Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1086
........................................................................ A evening's time, Zhao Hai saved in all Magic Symbol own Space, Cai'er has carried on to classify, Zhao Hai has also rested, next day was the same with first day, since seven o'clock netg, read, eats meal, the quick nine point time, prepared the classroom. He just entered the classroom, Maggie walks the child to come in afterward, Zhao Hai stands to look like Maggie to salute hastily said : to see the teacher.” Maggie nodded said : to sit, yesterday did you and Frey live the conflict?” Zhao Hai has gawked, sweeps him to look at Frey who Maggie said : teacher said puzzled is yesterday we person who runs into store there?” Maggie nodded said : well, this Frey young Expert that comes up from spirit wind ascend, spirit wind is in all Lower Realm, Spiritual Qi quite full one, in that, often some people of ascend . Moreover the person of spirit wind ascend, to machine here, extremely caring, the heart was very uneven, you offended Frey today, when the person of later spirit wind will look for your trouble, wants machine here, the people of some spirit wind became move a side Expert, after you, must add many carefully.” Zhao Hai has gawked, perhaps then shows a faint smile said : to exit from this school, we were impossible to meet, offended also offended, won't the person of spirit wind be domineering?” Maggie sighed said : this time you also really to think mistakenly, the person of spirit wind also was really very domineering, because not only their person hearts of were very uneven, because also the person of spirit wind, cut with relationship very dense of Wind God palace, person who because came out from spirit wind there, was almost Wind element Magician, on Wind element Magic very had innate skill, therefore their almost first Ascenders, could join in machine the influence of here not be small to the Wind God palace , after you went back, looked up the material of Wind God palace, in looking up Zha Lingfeng on. Knew what's the matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, thanks the teacher to remind to Maggie gave a salute said :.” Maggie look at Zhao Hai sighed said : Zhao Hai, you were a talent, however in this machine here, the talent were too many, before not true became Expert, not some people true paid attention to a talent, died the talent, was inferior living the fool was useful you to remember, careful protection good oneself.” Zhao Hai nodded, Maggie then said : machine here water likely imagination is much deeper , after you go back, reads the book about church, I want by your intelligent vigor, certainly to see that anything comes, wait for you true walks from the school, entered in that big influence, will be safer.” Zhao Hai one hear of Maggie said that cannot help but at heart moves, he is not a fool, he is clearer than anyone regarding the Darkness surface of this world, therefore one hear of Maggie said that his immediately understand had feared is Maggie is also the person of that big influence. Maggie does not think obviously was saying, he turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : other words I not saying that you later slowly understand, below we will then have studied Magic Formation Rune, did these you of yesterday study remember?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Teacher Maggie, I thought we study other Darkness Element and Magic Formation Rune of Space department I have taken down.”

Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then her face did change said : remembers? Remembered?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is the different master, remembered.” Maggie look at Zhao Hai said : was good you saying that you have taken down, I test you today, so long as you passed the test, I started to give law of the demon, if you did not have learn, was deceiving me, I must punish you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : teacher to invite feel relieved.” Maggie nodded, has arrived around the Zhao Hai table, in a soft voice said : Darkness, Space two are the Magic Formation Rune test topics.” The voice falls, desktop/tabletop immediately turned into a screen, above appears test questions. Zhao Hai in saying anything, but nodded, wholly-absorbed is making these test questions on desktop/tabletop, these test questions majority are Cai'er they are doing actually, but Cai'er equal to with his body, Cai'er is doing, he is doing on equivalent to, Zhao Hai sees that problem, that topic[ answered] case automatic appears in his mind, therefore he started these topics, did not use energy. About a half hour, Zhao Hai has completed all topics, these topics about Darkness and Space two are Magic Formation Rune, is not very difficult, naturally is impossible to include all Magic Formation Rune, is only part of Magic Formation Rune by setting the topic form appears , to have a look his understanding to Magic Formation Rune. Zhao Hai when presents the topic, Maggie in one side look at, she had not made noise, is only static look at, to be honest, Zhao Hai presents the topic left her imagination, moreover first that Zhao Hai makes wrote him to look, unexpectedly not together wrong, this was makes her be startled really. She was very high to the Zhao Hai comment share before, but she now present, oneself underestimated Zhao Hai, not only Zhao Hai a talent was so simple, he can be considered as absolutely on is a certainly Dingtian talent. After waiting for Zhao