dins they also cannot help but laughs, with Zhao Hai leave. As soon as that person listened to Zhao Hai saying that was actually two eyes gets angry, but Zhao Hai their people are many, but he also just ascend came up didn't have long time, in adding on the school did not permit the dead/die fight, finally he cannot make a move. Zhao Hai after the tinkle leadership to the bank in store, entered bank immediately to have a robot to walk, bows to Zhao Hai said : mister hello, what business do you want to handle?” Zhao Hai looked at this robot one eyes, this robot looks like with just that Magician was bringing that robot looks like very much, is some compares the Advanced level robot. Zhao Hai deep voice said : I want to change into a machine coin some gold coins, can carry on there?” That robot immediately/on horseback said : please come with me.” Said that brings Zhao Hai to walk toward a nearby room, the here hall person are not many, but in handling some can business, changes into a machine coin gold coins like this type business, does not handle in the hall. To that room, the person was waiting for Zhao Hai, this person is a true humanity, is not a robot, he to Zhao Hai said : mister hello, 1 occupies the number at your service.” Zhao Hai nodded, puts out a hand to put out one bag of gold coins, this bag of gold coins altogether 1000, lost to that person of said : this is thousand gold coins, you had a look to change many machine lattice point.” Received gold coins said : to ask mister you to wait a bit on the 115 th, because in Lower Realm various Realm casts the gold coins gold content to be different, therefore the quantity of exchange machine coin is different, please let me inspect first, was answering you.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, took gold coins to walk on the 115 th, before long 115 th came back, he bowed to Zhao Hai said : mister, gold coins that you brought, the gold content was very high, first gold coins may trade 20 point machine coins, does not know how mister you did think this exchange proportion?”

Zhao Hai nodded, took ID Card came out said : to go in deposit money.” Then ID Card turn around walked on the 115 th. In the Zhao Hai multi- banks comes out, he is one has the young wealthy man of thirty thousand great sum of money, Zhao Hai has no way to have is buying thing anxiously, but went to elevator there, directly that one layer that goes to the dining room to be, then looked for a restaurant to clamp to eat. Also let alone the machine here meal flavor also is really very good, has eaten meal later Zhao Hai they to arrive at the store, but they have not strolled the too long time, has bought some daily necessities in the store on leave. Zhao Hai is not does not want to buy some thing, thing that but he must buy, in this one layer store does not have, in school here, the store is also stratified opening, if you just on ascend could not arrive for one month, that can only buy thing in the one layer store, other you cannot go. Today Dins they to are happy, these days they have hidden in their in the room very much, very long so was not lively, moreover comes up after Lower Realm ascend, their bodies are bringing thing are not many, before ascend, they own in hand good thing, to have kindly given own proud disciple or left the family member, in their opinion, ascend later these thing could not use, if ascend has not succeeded, these thing belt, family member possibly on not being able to obtain, therefore they not belt what thing, likely Zhao Hai, belt big pile of thing ascend. Are not many. Zhao Hai returned to own in the room, has put the room most convenient place some thing that he bought, this washed, returned to in the floating astronomy has been able to look up with ease, moreover first Magic Formation Rune symbol, has been joined to the corresponding explanation, very comprehensive, understanding of Zhao Hai to Magic Formation Rune was very deep, therefore he does not go to school now, studies independently at home will not have the issue. However now Zhao Hai must do, is the quick point receives all Magic Formation Rune to Space, this will play important doing to use regarding Space research Magic Formation, therefore Zhao Hai sits before computer, look at Magic Formation Rune that keeps, he has not forced himself to record these Magic Formation Rune, the work of record gives Cai'er, he by all means found these Magic Formation Rune now is OK. a.