Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1102
....................................................................................... Jin Chang Ji is feeling odd, why wilderness academy and responsibility ancient academy people came back, but their Adam academy person has not actually come back. He does not believe that the Adam academy person met the army completely not to have Adam academy these time to go to six people, six Magician, how possible to live did not have. Teacher single arrives in front of Jin Chang Ji, sighed, deep voice said : Teacher [gold/metal] did not need to wait, not coming back of Adam academy.” Said that extends a hand, has shone in hand three Space equipment. Jin Chang Ji noticed that Teacher single in hand Space equipment stares, then face changes, look at Teacher single said : their how many Space equipment in your hand? Did the person in your wilderness kill them?” Teacher single has not thought Jin Chang Ji like mad dog chaotic bites, his coldly snorted, the hand wields, ground were many six corpses, these six person Adam academy that six Magician. After Teacher single corpse release of that several person comes, look at Jin Chang Ji said : surnamed Jin, in inconsiderately shout of there like mad dog, do not lose own status, you were also Old Wanderer, oneself had a look at their injuries to know person who how they died, these three Space equipment, our northern wild families were not rare, but also give you.” Said that turns the hand, patted on that three Space rings his nearby metal table, when his hand lifted, that three rings probably inlaid on the table were the same, could not see that in a point projected on hardly, can look at the strength of Teacher single from this point. Jin Chang Ji sees Teacher single such movement, two eyes cannot help but shrinks, but he is coldly snorted one, walks toward that six Magician. Carefully looked at that six Magician one, Jin Chang Ji's face cannot help but yin sank, because he looked from that six person injuries, that six people died of hand of Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast, did not create artificially. Jin Chang Ji is not first day, when teacher, he is not first time is bringing the student coming out smelting trial, the wound that therefore Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast create, his eyes can look. Looked some little time, Golden Crystal Ji standing up slowly, look at Teacher single, deep voice said : what's the matter?”

Teacher single although is mad him to make false accusations, but also in saying that is because temporary ji indignant, therefore he in giving Jin Chang Ji face looks, but is deep voice said : in the mine tunnel is not five Malicious Ghost, but is seven Malicious Ghost, 12 Monster Beast, are your person meets first their, both sides have turned in the hand, how the specific tactical situation, ridge bo they with saw that they felt to aura of fighting on overrunning, can be affirmative, time short that very they fight, ridge bo they to place, there war on finishing. When ridge bo arrives at time, their six had taken possession by Malicious Ghost, ridge bo they and Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast fight, cannot stand off them, must retreat, when must retreat, Zhao Hai appears , gave to extinguish Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast.” Jin Chang Ji static is listening, not only he, Maggie also static is listening, one hear is Zhao Hai suddenly appears , these Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast extinguishing, Maggie two eyes happy flashes, turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, what Teacher single said is real?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : my appears time, wilderness academy several friends, have killed five Monster Beast and two Malicious Ghost, therefore that seven Malicious Ghost and 12 Monster Beast, I have only killed five Malicious Ghost and seven Monster Beast, remaining I have not seen.” Jin Chang Ji look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : „did you possibly kill five Malicious Ghost and seven Monster Beast? You lie!” Zhao Hai coldly snorted, in making noise, ridge bo coughed at this time lightly said :Teacher [gold/metal], Mr. Zhao Hai he has certainly been able to kill five Malicious Ghost and seven Monster Beast, because he is 1st level Magician, moreover we said we arrived at the scene at that time time, by seven Malicious Ghost and 12 Monster Beast attack, but Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast of attack Adam academy several friends have several, our don’t know. Jin Chang Ji, Teacher single and Maggie listened to ridge bo saying that gawked, Maggie face pleasantly surprised turning the head look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, were you really 1st level Magician?” Perhaps Jin Chang Ji and Teacher single these two Zhao Hai does not know enter step 1st level about the person and don’t know who Zhao Hai now, means anything, but Maggie is actually very clear, Zhao Hai just ascend to machine one month, flew to machine one month, arrived at the 1st level Magician level, if this makes the bystander know that absolutely is an extraordinary important matter. Has not waited for Zhao Hai to reply, when Jin Chang Ji's sound transmits said : talk nonsense, how he possibly is 1st level Magician, your talk nonsense, I do not believe.” Said that his hand moves, a Magic Formation lord of ten overlay, one on appears in his front then from appears Great Sword of China , Tunisia, a sword cuts toward Zhao Hai. Maggie also presently Jin Chang Ji's sound, but other present time, Jin Chang Ji's Giant Sword has attacked, Maggie thinks without enough time, one keeps off in Zhao Hai , the hand wields, Magic Formation appears of five layers overlay in the Maggie front, that layer Magic Formation immediately changed into the one layer water basket light shield together, kept off her in middle. However Jin Chang Ji this time is fully make a move, Maggie is only dealing that dark green presses, moreover one is five solution overlay, one was ten overlay, simply misses a level to hand over, in this case, Maggie water shield there could block Jin Chang Ji Giant Sword. That water shield by the Giant Sword stroke... Opens, Giant Sword depend on potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt, cuts toward Maggie, but sees this situation, Jin Chang Ji is actually face of dying embers, he wants to take back Magic not to be impossible.

