Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1116
....................................................................................... As soon as Desbarres listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but laughed said : your youngster, but also really enough careful, accessed the net to look up unexpectedly, but your feel relieved, you later were my Bones Symbol Camp person, this matter you did not use in worrying, these medicinal herbs that you could not look up online, my Bones Symbol Camp not necessarily did not get so far as, if you are willing to give Clan this refinement method, you did not use academy, went to Bones Symbol Camp to live directly, moreover I ensure gave you in Bones Symbol Camp best allowance, other in giving your 1000 affairs of state lattice points, in giving you prepared one set of nice. Belongs to your house, the speeding car, thing that all you apply prepares to you, if your youngster does not want to make robot shi wait you, I can also give you two maidservants, what kind of?” Maggie one hear of Desbarres said that slightly somewhat is at heart anxious, she feared that Zhao Hai complies to want the maidservant, also don’t know what's the matter, Maggie heard in any case Desbarres must deliver the Zhao Hai maidservant, her at heart is uncomfortable. Zhao Hai one hear of Desbarres said that also has gawked, responded along with already him, good, the majority in his beast skin volume recording is Underworld there peculiar plants, but he in Comprehend the world, various Heaven and Earth Treasure, endless of number, in this case, wants medicinal herbs on collection uneven beast skin volume now is not the difficult matter. However Zhao Hai had not regretted \; first, that method on beast skin volume truly is useful, two are that beast skin volume regarding him, completely is useless existence, can use this beast skin volume, trades some advantage to oneself, is very good. Thinks of here Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : „, since is useful to Camp Lord, took away, the reward, I wanted, but the maidservant I did not want, had the robot to take care of me to be good.” Desbarres has not thought that Zhao Hai was so refreshed complied, moreover bold did not decline regarding the reward, this arrived is makes Desbarres look at one to Zhao Hai high, he laughed said : well, pressed the office that your youngster said that this time you did not use academy, went to Bones Symbol Camp there directly, gave your to grant, wait for you to Bones Symbol Camp, immediately has given you, your youngster has remembered, later you were also the Bones Symbol Camp person.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, Desbarres stood got up to walk outward, Maggie has also stood, deep looked at Zhao Hai one, followed Desbarres outward. Zhao Hai hastily open the mouth and said: Teacher, invited you wait a moment.” Maggie gawked, stopped, Desmarres also stopped, Zhao Hai look at Maggie said : teacher, after don’t know your time went back, but can also return to academy? If you also return to academy, I want to invite you these Magic Staff that I buy, takes to Dins them.” Maggie one hear unexpectedly is this matter, her immediately nodded said : well, gives me, I must return to academy to go, will give them these thing.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, these Magic Staff that he buys took, has given Maggie, but stands in one side look at Desbarres looked that Zhao Hai one puts out these many Magic Staff to come, cannot help but the exclamation two said : good youngster, to have visited you to is a rich lord, what? brings many good thing from Lower Realm? Also has good thing? With gives me to have a look.” Zhao Hai one hear of Desbarres said that not only has not been angry, instead to shows a faint smile, although impolite that Desbarres said that but this is also regards person on one's own side's performance him, if Desbarres wants his thing, will not say that after all Maggie also in side. Maggie one hear of Desbarres said that actually does not do, her jiao is angry said : fat uncle, how can you like this?” Desbarres laughs, thinks little, is exiting in turn around, Zhao Hai actually smiles said : Camp Lord, I also really have thing to give to you, listens to you not to like.”

