Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1117
.................................................................................... However Desbarres has not said anything, instead to is enjoying, that leader has not hoped the gift that one receive is the popular goods, even if the same gift, must indicate gives to him with giving to other people are completely different. Desbarres naturally cannot be unconventional, now looks at these liquor that Zhao Hai takes, with giving to him completely not, Desbarres was at heart more comfortable, he laughs said : well, Little Hai, your this fellow has hidden unexpectedly also these many liquor, I think you in Lower Realm am also a drunkard, quick, to everyone/Great Clan on but actually.” The Zhao Hai micro pen has been complying with one, raises one's wine cup opens, to all people but actually one cup, this liquor naturally is the white liquor that in Space produces, Zhao Hai also present, person who in machine here, does not have the white liquor, the people drink is some Fruit Wine, flavor although is good, but drinks actually not satisfying. After Zhao Hai raises one's wine cup is booing, has not raised glass or anything, but turns the head look at Desbarres, Desbarres looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, happy, secret sigh Zhao Hai is tactful at heart, this first on the liquor table proposes a toast, generally is Lord's Family, is the status highest person, but now in here, no matter by the Lord's Family status, is by the status, should be Desbarres respects this first glass of liquor. although said that the Maggie Desbarres's status is higher, but Maggie after is a woman, in this case, first proposing a toast should be Desbarres. Desbarres thinks after Zhao Hai but actually liquor, meets first to propose a toast, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai turns the head look at he, obviously is makes his first propose a toast, this made Desbarres appreciate to Zhao Hai. Desbarres took up wine glass, look at people said : this time we moved, was mainly takes the young lady to go back, but must these to know that our Bones Symbol Camp, was not that good, if, Bones Symbol Camp not militant, but actually did not fear the war, the person who any dared to challenge the Bones Symbol Camp dignity, will be put to death! I know everyone/Great Clan these years cross somewhat aggrieved, but now are also not our Bones Symbol Camp insolent time, so long as the conditions are ripe, my Bones Symbol Camp makes world all people know surely that the bone flag approaches, everywhere Dry-Bone!” Desbarres knows that now the Bones Symbol Camp overall strength is good, but actually lacks one to sit Expert, in a camp the minimum person has 6th level or 7th level Expert sits, can be formidable camp, a Expert deterrent force, wants much stronger compared with a thousand ordinary soldier, is just like a nuclear bomb, be the same than deterrent force much stronger of machine one. But now in Bones Symbol Camp, the strongest person is he, his strength in machine here although is good, but he can only exempt has achieved 6th level, moreover he also only meets thousand overlay Magic Formation, moreover wants to use this Magic Formation, he needs for a long time to prepare, the name of his fat slaughter completely is because he will plan, therefore he thinks that the type person, almost many were planned dead by him, is not true kills by the strength.

After Desbarres knew Zhao Hai innate skill, has regarded the hope of Bones Symbol Camp Zhao Hai, he must concentrate in Bones Symbol Camp all strengths to train into Expert Zhao Hai, henceforth enables Bones Symbol Camp to be able running amuck machine. Because of this, therefore Desbarres will say that he hopes really Bones Symbol Camp can reappear magnificently. In base its person of sitting was also old person in Bones Symbol Camp, nature understand Desbarres's meaning all people have held up wine glass, said loudly: Bone flag approaches, everywhere Dry-Bone!” Desbarres laughs said : well, come, dry!” Said that did liquor one in cup. Dry!” All people have simultaneously held up wine glass, has done the liquor in cup, but they have not drunk this obviously by the fierce liquor , the fierce place of don’t know this liquor, the present one has done one glass of liquor now, felt from throat to stomach in instantaneously, one, their whole person had been catching fire. The people were worth not being able to bear smell of alcohol, several alcohol capacities were small, was the cough again and again, was choked including the tears, at this time Desbarres left smell of alcohol, laughed said : crisply, the nice wine, this sufficed the vigor again.” With also several Warrior that Desbarres one responded, Warrior was the nice wine, drank this liquor, was felt really unprecedented refreshed, could not bear loud applauding. These may be serious, did not use Zhao Hai but in actually the liquor, on their but actually liquor, at once, the atmosphere of liquor table one warm. But Maggie actually left the stage at this time, just her also one breath had drunk one glass of liquor, that cup of hotels get into the stomach Maggie unable to bear, turn around ran. very happy that this meal eats, Desbarres's their alcohol capacities obviously wanted Krick their crew much better, satisfying that very all people drank. However Zhao Hai today to has not drunk many, he has drunk several cups of Spatial Water, even if drinks in much liquor will not drink many, this time he is accompanies Desbarres to drink, following one time to accompany Krick they not to be different.

