Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1087
Chapter 13 condense Magic Formation Sought the subscription, asked to hit to enjoy, asks, watched the floating astronomy study literary show, clear(ly) space presented respectfully! .............................................................................. Zhao Hai static sitting in the room, closes one's eyes, but about the place in his surface first half rice, appears Magic Formation slowly, this Magic Formation is looking like very mysterious, comprised of innumerable Magic Symbol, but carries on very slow, the formation of each Magic Symbol, underwent very long process to be the same probably. Zhao Hai came back from the classroom, regarding Zhao Hai what today Zhao of this class was too important, can say that he now already understand the final deep meaning of law of demon, this deep meaning also very simple, nothing but was spiritual force baseless formation arrangement, the Magic Formation surrounding needs to compose with Magic Symbol, moreover Magic Formation of each department must have the one type of fixed form to wield biggest Might wait / etc.. Zhao Hai in condense own first Magic Formation, this Magic Formation is Darkness Element summons Magic Formation now, is belongs to Darkness Element Magic Formation and Space is Magic Formation double material formation , because of then, therefore meets such as some difficult condense. Magician to machine here, first condense Magic Formation is most difficult, first Magic Formation that so long as condense leaves, they will have the condense Magic Formation know-how, later is easier in condense Magic Formation. But double material Magic Formation, is much more difficult than Magic Formation of list one by one department, Zhao Hai also looks like Maggie to consult, in machine here, uses Darkness to summon Magic, Darkness Element life form that summoned, was not ordinary Undead Creature, but was king level above Undead Creature. Zhao Hai these time wants to have a look, king level above summoned creatures has anything, if summoned king level above summoned creatures , can perhaps meet in high Space the undead strength. Magic Formation forming bit by bit, when last Magic Symbol completes, entire Magic Formation suddenly has shone, then a person's shadow drilled from Magic Formation. Sees this person's shadow, Zhao Hai stares, because his these time summoned unexpectedly was a golden skeleton! The golden skeleton, this in others opinion possibly was good fighting strength, however before Zhao sea surface, simply was not anything, had the Divergent Technique skeleton on the golden skeleton, the Crystal skeleton, existence of Skeleton King, these were top fighting strength, but the golden skeleton, currently in Space has many, Zhao Hai does not calculate certainly, regarding Zhao Hai, this golden skeleton simply did not need the fee such big strength to summon.

However Zhao Hai changed mind one to want on understand what's the matter, machine here Magician little when discharged Magic to use Magic Formation, they were use several Magic Formation to superimpose, so long as the energy overlay of several Magic Formation in together, that naturally can summon formidable Undead Creature. Zhao Hai summoned any Undead Creature to oneself is actually not caring, what he cared was the condense Magic Formation process. Zhao Hai in order to smooth condense leaves first Magic Formation, he not own spiritual force minute of loose of too, but has concentrated spiritual force, bit by bit gave condense this Magic Formation. The Magic Formation that his condense comes out is not his self-created, but was machine here already some ready-made Magic Formation, by Zhao Hai regarding the understanding of Magic Formation, he did not have means self-created Magic Formation now, but this did not have anything, he believes, he will create own Magic Formation. Zhao Hai unfolded that Magic Formation, but he did not have immediately/on horseback in condense Magic Formation, but was static sitting is sensing the feeling of first condense Magic Formation time in there. Summoned that golden skeleton as for just him, Zhao Hai can affirm that skeleton did not summon from Underworld there, summoned from that plane, he returned don’t know. In Underworld there almost all Undead Creature entered to Space, became Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, if just that Magic Formation summoned from Underworld there, Zhao Hai will have the induction, just his feeling did not have, this explained that skeleton did not summon from Underworld there. Moreover Zhao Hai after delivers to that golden skeleton Space the golden skeleton that presently, this he summons newly, wants on strong some compared with the Underworld there golden skeleton, this arrives somewhat stems from his unexpected. However also made Zhao Hai see uncommon location of law of this demon from this point, in Lower Realm, the use summoned Magic, even if were the strength has achieved Zhao Hai this level, was impossible to summon to be better than golden skeleton such Undead Creature, wants in obtaining Undead Creature like golden skeleton, can only be surrenders, became summoned creatures is good. But in machine here, the strength that he currently uses is similar to Lower Realm, and because of him just ascend, the place that he lives in now, Spiritual Qi is also similar to Lower Realm, in this case, he has used law of the demon, can summon golden skeleton such Undead Creature, indicated fierce location of law of this demon. Do not look in Zhao Hai Space the golden skeleton everywhere is, probably does not have quite strangely what, that is because has Space , if no Space, Zhao Hai is impossible to surrender that many golden skeletons.

