Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1113
................................................................................................, Maggie they just from the building, heard in the hall rampant sound speaking sounds: Your Steward? Makes him come out quickly, today's matter has anything to say.” Maggie one hear of this sounds, face was uglier, her quickly entered the hall, Xin Pu and Zhao Hai follow in her behind. Arrives at the hall, Zhao Hai sees the person of guard unit, cannot help but sighed, with he imagined, person who in this guard unit led, was one was greatly fat, the round head, without neck, the above two round small green bean eyes, the round body, the round arm, the round belly match was pregnant fu, this entire was a meatball aggregate. At this time Xin Pu immediately half step walked, to that person of gave a salute said : garrison officer Sir, any wind blew you, you can come to my this broken place, really gave me the face.” That meatball look at Xin Pu, is actually flipped eye said : Xin Pu, your this old fogy, you must talk clearly the words today, this what's the matter?” Has not waited for Xin Pu to speak, does the Maggie sound convey said : „ you are who, in the report? Has a look at my Ashley Clan is if results., That meatball one hear of Maggie said that this pays attention by Maggie, he winked two green bean to see Maggie, two eyes has emitted two green , probably the hungry wild wolf saw small Aries was ordinary. That meatball immediately/on horseback said : „is this beautiful young lady is asking me? Said, I was the garrison officer in mine tunnel West District area, Judah Chang!” HaHaHa!” One hear of this names, Zhao Hai could not be bearing laugh, his look at that meatball said : pig large intestine? You actually called the pig the large intestine, HaHaHa, this name, had character.” On the face of Maggie also 1 u left the smiling face, but she suppressed is suppressing the face level red. Judah Chang actually does not do, he blushes said : is Judah Chang, is not the pig large intestine, 1 youngster you court death!” Maggie coldly snorted said : I don't care is your Judah Chang pig large intestine, I have an issue to ask you, when we by these person of attack you in that? These people withdrew, you arrived at appears , but also asked us what's the matter? Are you surnamed Zhu or the real pig? Actually will ask such question?” Judah Chang has not thought that Maggie impolite such, unexpectedly was for a while silly in there, some little time Judah Chang face ventilation said :dissolute, you were one any thing one Ascend Academy does teacher, dare such to speak to me unexpectedly? Counter- you. ” Zhao Hai look at this Judah prosperous, cannot help but sighed he to affirm now, Zhang Family has certainly bribed this spring stupidly such as the garrison officer of pig, will therefore handle affairs unscrupulously so. Zhao Hai coughed lightly said :this garrison officer Sir, please allow me to break your, this is our Ascend Academy teacher Maggie, simultaneously he is Ashley Clan six is also young The elder sister, these people are assassinate the young lady today, does Sir don’t know have to think? If Miss Maggie were assassinated Ashley Clan to let off the Sir in here? Even if the Sir behind has the backer, don’t know your backer can because of the Sir you, but offends entire Ashley Clan? ” If spoke to the smart person, Zhao Hai will not say these many, 0.1 also and that's the end however this pig large intestine brothers spoke, Zhao Hai actually has to say detailed, in order to avoid this pig brother did not listen to understand. That Judah prosperous one hear of Zhao Hai said that originally been mad red face, one became was very pale, just as was such he who Zhao Hai said can come here to become such a garrison senior official, but also was really because on him had the person, his brother-in-law was fire temple Bishop although cannot say that was a high weight, but happen to was managing safe, if star here, therefore on has put safe him, if star west district here, when a garrison officer. This Judah prosperous although stupid like pig, but he is not the don’t know matter, Ashley Clan, that is the branch of Darkness God palace, in machine here is also not a small influence, his brother-in-law although is fire temple Bishop, but actually not for he will make war with Ashley Clan.

