Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1091
.............................................................................. Zhao Hai condense Magic Formation was getting quicker and quicker, now he has been able simultaneously condense to leave ten Magic Formation, but compares to take off the here Magic Formation quantity, his such is not enough. However Zhao Hai has not worried, he simultaneously condense ten Magic Formation, each time needed about ten minutes, one hour can probably condense leave about 50 Magic Formation now, such is a record that has never been approached and will never be approached again. Moreover Zhao Hai may these Magic Formation that not only in simple condense Magic Formation, his condense comes out, the Space record, then Cai'er will be taking these Magic Formation, analyzes to Universal Analyzer there, analyzes the most appropriate Magic Formation overlay combination. In machine here, Magician level was divided, machine here, Magician level with divides according to your Layers Magic Formation quantity, is divided into Level 10, 1st level is your Magic Formation overlay quantity less than five, 2nd level is five to ten, 3rd level is ten to 50, 4th level is 50 to 100, 5th level is 100 to 500, 6th level is 500 to 1000, 7th level is 1000 to 3000, 8th level is 3000 to 5000, 95,000 th to 10,000, but Level 10 Is over 10,000. Machine had don’t know to have many years, but law of also Lou clear(ly) demon to the present also tens of thousands years, but until now, only then achieved 9th level Magician, has not achieved Level 10. 9th level Magician highest can only achieve 9999 Magic Formation to superimpose, wants to achieve ten thousand overlay is almost impossible. It can be said that the Formation overlay is the symbol of machine here Magician strength, moreover machine here Magic Formation are innumerable, wants that many Magic Formation overlay in together, is almost impossible. Actually in machine here, Magician level is almost senior speculates, because so fardid not have that Magician to achieve 3000 overlay, in other words, but also nobody can truly achieve 8th level , most is also achieves 7th level. 3000 Magic Formation overlayrequire the bill Magician massive time to go to formation arrangement, you think that two people fight, will the opposite party permit person relaxed formation arrangement? Is impossible, protection that if you superimpose with several, simply in the Expert eye is not anything. In Comprehend the world here, various Realm practice is almost most from the beginning same, looks like machine herefive overlay Magician, resists low Forged Body Stage Cultivator sufficiently, if comes or the minute according to God Realm there levelthis Forged Body Stage Cultivator, almost equivalent to 9th level or Expert of False God level.

But ten overlay can fully equivalent to Qi Condensation Stage Cultivator, is equivalent to God Rank and previous God Rank Expert, such is not very slow. But wants in achieving ten to 50 overlay is also not very difficult, so long as achieves about 30 overlay, can reach the level of Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator, but Magician also had been caught generally to this one layer. Many Magician can only achieve 3rd level Magician to be good, simply impossible in further ”, but Cultivator like this, regarding Cultivator, will actually not enter Foundation Establishment Stage is genuine entered Cultivation World. although said that Cultivator wants in achieving Foundation Establishment Stage, that is in hundred does not have one, but Magician wants to arrive to 4th levelthat can be said as in ten-thousand does not have one, in this case, Magician naturally cannot stand off Cultivator. But a machine here Warrior stroke of 1 point is also similar to Magician, but Warrior division is not the overlay of Magic Formation, but is the Sword Qi dog distance. Warrior delimits 1 point of level method also very simple, just like Magician, but remains all digit by 100, compared with saying in machine here 1st level Warrior, his Sword Qi release less than 500 meters2nd level is 500 to one kilometer, and so on, highest level Warrior, can the Sword Qi release 1 million meter, naturally, this also be only exists in the legend. But here Sword Qi, what refers to is only a general designation, not necessarily calls Sword Qi with energy that the sword exits, in machine here, Warrior you can use you most adept weapon, so long as you can project with you most adept weapon with Sword Qi same energy are OK. Because of machine here such level division, therefore here Warrior and Magician, cannot stand off several other Realms Expert, finally can only according to the collection battleship and Magic-Mecha. But Zhao Hai comes out Magic Formation condense now, has not tried the Magic Formation overlay in the together effect, he planned, tries to Space, but does not try in the school. Tries in the school, even if were he went to the independent that practices, he did not think that very safe, he prepared in Space to try to say.

