Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1106
.................................................................................... The Universe warship has protective shield, but protective shield is not multipurpose, in the outer space, the danger does not locate is not, these battleships momentarily possibly by space trash, Universe beam, or base its anything thing attack, in front of some Universe beams, Spaceship armor with protective shield, but looks like the paper same frailty. Because of this, general Spaceship outside some cabins, will therefore install some special dead doors! The dead door only then, when the ship body is damaged will use, if that cabin appears damaged, immediately will start on the blade gate, this that cabin complete separation leave, even if the pressure of flight ripping crushes that cabin, will not have the too tremendous influence regarding the whole of battleship. Just the several cabins of Zhao Hai their battleship were because was hit by these pirates repeatedly, but appears damaged, therefore Krick immediately ordered to close that several cabins should struggle the gate, to guarantee that Spaceship can fly normally. If not start the dead door, pressure getting bigger and bigger that Spaceship receives, finally may be ripped two to break Spaceship by the huge pressure, they really ended. Looked that these pirates cast off, Krick they relaxed, then Maggie and Krick use one type of very unusual vision look at Zhao Hai, they have not thought, Zhao Hai when this type critical, but can also so calm. Does not want underestimated to turn around this probably very simple plan... In that situation, can choose the turning around round trip to walk calmly is not an easy matter, distance although that they are at now said to safe, if the star is nearer, but was not very close they now already straight nearly one day, from safe, if star to the academy road, they walked almost soon one third, in this case, the average person will not choose the turning around round trip to walk. Zhao Hai also settled on this point, they can forward, but if the Ashley Clan enemy in must cope with them, that possible front also to have the ambush therefore Zhao Hai decisive choice turning around round trip to walk, this perhaps also has life force.

His choice is correct, the Zhao Hai turning around round trip walks these Magician and Warrior actually pursues it to be inferior, lets Zhao Hai their escaped with life. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, but smiled, has not said anything, Maggie has not asked Zhao Hai anything, but turns the head immediately/on horseback to report the here situation with Clan to Krick said :, asking in Clan to send for aiding, with quickest rushed to safe, if star there we in the there recuperation some time.” Krick has complied with one. although has not arrived in safe now, if star, but Krick actually knows that they now were basically safe, so long as they enter to Kerry nemesis range, even if were the thorough security. Has defense force in machine here any planet, but if safe the star is an important Mithril mining area, if really by who snatching that therefore safe, if star there defense force, wants compared with general planet on strongly many. Waits for Spaceship after one time enters to safe, if star, the on the ship talented person relaxed Maggie belt responsibility Zhao Hai returned to reception desk there, told Xin Pu the situation, invited Xin Pu helped them arrange the place. Xin Pu naturally agreed that immediately has arranged the room to them, after waiting for the room to arrange, Maggie in flashes arrived in the Zhao Hai room. After Zhao Hai invited Maggie sat down, this gives Maggie but actually one cup of tea, this sat the Maggie opposite, Maggie look at Zhao Hai, some little time deep voice said : Zhao Hai, this time matter I must well thank you, your words, we feared that was dangerous.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : teacher you to be too polite, I also considered for myself, if our time cannot the pass through difficulty, sit the person in Spaceship, cannot escape by luck.” Maggie nodded, then her look at Zhao Hai said :Zhao Hai, I think these many days, you should also know that our Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp what's the matter, to be honest, present Bones Symbol Camp has been not as before, in the camp does not have anything to take make a move Expert, but I hope you to be able join Bones Symbol Camp, because in Bones Symbol Camp, you are most at least safe, moreover I will say with Camp Lord, after wait for you entered the camp, will concentrate the strength of entire battalion to help you, by your innate skill, if given time, can definitely become moves a side Expert.,...

