Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1093
.................................................................................... The time passes fast, unknowingly, Zhao Hai ascend to machine already one month, this month, Dins they rose to the Second Layer classroom went, but in First Layer classroom here besides Zhao Hai, two just Ascenders. ascend does not have an accurate time, within some time possible one year to have dozens people, even over a hundred people of ascend, there is a possibility within one year simply nobody ascend, this very normal. However these two Ascenders, are young man, Zhao Hai tries to contact with them, but these two have actually been full of the vigilance to him . Moreover the situation of as arrogant as Zhao Hai not being able to bear, Zhao Hai can only give up contacting with them finally, the Magic Formation quantity that condense that oneself try hard Magic Formation, Zhao Hai condense is coming out now crosses hundred thousand, moreover he only was unable to sit in the house now condense Magic Formation, but arrives at doubting that there can keep to practice Magic Formation, but this Magic Formation has doubted to practice in Space with own Spiritual Force, moreover can at the same time condense about hundred, 100 Magic Formation condense come out also about five minutes. although Dins they rose to Second Layer classroom there went, but contact of Zhao Hai with them does not have the section, several people almost together goes out to dine daily, naturally must have Qi Yi, moreover Maggie also really sent for they contacting with Dins, when Dins their industry, immediately can arrange them to enter Bones Symbol Camp, several people were also real feel relieved. However now Zhao Hai also arrived at monthly examination time, so long as he crossed this time monthly examination, can rise to two layers went, his Magic Formation was also simultaneously useful. That Magic Formation is used to adjust around his body the Spiritual Qi density, enabling him to be able the adaptation machine here Spiritual Qi density bit by bit, when one year later he wants the leave school time, he can the adaptation machine here Spiritual Qi density. Tested Zhao Hai not strange Dins their monthly examination Zhao Hai to see regarding this month, but saw Dins their monthly examination, Zhao Hai to was don’t know own monthly examination can be any appearance. Dins's their monthly examinations, test is Magic Formation Rune tests his Magic Formation Rune content very similar with that Maggie, in other words Zhao Hai is entering the second day of school, passed the monthly examination, that was making him test that already not any significance, Zhao Hai believes that Maggie they will not be making him test that. although felt strange that these days must test anything, but Zhao Hai has not actually gone to look for Maggie to question, such fell the lower level, appearance or in classroom that his still everyday pretends to go to school, or in condense that own in the room keeps Magic Formation, as always.

Day of quick test to Zhao Hai 9 : 00 am punctual to his classroom, this time had not brought the robot, two robots both stayed in his room, now Laura they are in his in the room. Zhao Hai believes that leads Maggie to meet appears , nine o'clock, Maggie punctual appears , appears Maggie to Zhao Hai said :with me.Zhao Hai nodded to follow not to say other. Maggie character is desolate, never spoke the idle talk, except, when has attended class and has wanted the explain/transfer anything matter, words are many some beside, other time Zhao Hai of her multi- speech will not have been used to this character generally. although said that Maggie altogether has handed over him three days, but regarding Zhao Hai, these three days actually is really very important, because of these three days, Maggie was Zhao Hai opens one to let him road big gate to Expert. The law of demon, absolutely is one type of very suitable Zhao Hai Cultivation Method he, so long as doubts to bring forth Magic Formation, later in formation arrangement, completely did not need that many time almost to achieve instantaneous formation arrangement, and Layers Magic Formation. These days Zhao Hai although in condense Magic Formation however regarding the overlay of Magic Formation, he actually had not relaxed, the overlay of Magic Formation, is not that simple has become in the together use two Magic Formation overlay, the overlay of Magic Formation is divided into many types, simplest one type of is the same Magic Formation overlay, summoned Magic Formation compared with that Darkness of Zhao Hai use, this Magic Formation itself can superimpose, because of one type of Magic Formation, therefore overlay time, did not need to consider the conflict problem between Magic Formation, therefore was simplest. However this is also the Might smallest one type of Magic Formation overlay, he looks like the addition in digit, adds one in in addition one in in addition one, the effect of plays is really not much. Magic Formation of law of most difficult Magic Formation overlay fellow-student of the same department demon does not carry on the overlay combination, such two Magic Formation overlay with are not in addition so are simple in doing that together plays, but becomes geometrical generation of increase, this is the Magic Formation the most powerful place.

