Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1099
These by the Malicious Ghost control undead although strength are not the noses, but the quantity is actually not 100 that Xin Pu said that but has achieved astonishing about thousand! These Magician although strength water, however under such environment, itself passed through their huge pressures, in adding on these Undead Creature although puts on toward the Light Element Magic range in most from the beginning, however too to be presently big after their lethality in good Magic, these Undead Creature in did not go toward the Light Element Magic range, but sorts together Stone to make an effort to these Magician in the surrounding throws. These low level Zombie, their motion are not quick, defends big that also the is not very strong, however their strength actually became famous, Stone that they throw, the strength is very full. However was good because of these Magician on the cloth one layer has defended Magic to oneself, therefore these stone blocks they could not pose the too big threat, these Magician were not eggs, their immediately shoots Magic to the place that these undead were, these entire Zombie was very slow, simply could not shunt, was adding on the demon master who these Magician shot, passes through Magic Formation blessing/additional support, Might formidable, therefore these more than 1000 Undead Creature before long by these Magician destroying completely. However these Magician although destroy completely these Undead Creature, but regarding this their target, that several Malicious Ghost, was one has not actually injured to result. Not only that several Malicious Ghost have not injured, if these Magician big sound, directed to direct that several Monster Beast, must say that also strange, that several Monster Beast can feel existence of Malicious Ghost probably, but they can actually live in peace together, not mutually attack, but decided target on the body of that several Magician. These Monster Beast are not simple, Zhao Hai when observes them with spiritual force on present, Zhao Hai when observes these Monster Beast with spiritual force, these Monster Beast had responded that this is the Zhao Hai most surprised matter. Zhao Hai spiritual force considers to be very secret, but these Monster Beast and that several severe Shou some slight perceiving, Zhao Hai from this point can affirm that these Monster Beast and Malicious Ghost minimum had close king level strength, such strength, even if in Underworld there were also Expert, their strength although can't compare with these Magician, but must fight, these Magician also really uncertain were their matches. Might although incredibly big of law of demon, spiritual force that but needs is also very big, these Magician, just ascend came up didn't have long time, their in hand is taking Magic Staff, but also is when Magic Staff that Lower Realm uses, is not machine there that Formation Set Magic Staff, therefore these Magician just that attacking strength, had wasted many spiritual force, if these Monster Beast and Malicious Ghost are carrying on attack to them, they feared that was on is very difficult to block. Zhao Hai sits in Space, the static look at screen, these Malicious Ghost and Magic Beast that six Magician sphering, to have prepared attack at any time, but that six Magician do not have presently to be surrounded probably, but also in advancing cautiously. Zhao Hai already presently, the environment in that mine tunnel very much looked like with Underworld there, not only Dark Energy very sufficient, but also has a slight spiritual suppression, making spiritual force of person also certainly be suppressed, but Zhao Hai adapted to this suppression in Underworld there, will be adding on spiritual force to be tyrannical, will therefore not have what influence to him.

Zhao Hai knows, these Magician does not have the date not to be far, that several Malicious Ghost and that tied the feeling of Monster Beast very keenly, now they also feel the strength of these Magician also wars, therefore they had not carried on attack to these Magician, one, but they felt that these Magician cannot constitute to them threatens fatally. They will be impolite. However Zhao Hai does not have a happy expression, expression vanish from sight that sees a play, the performance of these Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast is unusual, they were extremely intelligent, moreover understands alliance to move, this is not general wild Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast can achieve. Naturally this did not mean that these Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast by person control, this possible is very low, said it these cultivator, will not be all right to go to safe, if star planet comes up, if Thailand on-board may not have no thing to be worth these cultivator paying attention, even if this Yin Qi very mine tunnel, its Spiritual Qi is also similar to Underworld there, fell far short compared with Cultivator Continent here other places. Indicated from this all sorts of signs, these Malicious Ghost with Monster Beast not by person control, but they gather in this cavern, what thing is also is protecting to be the same probably, what are they protecting? This cavern here has like Underworld big heart thing, being worth them protecting inadequately? Thinks the brow of here Zhao Hai cannot help but wrinkles was tighter, but Laura they do not have the time to manage Zhao Hai now, their each and every one is staring the Eldest Child look at screen two eyes, they are complete regarded the ghost piece to come to see this fight. Zhao Hai handled gently has wielded, in his front appears flake projection, demonstrated that in this piece of projection what was wilderness academy that four Warrior, sound that four soldiers obviously also present that several Magician and Undead Creature fought. They are catching up toward there. Zhao Hai has not prevented them, he will not prevent, although said that Ashley Clan has some friendship with the northern wild family, but Zhao Hai actually looked, this friendship was not deep, otherwise just Maggie invited them and his together forms a team, they will not agree. In Zhao Hai regarding person delimits... In the minute, is divided into several people, the one type is family member, looks like Laura their this, he can do anything for the family member, but the person who any dares to move his family member, must die! The second person is a friend, this friend on you are Dins their this, Dins they will have difficult time Zhao Hai to help, but will actually not look like to family member that to them, but he will have the matter time, Dins they, if can the words that will help not to help, Dins they also were not the friends.