Hai to complete the topic, Maggie nodded said : to be good, you can study Magic Formation, good, below I come to speak Magic Formation to you.” Was saying Maggie while has arrived at Zhao Hai opposite wall there, that changed turned into a piece of illuminant shield, Maggie look at Zhao Hai said : Magic Formation, actually through some Magic Symbol, combines in together, one type of that forms moves the day Gnome air/Qi the method, Magic Formation besides extremely few part, majority is the circulars, moreover manufactures the material request of Magic Formation also very to grind the standard, after our machine here many years of research, presently these Magic Symbol is the actuate Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi primary cause, the Magic Formation material counter- to is only plays certain auxiliary to do to use.” Zhao Hai nodded, truly said like Maggie, the Magic Formation material and Magic Formation Might truly is very big relationship, but plays truly does to use, is these Magic Symbol, is Magic Formation Rune that machine here said. Maggie said : Magic Formation has own alone [say / way], Magic also has own unique point, but Magic Formation and Magic separate, different that same independent Might is not very strong, to the machine here environment should be weak.”

Maggie spoke of here to look at Zhao Hai said : you to look at machine to introduce that should know, had Cultivation World besides machine, Demon Realm and other Interface, but among these Interface was not peace, machine here can only most from the beginning the bullied share, afterward the people understood law of the demon, understood Magic-Mecha and battleship, slowly had with the qualifications that several other Interface treated as an equal.” Zhao Hai static is listening, these matters he already from, therefore has not listened startled, Maggie then said : „, but the single body does to fight is our machine here weakest point, but law of the demon, will possibly make up for on this weakest one point, but also is only possible law of most formidable the demon place lies, Magician can arrange Magic Formation with spiritual force baseless, spiritual force is formidable, the Magic Formation also exceed that arranges is quick, is many, Might on is also bigger! ” In the head of Boom! Zhao Hai has resounded sound of the startling thunderclap! The core of law of Zhao Hai understand demon, spiritual force has arranged Magic Formation finally baseless, this is law of most important place the demon. It is not strange before spiritual force utilization Zhao Hai ”, but him has not thought that must use spiritual force arrangement baseless Magic Formation, is displaying Magic through this method. Thinks that here Zhao Hai has cannot help but closed the eye, is understanding Maggie these words carefully, although these words in very simpleanybody, as soon as listens to understand, but these words are actually not able to estimate regarding opening of Zhao Hai. Maggie said those words, in observing the response of Zhao Hai, looks at the Zhao Hai present response, Maggie cannot help but shows a faint smile, flash of intuition regarding Magician was very importantthis was a sudden enlightenment process, but just heard a few words on sudden enlightenment, before Maggie, has not met, this fully explained uncommon location of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai may , was not only understanding that Maggie these words, he is still attempting to arrange Magic Formationhis spiritual force with probably with spiritual force in general Magician, he can divert attention spiritual force multipurpose, looks like Berry control her head is the same, Zhao Hai can also such control his each spiritual force, this be Zhao Hai compared with other Magician brilliant places. Zhao Hai originally spiritual force is very strong, moreover meets the micro control of spiritual force, but he has not used the most appropriate place regarding this micro control, looks like in one person, his super strong, movement also very flexible, actually draws one to hang rope on tree, on rub the day by oneself, below was sufficed not to be well-grounded, even if at having the strength also enables not to come out. But Maggie these words actually opened a leafed door to Zhao Hai, a leaf spiritual force and micro control show to extremely to gate, therefore Zhao Hai impatiently will have tried. Zhao Hai spiritual force and ordinary Magician biggest difference is he can the control, ordinary Magician, can only regard rope to use spiritual force, but Zhao Hai can actually regard many rope to use spiritual force, in other words, Zhao Hai can divert attention to use. Diverting attention multipurpose these words look like incomparable simplicity, but does is actually incomparable difficult, do not say other, is wholeheartedly the dual purpose, in 10,000 individuals, feared that cannot discover several people able to cause, but Zhao Hai can actually use wholeheartedly innumerably, this, not only because of his spiritual force formidable, but also because of his learn Succubus race's control method to spiritual force, is adding on the help of Space, can therefore achieve this point. Zhao Hai currently with own spiritual force in arrangement Magic Formation baseless, Zhao Hai is having also certain finding regarding Magic Formation, he also knows one just studied, cannot arrange extremely Yu Fufu Magic Formation, cannot simultaneously arrange many Magic Formation, therefore he has arranged simple Magic Formation first.

