Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1107
Zhao Hai just arrived in Space cultivate for one hour, Cai'er looked for him, Zhao Hai saw that Cai'er knows, Cai'er looks for him for the breakthrough Potion matter that before he wanted. Really, Cai'er arrives at Zhao Hai side said : quietly Young Master, has Potion that can help you break through in Space, but also needs to compound some time, moreover a little you must pay attention, when you break through, needs massive Spiritual Qi, when you break through, can absorb many Spiritual Qi, has very tremendous influence regarding your strength.” Zhao Hai nodded, his understand the meaning of Cai'er, he turned the head look at Cai'er said : that saying that now Space here and academy there Spiritual Qi density is insufficient? After we must try to comply with the machine here Spiritual Qi density, is best truly because of Level Up?” Cai'er nodded said : is Young Master, is this meaning, just Laura Elder Sister their checked, in machine here is gathering spirit Magic Formation, can the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi massive accumulations, moreover I just also had analyzed, so long as the Zhao Hai your adaptation machine here Spiritual Qi density slowly, the Space Spiritual Qi density slowly will also rise, will maintain with the machine here Spiritual Qi density one, therefore you will want Level Up, and after by own Level Up, fighting strength will become stronger words, will should better after is when your adaptation machine here Spiritual Qi density. On the cloth gathering spirit formation, in Level Up, like this after Level Up, you have then been able to absorb massive Spiritual Qi, making own strength be promoted in one time.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that this, after waiting, was saying, Potion that but Level Up needs you prepare to come out first, avoid later troubles.” Cai'er complied with one, turn around walked, Zhao Hai has actually put aside the immediately Level Up thoughts, practiced specially got up he, to the supper time, Zhao Hai came out from Space, he thinks that today some people will provide the supper to him, has not actually thought that he just came out not long after, heard the knock, Zhao Hai spiritual force sweeps, presently outside is standing unexpectedly was Maggie. This to is makes Zhao Hai stare, between he and Maggie cannot say is actually too ripe, Maggie attended class to him, on several he, has been adding on meeting of this several times, the number of times that they have met adds to fear that did not have ten times, now Maggie looks for him unexpectedly, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled. However he was immediately opened door, saw Maggie, pretended appearance said : Teacher Maggie, how did you come?” Maggie looked at Zhao Hai one, shows a faint smile said : what? I unable to come? Daily nest do not practice in the room, the [say / way] of practice is best to alternate tension with relaxation to well, walks, today goes to the dining room to eat, the crew eat in there, with their lively well.” Zhao Hai one hear of Maggie said why this understand she looks for herself, Zhao Hai naturally will not oppose that his immediately/on horseback said : good, the teacher invited.” Maggie nodded, leading Zhao Hai to walk toward the dining room. Zhao Hai also presently he, since he helps Maggie was passing this time crisis, Maggie to his manner lived some changes, this is also Zhao Hai desired. When they arrive at the dining room, really the Spaceship crew in the dining room, looked at Zhao Hai to come, these crew stood to notify them, to Zhao Hai was the enthusiasm. Zhao Hai also knows that they are so warm to themselves. Is because sought their life, their these crew are the one type of allowance very high work, but becomes the people of crew also to represent, their practice innate skill are not good, therefore gets up they is just the average person. Regarding these average people, can find a calm and steady income high work, safe this life, has been they biggest was happy, after all in the matter of this cultivator run all over the place, their these status will not go to that high.