Jin Chang Ji very clear, do not look at Maggie is only a teacher, however her true status is not simple, if oneself really Maggie killing, feared that was the Adam Clan person cannot protect him. In this time, surface side of shield appears of fiery red suddenly under greatness, that Great Sword is cutting on this shield together, unexpectedly in silent melting. Fire [gold/metal], Golden Crystal Ji this sword happen to by Fire element Magic to subdue|grams, can therefore melt, but this because of this Fire element method very formidable, otherwise is impossible to melt falls Great Sword. Five Elements repels one another also relative, you with one water, want to go to pouring fire fighting mountain that are impossible, by that time is not the fire to subdue|grams fire, but was the fire to subdue|grams water. Jin Chang Ji looked that the sword was blocked, cannot help but relaxed, but simultaneously he also noted, the shield version of that fiery red , was a Magic shield of five overlay, moreover this Magic shield also Zhao Hai came out. This presently makes Jin Chang Ji face change, now he can affirm finally that Zhao Hai was really 1st level Magician, moreover was spiritual force very strong 1st level Magician, not in the words good hot shield unable to work as his Great Sword, although his Great Sword has kept off by the Maggie water shield, but that water shield has not consumed to fall Great Sword too many energy, after cutting the broken water shield, on Great Sword minimum also had about seven layers energy, but was actually given to block by the Zhao Hai fire shield, in other words, fire shields of Zhao Hai five overlay, Has blocked his ten shield overlay Great Sword seven layers strength attack, this fully explained the Zhao Hai strength. Maggie also responded at this time, her face pale look at Jin Chang Ji said : Jin Chang Ji, you are great, dares unexpectedly to my make a move, good, today we see a life and death!” Said that wields Magic Staff to begin. Jin Chang Ji looks at the Maggie appearance, one recovers, he knows, if dare to begin, today feared that could not get away, his immediately/on horseback bowed said : Teacher Maggie to misunderstand to Maggie, please appease anger, appeases anger, I was really not intentionally.” Appearance that Maggie looks at Jin Chang Ji, is not good to begin, her look at Jin Chang Ji said : „did what? believe?” Jin Chang Ji has smiled bitterly next step: Has believed that but has not thought that these time will send 1st level Magician to try to practice unexpectedly, Teacher Maggie, his ascend how many months? How the strength increases is so quick?”

Reason that Jin Chang Ji such asked that is because safe place that if star here uses as the smelting trial to ascend three months to about four months Ascender generally, but generally a ascend three months to four months of person, simply is impossible becomes 1st level Magician. Maggie looked at Jin Chang Ji one eyes, probably is somewhat discontented, but she is said :five months, he is the talent that our most regards as important for the past ten years, will therefore allow him late a point to attend the smelting trial, blames you to have bad luck, if makes his earlier meet that several Malicious Ghost, your people will not die, has not thought really that this appears Malicious Ghost will say. Speaking of here, Maggie several people turns the head look at Xin Pu, but this time information Xin Pu gave, can say, if Zhao Hai were not strength formidable, but with other person of same strengths, under that this time in all people to the mine tunnel, feared that had dead Unborn. Lower Realm Ascenders, although must after training, what however is undeniable, they are the talents, especially looks like Zhao Hai and ridge bo their this age, unfolds for several years in a machine this city, can be some Intermediate level Expert, can assume sole responsibility for an important task fully, if dies in here, that loss may too be big, but all these are because Xin Pu situation does not permit. Xin Pu looked that Maggie their expression knows Maggie they are thinking anything, forced smile that Xin Pu not bears next step: Everybody, this is not my situation does not permit , the situation that my initially obtains truly is this, my don’t know why under one were also many that many Monster Beast, what person my Xin Pu is, everybody should also know that I will not harm Lower Realm Ascenders.” One hear of Xin Pu said that Maggie they to nodded, Xin Pu truly will not harm Lower Realm Ascenders, because Xin Pu originally is also Lower Realm Ascenders, his ascend comes up time, be only over 30 years old, are considered as a character of talent, were only afterward in a fight, made into the severe wound, how from then on his strength in practiced is unable to increase, finally he can only run up to here to come to look at this smelting trial point, the nose because of this, therefore he regarding Ascenders, has the one type of special sentiment, was impossible to harm the person of smelting trial. a.