Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1105
................................................................................................ Zhao Hai stares, but he was immediately/on horseback responded, appears fast in oneself in the room on Spaceship, he just in the room of appears on Spaceship, immediately heard the door to hear intermittent slight knock. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has arrived at there, opened the door, Maggie has been standing in out of the door, her facial expression somewhat anxious to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, quickly with me to the command(er) hall, there is a Universe pirate, we could retreat.” Was saying while walks in the direction of command(er) hall. Zhao Hai runs hastily in behind, they arrived at the command(er) hall quickly, command(er) hall there followed time Zhao Hai came the time is different, previous Zhao Hai came time, the command(er) hall there person, very lightly shut, they were taking the teacup, first successive drinks tea, at the same time once for a while looked at their control instrument, was really very relaxed. However now is actually piece of busy scene, therefore the person is controlling some surface instruments fully, the hand keeps types on the keyboard, in the mouth is reporting some information, entire hall quarrelling mixed. Maggie these time has not made noise, she led Zhao Hai appears in the side of captain, the captain also stood in his table there, the screen on look at table, facial expression very strict austere, once for a while to leave an order. The screen on Zhao Hai also look at table, Zhao Hai thinks Universe pirate who Maggie said that is these is harnessing Spaceship, on pirate similar the fellow of Earth, but now looks like actually completely is not that a matter, side Spaceship, is only some people, flies the person in Universe! Saw that this situation Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, he has not thought that these people can fly unexpectedly in Universe . Moreover the bodies of these people put on Magic Robe and warrior cloth, this arrives stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Did Zhao Hai look at Maggie said : puzzled teacher this is the Universe pirate? Are they Magician?”

Maggie has not looked at Zhao Hai, but nodded said : well, these are the Universe pirates, in them some have some that comes up from Lower Realm ascend are the machine here this Realm people, their strengths in 3rd level above, can in Universe[ from] by the flight, their these can take by force to specially live, moreover strength to 3rd level, no matter Magician 50 Layers Magic Formation, are Warrior Sword Qi, can cause the damage to ordinary Universe Spaceship, but academy Spaceship is only the ordinary flying institute, almost what defense system, has not wanted to get rid of them to be very difficult.” Zhao Hai two eyes cannot help but stares he now according to the strength, is 4th level Magician, but 3rd level Magician can fly in Universe, it seems like he can also fly in Universe with fleshly body now. Maggie has not paid attention to the Zhao Hai expression, her still look at these Universe pirates, deep voice said : in common situation, Universe pirate not attack academy Spaceship, because they know that on academy Spaceship does not have what valuable thing, even if they can take academy Spaceship, will not be useful, because in the academy Spaceship common situation nobody will buy.” Zhao Hai selected, he checked material in machine here, the Ascend Academy status is very high, Ascend Academy Spaceship, receives the protections of three big influences, if anybody attack Ascend Academy Spaceship, will be chased down by three big influence alliance. Maggie then said : this these person of appears somewhat felt strange that we just left day safe, if shortly after star, their appears , it seems like they probably are intentionally and other Lou Men.” One hear of Maggie said that in the brain of Zhao Hai flashes through a person's shadow instantaneously, is Golden Crystal Ji Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : teacher, can be Golden Crystal Ji Zhaoren does? This Adam person is one has not gone back, he does not want to make us go back.” Maggie stares, sweeps was shaking the head said : not to be impossible, Jin Chang Ji knows that my status, he should not dare to do the matter that this wants!” Zhao Hai one hear of Maggie said that cannot help but stares, his two eyes is actually twinkling brightly, because in Maggie these words passed 1 u to leave an information, her status was not simple!