These crew are the average people, they behind the everyone/Great Clan sub- person must support, if they died, although will say Ashley Clan in the family some pension to them, but the living conditions of their family member will certainly suffer a disastrous decline, therefore they regarding rescuing a they time Zhao Hai that are grateful are endless. Zhao Hai does not have put on airs, after many people return a courtesy, with these people sits to together chats the child to get up, Zhao Hai such performance won the favorable impressions of these crew, they have made before long into one piece. Maggie and Krick sit on another a table, that table is a small table, besides them, only then the on the ship two first mates sit in there, person who the person who also in other words, on that table sits, has the status. Krick look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile, turns the headMaggie to be small to Maggie said : The elder sister, it seems like that this time our Bones Symbol Camp came the extraordinary fellow, I think this fellow in Lower Realm, certainly is also a character of Slaughter God rank, otherwise, will not be in that case calm. ” Krick with that two first mates is the person in Bones Symbol Camp, this is also Bones Symbol Camp with other battalion of different landlords, other people incur some practice talents, does not have the interest regarding other people, but Bones Symbol Camp here, is actually who receives, so long as you in that on the one hand displays out of the ordinary innate skill, they will accept you. Maggie smiles said : „, this Zhao Hai is really very good, your don’t know, he currently in academy, had his influence, initially with Magician that his ascend at the same time comes up, besides several special talents, other people gaze by his horse now, this fellow will cultivate the behavior very much, moreover you said also right, I suspected that this fellow in Lower Realm is ten thousand people of slaughters!” Krick they are Bones Symbol Camp only people, what meaning the nature understand ten thousand people of slaughters are, Krick three people of face cannot help but change, can't the Spaceship first mate bear said : ten thousand people of slaughters? Can't? Visits him not like?” Maggie deep voice said : from his these days performance, he is very likely ten thousand people of slaughters, when enters the smelting trial mine tunnel, he has asked me, has killed the Adam six people, can have the matter, when he asked me, on the face was bringing smiling, point killing aura has not come out, in adding on these time the calm performance facing crisis, good the calm performance can only appears in two people, one type is had the self-confidence to own strength, believes that will be Spaceship destroys him not to have the matter, in addition one type of on was simply Not the person who the human life is serious, I think that Zhao Hai is the latter, therefore I affirmed that he is ten thousand people of slaughters.” Krick look at with Zhao Hai that these crew chatted, did not have the means to associate with a butcher of ten thousand people of slaughter him to together goes. However Krick also knows that the people of these practices, all sorts of magical things he is unable to understand, said that he is also curious, has not been saying anything. Spaceship two actually curious to Maggie said : Miss Maggie, Zhao Hai he arrives at radish Ascend Academy how long? Hadn't the talent character like him, how heard before?” Maggie look at they. Pulls down sound speaking sounds: Zhao Hai ascend comes up for one month, you have not certainly heard, do not say, if makes others know that Zhao Hai ascend comes up for one month, has become 1st level Magician, after that he danger.”

Krick their although cannot practice, however all the year round is serving for the flying institute, naturally also knows that ascend one month becomes 1st level Mage is representing anything, such achievement, they in academy such long time, are actually the first time heard that this fully explained Zhao Hai innate skill. Krick three people of cannot help but two eyes one bright, after they Bones Symbol Camp has absorbed, allowance compared with common captain and first mate two on high many, therefore three people very respect regarding Bones Symbol Camp, now one hear of Maggie said that they naturally are happy. Maggie look at Krick said : in the present camp is any situation, you should also know that the Zhao Hai strength is uncommon, innate skill is extremely, from his these time completes the smelting trial the situation that to look, not only he becomes 1st level Magician, moreover he has also achieved one type of very skillful boundary regarding the utilization of law of demon, in the future his show will be limitless, will be because of this, therefore we cannot say his ascend, be only one month, must say outward his ascend had five months, not in not only the words other Clan person will cope with him, feared that will be Clan In other Outer Sect camp will also cope with him, these fellows will not make Bones Symbol Camp rise.” Krick is the Bones Symbol Camp person, is naturally clear regarding the battles among various battalions, their very clear, Maggie did