Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1110
....................................................................................... Zhao Hai has not actually managed that two people, sinks to drink said :to walk.Said, when flies first toward alley. If according to former Zhao Hai character, he gave these two Magician to make up two blades absolutely, extinguished them directly, but Maggie follows now side him, he actually cannot such do, because he does not want to make Maggie know his card in a hand. Their fast is flying on the street, all around Zhao Hai release the flying needle went to the scout terrain, walks there is not the impasse, walking there can in quicker arrival mine tunnel clear. Maggie more flies to Zhao Hai is curious, sees Zhao Hai to rove in this mine tunnel in the city, although they afterward were also pursuing large quantities of Magician, but has not actually stopped up has been to them, Zhao Hai probably is very familiar is the same to the here street. Is thinking in Maggie this time time, she presently she came out from in the city with Zhao Hai, to ore cave entrance there, but on that mine tunnel actually gathers round with together the railing, above writes smelting trial mine tunnel entrance, the no admittance!” Inscription. Maggie has not thought really that they transferred are transferring were changing to here unexpectedly, in this time, Zhao Hai is wielding, a law lost, that railing one was exploded large hole, when then Zhao Hai flew first. Maggie without enough time had also thought at this time, flew, but Maggie can feel that following these Magician, have not stopped, but entered in the mine tunnel with them, Maggie can feel, followed these Magician behind him, basically did not have 5th level, highest was also 4th level. The Maggie strength is higher, but Maggie actually does not dare to turn round to fight with them, because the person of opposite party were too many in the city to transfer that many circles, Maggie felt, pursued in their behind these Magician, minimum also wanted 50 people of these also all has not been Magician, part of Warrior . Moreover the strengths of these people were not weak, worst was also 2nd level, in this case, she, if turned round one to fight, that guarantee was to die Unborn. Maggie roves in the mine tunnel with Zhao Hai, these Magician after behind were in hot pursuit just in the city, these Magician and Warrior possibly feared that destroyed the construction of in the city, therefore does not dare to use Magic Formation Sword Qi however to this mine tunnel at will, did not have that many worries, once for a while will have Magic and Sword Qi shoots to them, they hurried along, but also wanted while was hiding these thing. Their flight are quick, is adding on this mine tunnel is also not a straight line, disorderly, these Magician to had not overtaken them. exceed walks Dark Energy toward inside is thick, although in Zhao Hai already the really strange silver and silver child received in Space, but the accumulation of here long time massive Dark Energy, are actually not being that easily can dissipate, therefore arrives at here to feel very thick Dark Energy. However obviously pursues Zhao Hai their these Magician not to care about this, when pursues this mine tunnel they know here is a smelting trial mine tunnel, moreover safe, if the star here smelting trial mine tunnel may the present minute famous, these pursue in Zhao Hai their people, some also smelting trial in this mine tunnel, therefore they know that this mine tunnel regarding their such level Magician and Warrior, is not any danger, therefore each and every one pursues vigorously. Maggie has followed in Zhao Hai speaks the truth these time to arrive at this mine tunnel with Zhao Hai, Maggie also compels unable, Maggie looked that this time has chased down their people, plan very meticulous transferred to a new job the in the city security guards, moreover these many people gather round them, is must evidently to him in the deathtrap.

If in the city makes war, that can injure to arrive innocently, will otherwise cause very big destruction to in the city, when the time comes was the matter has solved, people in three big influence, might very much with this excuse, was difficult like Clan, must really be, Clan will certainly not let off Bones Symbol Camp, she does not want to annoy troublesome to Bones Symbol Camp. Because of this, therefore Maggie will agree that with Zhao Hai to this mine tunnel, to here comes, not only for the securities of these crew, simultaneously Maggie also wants to annihilate these fellows, even if cannot annihilate, can use in the mine tunnel the complex incomparable terrain, these fellows getting rid. They quick that flies in front, these Magician do not pursue slowly, both sides are only separated by about 500 meters, such short distance, these Magician are impossible to pursue loses, Magic bo that so long as keeps along Zhao Hai and Maggie moved to pursue unable to lose, gathered situation sometimes, these Magician can also see Zhao Hai and Maggie back, therefore they pursued happier. Follows behind to keep in Zhao Hai toward Maggie of forward flight, now could not recognize the road, she believes Zhao Hai, if throws her now in here, she definitely could not return to the ground. In this time Zhao Hai suddenly deep voice said : teacher, was paying attention, front arrived, enters smelting trial mine tunnel there, immediately follows me.” Maggie nodded. Maggie just a nod, they entered the mine tunnel, entered the mine tunnel, Zhao Hai immediately dark Black Magic lost, this dark Black Magic not only let Dark Energy in this mine tunnel strong, Magic bo that can also conceal them flew the place to produce to move. After putting this Magic, Zhao Hai immediately brought Maggie to hide in a nearby small mine tunnel, then stood in there is motionless. Maggie has not made noise, she stands in the there static feeling, having a look at many people to pursue them to come. They just entered that mine tunnel, these Magician pursued, Maggie careful has counted, my goodness, has 78 people. Zhao Hai deep voice said :78, 40 Magician, 38 Warrior, 2nd level has 18, is Warrior, 3rd level 40, 20 Magician, 20 Warrior, 20 4th level Magician, the scene is not small, um, is not right, two Dead-soldier, it seems like these fellows really firmly decided.,... Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, in a soft voice said : Dead-soldier? Dead-soldier?” She just may not have to feel that outside these people also has Dead-soldier, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that she cannot help but somewhat was shocked. Zhao Hai nodded said : they, probably the equivalent to 3rd level Warrior strength has almost hidden the truth from me, is very strong.” Did Maggie wrinkle under brow said : gently what to do that present?” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Maggie one, shows a faint smile said : now? Easy to do, they had 80 people today not to run, they will become in my undead army.”

