Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1088
.............................................................................. To the dinner time, Zhao Hai stopped condense formation, but these days, his altogether condense left more than 20 Magic Formation, such, if makes others know, certainly being startled extremely, but does not have anything regarding Zhao Hai. His condense becomes first Magic Formation time, had one to understand to the Magic Formation condense process, later in condense Magic Formation naturally quickly. Now Zhao Hai has been able simultaneously to branch out five spiritual force to come condense Magic Formation, moreover appears the oil blade edge has, therefore he can within such short time, condense leave more than 20 Magic Formation. These Magic Formation that Zhao Hai condense comes out, is not Darkness Element, various departments has, he is Magician of entire department, was naturally impossible only Magic Formation of condense department. Zhao Hai went to the dining room time, Dins they arrived, saw that Zhao Hai several people with a smile greeted, the Dins look at Zhao Hai beaming appearance, cannot help but smiles said : how Little Hai, did you have the celebration to be the same probably?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, has learned wonderful unparalleled Magic, naturally was the big celebration, was worth happy.” As soon as Dins listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, then laughed said : your youngster little to boast, this was your second attending class, what Magic can learn? Now is still recording Magic Formation Rune?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, before has not thought, this Magic Formation unexpectedly such . Moreover the machine here person was in this situation regarding Magic Formation research unexpectedly, really admires.” Dins sighed said : Upper Realm is Upper Realm, they regarding Magic Formation research far our imagination, moreover this several days I also looked up their Void Condensing Formation Technique with computer, to be honest, was very strong.” Other people also nodded, Zhao Hai shows a faint smilehand to turn, in hand appears one pile has eaten, these things to eat, are the snack that Ark Continent there became famous, in Zhao Hai Space naturally does not lack these thing, to begin to have suspicions shyly, these snacks that he takes are cold, that cold hot can eat, then he put out several bottles of liquor to put on the table. Dins they looked that Zhao Hai puts out these thing cannot help but to stare, some little time Dins is pointing at these thing said : this, 1 these are thing there comes?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :naturally to bring from Lower Realm, otherwise you think that there will have? This is our that in most famous snacks, everyone/Great Clan tastes, the liquor is also. ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Dins quickly said: Since is this, our impolite, really has not thought that your can ascend Expert, actually bring these thing, felt strange.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I very much to slander, naturally will be bringing these thing, that like you, the each and every one old deity will be the same, not eating the food of common mortals.” This saying stirs up Dins they ridiculing, do not blame Zhao Hai will say, their initially ascend time, has not thought that Upper Realm can be this appearance, they think that Exalted Immortal became an immortal the godnaturally not to need is eating thing, some even left their family member including Space equipment. Zhao Hai has not told them today, he started condense Magic Formation, looks like in Zhao Hai, Dins they feared that now has not arrived at condense Magic Formation degree, now tells them these, regarding them is also the one type of attack. Has eaten meal everyone/Great Clan also to chat a while, Zhao Hai then returned to own room, but this time he not, in condense Magic Formation ”, but sat nearby computer, looked up spirit wind and Wind God palace some matters, he offended Frey, naturally must to become the person of enemy has possibly understood. This understanding also really frightened Zhao Hai to jump, just as was such that Maggie said that this spirit wind did not allow to look down upon, entire was a ascend specialized household, almost every year some people of ascend, moreover these people who came out from spirit wind stuck together, anybody wants in coping with them, will cause entire spirit wind ascend all Ascenders to rally together to attack, in adding on spirit wind there Ascenders, was almost the Wind element Magic talents, therefore they followed the Wind God palace was very near, has the pivotal status in the Wind God palace. But a main church in Wind God palace machine Continent here church alliance . Moreover the strength of Wind God palace in the church alliance, that on also belongs to upper layer. This may really be a colossus, entire man-machine was controlled by three influences, teaches the alliance is in one of the bases, but the status of this Wind God palace in church alliance is not low, the absolute big influence, oneself actually unknowingly offended a such big influence! Thinks that here Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled bitterly, it seems like in machine here is thinks that the low key is not good, thinks that here Zhao Hai has cannot help but closed computer, then starts condense Magic Formation.