Thinks that here Judah Chang cannot help but cold sweat, simultaneously criticizes the person who these deliver him money, these people him had not told that Maggie nose share, only said that is Ascend Academy person, he thinks nothing, has not cared, now a Zhao Hai point the Maggie status, he may be afraid. Judah Chang has scratched the cold sweat, „ has seen Miss Maggie to said : that Maggie stutters, Miss Maggie, really sorry, I and don’t know you in here, moreover what was just straight is unfortunately, today to day of our west district garrison camp quarter exercise, therefore cannot anxious early coming, asking Miss Maggie to excuse me. Maggie coldly snorted said : Zhu Jingbei officer, I in here by attack, you were actually resembled me to commit a crime to be the same, can this matter solve? Looked at your just meaning? Can it be that can also make me compensate you to lose inadequately?” Judah prosperous quickly said: Doesn't dare, I am also the routine business asked that words, that dares to make Miss Maggie compensate anything to lose, Miss Maggie invited feel relieved, my this went back, making the person trace this matter, will surely give Miss Maggie a satisfactory answer.” Zhao Hai nodded, this Fatty although was stupid, but did not have stupid proficient, good that this excuse looked, moreover replied also calculated to pass. Zhao Hai arrives at side Maggie, to Maggie in a soft voice said : teacher, at this time not suitable vertical enemy.” Said that has drawn back. Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that must press down Fire Qi at heart, deep voice said : „, since is this, I was not saying anything, but please garrison the officer Sir to me an answer, otherwise, my Ashley Clan will certainly investigate.” Judah Chang wipes away sweat said : is, yes, invited Miss Maggie feel relieved.” Maggie then snort|hum, turn around walked, Zhao Hai naturally also followed Maggie. Waits for Maggie continuously, Judah Chang then relaxed, by one time has wiped the perspiration on forehead, turns the head to Xin Pu said : Brother Xin Pu, these time must, your protect Miss Maggie, really let the words that Miss Maggie had an accident thank you, I really ended too thanked you.” Xin Pu has smiled bitterly next step: Garrison officer Sir, to be honest, my real don’t know Miss Maggie status, I must to the person of my here person be responsible , will therefore protect their, now thinks also some fear, if Miss Maggie has had an accident in my here, my this Old Bone cannot by the Ashley Clan person opening.” Judah Chang in time wiping away sweat said : no matter what, this time I must thank the brother you, was good, did not say that I must immediately/on horseback go back, having a look at these bastards to walk.” Said that turn around outward runs, do not visit him to run, this runs not to be slow, a twinkling rushed to outside, rode in his speeding car, the speeding car moved flies away. Judah Chang who Xin Pu look at escapes, sneers said :to thank me, snort|hum, you think to cross close were saying that thinks really Ashley Clan so is good to speak? Stupid pig same thing. Said that in Xin Puwang Dining room walks, before Xin Pu , the real don’t know Maggie status, today listens to a Zhao Hai saying he to know that this looks like common Teacher Ascend Academy, can be the Ashley Clan six young ladies unexpectedly, this status may be extraordinary, most at least is not his such unimportant person can offend. Maggie arrived at the dining room quickly, at this time Krick called in these crew the dining room, Maggie and Zhao Hai appears in dining room, some these also startled crew, certainly peaceful, is hanging a heart also put down.

