Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1115
................................................................................. Zhao Hai sits in Spaceship in the room, this room may the academy Spaceship room probably lose many compared with he has sat, the entire room has more than 50 square meters, is divided into the living room with the bedroom, entire room arrangement is the common room in ground is the same on you. This room in the Dry-Bone number, but the Dry-Bone number Desbarres's flagship, this Zhao Hai sat with Maggie on this battleship, but Krick they actually sat in other on the ship. Zhao Hai can live in the Dry-Bone number , because of Maggie, after Desbarres sees Maggie, has not stayed, immediately makes Maggie they tidy up thing, on Spaceship on leave, but Maggie opening the mouth makes Zhao Hai sit the Dry-Bone number with her together, Zhao Hai then got up the Dry-Bone number, otherwise feared that is he also with Krick their together, went to other on the ship to live. After Zhao Hai enters the Dry-Bone number the room, actually does not dare to enter to Space, but put out anti- monitor to examine the room, presently the room has not been monitored his then feel relieved. However he has not entered to Space, now in the Dry-Bone number, many strength formidable Magician, these Magician can always pay attention to his in the room situation, if they use spiritual force to sweep, presently his in the room, that may not trouble, therefore Zhao Hai has not entered Space, is only dull in the room, condense Magic Formation. Now Zhao Hai don’t know altogether condense many Magic Formation, he has now been able very good control his spiritual force, to be able at the same time, condense hundred Magic Formation, such ratio to be was much quicker before. At the same time condense Magic Formation, Zhao Hai continually was opening computer, actually opens computer just to put on an act, what his present release comes is the Space monitor picture, but in this picture, broadcast fat slaughter Desbarres in the room picture. Desbarres most from the beginning not in the room, then in the outside command(er) fleet, waits for the fleet to get up, after outer space, Desbarres then returned to the room, he just arrived at the room, hears knock.

Desbarres stares, immediately/on horseback said : that?” The Maggie sound conveys said : fat uncle, is I.” As soon as Desbarres listens is Maggie, opened the door to ask Maggie to enter the room hastily, after Maggie sat down, Desbarres made the robot pour tea to Maggie, his then said : young lady, did you come? What matter has?” Maggie nodded said : „, the fat uncle, I look for you today, to say the Zhao Hai matter to you.” A Maggie such saying, not only Desbarres, Zhao Hai also earnestly listened. Desbarres look at Maggie said : young lady, what issue does Zhao Hai have? Just when safe, if, I listened to you saying that when the mine tunnel has killed that 80 Magician and Warrior, some were not unlucky, was this related with Zhao Hai?” Maggie nodded, her deep voice said : actually enters that mine tunnel is the idea of Zhao Hai, moreover destroys completely that 80 Magician and Warrior, I have not meddled, is a Zhao Hai person does.” As soon as Desbarres listened to Maggie saying that cannot help but a shock of face, he knows that Zhao Hai now was 1st level Magician, 1st level Magician, did a person cope with 80 2nd level to 4th level Magician and Warrior? Is this possible? Maggie look at Desbarres, deep voice said : Zhao Hai is a specialize Darkness summon is Magic Magician, he in Lower Realm, made about ten thousand Undead Creature to take his summoned creatures, these Undead Creature each level, had the 9th level Apprentice strength, was relying on these 10,000 Undead Creature, he can gives to extinguish these Magician and Warrior, then making undead lived these Magician and Warrior.” As soon as Desbarres listened to Maggie saying that cannot help but has selected eyebrow said : 1 young lady, you meant that Zhao Hai has made about ten thousand Undead Creature in Lower Realm? Homicide about ten thousand individuals?” Maggie nodded said : well, I had asked at that time also him, his also recognize, not only recognize, he said that he with Secret Technique, refines the 9th level Apprentice rank these ordinary Undead Creature Undead Creature, meanwhile also died many Undead Creature also in other words, he in Lower Realm, the person who kills crosses 10,000 absolutely.” Desbarres shows a faint smile said : not to think that this youngster to is generation of one vicious and merciless, he he, interesting, if knows that what method he with , to promote Undead Creature level, very much has the advantage to our Ashley Clan.” The Maggie look at Desbarres's appearance, is angry said : fat uncle, do you have hear of understand my meaning? I meant that Zhao Hai has killed people in Lower Realm ten thousand, absolutely is a dangerous character, does such person recruit into Bones Symbol Camp is appropriate?” As soon as Desbarres listened to Maggie saying that cannot help but laughed said :1 young lady you to consider thoroughly, considered, fellow who these ascend came up, that was not both hands is stained with completely the blood, if were not the heart hates the generation of hand burning, wanting ascend to fear that was also difficult, now ascend comes up, these so-called talents, were the Lower Realm big influence train generally, although has also seen the blood, but actually may not see too many blood, such person strength innate skill was good, what was finally possible to become Qian unable to come out, counter- will die in the process of smelting trial, Zhao Hai Strength formidable, innate skill is good, vicious and merciless, only then such person, is worth training, said it, you said that the homicide person are too many, this has any relationship, Even if he is the coordinated process, entered my Ashley Clan, that is my Ashley Clan dragon, the young lady does not need to be worried. ” Maggie knitting the brows head, but nodded, the matter of her although few Butler clan, but also knows the strength of Daoism clan to have strong camphor tree how, do not say Zhao Hai 10,000 Apprentice 9th level Undead Creature, even if has hundred thousand, Ashley Clan did not fear that thinks is harnessing to take the blue dragon, naturally must have the technique of Tu Dragon, but Ashley Clan may not beat the technique of Tu Dragon!

