Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1097
.......................................................................................... academy reception desk here is also similar to a commercial hotel, here besides can be occupied by the person, gives the person to practice Martial Skill and Magic place specially, several conference rooms. This conference room is not the average person imagines that round table same conference room, but conference room like classroom, standing like teacher in forefront, but other human form academy one sits below. Now Xin Pu stands in forefront, Zhao Hai they sits in the bottommost, besides Zhao Hai and Maggie, Golden Crystal Ji also led the Adam Ascend Academy person to come, besides their one group of seven people, one group of five people, these five people makes the Warrior appearance, was the wilderness Ascend Academy person. Just as is such that Maggie said that this wilderness Ascend Academy person, to them is very polite, just entered the conference room time, the wilderness Ascend Academy leading a group teacher also with Maggie polite greeting, chatted a few words. After waiting for several people to sit down, Xin Pucai has referred to behind him that wall, on that wall immediately appears stretch a map, in this stretch a map is the dense and numerous ores said that looks at head dizzy eye hua. However fortunately, in this dense like spider web same ore mileage, has the green line to go through together, but has a very big mine tunnel in ore, in that mine tunnel, actually demonstrates with a luminous spot of red . Died look at map to refer to that red line said : we of here demonstration if extremely the old ore of star No. 9 mining area said. Before this old ore, on appears Malicious Ghost, therefore we will send often for examining, so long as there in appears Malicious Ghost, immediately must inform various academy, making various academy send for eliminating him.” Speaks of mine tunnel said : that here Xin Puzhi that red point institute is at this mine tunnel here is Malicious Ghost and varies the life form frequently appears place, our also don’t know there what's the matter, always knows some there frequent meeting appears severe Huan and other Undead Creature, sometimes also meets some appears variation Magic Beast, this there appears is five Malicious Ghost also has no less than 100 Undead Creature, other thing did not have presently unable to remove has other's danger.” Maggie wrinkled brow said : gently Xin Mister Pu, are you how long go to that mine tunnel to look one time? Why there certain appears these many Malicious Ghost?” Xin Pu immediately/on horseback said : we are every other one month go to there to look one time, these Malicious Ghost not necessarily all are the there production, some Malicious Ghost in then runs up to there that other mine tunnels produce to go, that mine tunnel is very big, moreover Dark Energy very thick, unusual suits the Undead Creature survival, I want possibly to be for this reason, therefore there can frequently appears Malicious Ghost.”

Did Maggie nod said : that this time smelting trial to want the team to move?” Xin Pu shook the head said : this not to turn over to the old man to manage, must think the meanings of your academy, if the names want at the team smelting trial to be able the team smelting trial, if you do not think the team smelting trial, can go to the smelting trial alone.” Does Maggie frown said : these Malicious Ghost not in that mine tunnel? The team smelting trial did not fear that is not sudden?” Xin Pu forced smile said : Teacher Maggie I thinks that you misunderstood area of that mine tunnel is very big, did not compare a mine tunnel city to be small, moreover there originally wants to be used to complete a mine tunnel city, therefore there small mine tunnel extremely numerous, some small mine tunnels may be connected with other mine tunnels, it can be said that extended in all directions, just like maze, you went to the smelting trial to find these Malicious Ghost first, if formed a team, possible that found will reduce, but safe, the smelting trial found the possibility of Malicious Ghost to not necessarily be also high alone how many, but can actually danger.” One hear of Xin Pu said that Maggie their understand Xin Pu meaning, no matter Xin Pu or Maggie they ten clarity, entered that mine tunnel, your enemy not only these Malicious Ghost, other smelting trial, therefore dangerous xing big increase. At this time Golden Crystal Ji coldly snorted said :some people, saw the person on one's own side to be only helpless, wants taking advantage of others, when had that good matter through this smelting trial that our Adam Ascend Academy had six people to compose a small team going in smelting trial, base its person do not want to come. In Maggie eye anger flashes, but she has not done at the scene, just she asked that has saved the meaning of forming a team, the forming a team smelting trial is different from the independent smelting trial, the forming a team smelting trial cannot the optional attack teammate, how the Maggie don’t know Zhao Hai present strength, want to come in her, the Zhao Hai strength are most is also 1st level Magician degree, can in such a short time put forth five overlay is very great result, such strength enters to the mine tunnel , if not form a team, that on too danger. Now Golden Crystal Ji said that she wants to form a team not to be impossible, she cannot help but sighed, Zhao Hai was Bones Symbol Camp for these years a present innate skill best talent, she really did not think Zhao Hai because of this, but the day folded. Maggie sighed darkly, she has a mind not to make Zhao Hai attend this time smelting trial now, but this was actually impossible, among various academy this smelting trial one, but participated cannot withdraw, that feared that admitted defeat on own initiative is impossible. Maggie darkly is also blaming to work insufficiently thoughtfully, has not investigated beforehand these time comes the smelting trial has that academy, has not thought that happen to have run into Adam academy this enemy, this Zhao Hai feared that was more unfortunate than fortunate.