Zhao Hai sits in that is small, the careful recollection just the condense Magic Formation process, his suddenly had the one type of feeling, oneself condense leaves this Magic Formation, the next time was wanting condense more relaxed. Thinks that here his immediately has tried, his thought just a revolution, Magic Formation on appears baseless in his front, that Magic Formation that he just condense came out. Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, Cai'er of his immediately/on horseback in mind to Cai'er said :, what's all this about?” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, do not forget, your spiritual force unifies with Space, Space has a function is the record, in fact Space looks like computer is the same, but the Magic Formation that Zhao Hai your condense comes out, looks like established well procedure, this procedure in compilation possibly very difficult, so long as compiled, saved in computer, can use at any time, very convenient, therefore you, so long as came out Magic Formation condense, later in wants to use, so long as the intention one moves on can use.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that cannot help but great happiness said : originally is this, fantastic, can't Space help me doubt to practice Magic Formation?” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, you were really more and more lazy, Space cannot help your condense Magic, Space looked like computer is the same, if you did not give him the write program, he was only computer, but you in the condense Magic Formation process, were the same to the Space write program on equivalent to, therefore this Magic Formation wanted your condense.” Zhao Hai one wants also to be, oneself were some was extremely greedy, he can affirm that other Magician surely did not have such ability, his present equal to is condense leaves Magic Formation, can using at any time, this be the convenience are many. Thinks that after here Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile said : looks like me, results in many condense new Magic Formation to be good, Laura, you fortunately?” Zhao Hai although cannot enter Space, but can actually they speak with Laura, Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that nodded said : we to be very good, Elder Brother Hai your feel relieved, machine here compared with Lower Realm, you do not add carefully, did not need to manage us.” Zhao Hai nodded said : what matter my here a short time not to have, after a period of time, I inspect the room well, look has surveillance thing, if no surveillance thing, you can come out from in the room, then in the here familiar environment, was right, the father-in-law do they have to attain these Magic Formation Rune?” Laura smiles said : to attain, they may happy, each and every one run up to Laboratory not to be willing to come out now.”

Zhao Hai cannot help but he he the chuckle, now Wild Dragon Island there Laboratory has almost abandoned does not use, Karen they have moved to Laboratory that planetoid that hundred Spirit Tree have tied, but that planetoid now in the place that Zhao Hai Space Villa is , the surface of that planetoid is not small, hundred thousand square kilometer. hundred thousand square kilometer area, was very big, therefore Zhao Hai made Karen they move to the planetoid the experiment, not only Karen they, on Wild Dragon Island other people mostly have also moved to the planetoid, after all planetoid area be bigger than Wild Dragon Island on many. Besides the planetoid, other 99 fruits that this hundred Spirit Tree tie, Zhao Hai has not actually moved, but remained, although these 99 fruits were inferior that the planetoid is so big, but these 99 fruits use actually even bigger regarding a person, can regard Space equipment to use, can above farming, even can help the person practice, existence that this thing goes against heaven's will absolutely, these fruits are remaining, in the future will have in a big way uses. Zhao Hai also they chatted several with Laura, was not speaking, but is wholly-absorbed doubting is practicing Magic Formation, Magic Formation that in machine here, finalized is innumerable, every is Magic has massive Magic Formation, Magic that these Magic Formation come out is also various, is adding on all kinds of overlay effects, feared that is present machine here person don’t know, many some Magic Formation of stereotypia. But Zhao Hai currently had the Space storage function, that naturally is condense Magic Formation the more better, he naturally must make the best use of the first time, many condense Magic Formation. Zhao Hai understand, he is in school now is safe, but one but his leave the school, that nobody has been able to guarantee that his safety, do not believe the machine here law, these laws subscribe to these ordinary commoner, regarding these big influences, the law has not done to use to their simply. Moreover now Zhao Hai also offended Frey, Frey is also standing formidable spirit wind Expert, but this Realm Expert, has the pivotal influence regarding the Wind God palace, he in the school, Frey and a Spirit Realm person, will not have coped with him, but his leave school, will be difficult to guarantee Frey not to cope with him, if his strength will be insufficient, even if will have Space to exist, feared that was also can only keep off the turtle, that may not be Zhao Hai wants. What most important is, Zhao Hai feared him, if always hides toward Space, sooner or later by person presently existence of Space, by that time his trouble on even bigger, therefore he must use the first time to promote his fighting strength. roa.