Desbarres looks at Maggie to nod, her then said : „, if looks like, Zhao Hai in suiting returned to academy, I looked at this, making him enter with Bones Symbol Camp directly, adaptation Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi slowly in Bones Symbol Camp, when he fully adapted to machine here Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, can send duty to him!” Maggie stares, frowns said : fat uncle, was this too quick? Moreover does not make him go to academy, this appropriate?” Desbarres shows a faint smile said : 1 young lady, very person, when trains with the unusual method, this Zhao Hai is unusual working as, records however must treat with the unusual means that you did not need to be worried, feel relieved was good, right young lady, you with me the place that went Zhao Hai to live, I want to take a look, he is willing that type the method of refining Advanced level and other Undead Creature took, if he is willing to take, to the help of my Ashley Clan, but very big.” Maggie frowns to think a while, finally nodded, although she is not quite good with her father's relationship, but she after is the Ashley Clan person, naturally must be Ashley Clan considered. But words that thin spoke, Zhao Hai heard, looked that they left to come toward their here, Zhao Hai has closed monitor. If before has not gone to Underworld, he also real don’t know must how be able to refine high level Undead Creature, but Chang after entering Underworld, with according to these Lich notes, was adding on Underworld there plants, Zhao Hai summarized one set to let ordinary Undead Creature, turned into the Advanced level Undead Creature method, moreover experimented in Underworld there, has succeeded, although might as well directly enter Space that these undead lived to be so quick, but also was the one type of method, moreover can conceal existence of Space, this was Zhao Hai already wants a good excuse. Zhao Hai had just closed monitor not long after, heard the knock, Zhao Hai had not asked that is that but passed doorkeeper to open directly. Looked that is Desbarres and Maggie stands outside, Zhao Hai ships out an appearance, then hastily lets the room them, gave them to pour the tea personally.

Desbarres look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : well Zhao Hai, have not been busy, sits, I have the matter to hit you.” Zhao Hai pretends same fence, but sat, said : Camp Lord has any matter to tell freely.” Desbarres smiles said : I to listen to young lady saying that you when these Magician to war, release large quantities of Undead Creature, moreover these Undead Creature level are very high, right?” Zhao Hai pretends an appearance, face somewhat is then ugly, but he nodded said : well, I in Lower Realm, research left one type of to let the undead fresh quick Level Up means that will therefore have that many formidable Undead Creature.” Desbarres nodded said : don’t know Zhao Hai you to be willing this method to buy for Clan, if you want, that Clan will certainly not treat unjustly your.” Zhao Hai naturally impossible immediately to comply, such words will cause Desbarres's suspicion, therefore Zhao Hai puts on airs sets an awkward appearance, some little time forced smile said : Camp Lord, is not Zhao Hai is not willing to hand over this method, but is this method feared that gives Camp Lord, Camp Lord also has more than enough.” As soon as Desbarres listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, he has selected eyebrow said : oh? What method has? Do I have more than enough unexpectedly?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, meets to begin to turn, in hand were many sheepskin scrolls, he put on the table said : Camp Lord said sheepskin scrolls one had a look.” Desbarres took up that sheepskin scrolls carefully to look, he presently this sheepskin scrolls wrote already sometime, appeared very obsolete, obviously but was saved by Zhao Hai Bao was very good, an above character not point fuzziness. He carefully looked at the above content, more looks is more surprised, finally he is face of shock, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, this method can you come from there?” Zhao Hai forced smile said :in Lower Realm, my was chased down, has to run into the place that has been called bans, there Undead Creature are many, moreover according to legend is interlinked with another plane, nobody dares to go, I also compelled does not have the means that entered there, has a Magic tower in there, the style very ancient Magic tower, found in that Magic inside tower, later I had found in the volume in that Forbidden Land all medicinal herbs, is adding on there to have thick Dark Energy, therefore the manufacture of chance coincidence these Undead Creature, but I come out from there., Visits all around entire Continent, in cannot all assembled these medicinal herbs, after machine here, I also accessed the net to look up, but had not found these medicinal herbs, therefore I said that even if told Camp Lord this method, Camp Lord also had more than enough. a.