Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1104
................................................................................. Zhao Hai most settles on is not the ghost silver ore ore, but is the spirit of that ghost silver, if can find the spirit of ghost silver, makes in him Space, perhaps in Space the multi- one type of ore, can be Space increases the add some experience, lets Space earlier Level Up. Regarding Zhao Hai, nothing was more important than Level Up, after Level Up , his strength with it increase, the strength will increase, anything did not have. Although lets Space quick point Level Up in Zhao Hai wish, but he does not have extremely in worrying, because worries useless, worried, instead attended the meeting to make a mistake, but in Comprehend the world this place, made a mistake to represent the death. Zhao Hai spiritual force completely has let loose, he sits on Blood Lotus, but Blood Lotus now becomes, only then the person fist was so big, he puts on the corner in the slit of ghost silver ore. Behind him these Mithril ores by one type of fast is vanishing, has undead to coordinate Space, must receive these ores is really too simple. Zhao Hai is proceeding, suddenly felt front to have spiritual wave to move, this spiritual wave moved very covert, but Zhao Hai actually clear feeling. Zhao Hai immediately stopped has gotten down static standing in there, was impossible to have any life form in this place, can leave spiritual wave to move, that had one type of, the spirit of ghost silver! Zhao Hai by own spiritual force careful toward that said that spiritual wave moves the direction that transmits to search, he moves control his spiritual wave in the one type of low level range, because he fears to be able by the opposite party present. Quick Zhao Hai spiritual wave moved found the direction that just that spiritual force has transmitted, but saw fine Strength God that thing, Zhao Hai one was shocked, because that was not Zhao Hai imagination a piece Stone, or human-shape or animal shape the spirit of ghost silver, left to say spiritual force, unexpectedly was an egg! No, Zhao Hai felt that is an egg, one is not very big egg, this egg has about half meter high, the diameter also about 30 centimeters all over the body are bright silver . In the surroundings of this egg, without the ore, without the earth, anything does not have, that egg so is floating in void, appears that peaceful, actually that strange. Zhao Hai has gawked, then immediately is harnessing Blood Lotus toward that egg drives to be quick his that egg, arrives at that egg, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, because he felt, not only in that egg will spread silk very covert spiritual wave to move outward, simultaneously that egg is vibrating gently, probably he was feeling that the fear is the same. Zhao Hai slowly harnessed Blood Lotus to arrive at side of that egg, put out a hand rub gently one that egg, rub to that egg, Zhao Hai was shocked, because that egg not only in vibration gently also in gently shrank puts, looked like to the feeling of person in the breath is the same! Zhao Hai has gawked, cannot bear own spiritual force slowly searches toward this egg, he wants to have a look in this egg is any thing. Zhao Hai spiritual force just searched in this egg, felt in this egg suddenly has transmitted a suction his spiritual force frantic is absorbing toward the egg. Zhao Hai is surprised, just wants to receive own spiritual force, but actually presently his simply cannot achieve, in that ghost has produced a giant whirlpool probably, Zhao Hai the inspiration of spiritual force in a steady stream not section in egg.

