Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1101
....................................................................................... That several Warrior will not think these Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast naively not in attack they, conversely, these Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast as hidden as Darkness in danger. Formerly left Sword Qi that two Warrior present face to be somewhat white, they just with excessively, must be able obviously slowly to restore some time. That person of deep voice said : that before spoke immediately/on horseback retreated, Adam academy that several Magician died, moreover Demonic Creature quantity imagination were more, Monster Beast led a cheer, we were not the matches, went back to look for the teacher.” Other three people of immediately/on horseback have complied with one, person who that two do not have Sword Qi, protects Sword Qi two to retreat slowly. Zhao Hai looked that the crucial moment was also similar, he has stood, turned the head to be good to Laura said :, the time was up, this I entered the stage, fellow wives, look at me to perform!” Laura they collect the interest delivered the warm applause, Zhao Hai then laughs the flashes body to leave Space, arrived at that mine tunnel, his appears place, to that several Warrior and place distance of Malicious Ghost war, he naturally stupid to direct appears in the battlefield, such words immediately will not have made the person think that he has watched the fun in the one side, therefore his leave caught up with the distance, appearance that pretended just to catch up with. Zhao Hai appears in the mine tunnel, immediately release Light Element Magic, his Light Element Magic has used law of release demon to come . Moreover the that he puts is not wide scope attack Light Element Magician, that Magician that entire Magic light very concentrated, concentrates void, if a lamp panel of searchlight is the same, leaves the fierce glare toward manifestation. Then the Zhao Hai advantage eats delicacies, flew toward battlefield there that these Warrior were, very fast, in his hand appears Blood Lotus Magic Staff, his Zhengping has been lifting Magic Staff now, Blood Lotus on Magic Staff forwarded, but that Light Element Magic Formation in Magic Staff front, if the sharp sword were together same, punctured Darkness. Zhao Hai such does must make that several Warrior see his arrival, he is hopes that several Warrior can stop, opposes the enemy with his together, like this his suspicion will not have, if that several Warrior walked, perhaps the Adam person also will suspect him. Zhao Hai makes such big move, that several Warrior were impossible presently, that several Warrior saw that said white light shot toward their here, moreover fast, they know what was who. These time altogether comes the here smelting trial on three academy, the Adam academy six people, has rolled to extinguish, but academy is only a person did not have appears , now appears in the here person, naturally was academy that person. Thinks that here that several Warrior cannot help but somewhat hesitate, one of them said :ridge bo, Now we what to do? Also can retreat? Ridge bo looked at that beam of light said :that is Light Element Magic, had doing of restrain to use regarding Undead Creature, we stopped, fought with his together, if retreats now, our time smelting trials were defeated on equal to.” Several other people also nodded, four people stopped, simultaneously in the mouth the advantage eats delicacies, Wu Quan and blue river they protected ridge bo and Phinney in the middle, making them restore the skill as soon as possible. Zhao Hai very fast, he also pretended somewhat to deviate these Warrior positions most from the beginning, after these Warrior left the howl, his immediately has adjusted the direction, with oneself quickest flew.

