Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1103
................................................................................. Maggie they also sighed, can only be confesses has had bad luck, this time matter also was really no wonder Xin Pu, because in various smelting trial places, made a mistake like this information, the matter that or the smelting trial in Demonic Creature strength increased was not the first secondary, they were not good to investigate anything. Several people have rested in that reception desk for day, that small Spaceship that this sits Spaceship to prepare academy, Zhao Hai and Maggie live in delivers certainly them who to come, other academy Spaceship is also similar to Spaceship that they sit. Entered own in the room Zhao Hai to Spaceship on, a doorkeeper pass/test, was not having a sound, Maggie does not have an opinion, in her opinion, Zhao Hai because of such obsessed in the practice, will have such strong strength. However her these time has thought mistakenly, Zhao Hai this returned to room, although also immediately entered Space, but he may to not practice. Zhao Hai returned to Space, immediately their said : „you mine tunnel there terrain moves well looks certainly at to Laura, I thought that these meet appears these many undead and Monster Beast very strange, I want to take a look for anything.” Laura frowns said : lightlyElder Brother Hai, no matter we this matter isn't good? there has any thing to feel strange with our also it doesn't matter.,... Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be good, did not need to be worried for me that what treasure you I do want to take a look at there to have not to have presently? These undead and Monster Beast are protecting any thing in there probably, otherwise not that peaceful being together, will cooperate.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said the treasure, meaning of her immediately understand Zhao Hai, since machine here, Laura they understand, their present strengths, have thought that is wanting machine here to go on living, but also is really somewhat difficult, does not want machine machine is Comprehend the world one, is the strength weak one. But the Zhao Hai present strength, in machine here is also medium grade, is in Magician rock row medium grade, must know machine here strongest fighting strength, but Magic-Mecha and battleship, Magician simply not being able to stand in line number. But now wish lets Space Level Up, feared that must look for the treasures in some Comprehend the world, carries on to put in Space, otherwise wish made Space Level Up too difficult.

although said that Laura they do not want to make Zhao Hai take risk, but turns over to some mine tunnels these Monster Beast and undead strength, they also saw, Zhao Hai goes to there simply not to be is the risk, thought of here, Laura is not preventing Zhao Hai, she nodded said : this, good, but Elder Brother Hai, you must be careful.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, will not have the matter.” Said that personal appearance flashes, appears in the mine tunnel, Laura their actually immediately moved, they have not looked at Zhao Hai through the screen, but has put out several computer, then everyone divides region, look at that mine tunnel bit by bit has any differences. This is also a way that these days Laura they find to come out, making them help Zhao Hai exit to kill, they definitely are incorrect, now they can only do assist the work of Zhao Hai, but this is a way that they find to come out. These computer are not ordinary computer, is special computer that in Space manufactures, in these large screens with Space is the same, but they use convenient. Zhao Hai enters to the position of mine tunnel, therefore randomly does not enter, place that he is at now, is that piece of region that beforehand these Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast occupy. These Malicious Ghost and place of Monster Beast housing, is not the center of this mine tunnel, but is this mine tunnel northerly place, before is, Adam academy student appears nose place. These Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast, the plate stands on tiptoes in here is not willing to walk, that here has certainly the issue, perhaps is thing that they must protect in here, therefore they meet the plate to stand on tiptoes in here are not willing to walk. Zhao Hai appears in the mine tunnel, immediately release own spiritual force, having a look at around this also to have the danger, this release spiritual force, but also has the institute really presently. here originally these Malicious Ghost and Monster Beast by Zhao Hai tidying up, was present here unexpectedly appears several strength weak little rascal! Zhao Hai one presently this situation to slightly stares, then smiles said :interestingly, appears yin was unexpectedly clever, it seems like that this place, but also was not really ordinary, Laura, do not look up other place, looked at this piece of region, gave my careful. Laura they complied with one, immediately/on horseback started to carry on the careful examination to this piece of region, but Zhao Hai was actually five overlay Light Element Magic loses, the small yin ghost who that several just formed instantaneously on level instant kill.

