Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1111
Chapter 37 fire temple Zhang Family At the same night expels one chapter, coming up early, hopes the everyone/Great Clan support, clear(ly) space thanks politely! ........................................................................ Standing of Zhao Hai calm in there look at outside fight, just he was deliberately said that the person of original homicide were many enough, therefore he did not fear that made Maggie know, what response can have a look at Maggie while convenient is. Maggie static standing in the Zhao Hai side, the fight in although her eye look at mine tunnel, her two eyes is however empty, obviously her thoughts not in there. Just the Zhao Hai words regarding her impact were really very big, her never expected, looked like sunlight genial Zhao Hai unexpectedly is a character of devil level, to refine summoned creatures unexpectedly has killed ten thousand people. Such procedure no matter in that Space, is the character of devil rank, feared that was in Demon Realm there, the person like Zhao Hai were not many. Thought of here, Maggie cannot help but turns the head to look at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai now the situation in serious look at field, his expression looks like somewhat intense. Maggie has gawked, she looks hastily toward the field in that she thinks in the field had any has troubled, these Undead Creature could not stand off these Magician. When Maggie looked when the situation in appearance cannot help but has gawked, because these Undead Creature in field, now soon encircling have killed these Magician, can say that a form excellence, in this case does Zhao Hai do seriously? Maggie and don’t know, in the Zhao Hai eye, these Undead Creature are not tools, they are the living lives, they is a special race, their equal to is Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, but in just, Zhao Hai felt, this fight, so far, he died several hundred Undead Creature under the hand/subordinate , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai such serious. The fight holds following the time is not very long, these Undead Creature are Zhao Hai in hand Elite, their normally is dull, when Hell Space, not only the pure practice, they will also practice Battle Formation, the practice coordinates , because of such practice, therefore coordinate very skillful between these Undead Creature, these Magician naturally are not the matches.

Is less than one hour, 80 people were eliminated completely, Maggie when noting the fights of these Undead Creature, has tarried, coordination between these Undead Creature are really fantastic, even if the machine here best army, cannot make such coordination, all these were too mysterious. The fight ended, Zhao Hai waved, received these Undead Creature, these killed Undead Creature also received, these killed Undead Creature, will be brought in returned to Hell Space, buries on Bone Mountain, this became Undead Creature is traditional. After receiving these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai looked at these killed Magician and Warrior corpse, has hesitated, met to begin, one group of black gas the corpses of these people surrounding. This black gas cannot turn into Undead Creature these corpses, in this group of black gas, Zhao Hai added hundred overlay Magic Formation, but Magic Formation of this hundred overlay, doing of sole with is, turns into Undead Creature these corpses. Original Zhao Hai does not want to be so troublesome, meets these corpses really turns into Undead Creature, then lost to the world in has been OK, but afterward analyzed Magic Formation after Universal Analyzer time, actually appears such Layers Magic Formation, this Layers Magic Formation is also first hundred overlay Magic Formation that Zhao Hai grasped. If ordinary changes Undead Creature the corpse, naturally does not have troublesome what, uses this Layers Magic Formation, turns into Undead Creature the corpse, not only can maintain their intelligence and remembers, but can also maximum limit maintain their strengths, for example Magician, originally is 4th level Magician, if Zhao Hai with the beforehand ordinary method, even if underwent the improvement of Space, but also on equivalent to Lower Realm God Rank Expert, in machine here, but idea in 8th level to the 9th level demon magic studies disciple, simply did not use law of the demon. But Formation Set of use this hundred overlay, turns into the Undead Creature words the corpse, that Undead Creature will maintain the 4th level Magician strength, this will be the place that Zhao Hai will most settle on, because he cannot make Maggie see hundred overlay the scenes, therefore he with Dark mist there coating. Before long Zhao Hai received Magic, Magician and Warrior that these died, again have stood, their weapon still take in their in hand, their strengths also completely obtained the preservation, but Zhao Hai, for does not let Maggie presently their characteristics, turned into the appearance of skeleton these Magician and Warrior. Then Zhao Hai immediately has carried on the interrogation to these Undead Creature, after having interrogated these Undead Creature, does Zhao Hai turn the head to Maggie said : teacher, Ashley Clan and fire temple Zhang Family has a grudge?” Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then face does change said : fire temple Zhang Family? These did Undead Creature say?” Because these Undead Creature are skeleton shapes, they naturally do not have the means view, Zhao Hai interrogated their times, use was communicate that spiritual force carried on, Maggie naturally cannot hear among them to say anything. Zhao Hai nodded said : is, fire temple Zhang Family, this their target is the teacher you, you have killed the teacher, then puts up the calamity to Adam Clan, if Aljilji Clan and Adam Clan makes war, they can be efficient.”

