Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1108
The Zhao Hai murder are countless, is most sensitive regarding killing aura, therefore these people with having the killing intent vision are visiting him, Zhao Hai knows that these fellows feared is these pirates. Zhao Hai has not moved the sound, is only in mind Cai'er to Cai'er said :, pays attention to that several Magician in that side teahouse, his picture recording, looks up these pirates who us meet, is look these fellows.” Cai'er complied with one to manage. After Zhao Hai explain/transfer ends, still motionless sound is strolling with these crew, suddenly Zhao Hai presently front has on a shop to have a Magic Staff appearance, moreover that signboard has used many year of types of probably, looks like somewhat ancient. That is the a piece wooden signboard , compared with other these high science and technology signboards, this signboard point is also common, probably is an ugly duckling stands in the swan group is the same. However Zhao Hai actually look at this plain signboard in dull, because he felt that on this signboard transmitted intermittent Magic bo to move unexpectedly, it seems like manufactured Blockhead of this signboard not to be absolutely simple. These crew looked at Zhao Hai to stop, somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, said : Zhao Hai? What dull?” Zhao Hai one recovers, he looked at people one eyes, smiles said : several, walks, goes in that shop to have a look with me, this time I prepare in several friends to academy buy several Magic Staff, must know that here Mithril is very cheap, crossed this village to be possible not to have this shop.” These crew originally accompany Zhao Hai to come out to play, one hear of Zhao Hai said naturally agreed that the people crowd around Zhao Hai to walk toward that shop. That was not a big shop front, Zhao Hai their these time altogether came more than ten individuals, the people entered the shop, the entire shop to pushing full. Zhao Hai has sized up this shop, this is one looks like very ordinary shop, the shelf and cabinet in shop looked like some years are hit the system by Blockhead, above was spreading the glass, looked like very ordinary, suspended system good Magic Staff these Magic Staff in the shelf and cabinet is looking like wooden, style also very plain, on each Magic Staff, had a label, on a that label writes the price. Zhao Hai they, as soon as enters the shop, the robot welcomed, that robot they bows said : welcome to visit to Zhao Hai, what has to need to help?”

Zhao Hai looked at a that robot this is a very ordinary robot, although compared with tinkle Advanced level, but was not too Advanced level goods Zhao Hai has not cared, but said : I needed several Magic Staff, introduced to me these Magic Staff abilities.” That robot immediately/on horseback complied with said :is, please wait a bit.Said that robot arrives at the one side, took a book to come out from a cabinet, then the robot gave Zhao Hai said : mister to look the book „, all Magic Staff materials in here.” Zhao Hai nodded, opens that book to open that book Zhao Hai to know that this thing although seems like a book, actually this thing is actually projection computer, his book size, book immediately will turn into on a screen however to meet release small projection, but on this projection, is three-dimensional Magic Staff, then book automatic the sound, like Zhao Hai introduced that this Magic Staff is the idea thing does, what Magic Formation inside has recorded. Such thing was also rare thing Zhao Hai was taking that book in machine here, to cabinet in these Magic Staff, peaceful taking a seat according to ticket number was then discovering most suits Dins their Magic Staff. Must say that Magician of this shop also is really very good all Magic Staff uses the stick body that the one type of very suitable Magician use the lumber makes, uses the method of intricate carvings in the stick body, carves or five one group of 1st level Magician, or ten two groups of Magic Formation, in the entire shop do not have 3rd level Magic Formation, but this attracted Zhao Hai very much, now Dins's their strengths including 1st level, have not given them to prepare too Advanced level Magic Staff they not to use on, now gave them to prepare 1st level Magic Staff on to be able. Maggie has stood in behind, her look at Zhao Hai very earnest is choosing Magic Staff, cannot help but sighed at heart, to be honest, she really thought now one could not completely understand Zhao Hai more and more, Zhao Hai when ascend came up for one month became 1st level Magician, it can be said that the talent in talent, a such talent, should be normally the arrogance is very right, but Zhao Hai actually not arrogance, old Magician that not only came up with Dins their these ascend was on good terms, when facing these ordinary Spaceship crew, can still turn in the friend, such person may really be too rare. Maggie really cannot think, what place is, can train the person like Zhao Hai, must know these young talents that ascend comes up, in Lower Realm, all are certainly Dingtian the type character, they behind the big influences are supporting, they were always being held, besides the practice, they almost does not need to worry for anything, because of this, therefore these talent characters will foster that arrogant xing. But Zhao Hai actually also wants existence of talent compared with these talent characters, person like him, when was so young on ascend, that explained his back certainly also big influence support, but Zhao Hai was not strange regarding the matter of battle, was not strange regarding the matter in life, moreover did not have a point arrogance, she suspected that Zhao Hai was a butcher of ten thousand people of slaughter ranks, if these type, what that same took to come out not to calculate alone probably, but placed together these type, on demonstrating the Zhao Hai differences. Zhao Hai has bought 15 1st level Magic Staff, with his near twenty thousand machine coin, this walked out from this shop.

