Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1100
.......................................................................................... Shout! A poisonous scale wolf throws toward Magician, this poisonous scale wolf although will not fly, however jumps actually very high, this jumped was jumping hundred meters high unexpectedly, that Magician also never expected this poisonous scale wolf unexpectedly can jump is so high, has been unexpected, by poisonous scale wolf numerous collisions on his against protective shield. Boom! protective shield fierce rocking of that Magician, the whole person in the future is also flown to draw back, while flying to draw back that the poisonous scale wolf hits, his protective shield also broke. That Magician face crazily changes, must know the protective shield passed through Magic Formation blessing/additional support, with protective shield that the law of demon uses, although is only protective shield, has not carried on the Formation overlay, how many but compared with him protective shield don’t know that used the Magic cloth to come out, was such protective shield, was only been poisonous the scale wolf one to dash by that? However hits his poisonous scale wolf also strength to exhaust, from airborne fell down, but that poisonous scale wolf in airborne turning over, is similar to a fallen leaf is the same, falling that floats light to the ground. That Magician relaxed, just about to oneself on the cloth one layer against protective shield, suddenly felt own dorsal fine body hair straight vertical stroke, his fierce one startled, personal appearance anxiously toward forward flight. However already late, when he must toward the forward flight, he feel that on own neck one cool, then on arm one insane, then the whole person passed out. At this time other Magician had not noted him, but Zhao Hai actually noted, was entangling Poison Dragon Iron-thread Snake on his neck. Just that snake had tied down his neck, but also has nipped one on his arm, by Poison Dragon Iron-thread Snake Might, this wanted that his life directly. However he downward has not fallen, entangles that Poison Dragon Iron-thread Snake fierce one on his neck, then the personal appearance looked like straight that a bowstring same collapsed, the body fierce has struck that Magician neck, in that Magician personal appearance direct Light Element Magic outside Darkness flew, but that bar iron female snake actually used this strength of collapsing, direct another Magician shot. But that to Darkness had not actually been fallen the ground by this snake to Magician of ball, Malicious Ghost throwing like lightning to the corpse of that person on, then body of Malicious Ghost on merge slowly to that person[ body], that did not have aura Magician fiercely, two eyes actually opens the eyes, but these time in his has actually flashed through black radiance, then had been substituted by group frantic killing intent. This Magician fluttered returned to in the Light Element Magic range, but just fluttered, on him has emitted black gas early, in his eye also flashed through a painful facial expression, but he has not made noise, but slowly fluttered toward Magician, this Magician that used Light Element Magic old Magician.

Zhao Hai calm look at all these, just that Poison Dragon Iron-thread Snake that ball of Magician in toward shadow time, Zhao Hai knows that Bourry also has certainly the subsequent party, he thinks that these Malicious Ghost will turn into Undead Creature that Magician, has not actually thought that only Malicious Ghost unexpectedly used to take possession this move. Takes possession, called the ghost upper body, this was one type of in the ghost ability that on Earth spread widely, but before Zhao Hai, no matter had Underworld there in Ark Continent there, had not seen that any Undead Creature caused this ability, has not actually thought that in safe, if star here saw unexpectedly. Got up Magician of body to arrive at that old Magician side in this that by the ghost, these Adam academy Magician although do not unite, but they are not the fools, their very clear, in them, only then that old Magician is Light Element Mage, one, but that old Magician, if died, they to Malicious Ghost and these Darkness Monster Beast was difficult. Therefore they encirclement slowly to that old Magician surroundings, has been protecting that old Magician. However at this moment, but just that Poison Dragon Iron-thread Snake bit that Magician appearance they not to see, therefore that Magician appears time, they had not suspected that making Magician of that ghost upper body arrive at child that old Magician not far away very smoothly. That Malicious Ghost in pretending to be resisting the appearances of these poisonous scale wolves, bit by bit depends toward that old Magician side, before long he had about five meters to that Magician side. That old Magician although noted him, did not have attack he, old Magician Light Element Magic range now smaller, because periphery had the protection of Magician, he protective shield made with Lower Realm Magic, not with the law of demon. Zhao Hai knows that this old Magician spiritual force must exhaust happily, must say that by that old Magician strength, spiritual force should not such quickly exhaust, but they regarding the law of demon not very familiar, therefore spiritual force consumption specially quick. Another reason, was they somewhat has possibly had a low opinion of the enemy, these Magician certainly have also seen Undead Creature in Lower Realm, this time they too have not been serious these Undead Creature, therefore comes up not to have the exquisite anything strategy now, started attack directly, finally own spiritual force consumed quickly, has not actually killed Malicious Ghost. When that old Magician Divided Spirit it attended, that by Magician of ghost upper body, fierce threw to rigidly adhere toward that old Magician, simultaneously his both hands have extended, this both hands in both hands of original that Magician, on this both hands steadily the nail of long black , were not seeming are disgusting. That old Magician has not guarded to his simply, when his present time late, that only Malicious Ghost threw extremely fast, that old Magician has not responded that only Malicious Ghost threw his side, a pair of sharp nail has delimited from the throat of old Magician.