Maggie coldly snorted said : Zhang Family, unexpectedly is Zhang Family, is good to want, is really great.” Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at Maggie, Maggie look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, the matter to this situation, I have not used in hiding the truth from you, I actually am the Ashley Clan current Patriarch Thunderous Ashley's sixth daughter, my mother am Ascender that Lower Realm comes, afterward had married my father, but my father is not good to my mother, my mother is finally elegant, but finally, my mother ascend came up at that time time, is the Bones Symbol Camp person, because I do not like the struggle in Clan fighting, therefore arrives at Bones Symbol Camp wonderful ancient Ascend Academy, when teacher, but when I was young, my father gave me to subscribe one. The gate wedding, with the person who I become engaged, is fire temple Zhang Family third son, opens Mingyue!” Zhao Hai one hear of Maggie said that cannot help but selected eyebrow said : to say Ashley Clan was good with Zhang Family relationship?” Maggie sneers said : „is not only good, Zhang Family was known as that is the Ashley Clan most faithful ally, has not thought really that this ally unexpectedly is the Ashley Clan biggest enemy.” Zhao Hai look at Maggie said : what to do does teacher plan?” Maggie sneers said : what to do also to be able, after going back, immediately reported this matter to my father, although he was not much to my mother, but no matter what, he was also my father, I was the Ashley Clan person, if Ashley Clan, I will not have the auspicious day but actually.” Zhao Hai look at Maggie said : teacher, I, if you, I now do not tell your father this information, he did believe did not say first, even if were Thaksin, met immediately to meet Zhang Family to make war? If your two clans made war, that finally cheap is also other Clan.” Maggie has gawked, then lightly wrinkles „is also reasonable, but if did not tell him who under brow said : you said this matter, that Ashley Clan did not have on a protection to Zhang Family, to possibly also will be planned finally by Zhang Family.” Zhao Hai also lightly wrinkled the brow, he also knows Maggie said is reasonable, but if said to Patriarch now, that Ashley Clan and Zhang Family certainly will have a falling out, this to Ashley Clan also very disadvantageous. said it, looks at the Maggie appearance, can general guess, Maggie with his father, relationship fears is not much, Maggie said that feared that will be his father does not believe. However is Patriarch, management should have some discretion? Even if he does not believe that also will have guarded to Zhang Family, this has the advantage to Ashley Clan.

Thinks that here Zhao Hai nodded said : to remind your father to be also good, but you are best to remind your father, first do not get angry with Zhang Family, this matter too many to know, otherwise, might very much officially with Zhang Family made war, then may not have the advantage to Ashley Clan.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Maggie cannot help but wrinkled under the brow, although she with her father's relationship is not good, but regarding her father, she very found that is a very obstinate person, does not listen to the criticism, if she told her father, his father feared that does not believe that will not make others know like Zhao Hai will say, but will make the talk of the town. Thinks of here, Maggie cannot help but sighs said : to consider as finished, this matter I process, do not mention this matter with anyone.” Zhao Hai nodded, looks at the Maggie appearance, Zhao Hai knows that the here surface also has certainly other matters, but these are not he can control, he does not want to manage. Waved, these skeleton income of newly receiving to Space, actually accidental has not heard in Space to transmit the prompt sound, this in reason, in unexpected of Zhao Hai. Before when Space some income strength formidable Undead Creature, other Undead Creature, almost with Level Up, but this time he received in Space these many formidable Undead Creature, Space did not have Level Up. Changes mind thinks that Zhao Hai also thought understand, actually this situation was not first time appears in Space, since he received first Underworld Undead Creature, Space has made the adjustment to Undead Creature. Has not reached the False God level regarding these strengths Undead Creature, Space will promote to the strength of False God level automatically, achieved Undead Creature of False God level regarding these strengths, Space will not have been giving him to promote level, but will make these Undead Creature practice , to promote level slowly. Possibly is because Space has regarded a special race to process Undead Creature, therefore meets appears this situation, if beforehand Space regards Undead Creature is one type of Cyborg-type object, already gave these Undead Creature Level Up. although has some disappointments, but regarding Space such processing method, Zhao Hai is acceptable, because he has regarded a special race these Undead Creature first, he naturally cannot oppose that Space the procedure, in fact Space with according to his wish, these adjustments that makes. roa.