Before long Zhao Hai arrived at that several Warrior side, Zhao Hai already present, that several Malicious Ghost and these Darkness Monster Beast have encircled them in the middle. Zhao Hai looked at that several Warrior one, showed a faint smile said : originally is wilderness academy several friends, what? I just felt that here had energy bo to move, is it possible that everybody with finding that several Malicious Ghost?” Ridge bo several people have seen mister to Zhao Hai ritual said :, good, we just saw that several Malicious Ghost, they have given Adam academy several, now possibly around us, mister please carefully is.” Has Zhao Hai selected eyebrow said : „? Has not thought that five Malicious Ghost will really have such big skill?” Ridge bo immediately/on horseback said : mister, is not five Malicious Ghost, but is seven Malicious Ghost, 12 Monster Beast, but now only remaining five Malicious Ghost and seven Monster Beast, remaining that several had been given to extinguish by us.” Zhao Hai oh, has then laughed, the hand wields, Magic Formation appears suddenly on his Magic Staff, then this Magic Formation fierce explosion, one group of huge white light, continuously him in place in the original kilometer, has illuminated, these Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast naturally are unable leisurely the shape. Sees these Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast, Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs said : good Demonic Creature, really some skills, what a pity, you must die.” Said that Zhao Hai in hand suddenly appears Magic Formation, this Magic Formation is different to that Light Element Magic Formation, this is Magic Formation release comes, all around Dark Energy, by Light Element Magic control, was not flown toward that Magic Formation, that Magic Formation face is also simultaneously getting more and more dark, should better turn has saved black , then Zhao Hai wielded, then Magic Formation one increased, gave to cover that several Malicious Ghost, that several only Malicious Ghost scream considered in struggling, but actually presently simply does not move, Zhao Hai silently said: Receives!” His voice just fell, that Magic Formation fierce one receives toward the middle, ridge bo they saw several shadows only to fly from that several Magician corpse, then that several corpses if a piece Stone were the same, fell the ground. This is also Black Magic, beforehand Black Magic may not have such strong strength, after passing through Magic Formation blessing/additional support, Black Magic Might multiplies, therefore meets to be given to subdue by Zhao Hai, lost in Space. That several Malicious Ghost just entered Space, in Space immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently Darkness Element variation undead, this undead has the serious attack tendency, has evil intention to Space, immediately/on horseback surrenders, surrenders successfully!” Zhao Hai has not been raising these prompt sounds, that several Malicious Ghost wanted Space, that did not have to run, Space energy was not a lid. Tidied up that several Malicious Ghost, Zhao Hai changed to the body of that several Monster Beast the look, Zhao Hai has laughed said : „your bastards also to join in the fun unexpectedly, happen, tidied up including your together!” Said that Zhao Hai wields, his front suddenly appears several not big Magic Formation, these Magic Formation altogether five, these five Magic Formation appears , all around Dark Energy fast wells up toward these Magic Formation, the rapidness, wants on quickly with that Magic Formation compared with beforehand Zhao Hai many, only blinks, several Magic Formation turned into all black , Zhao Hai look at several Magic Formation deep voice said : „ the Darkness accumulation, tears Space, opens! During his words, that five Magic Formation fierce split then one from the middle is similar to ancient times the great antiquity giant beast common roar passed from that Space rift, then saw two black the claw, capture that said that Space rift then Space rift fierce increasing, probably was ripped open to be the same. Then was covered with the head of scale to drill from the crack. On this giant head has been covered with the black fresh piece, a giant mouth, can swallow ten people fully, tooth 1 u of his on palate outside net, this makes him look at a fierceness of person, in eyes of black , there are to set upright a sword same pupil this to make his eye appear ice-cold Wuqing/ruthless together.

About this giant head looked, this jumps, drilled from Space rift, then Yang Chang a long and loud cry, a faint pressure braved to come out that several Monster Beast personal appearance from his body cannot help but to shrink, is staring one panic-stricken eye look at that monster. Zhao Hai recognizes, this unexpectedly is Black Dragon, with Ark Continent there Dragon Race looks like, but this only Black Dragon strength, but be too more than Ark Continent there Dragon Race. This Black Dragon probably will not only fly, but the light looks at his appearance, Zhao Hai also thinks that this is a tyrannosaurus, his height about 15 meters two short, but actually grows former claw two of sharp claw to be long and thick back leg, sturdy tail, these demonstrate his strength. After this Black Dragon face upwards the long and loud cry, eyes of ice coldly , changed that several poisonous scale wolf and that Poison Dragon Iron-thread Snake, then his