Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1112
Maggie looked at Zhao Hai to take back Undead Creature, this relaxed, now she can affirm finally that Zhao Hai in Lower Realm, has not certainly done this murder to turn into the Undead Creature matter, light looked now he does such conveniently can know. Waited for Zhao Hai to receive Undead Creature, Maggie turned the head look at Zhao Hai, obviously she spoke and other Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at Maggie said : teacher, I just know from their there that this time they altogether came 100 people, 80 people chased down us, 20 people, reception desk there, has prepared to catch the whole lot in a dragnet our people, can the don’t know reception desk there person, support us to go back?” Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but face color changes, then deep voice said : reception desk there has some defense force, if at that time the opposite party went was some 3rd level or 4th level Magician, feared that was very difficult to defend, but there had Xin Pu to assume personal command, Xin Pu present strength although is not very strong, but also basically can be 3rd level Magician, should be able to deal with one, we a bit faster went back.” Zhao Hai thinks, deep voice said : teacher, I can Space Divergent Technique, we be able now through Space returned to reception desk there, but after arriving at there, my strength will vanish most, in wants to oppose the enemy is difficult.” Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes bright said : "OK, immediately/on horseback went back, the matter that opposed the enemy gives me to be good. ” Zhao Hai nodded, putting on airs read several Incantation, then gives the hand signal that several he did not understand very much, this was long Space passage, has gone in Maggie together, next quarter they already appears in in the room of reception desk. They just arrived at the room to hear an intermittent explosive sound on hearing outside, Zhao Hai have pretended face color white appearance said : teacher, I must control one's breathing, remaining looked your.” Maggie nodded, turn around walks outward, was quick she to arrive at the hall, arrived at hall Maggie on understand, why reception desk here can ting such long time, reception desk here unexpectedly in having one defends Magic Formation. Machine here defense Magic Formation is different from Lower Realm defense Magic Formation, machine here defense Magic Formation, what use is Crystal Stone takes the energy, therefore defense energy defended Magic Formation don’t know compared with Lower Realm many. But this Crystal Stone is these Crystal Stone in Zhao Hai Space, Zhao Hai initially, when saw that these Crystal Stone somewhat are surprised, he has not thought that Crystal Stone in oneself Space, unexpectedly is the Comprehend the world here most important resources. Maggie looked, this protective shield the entire reception desk surrounding, but Xin Puzheng stands in protective shield, once for a while shoots several Magic to outside these Magician, looked that his appearance to does not worry. However Maggie is not quite at heart good, from the reception desk here situation, Thailand, if the security guard of star did not have presently, this regarding Maggie is not good information, because of this on behalf, safe, if the star here person were really possibly bought. If safe the star is the important Mithril habitat, three big influences to here control is very strict, now one these many Magician, the in the city war, however the in the city security guard did not have presently, this can only explain that these security guards feared was transferred already to a new job, moreover was transferred to a new job by their people on one's own side. If so, matter that these time moves, feared that is not only fire temple Zhang Family, because fire temple Zhang Family feared that does not have such big energy. However this thought transferred in the head of Maggie, she in has not thought toward deep, this matter only depends on her strength, is impossible to find out anything to come, now first solves this to encircle was saying.

Thinks that here Maggie moved, must know that Maggie may be 4th level Magician, although she does not like the battle, however has worked as such long time teacher, her majority of time used on research Magic Formation, therefore she regarding the use of Magic Formation, but left general Magician. If in common situation, because the fight is inexperienced, Maggie will possibly suffer a loss to these Magician, but the present is the Maggie station defends in Magic Formation, is putting Magic to these Magician, this is different, others cannot hit her, she can actually project on others, in this tenon situation, the opposite party naturally suffers a loss. The opposite party present suddenly appears Maggie, why although don’t know Maggie has also been able suddenly appears in here, but they can actually affirm that their assassination failed. target that this time they mainly assassinate is Maggie, they encircled bar there Maggie, has prepared the subsequent party, wants to come in them, such as Fruit Wine there lets slip, was broken through by Maggie, that Maggie meets returned to reception desk here, but they have also ambushed in reception desk here the person, Maggie, if runs toward reception desk here, cannot escape their assassinations. However unfortunately, that completely common Zhao Hai, made their plans fail in their eyes, Maggie and Zhao Hai simply did not have returned to reception desk here, but ran up to smelting trial mine tunnel there. But these chase down Zhao Hai their people, entered smelting trial mine tunnel here, therefore in the person of reception desk here ambush, wants the reception desk, these crew killing, what they have not thought that reception desk here had to defend Magic Formation, they have not attacked unexpectedly. These people have not worried, in their opinion, cannot attack not to have anything, after all their main target are Maggie, so long as killed Maggie to be good, these crew dead undead did not matter. However now Maggie appears in reception desk here, they somewhat has flustered, why although their don’t know Maggie can appears in here, but this showed that they assassinate the plan of Maggie Has not succeeded. Had to defend the Magic Formation protection in the reception desk to be safe on equal to Maggie to this, they in want to attack is almost impossible, moreover they cannot in here attack too long time, although say that they have bribed this piece of region garrison officer, but if the time is too long, that garrison officer cannot suppress, but they were not short in the here restless time, can say, their this motion complete failures. These Magic looked at one mutually, a person of lead nodded, beckoned with the hand, therefore person immediately withdrew, but Maggie they do not have immediately to withdraw against protective shield, can their don’t know opposite party come back.

