Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1095
In Magic Staff engraves Magic Formation Set to gather, omitted Void Condensing Formation this point to cut on equal to, can make Magic Formation in project to pass through Magic Formation blessing/additional support Magic instantaneously, sharpened the Magician combat capability. Magic Formation that however on this Magic Staff carves the more better, spiritual force when Magic Formation are more, starts Magic Formation needs to be bigger, therefore Magician must with according to own strength, carve formation toward Magic Staff on, if carves were too many, you cannot start, that Magic Staff in the hand of person, had been inferior that burns the fire rake to be of use. This is also Magic Staff portrays difference between Magic Formation and Void Condensing Formation, Magic Formation scoring Magic Formation, needs spiritual force to start, but Void Condensing Formation actually does not use, Magic Formation that because Void Condensing Formation Magic Formation spiritual force condenses, naturally did not need to use spiritual force to start. Besides Magic Staff, is Magic Potion, in machine here, the Magic Potion use must be much more than in Lower Realm there, in Lower Realm there, Magic Potion generally or enhances cultivation level for wound treatment, but in machine here, most popular Magic Potion, only then one type of, can restore spiritual force Magic Potion quickly. Magician in the fight, spiritual force dries up is very normal matter, one, but Magic Formation spiritual force dried up was unable to kill the enemy, that Magician on very dangerous. But in machine here, having one type of can restore Magic magnificent spiritual force Potion quickly, this greatly enhanced the Magician fight time, making Magician many several qualifications of maintaining life. Regarding person who works earnestly, three days of quick on past, these three days of Zhao Hai except for everyday must eat meal appears in the room, received beside meal that sends by the robot, other time practice and rest in Space, therefore he felt the time passes fast. Third day Zhao Hai leaves principle, in in the room, he had feared that Maggie looks for him, therefore he comes out from Space long time ago, although comes out from Space, but Zhao Hai still has not actually stopped condense Magic Formation, now his condense Magic Formation was getting quicker and quicker. If a day condense Magic Formation not to stop, can condense leave more than 10,000 Magic Formation fully. Zhao Hai sat in condense that on netg kept Magic Formation, don’t know how long, heard two slight knocks, Zhao Hai has gotten down netg to open the door, looked at Maggie. Maggie look at Zhao Hai said : walks, went the hall with me, immediately must go to the place.” Zhao Hai nodded, follows to walk toward the hall in Maggie, this Spaceship hall is the command(er) hall, at this time normally was not allowed to enter casually, naturally, Zhao Hai also and don’t know these, because these three days his simply has not left the room, but each corner on Spaceship he can monitor, he also present, the Maggie status is not probably simple, this Spaceship Commander to Maggie very respectful. But looks like in Maggie, Zhao Hai is also a talent, his not only very intelligent, moreover he can also be able to endure lonely, entire three days, Zhao Hai does not have leave room one step, this is Maggie favors the Zhao Hai place. It looks like in Maggie, the average person arrived first time to such battleship, that will not certainly be able to bear has a look in all directions, but Zhao Hai does not have, he probably is complete does not have the curiosity, has stayed in own in the room, no matter he is the practice is also good, he is accessing the net to check the material to be also good, such strength in meditation sufficiently made Maggie hold in high esteem to him.

