Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1118
Zhao Hai has Space, in adding on his cultivation level, he regarding authority anything, oneself after not having what interest, in adding on the family also has the beautiful wife beautiful Family, regarding beautiful , is not in very heavy. However person always living in groups animal, after machine here, Bones Symbol Camp is very good to him, although said that also made some thing from his here, however looked like in Zhao Hai, these thing were not good thing, moreover Desbarres was was also very really kind regarding him, now is to promise him, opened to him Bones Symbol Camp all thing, this regarding Zhao Hai was good information. Zhao Hai also knows that your Great Clan, their Clan definitely will have the secret of some not passing on, but these thing, will be more useful regarding him. Desbarres looked that Zhao Hai quite a while has not spoken, his cannot help but said :Little Hai? What matter also has? ” Zhao Hai has gawked, shook the head said : not to have Camp Lord, but must ask Camp Lord you to help me, I in academy there, two robots, please help me transport to the camp, but that two robots Qi Yi helps me make, I use ting to be convenient.” Desbarres thinks that Zhao Hai has any matter, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs said : well, this is not a problem, Qi Yi that youngster does other is not good, but fiddles with the robot, absolutely is a talent, your feel relieved was good, the rest, this time we go to Bones Symbol Camp well directly, you first lived in Battalion Li these days, wait for you fully adapted to the machine here Spiritual Qi density, went to your villa, I will give you to arrange.” Zhao Hai nodded, had not opposed that Desbarres looked at Zhao Hai to agree, this said : that good, you rested, tomorrow we almost can arrive at Bones Symbol Camp.” Said that has stood, Zhao Hai also hastily stands to see off. On this day to is calm, Zhao Hai still sits in own room condense Magic Formation, he has not thought that these time looks like the simple incomparable smelting trial, finally has actually made into this appearance, moreover he raised advancing to enter Bones Symbol Camp unexpectedly. Had recalled these days experience, Zhao Hai to had not felt has any improper place, although his present strength expose has me, but his true strength does not have expose, this regarding Zhao Hai is very essential. Moreover the Zhao Hai machine, to machine here, you must also reveal 1 u to come out your strength, only then you possibly gain many attaching great importance to like this, obtains more advantage.

Considers, if Zhao Hai within one month, did not become 1st level Magician, if his strength does not have now to be so strong, if he to Dins their such, is one old, does not have what potential Ascender, will Desbarres so be polite to him? Will say must open the resources of entire battalion to practice for him? Definitely cannot. This must say is Bones Symbol Camp, if other camp, feared that in knowing the formula of Zhao Hai in hand that liquor, after knowing Undead Creature refinement method, gave to silence a witness of crime him, machine here was not simple, was because of this, therefore Zhao Hai while careful, revealed 1 u to leave own some strengths, told Desbarres him is Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, was Zhao Hai intentionally such does. Zhao Hai already present, in machine here, some Clan of secret, is the true essence is, but of these secrets, in the common situation are the non- to divulge to an outsider, even if in Clan, a aptitude nose point person, is impossible to study these Magic Formation, do not say person of the ascend, therefore Zhao Hai told Desbarres is Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, was lets Desbarres to his attaching great importance, only then he can obtain to attach great importance to like this, learned many thing. one day quickly, first time to eating meal time, Desbarres will call Zhao Hai together to eat meal, evening's time, but also brought Zhao Hai to go to amusement room there to play child a while. This amusement room here, to the place that the crew relaxes, has plenty amusing thing, looks like looks like giant iron Yu Guan. Zhao Hai transferred a while in there, told Desbarres, returned to in the room, Desbarres to Zhao Hai such procedure, to did not have what opinion, in his opinion, Zhao Hai is one is infatuated in the person of practice, otherwise his strength impossible promotion rapidness of that. A night does not have the words, next day such as previous the day is still same, in the morning has the breakfast with Desbarres together, Desbarres has told him to reorganize well, probably evening's time, they can arrive at Bones Symbol Camp. Zhao Hai has not cared, returned to the room is, in one time investigated the Bones Symbol Camp situation, this time his is mainly the Bones Symbol Camp site, this looks up Zhao Hai present, Ascend Academy that therefore Bones Symbol Camp to him is not very near. Urban known as auspicious Cloud City that Ascend Academy is, this auspicious Cloud City is a city that Ashley Clan manages, south auspicious Cloud City, ten thousand li (0.5km) remote place, the big island, this big island is not smaller than piece of Continent, altogether has in more than 3 million, but this big island is Ashley Clan Main City is, Ashley Clan Main City known as Chong Mocheng. Entire * the place becomes, lord is this Big Island, island is also Chong Modao, in the surroundings of this big island, eight small island, these eight small island are similar to the bodyguard same Chong Modao protects in the middle, but these eight demon small island, Ashley Clan most famous Outer Sect eight battalions of institutes are.