After waiting for the there person to retreat, Xin Pu then arrived at Maggie said : Maggie teacher, you what's the matter? Zhao Hai?” Xin Pu regarding the impression of Zhao Hai is good, Zhao Hai normally to person very temperate, does not have a point haughty vigor, therefore Xin Pu appreciates Zhao Hai. Maggie calm said : feel relieved, Zhao Hai is all right, is only the present in the room adjustment rest, are my these crew all right?” Xin Pu nodded said : naturally to be all right, but several crew have not come back, exited to buy thing that several with Zhao Hai.” Maggie then thinks that Zhao Hai made his skeleton bring several crew leave, wants to come is that several, that several people should not have the matter. Maggie nodded said : I to think that they should not have the matter, was right, Krick? He in that?” Xin Pu said : should be in the room, I told them, making their dull in the room do not come out.” Maggie nodded, turns the head to walk toward the building. Zhao Hai has also been paying attention to outside situation, his simply does not need to control one's breathing, naturally must pay attention to outside situation, looked that these people receded, Zhao Hai feel relieved, his immediately has then informed that to get the skeletons of these crew to make him get these crew to come back, but he actually walked from in the room. However Zhao Hai pretends the face color pale appearance, he just came out to see Maggie, his immediately said :teacher, below how?, Maggie looked at the Zhao Hai type, quickly said: Below has been all right, these people withdrew, the person rests, did not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, I also make an effort excessively, does not have anything, my immediately makes that skeleton get the crew to come back.” Maggie nodded, said :I go to Krick's in the room to have a look, you also come.Zhao Hai nodded, follows in Maggie walks toward Krick's in the room.

Zhao Hai knows that Maggie lets him, this is true regarded the person on one's own side him, like this arrived is better, later he facilitated in the academy there conduct. Krick's room is not far from the Zhao Hai room, their quick arrived at Krick's room, to Krick's door outside, Maggie has knocked two gate said : gentlyCaptain Krick, you in? I am Maggie, opens the door., Her voice just fell, gate opened, Krick face pleasantly surprised look at Maggie, sees Maggie, Krick cannot help but happy said : Miss Maggie, you came back, fantastic, you are all right this are really fantastic, Mr. Zhao Hai, are you also all right? This is really fantastic.” Maggie nodded said :feel relieved, everyone/Great Clan does not have the matter, you did not need to be worried, was right, went to call other crew, we went to the dining room to gather, soon arrived to eat the time of lunch, making everyone/Great Clan eat to select thing., Krick has complied with one, ran to call other people. At this time outside has heard intermittent siren, the siren of this siren on with Earth was different, but still very incisive. At this time Xin Pu also walked, he to Maggie said : Miss Maggie, the people of guard unit came, did you look?” Maggie face color very difficult looked that she meets attack about three to be young to the present today When such long time, did not see person appears of guard unit, now they arrived came, Maggie sneered, turn around outward walked. Zhao Hai has not said anything, follows in Maggie walks outward, he knows that Maggie will certainly not say of pleasant to hear, but he does not have to prevent the meaning of Maggie, Ashley Clan in machine here is also not the stock not small influence, naturally must have own bearing, the opposite party has handled such matter, if they do not utter a word, instead to appearing oneself was extremely weak!