However Zhao Hai or immediately/on horseback said :teacher, this situation, only then four possibilities, one type is these people are the true Universe pirates, but is unlikely, because in the Universe pirate common situation of will not move academy Spaceship, only if their were pulled strings, the second possibility is, they are the Adam Clan hostile Clan people, reason that they want attack we , because they know that Adam Clan has a grudge with us, they want in this manner, to put up calamity Adam Clan, lets our Ashley Clan and Adam Clan puts together life and death, they profit. The third possibility is, these people are really the Adam Clan people, they must in here attack we, after our type, if in Clan looks for them, they will say that this is others puts up the calamity to give their person, they will not make obvious attack to draw fire to oneself, such possible counter- not to have suspected them in some people. The fourth possibility is, these people are the people of other our Ashley Clan right influences, they must in here attack we, then put up the calamity to Adam Clan, making our two clans put together a life.... These that Zhao Hai said that not only Maggie heard, the captain also heard, one hear of Zhao Hai said that they somewhat were scared, these time looks like simple incomparable pirate attack, Zhao Hai actually said these many [say / way], this made them really not think. said : that Maggie stutters „that the person thinks attack our people, that group of people?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : first these people possibly are not the Universe pirates, if safe star here is a academy smelting trial point, this is not secret, we come here to try secret, does not have what strange, even if will be Universe pirate not attack we, therefore they will not be the true Universe pirates, second they were not the Adam Clan person, Adam Clan this time these Magician although are possibly extinguished, but regarding Adam Clan, has not gone to the situation of having a fracture, they will not take risk, because this was worth, therefore these person impossible was Adam. The Clan person, third I thinks that these people possibly are not the Adam Clan enemy Clan people, because will kill our although possibly to let Ashley Clan and Adam Clan makes war, but two Great Clan people also know that battle easily did not have the advantage, when the time comes no matter Ashley Clan or the Adam Clan full investigation murderer, they very much might expose, therefore intercepted us, although seemed like a good chess, actually was actually the behavior of one type of very non- wisdom, therefore I thought am not the person of Adam Clan enemy, that on, only then one type of was possible, on was biggest. The possibility, they are the Ashley Clan enemy Clan people, they were hated méng to shade the eye, will not let off any to attack Ashley Clan opportunity, therefore had this motion.” Zhao Hai the twice analyzes, with meticulous care, Maggie suddenly cannot discover a truth of rebuttal, therefore Maggie and captains also nodded. Is Maggie said : now what to do that Zhao Hai you thinks us should?” Zhao Hai looked at these Magician and Warrior on said : desktop/tabletop tone, the returned to safe, if on-board goes, now we just leave safe, if star not long after, by Spaceship, returned to safe, if the star is safest, the enemy should also unable to think that we will go back, to safe, if star there, we are giving the family to put the letter, making Clan send for supporting us.” Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then two eyes one bright, turns the head look at Captain Krick said : Krick, do you think?” Krick thinks that said : is reasonable, we now to safe, if the star is not far, so long as we turn the head, fully toward safe, if the star flies, by Spaceship protective shield, runs away to safe, if star there is not a problem, even if will have some losses, not wound is too heavy, most minimum staff security can guarantee.” Maggie nodded said : „the immediately/on horseback tone, with quickest rushes to safe, if star.” Krick has complied with one, turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, immediately ordered the tone, because Spaceship was not big, although was inferior that a person tone was so simple, but also was not very difficult, transferred a circle, the immediately tone toward safe, if the star.

Spaceship such movement, however makes these want the attack Spaceship person to be caught off guard tired, they have not thought that Spaceship meets the tone unexpectedly, has not responded at once. When they want to Spaceship starts attack, Spaceship flew far, although these people can fly in Universe, however their is actually can't compare with Spaceship, reason that before they can with Spaceship, be because they on the Spaceship road which must be taken when waiting for Spaceship, looks like the people of these lying trains is the same, they are impossible the rapidness that has the train to run, when they run fully, following train short distance to be able, these person now on is this situation. However now Spaceship suddenly transfers a struggle to be curved, these people could not follow, in adding on protective shield on Spaceship is not ornaments, that is with evolves to come protective shield in law of demon, can block 5th level Magician attack fully, therefore these Magician attack hit on Spaceship, has not played the relative effect, although Spaceship has used majority of energy in the flight now, but on this Spaceship but has the one layer armor, protective shield adds the armor, blocks these Magician and Warrior attack is not a problem. However now Zhao Hai and Maggie they actually do not want after a Spaceship curve, Krick immediately/on horseback said loudly: „ Pile start-up 100%, in 8% ten energy join propellers, in 2% ten energy join protective shield., At this moment, the Spaceship hull shook several to shake, then staff member immediately/on horseback said : captain, No. 5 cabin, No. 7 cabin, No. 11 cabin was attacked the crack, the pressure is changing.” Along with his voice, Spaceship also falling of slowly. Krick actually steady open the mouth and said: Closure 5 th, 7 th, dead door outside No. 11 cabin, that three cabins we do not want, flies fully the returned to safe, if star!” Along with Krick's words, Spaceship in one time quick, these Magician and Warrior distant flinging in afterward. a.