Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1094
.................................................................................... Zhao Hai lay the window to look at one outward, presently don’t know, Spaceship took off, actually a feeling did not have, Zhao Hai cannot help but again estimated to science and technology of this world. Looked at out of the window one, Zhao Hai on returned to on netg, as soon as then he turns the hand, put out one to be small The small instrument, this instrument is he holds Qi Yi to make, this is a counter-surveillance meter, is at present the machine here most Advanced level counter-surveillance meter, so long as this in the room has to monitor his thing, this monitor immediately can leave the warning, simultaneously leaves disturbance electromagnetism bo, making the monitor malfunction. Must monitor the person to have two methods in machine here, one type of through monitor, in machine here all kinds of supervisory equipment has plenty, in, counter-surveillance equipment also has plenty, but compares the supervisory equipment, the counter-surveillance equipment is also easier to make. The monitoring device does in ingenious, so long as counter-surveillance equipment release magnetic energy electricity bo, can definitely disturb, so long as has the protection, monitors the person with the supervisory equipment, matter that most does not grasp. Besides the supervisory equipment, the one type of method can be used to monitor the person, causes again Magic, this method was very difficult to guard, monitored Magic generally is very secret, very difficultly presently. However Zhao Hai most does not fear actually exactly monitors Magic. Zhao Hai spiritual force incomparable formidable, must have existence of Space in in addition, wants to monitor him with Magic is almost impossible, therefore Zhao Hai is only OK with the worry supervisory equipment now. One presently this in the room does not have the supervisory equipment, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, his immediately/on horseback flashes body on returned to the room in school, Laura they returned in the room, several people are also waiting for Zhao Hai information. Looked that Zhao Hai came out from Space, how many people stare, did Laura move forward to meet somebody said : Elder Brother Hai you to come back from Space hastily? Started to take a test? What do you want to test?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: „ This time I must test is goes to one to call safe, if on the planet team of star, removes Malicious Ghost, did not take a test in the school, walks goes Spaceship with meLaura they, as soon as listened to less than saying that has cheered one, entered Space with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has delivered his robot to take Qi Yi, this robot by Zhao Hai command known as 9 th.

Was bringing Laura and No. 9 they arrived at in the room on Spaceship, this made the room one appear somewhat has pushed, but Zhao Hai was also only in the room stayed a small little while, their returned to in Space in any case and other people found his time with Laura, he was going to the room also with enough time. returned to Space Zhao Hai let out a long breath, immediately ran to wash Hot Spring then returned to well in the room, making Meg make one to him delicious. These days he had not entered Space, for must adapt to outside life by oneself, now in returned to Space, he can relax finally. Eats thing, went to condense Magic Formation Zhao Hai to one side, but Laura they actually access the net in there, Space here can also on they like staying with just Laura in Zhao Hai feeling, therefore their everyday rather puts out massive time round trip Zhao Hai in the room to accompany him. Zhao Hai also understands Laura their feeling, therefore his everyday besides condense Magic Formation, meets hua a lot of time to accompany Laura they, now Zhao Hai accompanied Laura their time more he to be able wholeheartedly multipurpose, why normally should do, but base its spiritual force silk, still condense in Space Magic Formation. Now Zhao Hai besides grasping near hundred thousand Magic Formation, he can also use several hundred sets of Magic Formation Set to gather, these Magic Formation Set about are Analyzer analyzes, Might biggest combination, minimum Magic Formation Set about, only then five overlay but many Magic Formation Set gathers, is actually hundred overlay. Hundred superimpose that is 4th level Magician symbolic 4th level Magician, in machine here is small Expert, if makes the machine here person know, Zhao Hai when has not graduated from the school, can use hundred to superimpose unexpectedly, certainly surprisedly will die. However Zhao Hai wants to make Analyzer analyze many Magic Formation overlay combination in the use, is impossible, because Analyzer has 1st level now, can only analyze hundred to superimpose this one layer time. Zhao Hai also accessed the net to look up, his present hundred overlay in machine here are the one type of great result, caused small Fireball of Fire element method, this was one type of most common Fire element attack Magic, can the merit strike the strength very weakly, even if Zhao Hai has been the level capital of present, 1 divination Fireball attack strength was also not very big, even if were in explodes the Might words, just idea in an anti-tank grenade. However passes through hundred to superimpose later small Fireball attack, Might actually equivalent to light missile that every strikes Might, one killed several hundred people not to be a problem. The issue is how present Zhao Hai is don’t know can let Analyzer Level Up, only then let Analyzer Level Up, his strength has further been promoted.