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : teacher not to need so, I had said meets join Bones Symbol Camp to meet join Bones Symbol Camp, I will not regret.” Maggie nodded, after deep voice said : „, in academy, I to you biggest convenient, you will adapt, so long as you believe that you can complete adaptation machine here Spiritual Qi degree, you be able to come to say with me, I can make you graduate ahead of time.” Zhao Hai nodded, to be honest, he already does not want to stay in academy, he thinks that the quick adaptation machine here Spiritual Qi density, look can by own Level Up, simultaneously he also be thought in goes to leave to live seperately the quick point to machine, is hitting a place, they make several legitimate machine status to Laura, Enable them to be able feel relieved bold in the machine here activity, does not use daily staying in Space. Maggie deep voice said : I have informed Clan, Clan there has come to support, the Clan person also wants to be able most quickly the day after tomorrow, over the two days you must be careful, although these do not dare understand to gather up one's courage large-scale to attack safe, if star, but sends for assassinating, if nothing, you should better not the room over the two days.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, teacher feel relieved.” Maggie nodded, turn around walked. Zhao Hai also knows after this time matter, Bones Symbol Camp settled on him, otherwise Maggie will not say will help him practice such words with the Bones Symbol Camp complete strength. However Zhao Hai from the Maggie words also obtained some information, one was Bones Symbol Camp here now anything was unable to take make a move Expert, this point looked like real. Second is the Maggie status absolutely will not look like superficially is so simple. Zhao Hai after Maggie leave, immediately entered in Space, Laura they looked that Zhao Hai came in immediately to welcome has come up said : Elder Brother Hai, today's matter may really be too dangerous, later the person may probably add 1 much carefully.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be good, you did not need to worry that today Maggie said that after returned to academy, I can go to the adaptation machine here Spiritual Qi density, I think that earlier adapted to the here Spiritual Qi density, earlier leave academy, you can go out for a walk like this, did not need to stay in Space daily.”

Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that immediately happy, this regarding them was really too important they already in the machine this colorful world, already wanted to have a look at this world with own eyes, what a pity did not have this opportunity now a Zhao Hai such saying, their naturally happy. Zhao Hai look at Laura her type appearance, he also with happy, some little time waits for Laura they[ is popular] exerted the vigor to cross, Zhao Hai deep voice said : we must in safe, if on star here dull several days, I prepared to use this several days time, annoyed on-board to have a look, to receive some true Mithril in safe to come in a such Mithril production area, if did not receive some Mithril to go back, that was really a pity.” Laura smiles said : this not to need to worry, we had come here in any case, later can come Elder Brother Hai at any time, I think your present most important promotion my fighting strength, was right, has the words of time, you can also transfer the extension to this mine tunnel city, they buys some gifts for Dins, if Elder Brother Hai you think really, lets Dins they with you, that person unexpected also asked that their strength, gives them to design under one to practice the direction for example mysterious Dins, he is Fire element Magician should now condense Magic Formation, you can give him. Analyzes, making his condense leave most suits his Magic Formation, in helping him also analyzes Magic Formation Formation Set, like this he will remain within, moreover he also because of this, but grateful you, you must enter Bones Symbol Camp now, although said that Maggie said that Bones Symbol Camp there fully will support you, however in any camp, feared that is some influences exists, Elder Brother Hai joining the army of your such high-sounding talk, likely will cause their discontented, therefore you should train some own influences the line.” Zhao Hai static is listening to the Laura words, he thought Laura said is reasonable, if he later join Bones Symbol Camp, that must have own influence, will otherwise be been possibly isolated, but Dins their although was old, but match Zhao Hai is actually not the issue, now in Space can cause prolonging the life some Potion, making them live dozens over a hundred years not to be a problem, moreover increases along with their cultivation level, their lives will also increase, when the time comes they will become will not perhaps accommodate the underestimated strength. So long as Zhao Hai shows by the favor now, later to Bones Symbol Camp, had not feared that their people do not encircle in his side, like his equal to had own influence, did not need to fear anything. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai nodded said : well, listens your, this several days I full practice, right Cai'er, before I have not thought must break through own bottleneck with Potion, you have a look now, many can herbal medicine in Space help me break through to the stars changes Yin-Yang Formula Second Layer, I always felt, if I break through Second Layer, may have the advantage of imagination.” Cai'er complied with one, turn around flew away, the silver child became the Cai'er young personal servant not to stop followed now side Cai'er, but Bubble this fellow, actually liked the nest in the villa, with Laura their blending together, Laura they have also been used to his existence, became the Bubble nose holds the pillow and toy uses. Zhao Hai also being disinclined principle good blister, this fellow although good , but the strength truly is also good, now Zhao Hai also several types of thing put in the Bubble body, making him carry on the technique of Water Refining, these types of thing, are two grown Azure Dragon Snail and Zhao Hai obtain that Bubble that had lived in the serac. Azure Dragon Snail naturally was needless saying that Zhao Hai presently arrived at machine here, so long as built up Azure Dragon Snail, can definitely regard a battleship to come in handy, but that serac itself can live because of Bubble, Water element energy was strong, now although many are useful in the [say / way], but will certainly have in the future in a big way uses. a.