Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1114
Chapter 40 fat slaughter Desbarres Sought the subscription, asked to hit to enjoy, asks, watched the floating astronomy study literary show, clear(ly) space presented respectfully! .............................................................................. Zhao Hai static sitting in Space, on the look at screen these Spaceship, these Spaceship altogether ten, is Ashley Clan sends. Saw these Spaceship, Zhao Hai cannot help but remembers the tomorrow situation, yesterday they have drunk at noon, Zhao Hai including room don’t know how oneself returned. yesterday was were too many, these crew some frantic that drank, possibly are because was survivor of disaster joyful, Zhao Hai one after another had been feared to the respect by their proposing a toast in any case, finally is the human affairs does not know. Zhao Hai has not melted potency of alcohol with the skill, although regarding him that is light, but easy move, but he wants to become friends with these people, therefore he does not have to do. Zhao Hai after was delivered the returned to room, they had hauled in Space by Cai'er, then filled Spatial Water, this sobered. But now is the next day, Ashley Clan reinforcement came finally, altogether ten Spaceship, each compared with on academy Spaceship big many. Saw these Spaceship, the Zhao Hai also probably understand Ashley Clan strength, can send out ten Spaceship to come all of a sudden, the Ashley Clan strength really cancould be underestimated. Possibly is because must enter to the planet atmosphere, this is used to Spaceship is not quick, Zhao Hai can the observation they, on these Spaceship, be printed with a badge carefully, this badge is in dark clouds appears intermittently a skeleton, this badge is the Ashley Clan clan badge. Zhao Hai looked at some these ten Spaceship, these ten Spaceship each about 500 meters are long, the width has also been about 200 meters, thick also about 100 meters, spindle-shaped, looks is quick Spaceship. Zhao Hai paid attention to person in the Spaceship, these ten Spaceship, on each Spaceship, about hundred people of staff member, besides this staff member, on ten Spaceship, altogether are carrying about 500 Magician and Warrior. These Magician and Warrior have to 5th level from 1st level, 1st level are most, 5th level, only then about ten people, this is the strength that cannot be estimated lightly. But that these people lead, is big Fatty, this fellow very fat, although wants on thin some compared with that pig large intestine, but compares with the average person, wants on fat many, he puts on Magic Robe, ugly and ferocious-looking of face, how sees like is the butcher.

This person Zhao Hai knew that Bones Symbol Camp Camp Lord, Zhao Hai in his picture, he when seeing this person of picture, really has not thought that a long ferocious person such, can actually make Bones Symbol Camp entire machine casualties minimum camp, this is really in reverse proportion with his appearance. To be honest, Zhao Hai to is the impression is good to this Fatty, this Fatty not only one time openly indicated that opposed that brutal elimination series, from him the government to Bones Symbol Camp, he also such does, this is Zhao Hai to his impression good reason. Moreover online returns very detailed to the material of this person, not only this Fatty Bones Symbol Camp Camp Lord, is Ashley Clan Outer Sect Manager, is one of the Ashley Clan Outer Sect all camp Manager, it can be said that high weight, because has a such status, therefore these year of although Bones Symbol Camp declined slowly, actually nobody really dares Bones Symbol Camp to be what kind. Besides is Outer Sect Manager this status, his status should not be, the Ashley Clan current Clan past diving di lackey, was deep the Patriarch trust. Do not visit him in person extremely caring to Bones Symbol Camp, opposes the elimination series, but regarding the Ashley Clan enemy, he is actually an out-and-out butcher. Fat slaughter Desbarres, in entire machine in is also a top the famous character, vicious and merciless that opposes the enemy is became famous, this person simple is a contradictory complex compound, but his character with Zhao Hai very similar, to person on one's own side extremely caring, does not keep the hand to the enemy. Therefore because of this, Ashley Clan Patriarch meets feel relieved makes Maggie stay in Bones Symbol Camp, because Patriarch believes that has Desbarres, Maggie will not have the matter. Naturally behind these contents are Zhao Hai infer, in online is impossible to look up these contents, but Zhao Hai believes that his inference cannot be wrong. These time is Desbarres leads unexpectedly personally, obviously Ashley Clan to this time matter is attaching great importance to how, Zhao Hai looked that Spaceship soon entered to the atmosphere, he has also closed the screen, returned to in the room of reception desk. Zhao Hai just a returned to room, heard the knock on hearing outside, Zhao Hai has been busy at opening the door, looked that Krick is standing in out of the door, Krick sees Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback said : Little Hai, follows me quickly, the young lady asked the person, Clan reinforcement to come, these time personally was led by Camp Lord.” Zhao Hai pretended an appearance, then immediately/on horseback nodded, followed Krick outward, they arrived at hall there of reception desk quickly, Maggie were waiting for them in there, besides Maggie, Xin Pu also. Maggie saw Zhao Hai to come, cannot help but nodded said : to come to Zhao Hai, today Camp Lord leads, soon to enter the airport personally, our together greeted.” Zhao Hai and Krick have complied with one, Maggie and Xin Pu, when went out of the reception desk first, Zhao Hai and Krick followed afterward. Several people ride the speeding car to airport time, has been able faint heard the Spaceship sound, several people just stood firm, heard a bellow to transmit, then several huge Spaceship from airborne dropped down. After waiting for Spaceship stop, the on the ship cabin door opens, a big and fat status fast walked from the ship, half step arrived at the Maggie side, this person of fat slaughter Desbarres.

