Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1090
................................................................................. Zhao Hai look at these robots, these robots look like truly tinkle be much better , the five senses of most minimum these robots looked like some close people, joint looked like also flexible. Qi Yi look at these robots, looked like saw their lover was the same, his said : this in the room all robots, were I bit by bit assemble in a soft voice, material that these robots used, was I bit by bit processes, was not product of any Grand Duke department, these robots were my Qi Yi product.” The Zhao Hai look at Qi Yi appearance, cannot help but a sigh, Qi Yi really has one type of paranoia same rigid regarding the robot at heart, these many robots, are he manufacture unexpectedly, was too great. Some little time Qi Yi let out a long breath, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : „, I and you are predestined friends, these robots make you choose one, you select.” Zhao Hai look at Qi Yi, shows a faint smile said : well, then on thanks a lot you, these robots was you make, you chose one to be most appropriate to me my person, in any case, you came modified.” Wonderful one by one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : you such trusted me?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : looks like you said that I was predestined friends with you, to temperament, therefore I believed you.” Qi Yi laughs said : well, that such settled, three days later, you took the robot to be good and ensure did not disappoint you, walked.” Zhao Hai has not said anything, with Qi Yi leave that room. To outside Qi Yi workshop, Zhao Hai look at Qi Yi said : Qi Yi, why did you have such ability not to have a company? What meaning only opens such a convenience store to have?” Qi Yi forced smile said : this school the back, is the Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp person, I am also the person in Bones Symbol Camp, but my Magic only will not meet the research robot, person like me, except for Bones Symbol Camp, does not have the place to want, this shop is camp makes me open in here, I did not count on that this shop makes money, I am in the camp look at the shop in here.”

Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that really Qi Yi unexpectedly is also Bones Symbol Camp, Zhao Hai look at Qi Yi said : this Bones Symbol Camp I also only heard that heard this ascend is their control you are Bones Symbol Camp, is ascend comes up?” Qi Yi forced smile said : that is how possible, my this skill, I think that ascend also ascend, you also looked, innate skill that I practiced was ordinary, without any special place, but liked the research machine not saying other, my developed robot, is not bad compared with the robot that other Grand Duke departments made, was because of such ability, therefore I was absorbed Bones Symbol Camp in machine here, in my opinion with Lower Realm also almost, Lower Realm Ascenders, was that topest existence, but most commoner actually still light. The life, I am so I am only machine in ordinary one, does not have what difference with Lower Realm commoner, if not my research robot settles on simply not to be impossible to enter Bones Symbol Camp by Bones Symbol Camp Camp Lord!” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Qi Yi said : „are you ting want join Bones Symbol Camp probably? Why?” Qi Yi look at does Zhao Hai, show a faint smile said : your Lower Realm not to have division of Noble and commoner? You said that commoner, suddenly settled on by Noble, wants his join his Clan, this can commoner comply?” Zhao Hai understand the meaning of Qi Yi, he nodded said : my understand, but this Bones Symbol Camp really very? I heard that existing Bones Symbol Camp somewhat did decline probably?” Qi Yi coldly snorted said : Bones Symbol Camp has not declined, but Bones Symbol Camp outside the camp like other, with the most brutal elimination series, in my Bones Symbol Camp everyone is not a friend, is the brothers, Camp Lord also never eliminates anybody, but makes everyone/Great Clan unfold the manager respectively, to other camps, all people are not the enemy, is the competitor, each some camps will supplement that every year some people enter the camp, but supplements 100 individuals every time, finally can live to be good, but my Bones Symbol Camp is actually not such, besides in carrying out any has the casualties, the training of normally is not. The casualties, are because of so, therefore my Bones Symbol Camp fighting strength is inferior to other camps, will be regarded as will decline.” Zhao Hai nodded, look at Zhao Hai said : that Qi Yi suddenly two eyes shines „, won't you want join our Bones Symbol Camp? Must really be such that fantastic, that robot I deliver give you.” Zhao Hai one hear of Qi Yi said cannot help but laughs, Qi Yi also is really the person of that wholeheartedly study, although understands some worldly wisdom, but compared to these rivers and lakes old fox actually to miss far. If other influences include Zhao Hai, condition that opens certainly very favorable, opens is a he trivial small robot can be of use? However could also look at the Bones Symbol Camp differences from this point. Person like Qi Yi, if nobody is protecting, entered the war camp like Bones Symbol Camp, feared that already died, moreover is still actually living, but also live well, is really anomaly.

