Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1089
.................................................................. Zhao Hai received that different thing to look, same is a card, looks like looks like Fang Ka is the same, above also writes a digit, but leaves same is actually made of metal, 1 Bo Little Magic Formation, with in hand is not very heavy, looks like looks like an ornament is the same, but Zhao Hai actually knows, this Magic Formation may, not only the ornament is so simple. Zhao Hai turned the hand this different thing has put in Space, then expressed gratitude to Maggie, Maggie nodded said : I to hope that you can live up to one's words, do not waste Camp Lord the pains, was good, I slandered to teach you to teach you, you currently learn Void Condensing Formation Technique, later you had the big show to look your, after you went back, unexpected looks how others carry on the Magic Formation overlay, but did not want the entire study others, can walk most suits your group, understand?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, invited teacher feel relieved, my understand.” Maggie nodded, turn around walked. Zhao Hai looked at Maggie to walk, the brow actually wrinkled, he has not thought that he just arrived at machine here, was monitored unexpectedly, moreover he is enters in a machine struggle now, wants to withdraw is impossible. Maggie although said well, after hoping him to graduate, returns into to Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp, has not said the force, but the meaning of these also threat. Maggie said that this ascend in Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp control. In adding on them can the arrangement person unexpectedly in school, moreover can withdraw to his surveillance, can look at this Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp to have formidable regarding control ability of school from this point, if his join to Bones Symbol Camp, will not fear that in the future is he will not have the auspicious day. In any place, the internal struggle exists, machine here is also same, Chinese Wind God palace very much does not cope with Ashley Clansuch as wants him to dare join really to other influences evidently, that Ashley Clan will not mind that extinguishes his. Reason that Zhao Hai will have such idea, is these days because he displays was extremely shocking, others several months also not necessarily can learn Magic Symbol of single one by one department, he actually only use for day on learn two departments, others possibly to graduation time can study like Void Condensing Formation Technique, but he has been able condense to leave Magic Formation now, these will make the person with high aspirations pay attention to him, especially Ashley Clan. Other Clan very much possibly will not have known about the Zhao Hai present strength, but Ashley Clan fully has actually understood his present strength through Maggie, if Zhao Hai in join to Ashley Family, Ashley Clan absolutely will not let when the time comes Zhao Hai join to other influences, because looks like in the Ashley Clan person, Zhao Hai hopefully becomes extremely Expert, making extremely Expert joinincrease others' strength to other influences, that is absolutely incorrect. Therefore now Zhao Hai, only then has chosen, join arrives at Ashley Clan, but Zhao Hai to does not oppose join Ashley Clan, before looking like Maggie, such that said that Zhao Hai must understand what first Ashley Clan this Bones Symbol Camp is one is. Moreover Zhao Hai has let these old Magician join to Bones Symbol Camp, this also considers for oneself, he arrives at Bones Symbol Camp with these old Magician join, in the future will be also good to take care. To a machine such completely strange place, included some people, becomes a stock small influence, always compared with person on one's own side individual weak. Thinks that here Zhao Hai has stood, he prepares Shangdian Street there, having a look at there can have thing of counter-surveillance to sell, if any, he prepares to buy one. He was not does not trust the Maggie words, Maggie said that in all supervisory equipment his room remove, that should remove, this should be Ashley Clan is looking like him to express the sincerity. Zhao Hai must buy against surveillance thingnot for against Ashley Clan, but for other against people, Ashley Clan will not monitor him, did not express that other people, not provide against contingencies to well.

Zhao Hai is a very careful person, the special person arrived at this kind of completely strange environment, he careful, he not because of the Maggie words on completely feel relieved. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but lightly sighs, he to is hopes own ascend comes is really Immortal Realm, all around without these many struggles, he can get the wife to go to a revolution of extension relieved, is looking for beautiful scenery place to settle down well to get down, now seems like is impossible, the struggle of this Comprehend the world here is much more brutal compared with Lower Realm. Zhao Hai was bringing tinkle turn around leave the room, sat the elevator to go to store there directly, he transferred the extension in store there, finally had found itself the place that wanted to find, strange robot store. This strange robot store, Gu Mingyue recommends to Zhao Hai that store, Gu Mingyue thinks that was making Zhao Hai removing tinkle supervisory system in here, believed regarding Gu Mingyue words Zhao Hai. although said that Gu Mingyue is not Ascend Academy Advanced level staff, but looks like their these social most low level people, naturally also has own one set of information to originate, he can say that fully explained uncommon location of strange robot store. Zhao Hai looked up this known as strange robot store, this was one looks like very ordinary store, did not have a point special place, if were not Gu Mingyue reminds, Zhao Hai will not pay attention to this store. Looked that the semblance really cannot see anything, Zhao Hai brought to enter this robot store tinkle, just passing through the gate, a robot welcomed, this robot was not Advanced level goods , but with tinkle same old shape robot, but made Zhao Hai be what was surprised, this robot walked a lithe not point tinkle sound. That robot arrives at Zhao Hai, bows to Zhao Hai said : mister hello, has something to help your?” Zhao Hai has gawked, then does he show a faint smile said : I to my robot Butler to carry on modified, don’t know can?” That robot immediately/on horseback said : „, asking mister to come with me.” Said that he to the hand signal that Zhao Hai has made invitation, this movement not stiff feeling of robot, moreover gives answers readily, does not have a feeling of procedure setting, this made Master of Zhao Hai to this store feel curiously. Front of this store is suspending the components of some ordinary robots and some robots, some electronic product, look like with the general store not anything different place, but Zhao Hai with that robot to behind on complete is different, behind of this store, is a robot repairing department, in everywhere is suspending the old components of some robots, person sitting stands in these components pile, in hand is taking the tool, is manipulating in front of robot. Zhao Hai entered this room with that robot, hears that robot said : Kann, lived, this mister wants to carry on modified his robot Butler.” One hear of this robots said that Zhao Hai said cannot help but gawked this robot actually to say such human nature words to come, it seems like that this was this person's setting, this person to very interesting. That person complied with one to turn the head toward Zhao Hai looks like, Zhao Hai saw that this person gawked, this person of age was not very big, looked like is also about 30 years old, face was somewhat pale, work clothes, looked like very ordinary, but two eyes was makes the person see fiery unforgettablily.