In this time, Xin Pu was walking, he hides to Maggie said : Miss Maggie, before Old Man don’t know your status, I offended, please excuse me!” Maggie shook the head said : not, Xin Mister Pu, I must thank you, if not you, my these crew were dangerous.” Was saying, is a sound of footsteps transmits, Maggie and Xin Pu turn the head to look, comes that several with the crew that Zhao Hai together exits. These crew have hidden with that skeleton in tavern of small lane, two hours, their although fear, but that skeleton actually moves has not moved, they do not dare to exit, afterward that skeleton walked outward, they know that certainly did not have dangerously, immediately followed, returned to reception desk here, to in front of the door of reception desk, that skeleton had vanished, they entered the reception desk, immediately are informed to go to the dining room set by the robot, therefore on running. Zhao Hai sees them, clashes them to show a faint smile, then has hit eye , making them enter to the dining room, these people looked that Zhao Hai and Maggie are safe, they also on feel relieved, to Maggie gave a salute, turn around entered the dining room. Zhao Hai looked that Maggie had the words to say probably, he in standing in Maggie, to Maggie gave a salute, sat dinner table there, sat together with these crew. Maggie looked at Zhao Hai one, has not said anything, although Zhao Hai very settled on by her, but she also knows, at this time to the Zhao Hai performance in warm is not quite extremely good. After all people sit down, Maggie look at people said : today is very dangerous one day, I and Zhao Hai was assassinated, reception desk here received attack, fortunately, under the help of Xin Mister Pu, we turns danger into safety finally, everyone/Great Clan did not use in being worried, this time assassinated our person altogether 100, in which 80, already killed by me and Zhao Hai in the smelting trial mine tunnel . Moreover the support of tomorrow Clan must come, what our everyone/Great Clan did not use in being worried about.” One hear of Maggie said that people have cheered, but Xin Pu was actually startled, Xin Pu has fought with these people today, knows that fierce of these people, he has not actually thought that these person altogether 100 people, this was almost a complete strength of equal to small influence, but those who most made him be startled, Maggie actually said that they have killed 80, this lets his being startled extremely. 80 three, 4th level Magician, that is the strength that cannot be estimated lightly, but Maggie obviously is only 4th level Magician, Zhao Hai is only 1st level Magician, he is really very curious, how they were that 80 people extinguishing. Maggie and other people calm, this then said : this time we came out can be said as thrilling extremely, but I want from now henceforth, in having anything am dangerous, today calls the dining room to come everyone/Great Clan, wants to invite everyone/Great Clan eating well , helping get over a shock to everyone/Great Clan, Xin Mister Pu, these time must trouble you, has anything to be delicious, although please delivers.” Xin Pu laughs said : today to be able with together joyful reunion, is the fate, these is Old Man invited, everybody waited a bit, immediately came.” Said that turn around outward walks. Maggie turned the head at this time look at people said : well, before this dish has not come up, if everybody wants to drink, oneself take, today does not need to be polite with me, Captain Krick, Mr. Zhao Hai, Kann mister, in the well mister, invited this table of sitting, my some words must say to several.”

Zhao Hai and Krick have on the ship first mate two, sits Maggie has been pointing at that table, after waiting for several people to sit, Maggie deep voice said : today's matter is very dangerous, but must thank Mr. Zhao Hai, if no mister, today we are dangerous.” Zhao Hai smiles said : teacher to be polite, I now was also the Ashley Clan person, naturally must strive, said it, these people also calculated me, my not rebel, dying may be I.” Maggie shook the head said : words, although so said that but must thank mister, if not mister, today the appears casualties are inevitable, invited mister feel relieved, later mister in academy, can obtain in a big way[ from] by, even if were mister entered Bones Symbol Camp, will obtain best allowance.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : that to thank Teacher Maggie.” Maggie shook the head said : Zhao Hai, I call this table you today, wants to tell you, Krick mister their three, is my Bones Symbol Camp people, your present although did not have official joining the army, but I have regarded the person on one's own side you, later has any matter, can look for their three help, if their three have any matter, wants to ask you to help, please do not decline, my Bones Symbol Camp group diameter , a person has difficult, the entire battalion helps, I hope that you remember this point.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, teacher invited feel relieved, I remembered.” Maggie nodded said : Zhao Hai, can you estimate, can your how many months come out from academy? I think you badly now was the adaptation machine here Spiritual Qi density? To have more than enough too long time?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, good that teacher said that I only need to adapt to the machine here Spiritual Qi density to be OK now, should in less than several months of time can meet the standard of graduation.” After Maggie nodded said : and other returned to academy, I to your some materials, these materials about Bones Symbol Camp, I hope you can look well, after understand you to Bones Symbol Camp there, what danger will encounter.” Was saying, some robots started to give them to serve food, the atmosphere of dining room was warm immediately. a.