The third type is a passer-by, this person does not have no relationship with him, he will not go to the lives of tube these people, because of that with his it doesn't matter, he is not the sage. The fourth type is an enemy, was needless saying that all enemies must eliminate! But wilderness academy these people in the Zhao Hai eye are the passers-by, their lives with Zhao Hai it doesn't matter, Zhao Hai will not take the initiative kill them, but they, if will court death Zhao Hai not to prevent them. Has not arrived at the local time that Adam academy these Magician are in wilderness academy these Warrior, these Darkness Magic Beast started to carry on attack to that several Magician, but these Malicious Ghost have not actually moved. However is only these Darkness Magic Beast, these Darkness Magic Beast altogether 12 that suffices these Magician to receive, moreover their strengths, have the Underworld these king level Expert strengths, what most important is, their although is Darkness life form however is not Undead Creature, in other words they[ body] in energy belongs to Darkness, but they are actually genuine living life form general Light Element Magic to their lethality is not very big. In these 12 Darkness life form, ten look like wolf same life form, their lengths is not the wool, but is the scale, looks like fierce incomparable. Remaining two are actually snake-shaped Darkness life form, they all over the body are black , the scale is also black , can definitely dissolve with Darkness as the bodies of one these snakes seems like not sturdy, the normal people can catch in hand them, but actually very long, first choice snake fully about 20 meters. Zhao Hai when Zha Tai when the material of star, had seen the introduction this snake of this snake in safe if the star is very famous, they are the Iron-thread Snake close relative, the known as Poison Dragon iron wire! The Poison Dragon iron wire is safe, if one type of Poison Snake on -board special product, their bodies may hardly compared with the steel and iron, what most important was toxicity very strong, of their body is on their scales was bringing poisonously do not say their poison fangs, if by this snake biting, even if were 4th level Warrior feared that was also anti-. But that several look like Monster Beast wolf, is not that simple their known as poisonous scale wolf, is one type of lives in groups Monster Beast, each one type of group five to about ten grown poisonous scale wolf compositions, their strengths are not very big, but all with poisonous, in the mouth may spout the venom, this type of venom may corrode True Qi and Magic of person, if moistens the human, the person shortly will change into beach black water, very formidable.

Naturally these materials are not Zhao Hai look up, but is Laura they helps him look up, planet that after knowing Zhao Hai goes to is safe, if star, they started to check the material, if safe the star in machine here were very famous, therefore they looked up find out safe, if on-board material, but poisonous scale wolf and Poison Dragon Iron-thread Snake safe, if on-board nose danger Monster Beast. That several were only poisonous scale wolf walked out of the slowly from the shadow, expose under Light Element Magic, the range that old Magician Light Element Magic, shines now has been not as before, obviously his spiritual force consumption rapidness of. Sees these poisonous scale wolves, that several Magician face changes, but their this time eliminates Malicious Ghost, has not actually thought that will meet the poisonous scale wolf, they are not the fools, to safe, if after star here, checked some materials, naturally knows fierce of poisonous scale wolf. Young Magician saw that the poisonous scale wolf can't bear call said : poisonous scale wolf? Will here have this thing? Doesn't have Malicious Ghost?” Nobody replied him, is not quite attractive in Magician face , but at this time, the poisonous scale wolf has looked like them to have attack, only several poisonous scale wolves jumped to get up toward them to attack, but that two Iron-thread Snake, did not have appears under Light Element Magic, but upward crawled following nearby mine tunnel. Zhao Hai looked that attack of these poisonous scale wolves cannot help but wrinkled under the brow, these poisonous scale wolf although strengths are very strong, but won't they fly probably? This has somewhat felt strange, if in Lower Realm, the strength has achieved poisonous scale wolf horizontal Magic Beast, will fly, won't they fly unexpectedly? This is not quite a little normal. When Zhao Hai is thinking these, these poisonous scale already with six Magician buckets together, but the Poison Dragon iron female snakes and that seven Malicious Ghost actually like are the ambush Assassin of hidden place, is preparing at any time fatally to that six Magician three strike! a.