Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1096
In cavern unexpectedly such attractive, this somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai , if not see outside situation, he also thinks one were to that hotel. Xin Pudai Zhao Hai and Maggie arrived at counter there, counter behind is standing is not a person, but is a robot, Xin Pu giving room Minca of Ascend Academy preparation brings to that robot said :.” The robot has complied with one, put out two Zhang Menka to give Xin Pu, Xin Pu looked at these two Minca, handed over to give Maggie said : Maggie teacher, this was gives you academy preparation the room, you tidied up first.” Maggie received Minca, polite nod said : good, Chea Sim Mister Pu.” Said that leads Zhao Hai to walk toward elevator. They just arrived at elevator there, elevator door opened, goes out of seven people from the elevator, these seven people put on Magic Robe, has always has few, the one who walks in the forefront is a middle-aged person, this middle-aged person very thin, is having the Old Mouse same small beard, looks like very irritable. He puts on golden yellow color Magic Robe looks like magnificent, saw that this person of Magic Robe Zhao Hai stares, because this person unexpectedly is very rare Metal element Magician. Metal element Magic does not have in Lower Realm generally, only then locally born machine will have the talent to study Metal element Magic, moreover Metal element Magic also will be recognition hardest to deal with Magic, will be harder to deal with than Magic of several other departments. Naturally, this did not mean that Magic of several other departments on can't compare with Metal element Magic, this mainly looks to come in handy the Magic person, even if you a peerless good sword, gives an idiot, is impossible to wield his Might to come, Magic is also same, because just Metal element Magician is rarer than Magician of several other departments, is adding on Metal element Magic the ability of attack and defense is very strong, therefore is considered as hardest to deal with Magic. But these days Zhao Hai also crammed ferociously has gotten off an aircraft the here Metal element Magic knowledge, what made his disappointed was, machine here Metal element Magic did not have anything actually specially, just like other Magic, but was the Metal element body qualitative person is rare, therefore this Magic very scarce. Actually can also study Metal element Magic in Lower Realm, so long as you are the Metal element Magic physique, and learn how practice Metal element Magic was OK.

Person who in some Lower Realm also Metal element physique to going against heaven's will, such person although not practice method, because of their Metal element physique extremely in formidable, therefore they also slowly control the [gold/metal] on learn, but such person is called Divergent Warlock in Ark Continent there, but was a pity that Lower Realm does not have Metal element Magic practice method, otherwise machine here Metal element Magician will be certainly more. In this Metal element Magician, with six Magician, these six Magician ages varies, the biggest head hua was white, smallest also nearly 30 years old, but the expressions on these Magician faces are also various, these hua white Magician, on their faces a gloominess, lost the interest to be the same to all probably, such expression looks like Dins their initially expression is the same. But these young Magician are actually an arrogant institute of face, Frey who that expression Zhao Hai runs into, the expression is the same, looked that their expression Zhao Hai know what matter they have come across, not only it seems like that this matter has in Ascend Academy here, other academy are also same. However Zhao Hai has not made noise, meaning that also does not want to contact with these people, he is not the sage, if for does not train own influence in academy, Zhao Hai Dins they will not manage. In this kind of person of completely strange environment, the person going tube others' other people's business easily is the behavior of one type of very non- wisdom, that will not bring any advantage to you, will only let you in the danger. Zhao Hai had not planned that contacts with the opposite party, has not actually thought that the opposite party just an elevator stopped, that thin and small Magician that then leads, two eyes bright look at Maggie and he, in that look clearly harbors evil intentions. The heart of Zhao Hai cannot help but sinks, before Xin Pu to Maggie said another two academy names time, Zhao Hai presently Maggie face color changed, now looks at that thin and small Magician expression, Zhao Hai knows that these time feared was bumps into right. That thin and small Metal element Magician look at Maggie, suddenly smiles said : Maggie, has not thought really that your Magic academy will send unexpectedly also for the smelting trial, most will make the person unexpectedly also coming out smelting trial of turtle like your this types, rare, was too rare.” Maggie looked at that person of one, cold sound said :Jin Chang Ji, your mouth is that smelly, does what? also want to make me teach your inadequate?,