mouth, flame of black spurts toward that several poisonous scale wolves. That several poisonous scale wolf immediately/on horseback turn around run, but Black Dragon that to their this opportunity, immediately/on horseback hōng lóng lóng pursued rushing. Several steps overtook that several poisonous scale wolves, huge tail wields, flew, don’t know that several poisonous scale wolves pull out flew there. But a that Poison Dragon iron Poison Snake also body revolution, changed course a nearby mine tunnel to escape. Ridge bo they look at all these, they really have not thought that to the person compelling the distressed poisonous scale wolf and Poison Dragon Iron-thread Snake extremely, such was tidied up unexpectedly, was this too also simple? Actually they and don’t know, that several pulled out the poisonous scale wolf that flies not dead by Black Dragon, but was opened Space rift by Zhao Hai, one took in Space, has become Magic Beast in his Space, but that Poison Dragon Iron-thread Snake is also same, could be frightened does not select the road sneaked in that mine tunnel, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai opened Space rift in the mine tunnel, that Poison Dragon Iron-thread Snake does not look up for a while, under one has cut through in Space on. Looks to tidy up that several Monster Beast, Zhao Hai then satisfied nod, waved, Space rift appears , received that only Black Dragon together. After receiving Black Dragon, Zhao Hai then turns the head look at ridge bo their several people, showed a faint smile said : several, the here fight result, I think that should in having any matter, I first walked one.” His voice just fell, hears a sound to transmit said : smelting trial to complete, asking fellow students to take own speeding car to return.” Zhao Hai nodded to ridge bo several people, the flashes body flies toward own speeding car there, before long on returned to own speeding car there, the speeding car started, back-spacing ground. Zhao Hai walks, ridge bo their then let out a long breath, Wu Quan turns the head to ridge bo said : ridge bo Big Brother, what strength that Zhao Hai is, so to be how strong?” Ridge bo let out a long breath said : in his present standard, should be the machine here 1st level Magician strength, but he is Magician of more than department, if discussed fighting strength to come, wanted much stronger compared with general Magician, oh, was not good.” Wu Quan said : ridge bo Big Brother? Wasn't the smelting trial has completed?” Ridge bo deep voice said : Adam academy and academy did not cope, but our wilderness academy academy relationship is good, but this time smelting trial, Adam academy that several Magician died, although this matter also has Zhao Hai it doesn't matter with us, but feared that the Adam person does not believe that we have not feared anything in academy now, one, but exits from academy, feared that will annoy to retaliate, that has troubled, elder brother several who has Space equipment, installs to walk that several Magician corpses, we go back to be also good to have explain/transfer.”

Meanings of Wu Quan several people of then understand ridge bo, but they in ascend, left the family member their Space equipment, now that has. The blue river looked at that several Magician corpse said : ridge bo Big Brother, perhaps the bodies of these Magician will have, we have a look, if any, used their Space equipment to install them.” These words to reminded ridge bo, ridge bo nodded said : well, I to this forgetting, to walk, had a look at the person.” Said that several people of come down from the sky, has arrived at that several Magician side, careful brief inspection, but also let alone, made them find three Space equipment, several people of immediately that several Magician attire of corpse in toward Space equipment, flew toward their speeding car there. Wu Quan flies while to ridge bo said : ridge bo Big Brother, several of us decided in any case wanted join to arrive the northern wild home, you looked leave behind two Space equipment, only gave Adam school one to be good.” Ridge bo shook the head said : these Space equipment unable to touch, I think that Adam academy there will certainly have to set up a file, if we took, will only make them suspect us, gives them, feel relieved was good, in the past I accessed the net to look, in machine here, Space equipment was not great thing, after we graduated, made a money to buy one, did not need to care about this thing, walked.” Wu Quan several people to ridge bo belief, have complied obviously with one, returned to fast in own speeding car, upward flew. Also underwent the flights of several people of hours, people then returned to the mine tunnel city, Maggie their three teachers also had Xin Pu, waited in there. Looked Zhao Hai An Ran/safely does not have type came back from the mine tunnel, Maggie then relaxed, Zhao Hai comes back before long, ridge bo they also came back. Zhao Hai after Maggie has saluted stands Maggie behind not to make noise, ridge bo after his teacher has saluted, in a low voice said to his teacher several, that teacher face changes, what turned the head look at ridge bo said : you to say was real?” Ridge bo nodded said : absolutely truly, this is their Space equipment, altogether three.” Said that has given his teacher in hand three Space equipment. His different master looked at ridge bo in hand Space equipment, this sighed, put out a hand to receive, walked toward Jin Chang Ji. a.