Zhao Hai smiles said : to deliver me one to be also good I to comply with Maggie teacher to want join Bones Symbol Camp, tonight with the person who my together has meal, wants join Bones Symbol Camp, waits later to have opportunity, I make them also bring their robot Butler, you also help.” Qi Yi patted xiong dried meat said : feel relieved to be good, gave me, other does not dare saying that must say the research robot, my Qi Yi everyone refused to accept, making them send the robot.” Zhao Hai nodded, stays behind tinkle, this turn around leave the strange robot store, has roved in other places, must say in this big store buys western are really many, but Zhao Hai these time to have not bought any thing, does not want to show off, his Lower Realm Ascenders, does not have what backer, in this case , he if in buying thing in all directions, the big hand bigfoot hua money, will certainly cause the suspicion of person with high aspirations. In this store some thing, other machine places also will certainly have, so long as later he graduated, wants to buy anything to buy anything to outside, does not need to anxiously in this for a while. After one hour, soon arrived at the lunch the time, Zhao Hai returned to the strange robot store, this Qi Yi in the shop he, is looking at Zhao Hai to come, his immediately/on horseback welcomed has come up said : to come, had a look at your robot.” Said that received the following room Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai entered the room to stare, the middle of this room was standing a robot, from the head of this robot, was tinkle, but the body of this robot were many many thing, looked like be tinkle pleasing to the eyes. Qi Yi look at Zhao Hai appearance, proud smiles said : well? Now your robot already join solar energy automatic sufficient Lightning Element series, moreover join deafen system, what most important is, I join on your robot a against supervisory system, had also ensure anybody cannot monitor you, brings, three days later takes another robot.” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, that thank you, Qi Yi, don't the matter that forgot the evening to eat meal, you may prepare.” Qi Yi beckoned with the hand said : feel relieved, cannot forget.” Zhao Hai was then bringing tinkle returned to the cafeteria in school, Dins they were waiting for Zhao Hai in the cafeteria, currently Dins they have their teacher, but obviously their teachers were that concurrent job, teaching may not have Maggie to be so earnest, but everyday fixed time will attend class to finish class, therefore Dins their present life have the gauge rate very much.

Looked at Zhao Hai to arrive, Dins their immediately swept shouts Zhao Hai, but Dins they are also quick presently the tinkle difference, Dins look at tinkle said : Little Hai, did you give modified tinkle? In that lane? It looks like probably good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is good, in market there, has certainly strange robot store, there can carry on modified to the robot, I the boss with their shop have reached an agreement, on that day delivered your robots, gives you modified.” Dins they have regarded the person on one's own side Zhao Hai now, they also know that Zhao Hai does not miss this money, therefore several people had not opposed that Dins nodded said : well, when delivers?” Zhao Hai smiles said : afternoon, in the evening the important contract that Manager together has eaten meal, you are bringing the robot while convenient, then keeps his there, I think that tomorrow can almost do well to you.” Dins stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „do you know with that Manager? Also makes his together to eat meal?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not anything, is only with him to the temperament, chatted comes, ate meal on together, but he machine here locally born person, many contacted with him, we can also better understanding machine here matter.” Dins nodded said : also well, sees him, can know that two machine here friends, will have the advantage to us in the future, in these thing, after all not entire.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head I to look at this to people said :, everyone/Great Clan 5 : 00 pm times, in the here set, then our together goes to store there to look for Qi Yi, do not forget to take the robot, keeps Qi Yi there the robot, making him give you modified.” Dins they nodded, but several people of face some are not right, Zhao Hai several times mentioned robot modified, this was not absolutely normal, Dins they were also old fox, can listen to Zhao Hai this saying also to have other meanings, but the people have not made noise, probably simply has not listened to the meaning in Zhao Hai words. After having had the lunch, Zhao Hai on returned to own room, entered room Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback to tinkle said : tinkle, inspects, having a look at my room also to have the person to monitor?” Tinkle should said : be, Young Master.” Said that his two eyes has emitted intermittent red light suddenly, keeps the strafe that in the room, is some little time tinkle said :Young Master, in the room nobody monitors, can in feel relieved live. Zhao Hai then nodded, relaxed, but he their release has not come Laura, but sits in there doubts to practice Magic Formation, simultaneously makes Cai'er monitor Qi Yi every action and every movement, has a look at Qi Yi is the sincerity is helping his modified robot, if Qi Yi has anything to change, Zhao Hai their release will not come Laura. a.