Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1109
Chapter 35 chooses a battlefield Sought the subscription, asked to hit to enjoy, asks, watched the floating astronomy study literary show, clear(ly) space presented respectfully! .................................................................................... Dark mist dispersing, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback fluttered the Maggie side, said : teacher, I can feel their position in a soft voice, but we in this Dark mist, they actually could not find our positions, if they just entered Dark mist, we can cope with them.” Maggie nodded, she felt, own Divine Sense in this Dark mist, was suppressed greatly, must know that Maggie is 5th level Magic Formation, her Divine Sense is very strong, however in this Dark mist, her Divine Sense can only feel that unexpectedly leaves about 500 meters distance, this looks like in Maggie, simply is impossible. Zhao Hai deep voice said : teacher, goes one with me first that tavern, making these crew find a safe place, my Magic can hold some time, but if they use Light Element method attack time, that most can only hold following about ten minutes lets these crew leave using these days, we can go all out one independently.” Maggie nodded said : ten minutes to let their leave fully, moreover do not forget, but here safe, if the star, here has the security guard, our here makes such big move, has alarmed these security guards, ten minutes of team they can rush fully.” Zhao Hai nodded, could not attend to that many, caught the body of Maggie, personal appearance flashes entered that small liquor. The person in bar also knows that now outside has looked unfamiliar the war, all people do not dare to send out, some people have hidden the table to be low. That Magic that Zhao Hai just used not only the street covering, in this small tavern also had is covered, but this Magic has not affected regarding Zhao Hai, after his then Maggie entered tavern, immediately loosened Maggie hand said : teacher, first do not move, I look for them.” Maggie had not shaken hand by the man, now the blushing heartbeat, that can also refute the Zhao Hai words, she nodded, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, to liquor table there, just that several crew had drunk in here obviously, hears the explosion sound, their immediately hid under the table. Zhao Hai to that table there, looked at their appearances, cannot help but funny, he knocked table said : to be good, do not hide.” Said that his hand one moving, ray of light covered appears , Dark mist divergence of table there slowly, 1 u left that several crew.

That several crew hear the Zhao Hai sound to stare, look up Zhao Hai to stand in there look at they, several people stare, then fiercely jumped. Zhao Hai made one to ban sound hand signal said : to be good, listening to me saying that these attack our pirates run, just I fought them, your present immediately/on horseback follow him, he will deliver to a safe place you, has remembered, only if he disappeared, otherwise do not come out.” Was saying Zhao Hai while waved to summon a skeleton. These crew also know that at this time did not say anything time, immediately/on horseback nodded, followed that skeleton, Zhao Hai then flashes body to the Maggie side. Maggie now already calm, her spiritual force although was suppressed, but all he in tavern knows that he also saw the matter that Zhao Hai handles, looks at Zhao Hai to come back now, her immediately/on horseback said : outside haven't these people to Dark mist attack, been they do not plan attack?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : is not, they also encircle in Dark mist outside, but does not have attack, possibly is thinks that on we think their not attack, is this is the danger, they do not worry to move, is representing safe, if security guard a short time appears of star here, they cannot the feel relieved bold motion.” Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but slightly stares, then shook the head said :this not to be impossible, if safe the star turns over to three big influences to grasp together, nobody can simultaneously bribe three big influences. Zhao Hai nodded said : that is they use other methods, the here security guard transferring to a new job, Teacher, I thought that we must find the way to cope with them, best is breaks through.” Maggie nodded said : well, can you feel, is their there encirclement ring quite weak?” Maggie existing somewhat regretted really that regretted one these time was extremely negligent, on entire Spaceship, met the Magic person, only then she with Zhao Hai two, other crew was some average people, simply busily could not add on. Moreover Maggie is not a fool, his very clear, they and these pirates made war such long time, but safe, if on -board these security guards did not have appears , this explained that the opposite party has made the completely safe preparation, today was must keep here them. Thinks of this one layer, Maggie immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, feared that was we have broken through, they will not let off easily our, the Clan person also wanted tomorrow to arrive most quickly in the evening, over the two days a night of time, we will be very dangerous.” Zhao Hai thinks that said : teacher, I think us to need a decisive battle the place, in this city hits definitely is not good, could not let loose trick/hand and foot not saying that might also implicate innocently, if after fired off, the people of three big influences in looked for us, that was also terrible business, was adding on their people many, in the city was very easy to surround us, we needed a terrain more complex, environment that was suitable we to make to fight.”