Zhao Hai presently simply does not have means control own spiritual force, in he searches into to start him probably is establishes passage to be the same with that eggs spiritual force to that egg, this passage his spiritual force continuous delivering egg, but he wants to close this passage not to be impossible. Zhao Hai greatly surprised he wants Space unable to go back now, then his trouble may on big, if he cannot returned to Space, he biggest taking advantage be possible not to have, he can only wait for death. Zhao Hai to the present present, originally has Space, also cannot guarantee forever his was safe, if other people also cope with him with such method, don’t know how he really dies. When Zhao Hai thinks one must by this egg spiritual force to the suck dry, suddenly spreads spiritual force to come from the egg, this spiritual force in anti- returned to own head, all has made up spiritual force that he just consumed. Zhao Hai stares, he felt that his spiritual force entered to that egg in transfers one to come back, meanwhile had some information, Zhao Hai cannot help but to close the eye, felt gently these information. Stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, in these information does not have no thing, but can feel lonely from these information, the fear wait / etc. these mood, look like a child, was been same in the black room half li (0.5km) by the independent pass/test. Zhao Hai has gawked, he real don’t know, in this time, his suddenly was also feeling in spiritual force that egg passes on is having a happy feeling, then that egg fierce shone a beam of light, probably melted the entire entire egg was the same, only placed the hand on egg along his, changed into molten metal surrounding his whole person. Zhao Hai stares, but he presently this molten metal probably does not have any evil intention to him, although his arm wrapping up, but actually does not affect his activity, moreover gives back to his one type of very warm feeling. Waits for these liquid flows to the Zhao Hai shoulder on time, actually slowly gathered on his shoulder, then transforming slowly has become an appearance of child. Zhao Hai fine wonderful look at this Little Thing, this Little Thing long is smaller than Cai'er on a little, the upper body wears a small bellyband, the lower part of the body puts on small short ku, looks like adorable. Zhao Hai look at this kid, this kid although very adorable, but he all over the body is actually bright silver , looks like looks like a small robot. In this time, is actually dispersing spiritual wave to move from the body of this kid, this spiritual wave moves, is passing sentiment of one dependence to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai these may be shocked, his really some understand now is not any situation, but changed mind one to want on his understand, this kid looked like was just born, regarded the family member him. Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, but he was rub gently rub this kid, this kid has rubbed him with own small face, this kid although looked like metal is not however hard, conversely, rub real also very soft. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the personal appearance moved brings this kid returned to Space he just to enter Space, in Space immediately transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently variation liquid Metal-man, to recognize the nose to advocate give priority to, withdraws Metal-man energy, improves the Host gene, Host may have to liquefy the metal ability.”Because of liquefied Metal-man of Host income is the spirit of ghost silver ore, Space increases the ghost silver mineral lode especially.

Because of liquefying Metal-man has the analysis and storage capacity, Space Universal Analyzer invites Host in Level Up in pulling in the strength.” The prompt sound just fell, that multipurpose extension in Space in a secondary the change, the building that entire Analyzer is at one becomes big present had the ten layers building to be so high, in front of the door of building, Magic Formation, behind of building also had Magic Formation. Looks at this situation Zhao Hai cannot help but one happily, he understand this Universal Analyzer had to him to machine here how importantly, he has held according to several hundred hundred overlay Magic Formation Set now has gathered, this depends entirely on the Universal Analyzer ability, now Universal Analyzer believes in Level Up to his advantage even bigger. However thinks that the brow of here Zhao Hai cannot help but wrinkled, his present although also obtained one type of ability, however his overall entity has not increased many, these ability although can help his when necessary, but actually cannot make his spiritual force increase cannot make his Stellar Secret Art increase, this is Zhao Hai one very worried. Now his Stellar Secret Art in the First Layer peak, true achieving Second Layer, he was unable to feel, oneself momentarily can break through Second Layer probably, but actually did not break through. take deep breaths calm one his mood, he knows that now is Universal Analyzer Level Up, can analyze many Magic Formation overlay to combine was also useless to him, because his spiritual force is not enough to support him to use, in many Magic Formation Set have gathered on his current strength, hundred overlay are his limit. However regarding Zhao Hai, can result in these many ghost silver ore, but