However Zhao Hai presently has made quickly a mistake, Zhao Hai had studied before these Magic Formation, actually do not have the means to use spiritual force arrangement baseless, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, he has opened the eye slowly, presently Maggie is sitting in there drinks tea. Maggie looked at Zhao Hai to open eye, cannot help but showed a faint smile said : just you are is trying to arrange Magic Formation? Hasn't succeeded?” Zhao Hai nodded, Maggie showed a faint smile said : general Magician to hear me to speak those words, will carry on the hall to try like you, but actually by being defeated to end, you know why this was?” Zhao Hai shook the head, Maggie shows a faint smile said : „, because Lower Realm Magic Formation and machine here Magic Formation is different, uses ordinary in Magic Formation on Magic-Mecha and battleship, is also different from Magic Formation that the law of demon uses.” Zhao Hai one hear of Maggie said that cannot help but the spirit shakes, his finally understand, machine here law of the demon compared with complex that he imagined, was not he hears prompt to use law of the demon. Maggie look at Zhao Hai said : in Lower Realm, Magic Formation also many are the circular, but this circular Magic Formation of outside, most casts a line, but actually nobody knows that Magic Formation, actually this is most important, if Magic Formation is a building, that this is actually the ground of this building, is framework, the life that the quality decision of ground constructs, the framework quality also same decides this construction the life, but near Magic Formation this, is actually a Magic Formation its foundation, This Magic Formation is makes anything to use, how Might, has inseparable relationship with this near.” Zhao Hai two eyes is getting more and more bright, the Maggie look at Zhao Hai appearance, has satisfied, she also knows now, before Zhao Hai, in Lower Realm, very much has certainly research regarding Magic Formation, will otherwise not be such expression. However Maggie then said : Lower Realm Magic Formation, this circular is a line composes, but in our machine here, this circular side, is actually comprised of innumerable Magic Symbol!” Zhao Hai suddenly has feeling that one type of restores justice, Zhao Hai believes that this is law and the Lower Realm Magic Formation biggest difference the demon, no wonder before him, is unable to arrange Magic Formation to come baseless, originally the issue leaves in here. Maggie look at Zhao Hai, smiles said : „, if uses on ordinary Magic-Mecha or the battleship, the party line takes Magic Formation, does not have anything, most affects Magic Formation Might, but must use law of the demon, that this Magic Formation must comprised of Magic Symbol, no matter what otherwise your spiritual force is exceedingly high, is impossible to arrange Magic Formation!” Zhao Hai nodded, he just had tried, naturally believes the Maggie words, but this time he actually not in easily attempts, because of his very clear, law of the demon, compared with complex that he imagines, he do not worry, careful listening for good. Maggie looked that Zhao Hai has not tried immediately to use Magic Formation, cannot help but nod of gently, the performance of Zhao Hai very much makes her satisfy, her said : Magic Formation of fellow-student of the same department, in the arrangement, internal pattern will not then have some opposite changes, today I to you speak this Magic Formation the nine patterns of its foundation!” a.