Said that Zhao Hai waved, along with his hand signal, his side appears Space rift, along with this Space rift appears , in large quantities of Undead Creature Space flushed, throws outward. But makes Maggie feel what is shocking, these Undead Creature are inexhaustibly is probably same, does not calculate appears from Space rift, Maggie can also count most from the beginning, to finally actually already complete could not count, were too many. If only the quantity, Maggie extremely in being startled, what most important is, these undead strengths, these undead strengths are very strong, although is poorer than their here 1st level Magician, but this strength places machine here, is not considered as that worst. Machine here Magician level, with according to using the quantity of law of demon comes depending on deciding, however such depending on decides, is very unfair regarding Magician that Lower Realm ascend comes up. Magician that Lower Realm ascend comes up, has not studied law of the demon, therefore they empty some Magic , the impossible show to divide 100% strengths, according to the estimate of Maggie, Lower Realm Ascenders, minimum has about 3rd level Magician spiritual force, because of not law of the demon, they will arrive at machine this time time most from the beginning, including the 1st level Magician title does not have, this will obviously be unfair. If tired does not use law and the military sword of the demon, machine here many 3rd level Magician and 3rd level Warrior, does not have Magician and Warrior that Lower Realm ascend comes up is strong, can say that machine here evaluates Warrior and Magician way, regarding Ascender, is very unfair. However this world originally is unfair, was born in Lower Realm, can only blame you to come not well, you actually cannot blame the heaven, this is the fact. But these Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release goes, really have near 1st level Magician strength, this was already great existence. The machine here person, is not to Lower Realm Magic complete looks does not glance, in law of the demon absorbed massive Lower Realm Magic to manufacture, therefore Maggie regarding Lower Realm Magic also completely understand, his very clear, Lower Realm Magician can manufacture some Undead Creature to work as own summoned creatures, this method can also use in machine here, but machine here nobody will use, summoned creatures that because such manufactured, the strength was very low, simply used not, machine here was casual a average person, can hit ten such. summoned creatures. These summoned creatures that however Zhao Hai release comes, each strength has near 1st level Magician strength, this is makes her be startled really, such strength, do not say deals with the average person, even if the person of general practice is not these Undead Creature matches. In machine here, besides arrives at 9th level Magician and soldier, some practice, they cannot be called into level practice, these practice were also divided into 9th level, generally is called Apprentice, Warrior Apprentice and Magician Apprentice. Only then passed Apprentice 9th level, official becomes 1st level Magician, can be true Magician, therefore before 1st level Magician, some people practice, but these people not too have paid attention. However did not pay attention not to express that these person of fighting strength do not have, quite, these Apprentice compared with average person, but much better, especially these 9th level Apprentice, have almost been able to achieve the 1st level Magician rank, fighting strength does not allow to look down upon, if 4th level Magician, were given to sphere by 100 people of 9th level Apprentice, finally that dies possibly was that 4th level Magician.

The demon magic studies disciple with the Magician biggest difference is, the demon magic studies apprentice cannot study law of the demon, did not mean that does not make them study, because their spiritual force are insufficient, could not study law of the demon, but they can study these ordinary Magic, during study ordinary Magic, they must familiar Magic Formation, to help the future be able as far as possible law of the demon. Can say machine here ordinary demon magic studies disciple, on person compared with Lower Realm ascend, difference is spiritual force, but their also merit, is to Magic Formation compared with Magician that Lower Realm ascend comes up familiar. But often spiritual force is most important, because of Magic Formation can the later student, but wants the spiritual force cultivate until 1st level Magician rank, is not that easy, the has plenty demon magic studies disciple because of the card in 9th level demon magic studies disciple there, for a lifetime cannot become 1st level Magician. Because has such level division, therefore sees Zhao Hai release these many, Undead Creature of equivalent to 9th level demon magic studies disciple, Maggie that can not be surprised. Zhao Hai does not have release too many undead to live, only then 10,000, but this sub- Undead Creature is not that ordinary Undead Creature, their bodies may put on bone armor. Puts on bone armor Undead Creature, when Underworld there, is Zhao Hai elite troops, but arrived at here, Zhao Hai actually does not dare to make these ordinary Undead Creature exit with the enemy to fighting, then with courting death has not counted the difference. Now in Zhao Hai Space put on bone armor Undead Creature to cross thirty thousand, but went to ten thousand Undead Creature in this Zhao Hai only release. After release ten thousand Undead Creature, Zhao Hai turns the head to walk the teacher to Maggie said :, outside we have a look, when extinguished these people, we can know that they were that person.” Maggie one recovers, she turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, are these you summoned creatures that brings from Lower Realm? Are they you manufacture?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, I in Lower Realm learn one type of Secret Technique, have been able to use the special method, some low level Undead Creature, builds up high level Undead Creature, these Undead Creature are I manufactures.” Maggie look at Zhao Hai, face somewhat white said : „are these people you kill?” Zhao Hai one hear of Maggie said that has gawked, then nodded said : is, this is only part, many, because the refinement failure is unusable.” Maggie face was whiter, her look at Zhao Hai said : how many people have that you altogether killed?” The Zhao Hai look at Maggie appearance, shows a faint smile said : „you are good of don’t know.” Said that Zhao Hai went out of the mine tunnel, outside of mine tunnel, these Undead Creature already and these Magician and Warrior exchange hands. The Maggie look at Zhao Hai appearance, face to be uglier, she now has believed entirely, Zhao Hai in Lower Realm, certainly is a character of devil level, to manufacture Undead Creature, can kill these many people unexpectedly, such person introduces Bones Symbol Camp him, don’t know is the good deed or the misdemeanor. a.