Desbarres was just cracked a joke, he in machine here was also a character, what good thing not to have seen, how can have a liking for thing that Lower Realm brought, was just teasing Zhao Hai, now one hear of Zhao Hai such speak has gawked, cannot help but turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : to have thing really? Good, shows me is any thing.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand turned, has put out two liquor, has given Desbarres said : Camp Lord, this was we in the liquor that Lower Realm brought, had not hated to drink, you took away to taste.” Desbarres thinks Zhao Hai will deliver any money treasure and so on thing, has not actually thought Zhao Hai puts out two bottles of liquor unexpectedly, this cannot help but made him look at one to Zhao Hai high, if Zhao Hai delivered him really money treasure and so on thing, that appeared extremely was vulgar, now he only delivers these two bottles of liquor, made the Desbarres's appraisal to Zhao Hai higher. Desbarres laughs said : well, I accepted, was right, a while eats meal, you also come together to eat, with my together this liquor drinking.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to dare not to obey orders!” Desbarres in time laughed, pats the shoulder of Zhao Hai, turn around walked, Maggie at a gaze Zhao Hai, this turn around leave. Zhao Hai look at they depart, actually shows a faint smile, this favour dealings, he not very familiar, but he is the brain trust, therefore delivers thing this idea is Laura is helping, Laura on doing business very has innate skill, to do the business, this favour dealings is naturally essential, but must deliver thing, you must look at the person, what person, delivers what thing, but this has exquisite, Laura also very much has research to this nature. Zhao Hai according to Laura said that delivers two bottles of liquor have given Desbarres, Desbarres really very happy, Zhao Hai at heart also very happy, has Laura they, he can little hold many hearts. Zhao Hai has not gone to Space, still sits in own in the room, condense Magic Formation, he must little take a walk now, one type of practices the feeling of madman to the person, but he will be such performance, Desbarres they to his feel relieved. This to did not mean that Zhao Hai thinks is what kind to Ashley Clan, this is only Zhao Hai character, he does not like displaying extremely in dazzling, especially when his strength is not strong, such will only draw on some unnecessary enemies to him. Machine here Magic Formation is really too many, moreover these Magic Formation, some, is not only the Magic Formation range, in some Magic Formation, but also has the things in common with Cultivation World formation, condense that even if like Zhao Hai, every time keeps now, when also don’t know can end all Magic Formation condense. However makes Zhao Hai feel happy is actually, now his available Magic Formation Set were more, now Formation Set of hundred overlay Zhao Hai can use had over a thousand fully, but other Formation Set were innumerable. If general Magician, even if knows these Magic Formation, they do not have the means to use, an energy of person is limited, any Magician, impossible learn all Magic Formation, they are skilled in some Magic Formation, uses these Magic Formation to oppose the enemy. It looks like Warrior his impossible learn world all Martial arts, can only be learn several types takes oneself most adept advertisement Martial arts. In machine here, Magician level did not look that you grasped many Magic Formation to revolt to decide, Magician level was looked that you can determine in together many Magic Formation overlay, you grasped 10,010 overlay Magic Formation, you were still 2nd level Magician, so long as you grasped 50 overlay Magic Formation, you were also 3rd level Magician. However the Zhao Hai situation is different, these Magic Formation that Zhao Hai condense comes out, can use him these Magic Formation[ body] in Space, not only may pill regard ordinary Space to use, in opposing the enemy to his help also very big, considers, they oppose the enemy Zhao Hai can always use most appropriate Magic Formation immediately, that can be fights offensive.

