Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1092
Dins they nodded, their ages were not small, already crossed to an that age of authority and honor incomparable hope, regarding present them, can live some time, is more important than anything, therefore they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that thought said was reasonable. Zhao Hai look at people said : today I look up online the matter about Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp, although Bones Symbol Camp did not have what difference with other camp superficially, even declined, but I actually paid attention to Bones Symbol Camp with other camp wounded person proportions, the Bones Symbol Camp the past ten years casualties ratio completely approximately about 1/1000, this is an average digit, when carrying out some special duty appears casualties, but base its camp, the casualty rate in one-fifth, in other words, they recently five people, most will have a person dead, even has some camp casualties. Compared with achieving 1 : 1, enters a camp person every time, the person will die, incomparable brutality, if your everyone/Great Clan is interested, can look up.” Dins they nodded, they will look up, this did not express that they do not believe Zhao Hai, but is they want to look at these camp casualty rates with own eyes, they believe that Zhao Hai will not deceive at this matter their, because of simply not that necessity, so long as they go back, was clear, this matter simply could not hide the truth from the person. Zhao Hai look at people said : our ascend to machine here may to not bring death, therefore currently speaking, Bones Symbol Camp there is we best choice, even if allowance low is not a problem, said it, I also looked up today, Bones Symbol Camp there allowance is not low.” Dins nodded right that said : 1 Little Hai said that our ascend comes up not to work as the cannon fodder to others, if can enter Bones Symbol Camp there to be best, our everyone/Great Clan has to take care.” Other people also nodded. Zhao Hai looked that the people agreed that his then said : "OK, everyone/Great Clan agreed that I do not have anything said that come, our everyone/Great Clan drank, later everyone/Great Clan together diligently, must enter with Bones Symbol Camp. ” The people rumble has complied with one, has held up wine glass. Reason that Zhao Hai dares they to say these today to Dins, is reason that because Odin time they put the strange robot store robot Butler . Moreover the academy dining room that they are at now, does not have any surveillance, this naturally is because after he has asked Qi Yi, knows. Ascend Academy that Zhao Hai they are at now, is belongs, here almost all places that Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp has jurisdiction have the surveillance, without surveillance place very few, Zhao Hai also has certainly thought of this point, therefore he asked that in Qi Yi that shop has not monitored, Qi Yi received this academy restaurant them. After eating meal, Zhao Hai their returned to own room, Zhao Hai has accessed the net to check some materials, then starts condense Magic Formation. Following some time, life of Zhao Hai very has the gauge rate, everyday will go to school there to have the breakfast, then goes to classroom there to put on an act, then returned to own in the room makes itself the matter that likes handling. Zhao Hai their release has not come Laura, but these three days he has not actually stopped regarding the surveillance of Qi Yi, he wants to have a look at Qi Yi really not to monitor him, is feigning ignorance with him. Quick Zhao Hai knew, Qi Yi has not monitored him, Qi Yi has one type of paranoia same rigid to the robot, his these days almost stays in own shop, has not exited, hungry time, makes the dining room deliver a meal to him, other time stay in their shop repair these robots. Dins's their robots have processed the next day, Qi Yi has not collected their money, looks like in Qi Yi, Dins they are the people on one's own side. Besides carries on the surveillance to Qi Yi, Zhao Hai they also carried on the surveillance regarding Dins, Zhao Hai has wanted to know that Dins they will comply with gathering of other people. Three days of quick on the past, Zhao Hai in the morning getting up early, after going to the dining room to dine, arrives at Qi Yi there, today is he decides to take the day of robot with Qi Yi certainly.

What Zhao Hai now and don’t know Qi Yi to the robot that oneself prepare is, these days his although is monitoring Qi Yi, so long as Qi Yi to his illegal matter, he has not been disinclined at times attention Qi Yi. Zhao Hai to the Qi Yi shop, Qi Yi really not in front, but in behind own repair bay, Zhao Hai not polite, walked directly. In Qi Yi this shop, front looks at the shop on a robot, the procedure of that machine by Qi Yi adjusting, Zhao Hai had come to be able[ from] by difference, therefore Zhao Hai such relaxed arrived at the repair bay. One to repair bay Zhao Hai saw Qi Yi in a robot nearby is bustling about, this robot is not the day of Zhao Hai that in the room in any robot that sees, but is a personification very high robot. The body of this robot throws over the biochemical skin, two eyes there is also making the become eye, if not unemotionally, seems is also different from the genuine person. Zhao Hai can affirm that this is not the robot that want, because the Qi Yi manufacture robot has characteristics, he never gives the robot manufacture useless biochemistry skin, regarding Qi Yi, the robot is the robot, the robot also has the life, does not need to cater to the characteristics of person, installs the biochemical skin to the robot. Regarding his theory, Zhao Hai although thinks otherwise, has not said anything, regarding like the Qi Yi paranoia, this point possibly is very important. Zhao Hai looked at room one, now side of room, a robot, this robot was he in that in the room has seen the robot, the metal of whole body sparkling light, the stature was not very high, only then about 1.8 m, on the face can general see the appearance of person, with throwing over was pouring out robot completely different of torr skin. Zhao Hai was also saying that wonderful one by one is busy endlessly, he coughed lightly two, Qi Yi then responded that look at Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai look at Qi Yi appearance, showed a faint smile said : Ah Yi, I took the robot, what kind of? Made?” Wonderful one by one looks at Zhao Hai quickly said: "All right, looks, is good, has all functions that you need, what kind of? Must keep my here to consider as finished your old robot, carried off this suffices you to use. ” Zhao Hai smiles said : to consider as finished, two robots do not have anything, you are busy, I walked.” Qi Yi has not cared, nodded said : "OK, to come in the evening, our two do drink two cups of what kind of? ” Zhao Hai selected has selected said :not to exit, had two dishes, drank two cups to consider as finished our two in your here. Qi Yi complied with one, Zhao Hai then turn around walked, but his with two robots.