also enables in Space to produce the ghost silver mineral lode, regarding him, this harvest was not small, he was not greedy. Zhao Hai has not gone to look at Analyzer, Analyzer this thing does not need to look, said it, these machines he uses are not many, generally gives Laura or Cai'er they use, he is few uses. Zhao Hai returned to in the villa looked that has almost not fainted, Laura their several hugs is lifting computer, then command(er) these Undead Creature are moving the ghost silver ore toward Space , is only these, that does not have anything, has not actually thought that their several are competing unexpectedly, regarded to play this. The feeling that some Zhao Hai cannot help but one type of must faint, Cai'er had flown the Zhao Hai side at this time, side look at Zhao Hai that kid, smiles said : Young Master, is this that just the prompt sound was said?” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to that kid said : 1 kid, later here was your fellow, this was your color 1 compared with the elder sister, you later with her, that side that several, were my wife, was your family member, looked at you silver , later called you silver child, silver child, went, played with Cai'er.” Silver child appears to understand but not really understand is listening to the Zhao Hai words, but his also understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, happy was called one probably, suddenly appears a wing of pair of silver , the wing has then wielded, crooked flew, flies toward Cai'er. Appearance that Cai'er looks at the silver child, has smiled, leading silver child to play, Zhao Hai has then arrived at Laura side them, looks the game that they have played, now their command(er) ten Undead Creature, are comparing to look ore that who dug are many. Zhao Hai has not cared, Laura their daily staying in Space truly were too bored, can find the matter to do also well, he has not managed them, the personal appearance moved, to uninhabited Space, has prepared the ability that tried to obtain newly. Zhao Hai already present, in he received since silver child that moment, mine tunnel there Dark Energy slowly reduced, it seems like beforehand these Dark Energy all are the silver child comes out, that does not have what to be good because of the examination. The ability that Zhao Hai obtains newly, by own body liquid metallization, this was let Zhao Hai some not understand, he tried to use this ability, just used this ability, Zhao Hai to feel that own body one turned into silver , simultaneously in the body all cells turned into silver , moreover he felt that own Bone, the internal organs, all vanished, now he can optional transformation.

Zhao Hai has tried, his hand was turning into a sword along in the middle, a sword of bright silver , saw this sword, Zhao Hai suddenly has thought of same thing, t old 7, that t in end matter old 7 Liquid end matter, now his personal appearance on a little that meaning. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he felt own present more and more not like a person, but his liquid end matter varied to want, regarding Zhao Hai, ability was only his one type of ability, looked like Sword Technique of his meeting is the same, he did not use, this energy will not appear, looked like he does not use the sword to fight, will not use Sword Technique to be the same. Sighed, Zhao Hai started practice, this time he has made an arrangement his time, the everyday rest besides sleeping, his condense Magic Formation not to stop, while his condense Magician, he with the two hours time by these Magic Formation that oneself are familiar with him grasp now, to be advantageous in the later fight, can, when was most appropriate, use most appropriate Magic Formation. Like this time, Magic Formation that he uses, finally except for copes with these Monster Beast time, what he uses is beyond five overlay, other times, law of the demon he uses, is Magic Formation, what he used at that time was most appropriate Magic Formation, can therefore wield that big Might, if beforehand Adam academy that several Magician, can use law of the most appropriate demon at most appropriate, miserable that they will not defeat. Had the strength is matter, must this strength complete grasped, became own strength, that was a different matter, therefore Zhao Hai met everyday extracted certain time to be familiar with these Magic Formation. Besides the two hours Magic Formation smelting trial, he must with two hours time grasps shooting of Sword Qi, he is Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, puts Sword Qi this big killing aura not to use, that was really a pity. Zhao Hai saw that ridge bo they used Sword Qi, that Sword Qi put, destroyed the hardest defenses, so long as grasped good Sword Qi, he and many a card in a hand, this after him very much had the advantage. Besides Magic Formation and Sword Qi, Zhao Hai also comes familiar one with two hours now own spiritual force, in machine here, spiritual force is also very important. Besides these, his everyday practiced the Stellar Secret Art time also to increase, before Zhao Hai, not desirably practiced Stellar Secret Art, but does not practice now not sudden, the stars definitely were unsurpassed Cultivation Method, the Stellar Secret Art level liter, was basic. In Zhao Hai is learning Magic Formation time, Cai'er sound suddenly transmits said : Young Master, quick returned to Spaceship comes up, Maggie looks for you.” a.