Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1098
, ........................................................................... Sitting of Zhao Hai person calm in the speeding car, this car(riage) after modified, outside armor passed through thickening, but in the car(riage) to does not have the too big change, the chair in this car(riage) can set level, the person can lie down in inside rests, in the car(riage) can also provide the tea the machine, letting the person can in the car(riage) on drinking to the tea. Zhao Hai sits in the speeding car drinking tea of calm, his spiritual force in manifestation, outside look at all, this spiritual force manifestation is actually regarding the method that the eye uses, he very ripe released in Underworld there, therefore does not have is not familiar with. He does not have the release flying needle, because he and don’t know this time smelting trial do have person of look at, if has Expert look at, his flying needle release went to be possible on expose, in this kind of strange environment, can keep some cards in a hand, was stronger than anything. Speeding car very fast, very flexible, but is this, also non-stop flew for three hours, this enters that ore that Xin Pu said to say. Enters to that ore said that the brow of Zhao Hai cannot help but jumps, because is containing massive Dark Energy in that ore mileage, this Dark Energy very strong, although can't compare with Underworld there, however on Spiritual Qi so thin planet, appears such Dark Energy actually truly is somewhat strange. The speeding car in advancing, still has not been reducing speed, but the lamp on speeding car, the illumination nose leaves getting closer and closer probably, Zhao Hai knows that this was not lamp real energy of speeding car was insufficient, because Dark Energy of this ore mileage was too strong, affected the ray illumination distance. The Zhao Hai static feeling this Dark Energy, was quick he presently Dark Energy and Underworld of there this ore mileage Dark Energy has any was different, Underworld there Dark Energy, was only Dark Energy, that was only energy one type of, but Dark Energy of this ore mileage was actually not that a matter, Dark Energy of this ore mileage, actually included the one type of wild aura, Magic Beast that looked like gotten angry was the same. The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, his very clear, in Dark Energy includes such aura, Darkness life form that was trained by this aura, they certainly are militantly become the xing fellows, no wonder here meets appears Malicious Ghost, originally because of this. However must say that copes with other thing, Zhao Hai also somewhat was possibly worried, but regarding Darkness life form, he was not worried, Darkness life form that he contacts were too many, was too familiar with this thing, although here Dark Energy has different, has not actually affected Zhao Hai. Also nearly one hour, the speeding car had stopped, Zhao Hai sweeps with spiritual force, they arrived at very big Space now, here is a incomparably huge mine tunnel, is not smaller than that mine tunnel city that Zhao Hai they come. Zhao Hai has not stayed, from speeding car, fluttered toward the mine tunnel, his spiritual force simultaneously secret very manifestation, he wants to have a look at this mine tunnel in a big way. By Zhao Hai spiritual force, achieves this point is not the difficult matter, his spiritual force when Underworld there, obtained full opening, can put beyond ten thousand li (0.5km), at that time his Eddie woods to putting together spiritual force time, the spiritual force manifestation distance is not short. This is also Underworld there all Darkness life form characteristics, spiritual force special, because in Underworld there, you cannot see any thing, therefore you must frequently own spiritual force manifestation, regards the eye to use, as the matter stands regarding exercising spiritual force of person is very important. Zhao Hai stayed that long time in Underworld there, in adding on his spiritual force on very formidable, after the exercise of Underworld, his spiritual force formidable.