In machine here, some people are thinking makes the strongest Magic Formation overlay combination using computer, but has not succeeded finally actually. computer is not multipurpose, the Magic Formation overlay that he calculates possibly is strongest, however general Magic Formation is impossible to use, because of that nose strong Magic Formation overlay, has very strict request regarding the control of Magic Formation, is almost tiny bit cannot be wrong. However Magician after is a person, is not the machine, even if establishes the machine of procedure, met the appears error, do not say the person, did not have that Magician, can achieve in Layers Magic Formation, a point mistake cannot leave. But these strongest Magic Formation that computer calculates superimposes Formation Set, so long as a appears point error, will not have the effect, will possibly injure to Magician itself, therefore some machine here existing effect best Magic Formation superimpose Formation Set, is Magician after the long time actual combat, summary slowly, like Formation Set is not many, moreover many are one five and ten overlay, in many is almost Magician not the secret of passing on, they will only pass to own disciple or the later generation, is impossible to announce that comes out. However these regarding Zhao Hai were not the issue, in Zhao Hai Space have Universal Analyzer, although this Universal Analyzer just 1st level, but was actually not general computer can compare, the Universal Analyzer most major characteristics were, he lived because of Space, but Zhao Hai was Space Host, can say that all in Space revolved around Zhao Hai, Universal Analyzer nothing more than so therefore Cai'er was also taking these Magic Formation to the Universal Analyzer analysis time, Magic Formation Set that the Universal Analyzer analysis came out gathered, on most suits Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai when condense Magic Formation, in tries the combinations of these Magic Formation did not manifest now Zhao Hai to achieve hundred to superimpose. Zhao Hai sat elevator with Maggie, in the direct building walked, in school here, some rooms of most top layer cannot the student be open, there was some most important facility in school is, teacher will live generally also in there, the student cannot come up. They to the attic, came out to arrive in from there the platform in roof directly, in this platform, is stopping a battleship battleship of small shape is looking like looks like equally traverse the bean number, the front big round head, behind is dragging tail. The entire battleship highest place, has about fifty meters high, the width also about 20 meters, is coating with lacquer four characters in the battleship, Ascend Academy!

Zhao Hai saw that this battleship cannot help but does gawk, turns the head different master we to exit to Maggie said :?” Maggie nodded said : regarding others' test, has not tried about you, in Ascend Academy here, one year has ten times to teach to try, what first testing what is Magic Formation Rune second li (0.5km) testing is can condense leave Magician, but three times was outside smelting trial takes a test.” After Zhao Hai frowns said : not to let we tried to comply with machine here Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, can put us to exit? Now exits?” Maggie deep voice said : you do not need to be worried that Spaceship of school passes through modified, inside has the automatic control Spiritual Qi ability, but the place that you must go to is also machine here Spiritual Qi compared with the thin place, the there Spiritual Qi density is also similar to Lower Realm, therefore was decided as was the Ascend Academy preparation smelting trial factory your this test goes to there specially, eradicates Malicious Ghost!” Zhao Hai said : Malicious Ghost? It looks like Lich same thing?” Maggie nodded said : to have like, but Malicious Ghost with Lich not, Malicious Ghost fighting strength compared with Lower Realm Lich in many, they not only meet Magic attack, but also meets physical attack, regarding your just the person of law of learn demon, was ting hard to deal with existence.” Zhao Hai nodded, Maggie said : „our time must go, is safe, if the star, there is in a machine edge, the Spiritual Qi density is not high, but there is also occupied by the person, moreover machine here Mithril important habitat, because of all the year round mining, appears on that constellation many yin dark places, was also easy to produce fiercely some in there and so on Darkness life form, there is also one of the machine here all Ascend Academy smelting trial fields, these time besides you, will have other academy several people there to cope with Malicious Ghost, not only you. Must guard against Malicious Ghost, must guard against other academy students.” Zhao Hai nodded, at this time they arrived flew cabin in front of the door, entered the cabin door, they in one Spaceship, cabin door immediately have closed automatically, what before Zhao sea surface is a corridor, Maggie leads Zhao Hai to enter walks, before long stopped by a leafed door, to Zhao Hai said : here was your room, went to in the room to stay, do not wander about aimlessly, had own defense system in the Spaceship interior, had many Forbidden Land, if you chaotic Lou Chuangjin Forbidden Land, will receive the Spaceship defense system attack.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, to Maggie said : Teacher Maggie, we can walk how long?” Maggie said : „about three days, these three days of some people will deliver the food to you, you may also in your in the room surfer, can practice, is best to leave a room.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around entered room. Zhao Hai entered the room to look that this room was really not big, only then more than 20 about square meters, netg, a table, a bathroom, one set of sand, was not having other thing. But those who most make Zhao Hai accidental is, really also has a window in this in the room, the although window is not big, but can actually clear seeing outside scenery . a.