Magician fight time, fought the time although way not to be different from Warrior, but was the same, Warrior and person to the war, the way that the same style deals with are different, for example a simplest straight palm, some people will choose to avoid some people to choose the counter-attack, Magician when was the same opposite party has shot actually also his Ice Cone to the war, you can use Protective Shield to keep off, can use the Magic counter-attack, this main on looks at a person's fight consciousness, the two people's to fighting, was very difficult to guarantee percentage these hundred. Calm opposing the enemy, in this case, experience can play very big doing to use. But Zhao Hai[ body] in Space, can actually calculate to the Zhao Hai most advantageous forms of combat, making him use the most appropriate way to carry on attack, like this Zhao Hai in the fight profited certainly. This cannot say that Zhao Hai by Space to control, Space had been played auxiliary doing to use, Space told Zhao Hai these move of techniques, with did not use actually in Zhao Hai, Space was a tool, the Zhao Hai in hand easiest-to-use tool. Zhao Hai has practiced to eating meal time, he is not comes out, but some people knock on a door, Zhao Hai opens the door to look, is actually a robot, this robot looked like was similar to Daoist/actual person, his body was also covering the one layer biochemistry skin, but the head was one greatly bald, was also hitting a serial number in forehead there, therefore enabled person one eyes to see this is a robot. That robot bows to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, Camp Lord asks you to go to the dining room to dine.” Zhao Hai nodded, closed conveniently, walks toward the dining room in that robot. The Dry-Bone number was in one Spaceship of shape, on the ship was only staff member has more than 100 people, in adding on these Magician, currently entire on the ship has about 200 people, on the ship besides other weapon and thing, but also left leeway massive Space, these Space besides lived in the cabin of person, dining room, bar, amusement hall and other locations. Must know that Spaceship sometimes plays to carry on the long-range flight, flew for several months in the outer space is the common matter, in this case, these crew needed a place of entertainment, otherwise, the person will be suppressed insanely. Dining room arrangement of on the ship is not very good, is only bright clean, does not have what single room and so on place, is a big cafeteria. Now although is dining time, the here person is not many, many crew is still working, they did not have the means to dine at this time. Zhao Hai enters in the dining room with that robot, Desbarres saw him, Desbarres waved to Zhao Hai, laughs said : Little Hai, comes to here.” Zhao Hai followed that robot. This is a big table, can sit ten people, now there has met nine people, a seat is Space, but this seat is in Desbarres's side. Also has a person in Desbarres's side, is Maggie, the Maggie seat in Desbarres's left, but Zhao Hai seat in Desbarres's right. Zhao Hai to is not polite, arrives at side virtue oneself, has seen Camp Lord to Desbarres gave a salute said :.”

Desbarres laughed said : to be good, did not use with me that politely, sat down, the person in these my Bones Symbol Camp, later everyone/Great Clan was a person on one's own side.” Zhao Hai bows said : Zhao Hai to see everybody to these people, but also after inviting everybody, looked after much.” Was saying while hits to shine these people, these person four are to make the Magician appearance, another four are to actually make the Warrior appearance, their although has not been bringing weapon, but a person sits in there is energetic, understood at a glance that the strength is not weak. Zhao Hai general looked, in several people of sitting is the 5th level strengths, no matter Magician or Warrior, are the 5th level strengths, such strength, places Cultivation World here, is small Expert. These people looked that Zhao Hai salutes to them, several people also polite returned to the ritual, they are very clear, Zhao Hai in Desbarres's mind, status very high, sits in the position that to look from Zhao Hai, moreover they also know that Zhao Hai is a talent character, is the hope of Bones Symbol Camp promotion, therefore they to Zhao Hai also very polite. After having saluted, Zhao Hai then sat, Desbarres looked that Zhao Hai to the appearance that these people salute, very satisfied, he had heard Zhao Hai although is a character of talent, but actually the arrogance, now does not look believes that this is real, to be honest, he to Zhao Hai present performance very satisfied. After Zhao Hai sits, Desbarres smiles said : this our main duty is takes the young lady to go home, now our duty was also completes, has been adding on Zhao Hai official entry to our Bones Symbol Camp, therefore came celebration well, happen, 1 Little Hai also saved the liquor that two bottles of Lower Realm have brought, we also taste this liquor are any tastes.” Said that laughs. As soon as the people listened to him saying that also has smiled, the Zhao Hai look at Desbarres's appearance, showed a faint smile said : Camp Lord, the liquor that actually I brought may not only these two bottles, two bottles of liquor that sufficed these many people to drink, I was taking several bottles, but was not the nice wine, asking everyone/Great Clan to taste foods newly in season.” Said that and has put out several bottles of liquor, these bottles of liquor might as well to Desbarres's that two bottles of good, be able to look from the beverage bottle. Zhao Hai to Desbarres's that two bottles of liquor with Crystal bottled, looks like very beautiful, but these bottles that now Zhao Hai takes, is actually the glass jars, Desbarres eyes looked. a.