However Zhao Hai extremely in worrying, he present a point, by his present spiritual force, uses hundred overlay combinations to be just right, if this standard, his spiritual force will have felt that was very strenuous. Does not have extremely in worrying to find the way in present Zhao Hai to promote Analyzer level, now is Analyzer analyzes many Magic Formation overlay combination, he did not use. although Zhao Hai[ body] in Stellar Secret Art is promoting every time, but also being insufficient makes him use many Magic to superimpose the combination. Naturally Zhao Hai so will not be idle, these days he besides in condense Magic Formation, releases beyond the combinations of these Magic Formation ripe, but also has done another matter, ripe releases the machine here Warrior forms of combat. In machine here, Warrior other forms of combat very simple, they, so long as increases itself[ body] in energy has been OK, then the school will match corresponding weapon to them, but these weapon and Lower Realm Warrior completely different, these weapon after the machine here careful manufacture, inside inscribe many sets of Magic Formation, but these Magic Formation functions have one, Warrior[ body] in energy concentrates shoot out. For example Warrior , he if with Lower Realm weapon, most can on appears sword's glow by own sword, making the sword sharp, but machine here Warrior, can actually leave together Sword Qi, the long-distance range can injure to the person. Moreover this Sword Qi, in Magic Formation blessing/additional support after sword, is stronger than user's attack strength, but this Sword Qi can shoot out be far, was related with user own strength, the strength is stronger, shoot out Sword Qi is also farther, heard that in machine here, has a legend, before Sword Saint, a sword wielded, Sword Qi may able to move unhindered ten thousand li (0.5km) strike to kill the enemy fully. although this legend looks like probably is fake, but Zhao Hai actually does not dare to treat it lightly, he has suited Magic Formation of blessing/additional support on weapon to look machine here, moreover analyzes after Analyzer, composes blessing/additional support Magic Formation that hundred Formation Set have become, then carved in own Magic Staff, this was his card in a hand. But Zhao Hai has also conducted the experiment in Space, now he uses the sword that Magic Staff turns into, a sword wields, Sword Qi may be beyond ten thousand meters, this is also the fourth level warrior standard, through the test of Magic Formation and Sword Qi, Zhao Hai was also clear, his present strength, only equivalent to machine here 4th level Expert strength. Machine present here Strongest, strength in 8th level about, but now Zhao Hai only then 4th level strength, but also falls far short. However if makes the machine here person know that Zhao Hai currently has the 4th level strength, certainly being startled extremely, because of Lower Realm Ascenders, generally after one year of training, most can only achieve 2nd level, there are minority can achieve 3rd level, but Zhao Hai currently had the 4th level strength, this caused to vibrate sufficiently.

Zhao Hai in condense that in Space keeps Magic Formation, is familiar Might that Magic Formation Set is gathering, although he can use several hundred Magic Formation overlay to combine now, if wanted in the flash then Magic the overlay combination used, needed the practice of his long time. Was not you can the overlay combination of Magic Formation, was formidable on fighting strength of equal to person, the overlay combination of Magic Formation looked like weapon, moreover different Wu Feng, some like spear|gun, some like shield, so long as after the practice of long time, you can achieve, by oneself, when was most appropriate uses most appropriate Magic Formation, effectively grasped this strength. Full that very now the Zhao Hai everyday program arranges, besides eating meal to sleep, most time to practice the overlay of Magic Formation to organize, meanwhile must practice shooting of Sword Qi. He now present, reason that machine here Sword Qi so will be strong , because first Sword Qi shoots, can an own Divine Sense symbol on Sword Qi, be able to make Sword Qi make a turn. These skills regarding Zhao Hai, are fresh thing, he must digest to be good well, because of Zhao Hai very clear, after these thing, is he in the basis that machine this must settle down and get on with life. Laura their although looks like daily probably is bored is accessing the net, but Zhao Hai actually knows that Laura they are checking the material, Zha Jizhen the here material, checks the Cultivation World there material, they also, if lets the Undead Creature Level Up material. The machine here although many secret departments, their materials are keep secret, these materials that but manifestation comes out, enough Zhao Hai they have used, can allow them to understand many thing. With the law of demon, law of the demon is called Magic, Magic Formation, Alchemy Technique, waits for the course set, that absolutely is not spatial xué comes the wind, Alchemy Technique uses to be very big in doing that in the law of demon plays. In machine here, Warrior has own weapon, Magic Formation also has, Lower Realm Magic Staff, Magic Potion, regarding machine here Magician useless, but machine here Magician also has own weapon, first is Magic Staff, the machine here Magic method is different from Lower Realm Magic Formation, here Magician is carries on to hold to spiritual force of person, meanwhile the ear by with according to your spiritual force, engraves the corresponding quantity Magic Formation Set to gather in Magic Staff. a.