This afternoon time, Zhao Hai condense several hundred Magic Formation, having a look at the time to be also similar, this came out from in the room, went to the dining room. Looked to the dining room that Dins they arrived, Zhao Hai greeted several people to walk toward store that one layer hastily, in school here on a little advantage, school here, no matter the store or the dining room, were all -weather business, when no matter you went, can buy thing, can eat thing. Zhao Hai has Dins several people to arrive at the strange robot store, Qi Yi now also the busy partner in the store, he had already been busy at the time, looked at Zhao Hai to come, he then finished up the work of in hand, laughing to Zhao Hai said : „, you came, you had a look at me, has been busy at the time.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, come, I give you to introduce, these are nearest/recent new ascend to machine here, compared with me in the morning that a little bit, they also wants to make you help modified the robot, troubled you, today keeps here the robot, you did well on that day, they took on that day.” Qi Yi laughs said : your this fellow to is will look to me does exactly, good, feel relieved, I complete certainly.” Said that under the introduction of Zhao Hai, salutes upon meeting with the people. After waiting for all people to see to deliver the betrothal gifts, Zhao Hai got the people to arrive at dining room that one layer, this time the dining room that was Qi Yi chooses, this meal in the known as academy restaurant, was not a big dining room, did not look like any special place. After a dining room good dish, Zhao Hai look at Dins their said : everybody, I stated clearly with everybody, the Ascend Academy that we were at turns over to Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp control, today the Bones Symbol Camp person has contacted me, hopes that I graduated later join they, I told them, I hoped everyone/Great Clan to be able join Bones Symbol Camp.” Dins they stares, to be honest they also real don’t know was this, Zhao Hai looks at people said :this Bones Symbol Camp I to understand, in machine here, other influences, must recruit our these ascend people, adopts the elimination series, recruited into the line us, then made us leave duty, carried on the brutal survival to eliminate, living the person who staying behind, dying was eliminated, but Bones Symbol Camp was actually not, Bones Symbol Camp did not eliminate, they were you, so long as join, on apportioned your duty according to the strength of person, at the same time according to the ability of person. Arranges you to work, Qi Yi is the Bones Symbol Camp person, he practices general, is only interested in the robot, therefore Bones Symbol Camp made him come to a robot store to academy here, everybody should also understand my meaning, your ages not be small To machine here, did not attach great importance to by the major influences, if by the minute to that influence, most can only works as the cannon fodder, therefore I accepted the request of Bones Symbol Camp, hopes that your join Bones Symbol Camp, such later everyone/Great Clan also has to take care, don’t know everyone/Great Clan what do you think? ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Dins they were silent, they are not the fools, conversely, passed through these many years Lower Realm to gain experience, they regarding the will of the people assurance, be stronger than too many these young man, therefore they believe the Zhao Hai words.

In adding on them returns to into camp, has to take care, this is they most wants to see that therefore the people looked at one mutually, after the nose, nodded, Barlett said : feel relieved Little Hai, our understand your meaning, since you also want join Bones Symbol Camp, was good on everyone/Great Clan join Bones Symbol Camp.” All people nodded, Zhao Hai then said : good, everyone/Great Clan agrees well, Qi Yi is also the Bones Symbol Camp person, today I deliver to Qi Yi there your robots , because in all Butler robots, supervisory system, our every action and every movement, under others' gaze, therefore I make Qi Yi help everyone/Great Clan process, removes this supervisory system, in any case after everyone/Great Clan, was the whole family.” As soon as Dins listened to Zhao Hai saying that was face changes, turning the head look at Qi Yi as if by prior agreement, Qi Yi now a face[ was popular] exerted, the although these Magician ages look like are not small, but in the past various Realm only then these Magician contacted with other camp, in join Bones Symbol Camp, they rather will not go to other camp to work as the cannon fodder, did not think join Bones Symbol Camp, therefore now the Bones Symbol Camp population are not many, now join these many people, his naturally happy. Now looks at these many person look at he, good that Qi Yi immediately/on horseback nod said : said that in Butler robot that you use, has the supervisory system, not only this supervisory system the one or two person can see, but is many people can see that then carries on to you depending on estimating, if you can meet their standards, they will contact with you, enrolls their camp you.” Dins's their face somewhat are ugly, that person has not thought that a day of life was monitored, that without doubt is equal to losing of person scarlet 1 uo 1 uo to the avenue on, feared that is nobody can bear. Zhao Hai look at their appearance said : I have known the time may have at the same time the people in various camps and you contacts, may permit to you many good conditions, but everybody should also know that the life is most important, under such brutal elimination, nobody can guarantee one can maintain a livelihood, moreover we in here are the minority groups, even if they give your condition, wait for you went, they have not achieved complied with your wells, you also take their not means that therefore I hope everyone/Great Clan to be able join to camp, mutually attendance.” a.