In that old Magician throat the voice of young lady, face panic-stricken look at that only Malicious Ghost, then strength slowly vanished, in hand Light Element Magic does not have the means to maintain, vanish from sight. Old Magician dies, Light Element Magic vanishes, several other Malicious Ghost immediately were screaming toward saving that four Magician throw, that several poisonous scale wolf and Poison Dragon Iron-thread Snake, throws toward that four Magician. That four Magician these has flustered, they have not thought that old Magician such died, that was they have taken advantage finally, so long as that old Magician were also living, they could not kill that several Malicious Ghost, can safe escaping, old Magician die now, equal to was opportunity that made him escape not. That four Magician this hurried, happen to let that several Malicious Ghost capture opportunity, they screamed threw, cooperating with these Monster Beast, was less than ten minutes, that four Magician all died in the hand of Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast. After waiting for that several Magician dead, that several Malicious Ghost immediately have flown into that several Magician[ body], has carried on taking possession to that several Magician, simultaneously that several Monster Beast also hid, because they could feel, some people entered their domain. These time enters their domains, is wilderness academy that four Warrior, their in hand is lifting the fluorescent lamp fast flew toward here. Zhao Hai looked at their four one eyes, sighed lightly said : they, if early came several Zhong Zhong, possibly can also get up with that several Magician alliance, even if cannot kill Malicious Ghost, the whole body drew back is not the issue, but they, late, they did not have opportunity now.” Laura they also nodded, Laura turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you now not make a move?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to worry, I presently must on the make a move words, not clarify am telling others, hadn't I managed in one side look at before? Most at least must wait for their appears casualties time I in make a move.” Laura nodded, they have not said anything, the matter that Laura they experience are not less than Zhao Hai, human nature Darkness surface their also very clear, moreover grew in the together dull time with Zhao Hai, regarding the enemy, they will come not to be impolite again. Quick wilderness academy that several Warrior have turned in the hand with that several Malicious Ghost, that several Malicious Ghost although have completed taking possession, but they will not use that several Magician Magic, is adding on that several Warrior very discretely, therefore that several Malicious Ghost do not have sneak attack opportunity, can only strong attack. Among these Warrior to has the coordination, obviously their academy hands over the well with them, therefore several people of although in seven attacks of Malicious Ghost and under 12 Monster Beast, supported.

However their face are not quite attractive, they presently, that six Magician all died, attack their Malicious Ghost also four are not five, in these seven Malicious Ghost, six have taken possession to that six Magician on, only then does not have, is adding on 12 high level Monster Beast, like this combination they cannot win, the withdrawal is the choice of their sole. In four Warrior, deep voice said : Wu Quan, the blue river, you keep off first, I and Phinney release Sword Qi attack they, best to kill their two, then our immediately withdraws, the here situation is more serious, we who teacher said were not the matches.” Another three Warrior have complied with one, in which two in hand Great Sword dances is more anxious, outside two have blocked Magic Beast and Malicious Ghost attack especially, but another two actually hold the sword to control one's breathing, is preparing Sword Qi attack. Two people of imposing manner are getting stronger and stronger, finally, has shone including their in hand sword, then they also call out, the in hand sword proceeds to wield, Sword Qi cuts together again toward the poisonous scale wolf. That two poisonous scale wolves are attacking, the body in in midair, simply did not have the place to hide, was hit by Sword Qi directly, if this Sword Qi paper cutting same from body strokes of two poisonous scale wolves... The bodies of two poisonous scale wolves had turned into four instantaneously half, called out pitifully to fall on the ground, the internal organs has sprinkled place, only twitched two not to have the sound. This has not ended, they then wielded several Sword Qi, cut to kill two poisonous scale wolves, two Malicious Ghost and Poison Dragon Iron-thread Snake. Their such attack, let remaining Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast finally felt a fearing intent, Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast stopped child attack, in personal appearance falling back on Darkness slowly, was not having the sound. a.