Krick they are some average people, he accompanied Krick they to drink, drinks, Krick they will think him, may hand over. But if he accompanies virtue oneself to drink, actually drinks many, Desbarres will think him, does not have the discretion, extremely Yu Shijiu, works is not quite sturdy. Finally Desbarres they falls on the liquor table, but Zhao Hai actually helped the crew deliver returned to them own room, he returned to in the room, then has carried on the practice. Next day, the people who who when all he knows and does not know Zhao Hai in appears in the dining room, with a smile to notify him, when Zhao Hai sits down eats meal, Desbarres they appears in dining room. Has to recognize, Zhao Hai from Space be the liquor that the city takes, absolutely is not the adulterated liquor, therefore was drinks, Desbarres they will not have the headache, when added on that liquor brewing, what use was Spatial Water, therefore after drinking, not only will not make people feel sadly, conversely, will also make people feel to be refreshing, was also of great advantage regarding cultivation level. When Desbarres their full of energy appears in the dining room, all people have gawked, Desbarres noticed that Zhao Hai is eating meal, cannot help but two eyes one bright, then laughs said : well Little Hai, your youngster really suffices to drink, drank to fall face down us unexpectedly, great.” Zhao Hai sets out to give Desbarres gave a salute, Desbarres has not actually cared, but smiles said :to come me also to come a breakfast, HaHaHa, this is crispest one time that I drink to drink, This liquor drinks really satisfying. ” Zhao Hai smiles said : Camp Lord, if likes, turns head I to tell you formula, you ferment, one makes the brothers have the liquor to drink, two come also to be able for our Bones Symbol Camp to increase the income.” As soon as Desbarres listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, deep voice said : great, 1 Little Hai, you a little elegant demeanor of Bones Symbol Camp person, feel relieved, I will arrange now, later this fermented glutinous rice came out, in all income, you will obtain the five layers profit.”

Zhao Hai one hear of Desbarres said that cannot help but stares, his embarrassed said : Camp Lord, this is not then good, I just am put out a formula......” Desbarres beckoned with the hand said : any words, you were don’t know your this formula value how much money, feel relieved were good, my Bones Symbol Camp will not treat unjustly own brothers, you returned don’t know, the robot of Qi Yi that youngster manufacture, our Bones Symbol Camp also made through the factory, and traded in entire machine, obtained profit, he also five layers, this was our Bones Symbol Camp custom.” Zhao Hai one hear of Desbarres said that did not have to say anything, he nodded said : well, Camp Lord, I accepted, if later brothers had anything to have a need for my place, must tell me, so long as I can add on busily, certain gang.” Desbarres has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, at this time the robot had also sent the breakfast, Desbarres is having in front of that breakfast, was not speaking. Has had the breakfast, Zhao Hai just about to returned to own in the room, was stopped by calling out by Desbarres, Zhao Hai arrived at his room with Desbarres, after sitting down, Desbarres look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you speak the truth with me, can you deal with several levels of people now?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : camp, me thinks I cope with four battalions of Expert people should not be a problem now, because I besides am Magician, is Warrior, I am Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, this motion, I can several demon swords, be able to wield Warrior part of strengths, if copes with 4th level Expert, with Undead Creature and demon sword, should be possible slug to give exterminate the opposite party!” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Desbarres has actually gawked, did he look at Zhao Hai said : „you are Warrior? Have you in Lower Realm, studied Martial Skill?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to study, just in ascend, I specially chose Magic Continent to come ascend, because in Lower Realm, the Magician comparison was popular, therefore after I thought ascend, possibly was the Magician comparison is also popular, therefore has chosen Magician.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Desbarres cannot help but laughs said :well, fantastic, 1 【, The sea, has your words to be easy to do, your feel relieved, later Bones Symbol Camp all resources, open to you, did you in online certainly look up many Magic Formation? formation and Formation Set that your feel relieved, in our Bones Symbol Camp the has plenty secret has not passed on, these thing open to you, moreover I with will build weapon according to your request to you, you need any commodity, we can also provide for you, you must do practices, earlier becomes Expert, is Bones Symbol Camp strives! ” If were others said that Zhao Hai one lived the response calmly, but Desbarres said that Zhao Hai actually dislike did not get up, because of Desbarres all these not for him, he for Bones Symbol Camp, for Ashley Clan. Must say that Zhao Hai does not have what sense of belonging regarding Ashley Clan, but regarding Bones Symbol Camp, some Zhao Hai actually favorable impressions, contacts him from most from the beginning Maggie, to the present, all that Bones Symbol Camp makes, settled on the eye by Zhao Hai, to be honest, he somewhat liked on the Bones Symbol Camp person, because Bones Symbol Camp these people have not manipulated strategically, has not planned mutually, everyone/Great Clan was same target, making Bones Symbol Camp rise, for this target, they can sacrifice all, this was the Zhao Hai most affected place. a.