Because this time was the time of attending class, therefore the store here person was few, Zhao Hai has not met who, directly on returned to own room. To the shops, Zhao Hai has let inspect the new robot tinkle, has not had anything to monitor is controls, Zhao Hai then feel relieved, then his hand wields, they called Laura. Laura they, as soon as comes out, happy called one, threw the body of Zhao Hai, snatched the Zhao Hai person, was being hugged by several girls, Zhao Hai felt incomparable satisfaction. Some little time Laura they feel relieved, Zhao Hai look at they smile said :now you unable leave this room, can only access the net on this in the room, understood that this world, after I want to result in waited for my leave the school, can find the way to you to manage gets off an aircraft here ID Card. said : that Laura does not care aboutis all right, we in Space ting is also good, right Elder Brother Hai, Maggie has given your grinding Magician, I have made the father they go to research, believes that soon can manufacture against, when the time comes we have one, can the adaptation machine here Spiritual Qi density. Zhao Hai nodded said : "OK, not to worry, today after you go back, leads Ding Bi to Space , they have a look to the father-in-law, does not want unable to keep in Space tinkle, if presently tinkle is disappeared, that is not good. ” Laura nodded, Zhao Hai put out several wrist potential computer to give Laura them, let their computer, oneself accessed the net to play. Machine here computer, but in much better compared with Space, computer in Space, because does not have what network, therefore there computer can only use computer some functions, does not have regarding the most splendid surfer function, but machine here has own network, content in place network, on splendid hundred times compared with Earth, therefore Laura they liked on these computer quickly. About machine here was knowing that later Zhao Hai understand, the machine here surfer does not need the hua money, here no matter robot civil computer, can the free networking, this arrive lets Zhao Hai very happy. Laura they access the net in there, Zhao Hai sits in one side condense Magic Formation, to the time of supper, Zhao Hai had stopped condense Magic Formation quickly, looked at to access the net on into mi Laura they, smiles said : "All right, day color not early, you went back, yesterday was playing. ” Laura they looked at the time, really already not early, but several people somewhat do not give up, Zhao Hai made them download some contents toward computer in a smile, then brought to look to Space. After waiting for Laura they to do well, Zhao Hai they and tinkle together has delivered to Laura Space, has not actually thought that tinkle just entered Space, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently higher Science and Technology Civilization causes with the robot, promoting Space level to 100 three Level 10, Host to buy ten higher Science and Technology Civilization background, 50 ordinary background, therefore the robot can the wireless and higher science and technology Space network connects, Space will obtain automatically with the higher civilization network connections function.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then the great happiness, he has wanted to build a network in Space, but various Space background computer have not popularized now, constructs the network he not to have what experience, therefore had not put in the motion, has not actually thought that Space have solved this problem. However Zhao Hai immediately thinks that carries on the connection with fruit Space with the machine here network the words, that Space couldn't secret defend? Thinks that here his immediately/on horseback flashes body entered in Space, to Cai'er said : Cai'er, what's all this about? If Space accesses the net with the outside successive, that Space secret couldn't defend?”

Cai'er smiles said : not to have relationship Young Master, you do not need to be worried that Space here although can connect with the network of outside, is actually allow Jin cannot leave, Space here can only meet the signal beyond income, cannot toward sending out the signal, you do not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that this relaxed, his then two eyes shines to Cai'er said : Cai'er, can we compare the network of secret place to capture machine here, steals their materials?” Cai'er shook the head said : this not to fear good, Young Master, just I had tried, machine here network, the place that but plays to the person, the genuine compact place, has not joined in the network, they are stand exist, or uses an own region net, winds not to have no relationship with machine here the large net.” Zhao Hai nodded, although is somewhat helpless, but also can only accept this fact, but there is this network, was very big regarding the help of Space, he did not count in the request. Zhao Hai turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, popularizes computer to various academy, enabling everyone/Great Clan to learn the machine here knowledge, lets their understand machine here fearful place.” Cai'er complied with one, Zhao Hai looked at time said : "All right, I to exit, the Space here matter was discussing on you solution, my present although can in returned to Space come, but little come back to well, if presently is troubled. Cai'er has complied with one, Zhao Hai then turn around returned to own room, reorganized the train of thought that walks toward the dining room. Space can play important doing to use regarding the promotion of this overall level including the surfer, he looks like connects outside world bridge Liang, lets the people in Space city, understand, in this Universe also has Comprehend the world such incomparably powerful, incomparably huge Interface, this in the person among the feast is incomparably important. Zhao Hai did not fear that these in Space will have to think the idea of leave Space, the person in Space, simply nobody wants leave Space in fact, their thought already by Space slowly gave transform. Because of adding on the Space here environment is so good, but machine there will actually be full of the competition, the person in Space possibly has been thinking how wanted leave Space, they look at a liveliness at most. Even the person in Space, but also some pitiful machine here people, machine here person live tired, everyday in going all out promotes itself, the average person crosses is also the incomparable labor, that has Space to be so comfortable. However regarding Karen they to is good information, they can access the net to check the material about Magic Formation directly, this may probably be more relaxed than their research, they can carry on research in this foundation, can save many matters. What sole is regrettable, this network can only draw machine here continually, other Interface do not have the means to connect, this makes Zhao Hai not have the means to know other Interface information.