They arrived at the Spaceship command(er) hall quickly, this command(er) hall is not very big, about hundred square meters, inside sits several operate staff, every is responsible for an instrument being careful, but they to is a point cannot look at the busy appearance, even in hand of everyone is also taking a teacup, often drinking, relaxed chat. In the middle of hall, is putting one table of chairs, sits a person in there, this person looks like over 40 years old is, a neat appearance, in hand is also taking a teacup, but on his front table, is playing Spaceship outside picture now, planet is getting bigger and bigger in the picture, this planet is safe, if the star, this person is Spaceship Commander. Visited them to come, that Commander immediately/on horseback has stood, to Maggie gave a salute said : Maggie teacher.” Maggie nodded, referred to Zhao Hai said :this is Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai, this was Spaceship Commander, Krick. Zhao Hai to Krick gave a salute, Krick also very polite has returned salute, but other people on Spaceship, actually in curious is sizing up Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not cared, in these people, only then he puts on Magic Robe with Maggie, Maggie is academy teacher, the here person should know him, therefore does not have quite strangely what, but his here person should not see, good Qi Yi some also to understand. Maggie arrives at chair there that Commander lives, on the look at table that getting closer and closer planet, this planet calmly seems is actually black yellow two , Zhao Hai knows, yellow partially is land on black ball, black partially is ocean on black ball, this planet strangeest place in here, the sea water on planet is not blue , but is black , but on their land is also earth yellow , on this earth yellow land, only then some fragmentary plants . Moreover the water on this planet cannot. Drinks, must say really that this is not one suits the population housing planet. But reason that humanity must open him , because has the ore that humanity needs on this planet, Mithril! This Mithril is not quite same as Lower Realm Mithril, Lower Realm Mithril is the one type of demon material, Magician does not need to use certainly, but in machine here Mithril, is actually another one type of thing, Magician not only can use, but also cannot leave him. Machine here Mithril is one type of more leads to be able the material, no matter Magic or Battle Qi, or strength/Origin Qi, can carry on very good conduction, no matter uses Magic Staff, manufactures Warrior weapon, cannot leave this Mithril. Most from the beginning here in safe, if star here, only then some miners, they live in the mine tunnel, little to ground coming up activity, only for in safe, if on-board, has plenty formidable wild beast, these wild beast fighting strength are very strong, can in safe, if on-board survives, these wild beast strengths are obviously ordinary, is adding on safe, if star here, no matter the water or plants are poisonous, but these barbaric has eaten these thing to grow up, is the belt is naturally poisonous, so long as their claw cut the skin of person, on can the life of important person. Afterward machine major influence hua the big strength came transform here, established some permanent dwelling places, in these dwelling places, there is clear water Manufacturing Machine, had food Manufacturing Machine, although housing was still the mine tunnel, however has actually formed the one type of unique mine tunnel city in there, there had most people are a miner, they and their family members lived in here, took mining as industry.

Now if safe star here besides is the traditional mining industry, but also has set up the unique tourism, can make in the people mine tunnel explore, can let rest in having especially the mine tunnel hotel, but can also make the people go to outdoor to kill safe, if on -board poisonous beast seeks pleasure. If safe the star does not turn over to any big influence now, although wants to swallow safe in these big influences, if star, because actually three keep in balance, nobody can succeed, finally their rope xing lets safe, if star here independent, here does not turn over to their any tube, three big influences open the ore to receive to suffice the labor department in here, safe the ore that if on -board person, mines with them received exchange for thing and a machine that coin they need, although in safe, if star here works is very laborious, however makes actually many, does for several years in here, can definitely look. Environment good planet, when a wealthy man. If safe star here these mine tunnel city although very safe, region that but the worker mines is actually not that safe, if the underground safe the poisonous beast, Malicious Ghost, can want life of worker, because here Spiritual Qi is thin . Moreover the underground poisonous beast and Malicious Ghost are also not many, if in here year to year stations the massive armies, is really not cost-effective, therefore here slowly became various Ascend Academy fixed-point smelting trial fields. These materials are not Zhao Hai look up, but is Laura they looks up, then gives Zhao Hai to look that Zhao Hai does not have to care, this nice Spiritual Qi thin place, is impossible appears too strong Magic Beast, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried. Spaceship seems like slow, sometimes fast is approaching safe, if star, to approaching safe, if the atmosphere of star is thick, Spaceship true slow, bit by bit sailed to safe, if in star. Enters to safe, if in star Zhao Hai has tarried, if this safe on-board were really too bleak, can see the rock everywhere, these rocks were yellow , was long some weeds from the slit of rock and small tree, that grass and tree were also yellow , within many greatly with Stone face . Often can see that wild beast of some odd-shape strange attires are upon the jump on the ground, or is fighting for food, cannot see a human civilization shadow. At this time Spaceship drove crater there, this crater very enormous, can be about the kilometer directly fully, dark, one shortly low. Spaceship sailed to the crater slowly, was slower, about ten minutes, Zhao Hai present, under has the light to transmit, at this time staff member turned the head to Krick said : captain, had the signal, requested hold a conversation.” Krick nodded said :to receive. staff member has complied with one, then on desktop/tabletop appears an image of person, this person has looked like over 30 years old, appearance very refined, bows said : to welcome the Ascend Academy friend to go to safe to Krick, if star, I am safe, if the stationmaster in star Spaceship bus stop, please under the direction of command(er) lamp, stop Spaceship to No. 5 ship's position, thanks the cooperation.” Krick gave a salute said : is, stationmaster mister.” Vision fading, then light appears in ground a change, started to project the different signals, directing Spaceship to descend. Waited for Spaceship steady stopping to the ship's position in time, Maggie led Zhao Hai to walk outward, staff on Spaceship has not actually disembarked, they must process some Spaceship, then can disembark rest well, but Maggie and some Zhao Hai people will actually arrange.