Now if general Magician with Zhao Hai compared with spiritual force, can defeat leeward, Zhao Hai present spiritual force level, but has reached the machine here 4th level Magician level, small Expert. Quick Zhao Hai spiritual force has covered the entire mine tunnel, this cavern is very big, is not smaller than that mine tunnel city that Zhao Hai comes, in the here every large or small mine tunnel is innumerable, moreover Zhao Hai also presently his another two academy people, they also arrived in the mine tunnel. Zhao Hai has swept these person of one with spiritual force, wilderness Ascend Academy four Warrior, the diameter has put out own weapon, four people of get together, 1 careful advancing, their in hand are also taking a fluorescent lamp. Zhao Hai has not thought they do has anything not to be right, they are Warrior, spiritual force are not after all strong, therefore they such do are the nose often. When Zhao Hai spiritual force has swept Adam Ascend Academy, cannot help but has smiled, Adam Ascend Academy this although came six people, but these six person non- hearts are uneven, six people arrive to guard unexpectedly, to, moreover their in hand actually are also taking the fluorescent lamp. Magician to this Darkness environment , but also is taking the fluorescent lamp, that not to person, when target? All around Warrior spiritual force is not high, not having means to investigate with spiritual force, therefore they are taking the fluorescent lamp, but do not forget, Warrior body formidable, even if some people nearly their bodies, they can also make to respond that instantaneously preys, but Magician actually cannot achieve this point. Magician friendly long-term is away from attack, is adding on their bodies to be too weak, is taking also the fluorescent lamp, studies really with courting death not to have what difference. However fortunately, these Magician are also a little brains, they have arranged several layers Magic protective shield on their body, but their target were as the matter stands more obvious, because of general Magic protective shield can, this under the general environment not only have any issue, however in such pitch dark environment, that light Magic protective shield, without doubt on likely lighthouse same conspicuity. Zhao Hai has not thought the present moves these people, the place that because he now already present these Malicious Ghost and Undead Creature were, besides these Malicious Ghost and Undead Creature, Zhao Hai also present several Monster Beast, they lay in several small mine tunnels. However what makes Zhao Hai somewhat depressed is, place that several Monster Beast and Malicious Ghost are, is very near to the Adam Ascend Academy person, to him is actually a little far. Zhao Hai and don’t know, this is also Maggie asks Xin Pu specially to arrange actually, Maggie and Xin Pu naturally don’t know these Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast in there, but Xin Pu they arranges the route to Zhao Hai time, can actually make some adjustments, Maggie is asks Xin Pu to arrange Zhao Hai to the Adam Ascend Academy far point place, therefore meets appears this situation. Zhao Hai through Space, several moves sideways to go to the place that Malicious Ghost was, but he has not done immediately to go to these Malicious Ghost, he and other opportunity. Zhao Hai plans to consider as finished, Adam Ascend Academy these people are then proceeding, it will not take long will enter to the Malicious Ghost domain, happen to makes these Malicious Ghost fight one fight with them, how has a look at their levels, how also has a look at these Malicious Ghost strengths. If Adam academy these fellows by Malicious Ghost killing, that arrives is avoid he has troubled, he when asked that Maggie those words, moved killing intent to Adam academy these people, although these people same come up from Lower Realm ascend with him, strict does not have what hatred, but Zhao Hai believes that these people when enter to the mine tunnel, Jin Chang Ji was also certain explain/transfer they to cope with itself, Zhao Hai may not be the sage, so long as were his enemy, he must eliminate.

Zhao Hai now is Dark Energy, has dissolved with all around environment as one, even if these Malicious Ghost does not have the means presently he, do not say Adam Ascend Academy these Magician. Zhao Hai this move with the Lich study, Lich has the means energy in own body, changes with Dark Energy, dissolves with Underworld Dark mist as one, in fact their bodies, them have still made the adjustment to oneself energy, Zhao Hai also learn this move, now uses in here is just right. Quick Adam Ascend Academy that several Magician entered a Malicious Ghost domain, Zhao Hai also had just calculated, not only now in this mine tunnel five Malicious Ghost, but was seven, but these seven Malicious Ghost had the respective domain, not too big alliance. When each Malicious Ghost also several Undead Creature under the hand/subordinate, but in these Undead Creature, there is human-shape also has the Monster Beast shape, Zombie appearance. That several Magician enter to that Malicious Ghost domain, that Malicious Ghost immediately present they, his immediately the mine tunnel that hid from oneself fluttered, then left shout ferociously , this cry very