Stopped to midnight time Zhao Hai, but until now, he condense left more than 50 Magic Formation, such feared that is a locally born machine person cannot achieve. Next day netg of Zhao Hai since according to the normal sitting rest time, after Dins their together has eaten meal, to the classroom, has not actually thought that today Maggie was waiting for Zhao Hai in the classroom. Zhao Hai salutes said : to be unfair to Teacher Maggie to Maggie hastily, I came late.” Maggie shook the head said : you not to come late, today was I comes early, sat, today I had the matter to tell you.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, sat. Maggie look at Zhao Hai said : „the Ascend Academy here custom, is the first month studies Magic Formation Rune generally, by teacher Professor, if the first month does not have learn, the second month then studies, but was one's turn robot teacher Professor, after waiting for complete learn Magic Formation Rune, by teacher Professor how void formation arrangement, after the church, made you study, now your advancement my imagination, you already learn formation arrangement?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, different master, I already learn formation arrangement.” Maggie nodded said :I to say to the school, after special approval you, did not use in has attended class, had any matter to contact with me directly, this gave you, this was small computer, had the hold a conversation function, there is an ordinary computer function.Maggie was saying while loses to Zhao Hai Gauntlet same thing, this thing looks like the silver is bright, very li is bright. Zhao Hai brought in this thing the wrist|skill, then has tried the function, actually also wanted compared with table model computer formidable ”, when examined the homepage, flew high to project a ray of light screen, looked like the screen is together same, very convenient. Manipulated several, Zhao Hai stopped, Maggie has not broken Zhao Hai, look at him to stop, what matter her then said : in this Optical Brain had my communication number you to contact with me directly, you then must do was many condense Magic Formation, the familiar condense Magic Formation process, to help being able with quickest condense to leave Magic Formation to come, if later you left the school, true to the battlefield , a Void Condensing Formation degree speed, has decided your life and death directly, understand? ” Zhao Hai nodded, this truth he already understood, but he has the Space helpthis Void Condensing Formation process simply is not anything.

Maggie look at Zhao Hai then said : at this moment I was also open about the facts you, the point that Zhao Hai your ascend came up, was turns over to Ashley Clan Outer Sect Bones Symbol Camp control, the here appears person, was Bones Symbol Camp first contacts generally, hopes after you left the school, can join Bones Symbol Camp, I was also the person in Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp, your appears our Bones Symbol Camp Camp Lord in paying attention to you, will therefore send me to come, our Ashley Clan was also in the church alliance, before one of the Darkness church important members Bones Symbol Camp, was in Ashley Clan Outer Sect the most famous corps, just now some does not fall, but this. ascend by our firmly control ” I am being hoped you will graduate in the future have been able direct join our Bones Symbol Camp, our Camp Lord the words, have not been carrying on to monitor to you in the school, your robot Butler also had in the room all monitor that you lived to be eliminated, you can feel relieved. ” Zhao Hai stares, his yesterday has thought that Maggie possibly is the person of that big influence, Has not actually thought that today Maggie has laid cards on the table with him unexpectedly, but he believes the Maggie words, if Maggie wants to let his join Ashley Clan, will not deceive him at this matter, moreover innate skill that his these days shows, truly is worth Ashley Clan such doing. Zhao Hai look at Maggie said : teacher feel relieved, what if no accident is, I want join Bones Symbol Camp, but I hope that the teacher can help me look after Dins their old Magician, Ok, enrolls Mou Ziying them.” Maggie looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : I saying that with Camp Lord, believes that Camp Lord will agree, I contact with you, other people of influence also know that they will not be contacting with you according to the common sense, but these days our Bones Symbol Camp is very low-key, may have the fellow who some do not enlarge ones vision also to contact with you, I hope that you can want clearly in making the decision, after you go back, can look up the Bones Symbol Camp situation, the attention, light do not look at these scenery thing, must pay attention to elimination rates and casualty situations of under these year of various camps, you are one. The smart people, should understand my this saying be any meanings.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, invited teacher feel relieved, my understand, but the teacher, I annoys the person in Wind God palace now, if my join Ashley Clan, won't have annoyed to trouble to Clan to Ash?” Maggie looked at Zhao Hai one, calm said : Ashley Clan is Dark Magician Clan, never fears any trouble!” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, Teacher, my understand.” Maggie nodded, deep voice said : wants condense Magic Formation, will have inconvenient in own in the room, you can go to drill ground there condense Magic Formation, can try Magic Formation Might in there, this different thing gives you, one is the drill ground there special practice room, is gives you to prepare, others cannot go, this Magic Formation is used to adjust the Spiritual Qi density, wait for you one month later, this Magic Formation automatically will adjust your body surrounding Spiritual Qi density, when wait for you graduation Ran, you on can completely the custom machine here Spiritual Qi density.” At the same time was saying Geleg different thing lost to Zhao Hai. a.