Just arrived at outside, the Cai'er sound resounds said : in his head Young Master, the status of that several person has determined, is beforehand attack Spaceship the people in these pirates, I have verified their status, absolutely mistakenly.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, then gently toward retreat two steps, to the Maggie side, to Maggie said :teacher, these pirates pursued in a soft voice, is waiting for us in not the far place, moreover now we had been surrounded, you looked that is the brothers on mister these Spaceship goes back. Maggie stares, then face one cold, turns the head to Zhao Hai in a soft voice said : determination?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be very definite, I to killing aura very sensitive, moreover glances does not perish, just before going to buy Magic Staff, I saw the person who several Magician appearance drank tea in such teahouse, I just careful has thought that that several people, I have seen on the Spaceship screen probably, besieged the Spaceship person, moreover now I felt that four sides has transmitted killing aura, it seems like they were the preparation begin.” Maggie now to Zhao Hai is the extreme trust, her immediately/on horseback said : good, my immediately lets these crew leave.” Zhao Hai shaking the head said : of gently cannot say directly that otherwise these fellows will possibly begin to these crew, quite makes us divert attention, teacher you, so long as guarded against them to be OK, this matter I said.” Maggie nodded, spiritual force has cannot help but raised, Zhao Hai looked at all around one, has sneered, then turn around arrives around these crew, laughs said : fellow brothers, today I have bought several good Magic Staff, these Magic Staff have in a big way uses, to celebrate me buys thing, I asked everyone/Great Clan to drink, front that bar looked like on the good appearance, we walked.” Said that is pointing at a roadside bar. These crew although understand Zhao Hai why suddenly do not ask them to drink, but there is a liquor to drink is also the good deed, these fellows are impolite with Zhao Hai, have cheered one, when first runs toward that bar. Zhao Hai look at them to run, cannot help but stands in there laughs said : „your fellows, hears to drink, running is quicker than anyone, I thought that I do not go, who pays a bill to you.” No matter these crew actually these, including two like cracking a joke is said : we drinks up counts your account, making them ask you to ask for money, the brothers half step, we take two bottles of nice wines today.” Zhao Hai one hear worries to run in the direction of bar probably, ran while said : I to say the brothers, do not go too far, I may not have how much money.” He fully displayed a flaw of Magician body, running slow of , waited for these crew to enter the bar, he has not run up to in front of the door of bar. Maggie look at Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but secret admiring, Zhao Hai was only several words makes in that bar these crew, moreover his performance naturally, a point could not see the flaw. In this time, Zhao Hai suddenly is calling out, then his front appears suddenly Magic Formation, then Great Sword flew from Magic Formation, shoots toward second floor of bar, fast.

This sword in the past, bar second floor window there of spatial different person, actually appears suddenly one layer Magic protective shield, had blocked Great Sword that Zhao Hai release went. However Zhao Hai after release that Great Sword, afterward is five overlay Magic Formation Set, departs fiery red from this Magic Formation Set long spear, pursues to strike the buttocks of Great Sword behind toward that Magic protective shield in that. In that Magic covers, faint may see a person's shadow, but long what actually cannot see clearly, that person of protective shield has blocked that with ease Great Sword, that but comes afterward fiery red by long spear he has not actually blocked, that long spear looked like punctures a paper to be the same, easily Magic protective shield puncturing, then punctured in human, that person just with enough time called out pitifully a sound, that long spear on sound explosion. After with a bang sound loud noise, that person was flown by complete exploding, but makes people feel what is unusual, that person of although was killed, but that bar besides the window glass by the scrap, was not having other to lose. But at this time Zhao Hai had not actually stopped, is five overlay Magic Formation Set, appears , then this Magic Formation Set fierce one exploded, one group of Dark mist were also centered on this Magic Formation Set, rapid covered the trim street, this piece of block immediately became puts out a hand not to see the five fingers a.