incisive, the very difficult hear, has complied with those words , the ghost wailing wolf was howling. Zhao Hai hears this cry, cannot help but lightly wrinkled under the brow, because he presently in this Malicious Ghost cry, actually has Magic attack. This Malicious Ghost although looks like somewhat looks like Lich, does not have the entity, but is uglier than Lich, on their faces looks like fierce incomparable, in two hands is growing the long nail, looks like can carry on the thing unexpectedly in attack, this arrives somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai. But along with this Malicious Ghost called the keenly blowing, his under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature also moved, went toward that several Magician there rub. Besides them, several other Malicious Ghost actually also brought under the hand/subordinate to come toward here, that several Monster Beast that Zhao Hai noted also came. Zhao Hai although does not fear these thing, but he does not want to use the help, how he wants to have a look at Adam Ascend Academy the strengths of these people. Adam Ascend Academy that six Magician naturally also heard this Malicious Ghost cry, several people stopped, collects toward together, leaves has a distance. Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, cannot help but laughs in one's heart, died to being imminent also the mutual suspicion, they are think that undead was also difficult. Zhao Hai thinks that finally the flashes body entered the Space city, these Malicious Ghost regarding Dark Energy were very sensitive, he does not want by these Malicious Ghost present, has kept off the disaster for Adam these people. As soon as he enters Space to see Laura their look at screens, but on the screen appears Malicious Ghost and Adam Ascend Academy that several Magician situation, several females sit in there, an anxiety of face. Zhao Hai knows that they did not worry really Adam academy that several Magician, they regarded a ghost piece to come to see this. Zhao Hai coughed lightly, frightened Laura they one to jump, Zhao Hai looked at their appearances, cannot help but laughed, Laura they looked are Zhao Hai, cannot help but jiao was angry, some little time and several talented people sat, the look at screen, Laura they sat the Zhao Hai side.

Adam Ascend Academy that six person although leave is having a distance, but they can also see the opposite party, at this time old Magician, has held up oneself in hand Magic Staff, gently wields, Magic Formation appears suddenly, then a beam of light from Magic Formation, this bright immediately turned into incomparably huge light ball, one around them in the original kilometer illuminates shines like the daytime. Zhao Hai nodded, this is Light Element Magic, it seems like that this old Magician unexpectedly is Light Element Magician, moreover now he has been able to use law of the demon, was the extraordinary result. His nearby several young Magician look at the old Magician such successive, moved hastily, but they may all not be Light Element Magician, various departments has, they also use the law of understanding demon. Zhao Hai is actually nod of gently, in mine tunnel there, is flooding Dark Energy, only then Light Element energy can restrain Dark Energy, although say of ordinary Magic demon is fierce, puts can restrain Dark Energy Light Element Magic not use, must use is in itself not very ripe department law of the demon, this is not a wise choice. Like Zhao Hai can ascend Magician, they, if uses Lower Realm Magic, is almost Magic of all departments they can use, even if not very skilled, can use Inferior level Magic of other departments, this is not the difficult matter. At this time, knows that own match is Malicious Ghost this Darkness life form, the best choice first does not use the law of oneself not familiar demon, but uses Lower Realm Light Element Magic, such longevity can assure own security. That Malicious Ghost also presently doing of Light Element Magic uses, he has not proceeded, still hides in Darkness, the mouth is actually shout ferociously again and again, this cry besides moving Spiritual Attack, his these under the hand/subordinate proceeds to clash in the life. Malicious Ghost these under the hand/subordinate are also some Undead Creature, they have the one type of inborn fear feeling regarding Light Element Magic, but actually cannot support the urging of Malicious Ghost, rub ahead slowly past. These Undead Creature enter to the Light Element Magic range, body immediately has emitted intermittent black gas, the each and every one pitiful yell again and again, the body actually slowly dissolved. Adam academy that several Magician looked that this situation also relaxed, the direction that in hand Magic direct these Undead Creature come out has attacked, but simply has not actually projected on that only Malicious Ghost, that only Malicious Ghost the diameter fluttered the base its place, just as is one hides Poison Snake in Darkness is the same, tight is staring at that six Magician. At this time several other Malicious Ghost also rub, but the choices of these Malicious Ghost were also formerly similar to that only Malicious Ghost, they are also make their these under the hand/subordinate go to attack these Magician, moreover they actually hid. a.