Maggie was leading Zhao Hai from Spaceship, outside some people were waiting for them, this person looked like old, and beard hua was white, but those who surprised people was, he also put on Magic Robe. Looked that Maggie and Zhao Hai walked, old person welcomed hastily, bows said : to welcome Teacher Maggie to Maggie, please come with me.” Maggie bowed said :Xin Mister Pu politely to end three people to walk toward a nearby wedding car on to old person, this speeding car was very big, altogether four rows of seats, Maggie and Xin Pu sat in the second row, Zhao Hai sits in the third row. On this vehicle can also provide the tea to person, after boarding, after Xin Pu gave Maggie and a Zhao Hai person but actually one cup of tea, this open the mouth and said: Goes to the academy reception desk.” Zhao Hai knows that these words were on computer to speeding car said that, his these words fell, the speeding car automatically started. At this time Xin Pucai turned the head to Maggie said : Teacher Maggie, this time must trouble you, this was your time brings the student of smelting trial?” Maggie has put by the drinking glass the chair, specifically is used to put the place of drinking glass, nodded said : „, this time attended the smelting trial has a Zhao Hai person, besides our academy, who?” Xin Pu whispered: Besides your Ascend Academy, Adam Ascend Academy and wilderness Ascend Academy, this time their academy altogether came ten people, Adam Ascend Academy six people, wilderness Ascend Academy four people.” One hear of these two academy names, the brow of Maggie cannot help but wrinkled, but she has not said anything, but nodded, at this time the speeding car stopped, this is one mine tunnel group of the person ten layers mine tunnel comprised, is also similar to outside ten layers building, but is here comprised of the mine tunnel. Besides a difference, in cave entrance that it passes through thinks of the glass, looks like the window is the same, encircled one about thousand square meters Space in access outside with Stone, inside was stopping several speeding cars. Zhao Hai from the vehicle, could not bear size up around, around this also was really very lively, since this is one looks at the greatly incomparable mine tunnel, the best pupil will have more than 200 meters next life, in mine tunnel most went against, several incomparably huge Magic Formation, gentle white light, other Space besides some columns, were being occupied by the each and every one mine tunnel, these mine tunnel was lives in the place of person, the speeding car flies round in here, on the street also had some motions in taking a walk, had in front of the door of some stores to glitter the neon light, very beautiful. If here is not a mine tunnel, does not have what difference with outside city, because just here is a mine tunnel, the people live is not the building that builds, but is the mine tunnel that each and every one digs, therefore looks like has turns the flavor. Zhao Hai looked at one, walks with the academy reception that in Maggie and Xin Puwang they are, enters to this academy meets in everywhere, Zhao Hai cannot help but slightly has gawked, because here unexpectedly interior decoration very attractive, passing through the gate is a hall, hall inside has counter, near the emperor also has the rest place, on is spreading the floor, on the wall also the placard the wallpaper, very beautiful. a.