However the matter unfolded this situation, could not allow her to flinch, Maggie was only coldly snorted one, has stood, arrived at wilderness Ascend Academy there, led a group teacher said : to wilderness Ascend Academy that list mister hello, don’t know our two institutes formed a alliance squad, did you look at what do you think?” Wilderness Ascend Academy teacher one hear of Maggie said that cannot help but has gawked, then he cannot help but looked at one Jin Chang Ji one eyes, if in normally, he also complied, after all these time along with is Warrior that he comes, Warrior and Magician concerted action, will wield even bigger Might. However these time has Adam academy in there horizontally, Adam academy these time came six people, but their academy adds also five people, moreover Adam academy and academy has a grudge, if they with academy alliance, that will possibly bring in Adam academy attack, that school their students, dangerous xing big increase, therefore his some hesitant. Appearance that Maggie looks at the single-character surname teacher, 1 heart cannot help but sinks, what her immediately understand the single-character surname teacher has thought is anything, Maggie could not have hated him, she nodded said : list teacher awkwardly.” Said that turn around walked, has caused a Jin Chang Ji's ridicule. Zhao Hai looked at Jin Chang Ji one eyes, turns the head to Maggie whispered: „ Teacher, if died too many people in that mine tunnel, can have the trouble?,... Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares, she turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, presently a smile of Zhao Hai face, could not look had any change, Maggie at heart cannot help but one cold. Zhao Hai just saying that words Maggie knows that Zhao Hai moved killing intent, but Zhao Hai point killing intent does not have 1 u to come out now, probably is among the friends is chatting to be the same, such performance fully showed that Zhao Hai in Lower Realm certainly is a kill people like scything flax fellow. Kills people this thing, does not kill people are more, killing aura is heavier, if you have killed a person, the body will have killing aura, if you have killed 100 individuals, killing aura will be very heavy, The average people see you by killing aura the fear, fearful and apprehensive, but if you have killed 10,000 individuals, how hideaway your killing aura you can learn, even if you in the murder, still will not have point killing aura by oneself on. It can be said that a person such as can very good hideaway own killing aura, he absolutely be able to be called tired is a character of butcher rank, moreover is ten thousand people of slaughters!

although Maggie has seen ruthless corner/horn that comes up from Lower Realm ascend much, these people are also kill people like scything flax corner/horn , but they are far from achieving ten thousand people of slaughters the ranks, therefore they were impossible to hide their killing aura, Maggie has seen only one by one stature person slaughter, in the member of Ashley Clan core, he went to the 6 Realms battlefield the smelting trial many years, person who came back, strength extremely powerful, even if were this, he in losing one's temper, obviously 1 u own silk killing aura, will be impossible likely Zhao Hai, gave to hide own killing aura completely., Nothing more than 1 u. This represents the person who Zhao Hai is killing not only 10,000! This digital was too scary, a person has killed ten thousand people, what concept is that? The average people feared that already turned into bloodthirsty Lunatic, but Zhao Hai actually like is the normal person life, his normally gives feeling even also sunlight of person, such person may really be was too scary, completely is a character of abnormal rank. Zhao Hai has not thought that he spoke thoughtlessly to ask a few words that made Maggie delimit him unexpectedly... For anomaly , he if knows that Maggie had such idea, don’t know he can also ask those words. Maggie intention phonograph, but in a soft voice said : „, you will not have killed these people, will not have any trouble.” Zhao Hai nodded does not make noise. At this time Xin Pu also sympathy looked at Maggie one, turned the head to look at people said : to go to this mine tunnel, several lines, everybody was prepares together to go, separated?” Maggie although knows that the Zhao Hai murder are many, but to his strength not too feel relieved, she first open the mouth and said: We walk alone.” Xin Pu nodded, looked at Adam academy and wilderness academy, two academy also chose walked alone. Xin Pu nodded said : well, that please three prepare, please three take some things to eat, I to three will arrange three self-propelled cars, the car(riage) to deliver you, wait for you have completed the smelting trial, can go by car, our here although cannot see that under lived anything, but there went to the scout person to arrange an alarm, so long as you except these Malicious Ghost and Undead Creature, the alarm will stop, we will inform your smelting trial to end everybody to have three hours of setup time, after three hours, asking returned to here to come, I. Delivers everybody to get down.” a.