These eight camps respectively by, emaciated, malicious ghost Suo Ming names, Bones Symbol Camp is in the emaciated four battalions the sub- camp. But Ashley Clan in planet, known as Dark Magic Star, entire planet is the Ashley Clan domain, this planet is the Ashley Clan supreme headquarters. On this planet, there are urban more than ten thousand, the population over 10 billion, are only the ascend points, the piece of region that more than hundred, auspicious Cloud City is, is region that Bones Symbol Camp has jurisdiction over, but belongs to Bones Symbol Camp to have jurisdiction over the region surrounding generation, along with the decline of Bones Symbol Camp, this piece of region also by other headquarters staring, but there is a Desbarres town, these person does not dare to do too excessively, but poaches some ascend talent, to is can. The although Outer Sect eight battalions are Ashley Clan, but these eight battalions actually and have how good relationship not necessarily, conversely, relationship between eight battalions are not very good, this is because the competition system of Ashley Clan causes, among eight battalions mutual competition, every year will have some competition, competition before camp, may have the Clan many financial support, can first in Clan in control all ascend, the hiring joins the army. Besides these, is the status reason, camp that each year of competition most sets the base, sees the people in other camps, wants on the moving forward ritual, politely calls Senior Brother. Bones Symbol Camp these years do not feel better, existence that the although first competition most does not set the base, but only could also spin in six and seven, sees other camp people, must salute, this makes them feel sad. Bones Symbol Camp is not short of money, is only these robots that Qi Yi makes, after he buys, can gain greatly gains especially, the fund that therefore Bones Symbol Camp these year of although obtain from Clan there is not a lot, but financial resource actually still abundant, now what they lack is only the status. Must say that Ashley Clan in machine here is also very famous existence, their Clan can control entire planet, this be rarely seen in machine here unexpectedly. Machine here altogether more than 1000 may live in person planet, but more than 1000 planet, actually must be blown the minute by three big influences, but in these three big influences, is comprised of the innumerable small influences, if these influences think that control lives the ball, feared that is 10,000 planet is also insufficient, therefore has plenty planet is by several influence alliance control, like Ashley Clan, Clan on control entire planet, rarely seen. Zhao Hai is also now the understand Ashley Clan strength, is not really simple, Clan control planet, although complete machine had more than 1000 planet, but this was also very great result. Quick Spaceship arrives at the Dark Magic Star outer space base, the Ashley Clan altogether four outer space bases, these four outer space bases, protect Dark Magic Star in the middle, first outer space base here, bright ten high level warships and more than 100 Intermediate level battleships, innumerable small shape battleship composition, but Zhao Hai they said Dry-Bone number that sits, although was known as that is the level battleship, belongs to medium grade, generally is carry out reconnaissance class duty, usually will be divided the ranks of small battleship.

The battleship like Dry-Bone number, can enter to planet, but like that type of Advanced level large-scale battleship, with these genuine medium battleships, is not allowed to enter to planet in generally. Because such words likely will cause planet internal cause to live the change, causes some natural disasters. Generally only then small shape Spaceship can enter to planet, Desbarres is Outer Sect Manager, he can transfer in most ten level battleship, but does not need to report, therefore Desbarres this talent will have the Dry-Bone character and other battleships to greet Maggie. Dry-Bone number although in the medium grade battleship is small existence, can enter to planet, usually will also be regarded the small battleship to use, but he truly is in one level battleship, fighting strength compared with small shape battleship many, is adding on the Dry-Bone number is specially the scout preparation, is extremely quick, therefore Desbarres will adjust the Dry-Bone number to welcome draws Maggie. However to Dark Magic Star here, they have actually not been able, in advanced in the Dry-Bone number planet, they must put outer space base here the Dry-Bone number, then transferred small Spaceship, entered to Dark Magic Star. Before Zhao Hai went to safe, if star smelting trial time, has not noted these outer space bases, because they simply does not need to go to outer space base there at that time, what they used, civil Spaceship of smallest shape, what walked was another route, was very far from the outer space base, therefore Zhao Hai did not have him to see the outer space base. However these time comes back, they must go to outer space base there to change the ship, therefore Zhao Hai also saw that outer space base, saw this outer space base, Zhao Hai has tarried, he has not thought really that this outer space base unexpectedly so giant, entire outer space base, will seem looks like great big city fort of a float in outer space, outside of this castle, innumerable outer space pier, there was stopping battleships, looked like installs to observe. a.