Desbarres arrives at the Maggie side, look at Maggie said : young lady, are you all right? May scare to death!” Was saying while is sizing up Maggie, probably for fear that Maggie was short of the a piece meat to be the same. Maggie shows a faint smile said : fat uncle not to need to be worried that I am all right.” At this time Xin Pucai went forward to give Desbarres to salute upon meeting said : Xin Pujian Desbarres Manager.” Zhao Hai and Krick also go forward to salute upon meeting, Desbarres to Xin Pu is only nod of gently, turns the head look at Zhao Hai and Krick, nodded to Krick Desbarres, has not said anything, instead to careful sized up Zhao Hai. After Zhao Hai gave a salute, has stood body, although by Desbarres such sizing up, his silk has not actually moved, calm of face. Some little time Desbarres laughs said : great, Zhao Hai, I had already heard your name, good, you are really great, walks, first went back to say.” Was saying also patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai with the hand, Zhao Hai has bowed slightly said : to thank the Manager praise to Desbarres.” Desbarres beckoned with the hand, to behind person explain/transfer several, this rode the speeding car, expunges toward the reception desk, Zhao Hai Krick naturally impossible to ride a speeding car with Desbarres, they ride another speeding car with Xin Pu, follows after Desbarres their car(riage). Boards the speeding car, Krick on look at Zhao Hai, smiles said : great Zhao Hai, today Camp Lord quart you, you later went to Battalion Li, certainly very well-respected, in addition has the young lady to cover, later can certainly become Steward in the camp, later you can cover me.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : resulted, I also submerge including the camp now, that can think that many, said it, later also had the several times smelting trial, can pass is saying.” Krick actually yes smiles said : you not to use load that by your present strength, joined the army to be qualified, these smelting trial anything, were not the matters of Camp Lord a few words, the young lady did not say, so long as you adapted to the machine Spiritual Qi density, immediately summoned to join the army you.” Their these words at the back of Xin Pu, in any case this have not been secret, at the same time was saying the speeding car has not actually stopped, before long arrived at reception desk here. Several people entered the reception desk, to rest area there, Xin Pu on asking to be excused of being tactful, Zhao Hai and Krick must ask to be excused, but Maggie kept Zhao Hai, making Krick go back first. After three people sit down, Desbarres then turns the head to Maggie said : young lady, this time matter what's the matter? You said carefully.” Maggie nodded, said process original originally of matter, ended from their smelting trial, runs into the pirate in the outer space, has spoken of their returned to reception desk here, these pirates retreat.

Desbarres continuously static is listening, waited for Maggie saying that he let out a long breath said : that was close, these time also really has been lucky Zhao Hai, if were not he, the young lady you feared that was dangerous, Zhao Hai, you were very good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile has not made noise, Desbarres look at Maggie said : young lady your feel relieved, this matter I will certainly investigate thoroughly, no matter who, dares you, I make certainly him pay the bleeding price.” Maggie hesitant, she just had not said that Zhao Hai knew from the bodies of these Undead Creature is who attack she, now one hear of Desbarres said that cannot help but somewhat hesitates, must tell Desbarres the truth. Desbarres is also the worldly person same character, looks at the Maggie appearance, knows that this matter also has the secret facts, his immediately/on horseback said : „does young lady, what you know? Told me quickly.” Maggie hesitant, finally open the mouth and said: These people of Zhao Hai after the mine tunnel have killed, these people turned into Undead Creature, then knows from these Undead Creature mouths that this attack our people, are the fire temple Zhang Family people.” As soon as Desbarres listened to Maggie saying that cannot help but gawked, said : fire temple Zhang Family? How is this possible?” His immediately/on horseback turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, you have ascertained , is really fire temple Zhang Family?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, they truly are recognize are the fire temple Zhang Family person, Undead Creature will not lie, should not be wrong, moreover this time they one lost 80 people, this digit is not small, would some clues, I think that should be able to find out some clues to come.” Desbarres nodded, he also agreed that the Zhao Hai words, one lost 80 people, the impossible trace not to remain, so long as attentive, can certainly find out some clues, thinks of here, Desbarres cannot help but sneers said : Zhang Family, good Zhang Family, is really the wild ambition.” Said that Desbarres turns the head to Maggie said : young lady, you prepare, we go back, this time you have an accident, Old Master also attach great importance to, thinks that earlier sees you.” roa.