not speak irresponsibly, if after making count to benefit other Clan Outer Sect camp people presently Zhao Hai to have such innate skill, certainly will cope his. Therefore several people nodded, said : Miss Maggie feel relieved, with one voice how we knows does, these years our Bones Symbol Camp has not been short of by the air/Qi of other camps, now left Zhao Hai with great difficulty, naturally cannot make him have the matter.” Maggie nodded, then after two eyes sparkling with divine light said : Zhao Hai, certainly becomes the mainstay of our Bones Symbol Camp, our Bones Symbol Camp rose looks his.” Krick nodded, their very clear, Bones Symbol Camp wants to rise, needs Expert to assume personal command, but now Bones Symbol Camp does not have Expert to assume personal command. Bones Symbol Camp does not lack the fund, Outer Sect camp like them, will assign some funds to come to them to use every year besides Clan, they can also create income. But Bones Symbol Camp although does not have no Expert to assume personal command now, but they make money, that bends one finger in Ashley Clan, but Bones Symbol Camp is also clear, if their made how much money saying that their troubles were big. Because of this, therefore the Bones Symbol Camp here person, such hopes that has one possibly to come out to select greatly Liang's person, but Bones Symbol Camp these year of deteriorations by the long, good point talented person will not come Bones Symbol Camp, therefore Bones Symbol Camp here, did not have one to take make a move Expert now, this became Bones Symbol Camp biggest weak spot. After having dined, Zhao Hai returned to own room, day late, Zhao Hai has not planned to exit today, in returned to Space practiced a while to rest. Next morning, Zhao Hai comes out from Space, has had the breakfast after the dining room, Maggie and these crew came, looked that Zhao Hai must exit, Maggie face cannot help but sinks said : Zhao Hai, do you want to go to that?” Zhao Hai has gawked next step: Teacher, to safe, if star here, I have not exited, outside I want to have a look, they brings some gifts to Dins, safe, if star here produces Mithril, the here Mithril product, the price is cheaper than other places, the Mithril product is very big regarding the help of Magician, therefore I want to buy.” Maggie knit the brows said : not to be good, do not go, now outside is very dangerous, these pirates will possibly pursue to here come, what to do if you exit to have an accident.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have the relationship teacher, I am not a strength to hit back do not have, feel relieved was good, will not have the matter.”

Maggie shook the head, but always closes Zhao Hai in the room is he is also embarrassed, she thinks that said : good, you can go, but I must accompany your together to go.” Zhao Hai stares, embarrassed look at Maggie said : teacher, this is not then good, does not use, I went to be OK.” Maggie coldly snorted said : is not good, either makes me go with your together, either do not exit.” Zhao Hai looked at Maggie one awkwardly, has helpless nod said : good, the teacher walks, was right, how many brothers can also transfer the extension? You looked at anything, calculates my, even if I gives your gift.” Finally these words Zhao Hai was says to these crew. These crew one hear of Zhao Hai said that also has cheered one, supports Zhao Hai to walk outward, Maggie looks is crowded around Zhao Hai in crowd, helpless shaking the head, she is really don’t know is should praise Zhao Hai to be natural, should blame him not to work as money to use money. although said in safe, if star here, the Mithril product be cheaper than other places, but good after is the Mithril product, in cheap also has, but except for the Mithril product, other thing, safe, if star here also compared with on other place expensive some, now safe if star here besides is a minerals star, is a traveling star, the traveling star most major characteristics, is thing is more expensive than other places, Zhao Hai feared today was must big bleeding. Following that Maggie not bears they walks in Zhao Hai outward, actually mine tunnel city here, must, not have the too big difference with other cities, but changed to the mine tunnel the housing, in sky you cannot see Sun, has Magic Formation in the light, other shop anything, with other planet does not have too in a big way are different, just with don't planet compared with, the here Mithril product truly is must many many. Zhao Hai with these Spaceship crew, shouted walking that shouted out to drink on the avenue, the people have not hired a vehicle, but on street optional was strolling, on this street besides some shops, there are many pendulum stalls, there thing did not have what high-quality goods, Zhao Hai to look at one also to turn the head not to look. Is walking Zhao Hai suddenly to feel that has several to include the hostility vision, keeps shooting toward them, Zhao Hai has swept with spiritual force, presently that is several Magician, they are sitting in a small teahouse drink tea, looks like very leisurely and carefree, however their eyes actually once for a while has swept Zhao Hai their here, in the eye the killing intent twinkle. a.