Then Zhao Hai on release own spiritual force, careful observes look at here, wants to have a look at here to have any different place. In this time, suddenly is hearing Meg deep voice said : Young Master, I have presently, has Dark Energy to leave the rich place in you in position southeast there very much, there Dark Energy also has the thickness compared with Underworld there, possibly is the place that we must find.” Zhao Hai nodded, simultaneously in his head appears stretch a map, on that stretch a map has sectioned out that place that Meg said that the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, already appears in that place. appears stares in that place Zhao Hai, there Dark Energy truly is very thick, is thick, has compared with Underworld there on thickly many, but those who make Zhao Hai puzzled is, there Dark Energy although is thick, but is actually not black , but is silver . Dark Energy generally is black , this is a general knowledge, but here Dark Energy has actually violated this general knowledge, this makes Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat strange. In this time, in suddenly his brain is hearing one to call out in alarm, Zhao Hai stares, because he presently this calls out in alarm Lizzy to come out. Lizzy has also seen the person of magnificent scene, what matter has to make her leave the screams? Zhao Hai quickly said: What happened? His voice just fell, hears Lizzy said : Elder Brother Hai, under place that you are at now about kilometer place, piece of Mithril mineral lode, but that piece of mineral lode very strange, there all Mithril ores, are the shape like the ghost, was too strange, you wait a moment, Laura Elder Sister they the material of online search about this ore.” The Lizzy voice just fell, heard the Laura sound to transmit said : to find, Elder Brother Hai, you a kilometer place under the position, were one ghost silver mineral lode, the ghost silver was the Comprehend the world here one type of very special minerals, they belong to Mithril one type of, includes Dark Energy Mithril inborn, but they also belong to [gold/metal] attribute, it can be said that the one type of inborn double element material, this material regarding manufacturing some yin attribute weapons, has doing of difficult imagination to use, Comprehend the world here any one, belonged to thing of treasure rank, moreover in the ghost silver mineral lode, very much may be born, Spirit of thing ghost silver, they looked like the ghost silver become a ghost were the same, have their wisdom, can the fluctuation shape attire, moreover all over the body was by the best ghost silver formation, if who can tidy up them, are many to have been able on equal to the transformation Mithril weapon, is thing that Comprehend the world here any Expert wants to obtain.” Zhao Hai stares, then two eyes bright said : really? That fantastic, was right, what does this Mithril weapon have to do to use?” The Laura sound conveys said : this Mithril weapon other doing not to use, because Mithril is not the one type of specially hard metal, but Mithril is actually best leading can the metal, no matter what energy, he can very good conduction, but the spirit of this ghost silver, they have strong memory analysis capability, if were machine here Magician won the ghost silver medal spirit as the weapon, he on can the combinations of some Magic Formation, be recorded spirit by the ghost silver, when used time, passed spirit of ghost silver directly. Executes release to go, this will save a lot of time.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to is good thing, I have a look.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, Blood Lotus appears in his , after he enters Blood Lotus, Blood Lotus toward below dives. Distance Zhao Hai of kilometer dived quickly, then scene of appears before Zhao sea surface, let his greatly surprised, he has not thought really that this ghost silver unexpectedly was this appearance.

Zhao Hai can affirm, position that he is at now, is reserves very rich high-grade ore, in here piece by piece silver white by ore, dense and numerous pushing in together, on these ores, all ugly face, these ugly face not same, actually all fierce incomparable, moreover on these ores, is unfolding formidable Dark Energy, that huge gloomy Dark Energy, in matching is ugly face on that ore, obviously the terror, is not dared to look straight ahead. Zhao Hai often smiles, he actually did not fear that this thing, the hand moves, his immediately release large quantities of Undead Creature, started to move these ghost silver ores toward Space. The a piece ghost silver ore enters Space time, in Space immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently includes the Dark Energy special silver ore.” Then was not having the sound, Zhao Hai also to think that Space will give some[ answered] case, has not actually thought such simply. Zhao Hai has not cared, he makes these Undead Creature then move the ghost silver ore toward Space, but he actually yearns for in the ghost silver ore to fly. These undead are pressed system by Cai'er, so long as they attain the a piece ghost silver ore, reason that can be received by immediately/on horseback to the Space city, Zhao Hai has not made Space rift gather directly , because such words might as well make passing that undead moves in quick. Zhao Hai has not worried, advancing bit by bit, so long as he found here to be easy to do, even if were Spaceship returned to academy, he can still come here to gather these ghost silver ore, now Zhao Hai must do, wants to have a look, could find Laura they to say the spirits of all these ghost silver. The spirit of ghost silver, that is good thing, weak of although a little regarding Zhao Hai, however in the eyes of other people that is the treasure, moreover Zhao Hai also idea, he before other ores Elf income to Space time, in Space will produce that ore mineral lode, this time he wants to have a look, if the spirit of his really strange silver received in Space, can produce the ghost silver mineral lode! a.