This person looked at Zhao Hai one, welcomed hastily has come up said : mister, was you wants modified your robot Butler?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, I was just n came up from Lower Realm ascend, the school providing this robot Butler I must the sighted person direct, therefore came here to carry on modified right.” As soon as that person listened to Zhao Hai saying that two eyes none remaining said : „, since were the person said that that is not a problem, how please want to carry on modified to him?” Zhao Hai smiles said : first, do I take one absolutely loyal to understand my meaning in my robot mister?” That person of two eyes was brighter, he nodded said : „seems like the friend introduces, my understand your meaning then said that but also there is anything to request.” Zhao Hai smiles said : next not to have him to marry helping me inspects my in the room or my surroundings, there has the supervisory equipment, I do not like itself by person look at.” That person nodded, has put out wrist computer, records anything on computer, record while said : then said that said all your requests.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to make him Advanced level some, is not so easy to damage, he stores up the thing quantity to be big, does not use daily charge, best is long time does not need to charge, wants some learn machine Artifact Cultivator principles, not only the robot repair, other machine Artifact Cultivator principles should better also meet some, naturally, most important is the Butler function, I do not need him to fight, but he must help me in my life, can attendance well I.” After that person of record, looked to record the spirit, knit the brows „your to request to speak the truth to Zhao Hai said :, I can achieve, but used on a such robot, really extremely in wasting, if carried on such modified to this robot, you might as well bought a Advanced level robot directly, then only then carried on some slight modified to meet your requirements, but can also do was better, can mister consider under one?” Zhao Hai has gawked, then nodded said : if so to arrive is, but this machine type walks the tinkle chaotic loud sound to remove, moreover cannot make him charge daily, was asking mister to recommend a model of more advanced robot to me, must be able to meet my requirements, was right, but must be able the networking at any time.” That person smiles said : this not to have the issue, networking that is the most basic function person does not need to be worried that this, your robot Butler must carry on the noise elimination that you said and does not need to charge daily this ability is very simple, you can keep my here him, about one hour can do well, you can go to the store to transfer the extension, when must go back is coming here to take away the robot and that's the end, new robot that you said that has elected on you, because your request many, wait for you chose well the robot, can keep my here the robot, Three days later takes, I guaranteed these all functions that you said that can install on the robot.” Zhao Hai thinks that said : good, that this to have decided that keeps your here tinkle first, whether outside we could go to choose the robot?” That person smiles said : outside is some ordinary goods , does not have what good thing, if you can believe me, chooses to outside with me, there is some robots that I assemble, although possibly was inferior that outside these robots are funny, but I can affirm that they compare outside these robots to be easy-to-use absolutely . Moreover the material also be better than outside robot.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is the friend recommends me to come, I am naturally trustworthy mister, mister invite.”

That person looked at Zhao Hai one, laughing said : suddenly you are interesting, I like, do not call me mister, I called Qi Yi, you called me Ah Yi, 1.” Zhao Hai smiles said : originally is Qi Yi Manager, your name is really interesting, I called you Ah Yi, Ah Yi, walked, has a look robot that you said.” Qi Yi smiles said : well, was right, What is your name, you may not tell me.” Zhao Hai smiles said : hastily embarrassed, forgot to introduce oneself, I called Zhao Hai, you asked my to be OK.” Qi Yi smiles said : well, walks, has a look the robot that I install, was right, is who pushes one another with the fists you to come?” Zhao Hai smiles said : is Gu Mingyue mister, he is my ascend reception clerk, we also calculate to get along well, therefore he told me, making me have the time your here, let turn tinkle is loyal to my robot completely, but some school there probably people help me tinkle monitor my procedure removing on now, I did not know about the robot, therefore wants to ask you to help look.” Wonderful one by one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then two eyes bright said :oh, is he, that did not have the issue, if said like you, that explained that you were a talent, feel relieved was good, I will help you have a look, if some people told you, you can complete feel relieved, on having the person monitor you in school here, if an influence monitoring your thing remove, other's influence also dares to monitor your, that. On equal to is announced that these two influences are hostile, that is must make war, I think that some people will not take risk. Zhao Hai does said : „have such matter? My also really don’t know, after it seems like, I must look like you to consult, was right, in the evening has the time? I asked you to eat meal, in adding on me several friends who knew in the school, our together drank two cups.” Qi Yi look at Zhao Hai said : „do you come school several days? Actually knew the friend? Good, does not have the issue, in the evening looks for me, I’ll wait for you.” Was saying before while has arrived at Dao Sect, with the rub of hand in the gate, the gate opened, they entered a room. This room has about hundred square meters, is not small, is piling big pile of robots in this in the room, these robots are the person show, seems is not li is also very bright, but actually scratches very cleanly, each and every one sparkling light. a.