Did Maggie nod said : „you are is not most adept to Black Magic? So long as we entered the mine tunnel, should suit us to do to fight?” Zhao Hai one hear of Maggie said that two eyes bright said : suddenly teacher, I to has thought of a good place, so long as we direct there them, I can guarantee that they have not to return.” Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said what cannot help but said : you said is there? Isn't that smelting trial mine tunnel?” Zhao Hai nodded said : that smelting trial mine tunnel, Teacher, Dark Energy in that mine tunnel very thick, insurance must enter there, my Black Magic can wield 100% Might, my Darkness in the coordination summoned Magic, they died.” Maggie has gawked, then knit the brows said : this to be good? Do you know the road of that mine tunnel? Moreover that mine tunnel leaves here to be so far, these people with?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : certainly will, they must kill us, we more run toward the remote place, they will jump over happy, what most important is, we these fellows directing, these crew were safe, I think that these Magician and Warrior, should not have crew make a move of hitting back ability to these specially? Previous time I go to smelting trial mine tunnel time, the there way recognizing ripe, the teacher your feel relieved was good.” Maggie nodded said : this to arrive is, they not easily to these not Magic crew make a move, good, goes to there.” Maggie presently, unknowingly, she has not been the Zhao Hai horse gazes. Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, the teacher follows me, we run out of their encirclement rings first, then in the mine tunnel runs outside.” This Zhao Hai in has not met Maggie, but was the personal appearance moves to flutter gently, Maggie also hastily fluttered. Zhao Hai felt direction speeding up of these people suddenly fly toward a bar opposite street, Maggie, Zhao Hai at this time had also put out Magic Staff, this Magician is not the Blood Lotus stick, but is Magician that he just bought today, belongs to Light Element Magic Staff. Maggie looked that Zhao Hai puts out Light Element Magician to stare, must know that in Inferior level Magic, the Light Element Magic attack strength can be said as weakest, wants, when Advanced level time, Light Element Magic Might will appear, what now does Zhao Hai put out Light Element Magic Staff to make? After Zhao Hai puts out Light Element Magic Staff, turns the head to Maggie said : teacher, a while do not forget to close the eye.”

Maggie understand Zhao Hai must make anything, she cannot help but darkly approved one, Zhao Hai was a Magician this point of entire department she already knows, but Zhao Hai existence that now only then the 1st level strength, most sets the base in Magician, but if he utilized all Magic incomparable skillful, and used in the words of most matter suitable position, his strength did not allow to look down upon. The law and Lower Realm demon Magic was also interlinked, in Lower Realm, one is Magician, when Inferior level other is very formidable, naturally, the premise is they can use Magic skillfully, moreover must use Magic, this will use Magic to suitable Magic use in the suitable place. A attack strength is not very strong Magic, appropirateness that so long as you utilize, same can kill people, even if were the person grasped strongest Magic, you did not meet to use, that also wasted, therefore had a few words in Magic, in this world did not have trash Magic, only then fool Magician. Now these prepare attack their people, in centralized attention look at this piece of Dark mist, their suddenly flushed at this time, then used intense Light Element Magic, even if were Inferior level Light Element Magic, compared with luminous of mine tunnel here on many, many Magician in a short time will certainly lose one's sight, they could not see thing, will be naturally flurried, they can seize the opportunity escape. They arrived at that street there quickly, Maggie also felt that in that street crossroad there, two very secret spiritual wave moved, it seems like defended in this crossroad two Magician. These two spiritual wave move very secretive, before she had not felt, even if the present also has the one type of vague feeling, if has not concentrated the attention, feared that is this feeling does not have. This makes Maggie to Zhao Hai surprised, her 5th level Magician, cannot feel that existences of these Magician, but the Zhao Hai clear feeling, this was too strange, Zhao Hai is spiritual force stronger than her? Is entering in this, Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff wields, exploding suddenly drinks said : exposure technique!” Along with his voice, that in hand that Magic Staff, suddenly reappears five overlay Magic Formation, then this Magic Formation fierce exploding, changed to has made one intensely incomparable light, this light all turned into white all around, but that two are monitoring Dark mist Magician, felt own is sharp-eyed a stabbing pain, then anything looks to disappear! roa.