Jin Chang Ji obviously is to Maggie dreading, he somewhat fears intent looked at Maggie one, then coldly snorted said :Maggie, where do not forget this are, here is not your Ascend Academy, if you dare to begin in here, feared that does not need me to begin, some people tidied up you, what? your School went back really more and more, these time unexpectedly only then a person the smelting trial, was really disgraced that., Maggie coldly snorted, has not been managing him, turn around entered the elevator, Zhao Hai has not made noise, entered the elevator with Maggie, Jin Chang Ji looked at Maggie to pay no attention to him, invited scorn, coldly snorted, having led that several Magician to walk outward. Simpson ancient Ascend Academy arrangement room in eight buildings, altogether two rooms, after Maggie returned to own room to settle down one next, arrived at the Zhao Hai room. After Zhao Hai invited Maggie sat down, to Maggie but actually one cup of tea, this sat the Maggie opposite, he knows that Maggie asked him certainly to have the words to say, he was waiting. Really, Maggie looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : you should also just hear Xin Pu saying that this smelting trial besides our Ascend Academy, Adam Ascend Academy and wilderness Ascend Academy, wilderness Ascend Academy, by Warrior give priority to Ascend Academy, they and we did not have any conflicts of interest, in wilderness Ascend Academy back north wild family with our back Ashley Family also some friendship, therefore did not need to be worried about them.” Zhao Hai nodded, now he is not quite clear regarding machine here relationship some among major influences, in the although surfer can look up, however online these thing, actually cannot all believe that in adding on major influences true relationship, and may not let put online said. Maggie then said : „, but these Adam Ascend Academy you must pay attention, what behind Adam Ascend Academy is standing is Adam Clan, this Adam Clan has a grudge with our Ashley Clan, therefore since our two clans Ascend Academy did not cope very much, no matter in that Clan Ascend Academy appears any extraordinary talent, so long as determined that entered opposite party Clan, another Clan will think means exterminate to fall, but that Golden Crystal Ji little has not done this matter, this time I am leading you smelting trial, Jinchang Ji will guess correctly you certainly already at the same time join to Ashley Clan, therefore he can. Copes with you, this smelting trial they have gotten down six people, but you actually only then a person, to smelting trial time, they will certainly begin to you, you must be careful that is good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : "Yes, to invite teacher feel relieved. ” Maggie sighed said : not to want such already to let the person coming out smelting trial, but the strength of person in has been this level, in letting you studied these foundations thing not to use, although our Bones Symbol Camp will not adopt the elimination series, but in academy this test actually could not avoid, you only then ting the test of this several times, has been able true join to arrive at Bones Symbol Camp, in test, most dangerous slightly was not these Malicious Ghost or Monster Beast that must you hunt and kill, but was with the person who your together attended the smelting trial, when perhaps they can your make a move, therefore at smelting trial. In the process, do not believe anybody easily, when necessary, you can begin to kill people first, understand?” Zhao Hai nodded said : "Yes, my understand. ” Maggie nodded, calm said : rest well one, tomorrow in the morning Xin Pu content detailed of this smelting trial told you, must go to the time of smelting trial, you should better also make some preparations, was right, you can have a look to outside, can buy some you to think in here thing that needed, your ID Card money, can use in here.” Zhao Hai nodded, Maggie turn around leave, Maggie leave, Zhao Hai immediately has put out anti- monitor, looked at in the room to have the supervisory equipment, let alone, he also real in the room present supervisory equipment, when this supervisory equipment was supervised places here probably, already did not install likely, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat curious. However he these supervisory equipment removing, then well has then sized up this room, this room is not very big, altogether has two rooms, a living room, a small liquor shop, a bathroom.

Zhao Hai knows that Maggie in next door, he presently the here room sound-insulated effect is not very good, therefore he does not dare to make Laura they come out, but was a person returned to in the bedroom, then kept off the window curtains of bedroom, then the flashes body entered in Space. After returned to in Space, Zhao Hai immediately started the practice, he this time smelting trial he imagines is presently more dangerous, therefore he must as soon as possible is familiar with own strength, can wield 0% percentage strengths by oneself in the fight. condense Magic Formation, is experimenting Magic Formation Set to gather, must try Sword Qi, Zhao Hai may increase workload now. Laura their although grieved Zhao Hai, but has not actually prevented Zhao Hai, they know that Zhao Hai now is laborious, later he in machine here is better, live will be more comfortable. They diligently help Zhao Hai handle some of their matters in one's power, striving make Zhao Hai eat well, the rest is best, enabling Zhao Hai momentarily to maintain at the optimum condition. After having practiced for several hours, Zhao Hai has rested, tomorrow must understand that this time smelting trial content, Zhao Hai will not perhaps have made itself too tired at this time, such words will affect the tomorrow condition