Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1119
................................................................................. When Spaceship stopped, Desbarres was bringing Zhao Hai they walked out from the cabin, this came out Zhao Hai present, in Spaceship cabin door there, had been connected on a leakproof corridor, the person has been able from the cabin direct walked. Passes through the corridor, arrived at a platform, this platform is also completely leakproof, inside environment to is the same with Spaceship, is only in this platform here, stopped several speeding cars, Desbarres is bringing Maggie and Zhao Hai directly rides the speeding car. Sits boards the speeding car, Desbarres turns the head to Zhao Hai said :1 Little Hai, this time we must a bit faster in returned to Clan, therefore did not do to stay in here, next time will wait for us, I led certainly you to this outer space base in playing well. Zhao Hai smiles said : Camp Lord to be too polite, I also want a bit faster to go back, practice well.” Desbarres smiles said : light do not think the practice, your practice has sufficed quickly, but within such short time, can use five to superimpose, this is very great matter.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said anything, Desbarres in urging Zhao Hai, he stayed the most lifetime in Ashley Clan, what person has not seen, practices the madman he has seen also much like Zhao Hai, person who this wants, so long as undead, will become will move a side in the future Expert. Speeding car fast is flying in the outer space base, before long arrived at base another harbor there, there had small Spaceship to wait. Is standing several people in Spaceship gate there, these wear occupies the shipboard manufacture, this manufacture will be the union body, the entire clothes upper part and lower part will unite in together, will seem like the leather makes probably, tight-fitting design, very charming. When the Desbarres three people from the vehicle, lead person immediately/on horseback have seen Sir Manager to Desbarres gave a salute said :, Spaceship has prepared.” Desbarres nodded, deep voice said : good, helping you thank with your long official road sounds, I must sharply hurrying back, not go to his there.” That person of does not dare to continue talking, Desbarres already on small Spaceship, Maggie, Zhao Hai, 30 Magician, 20 Warrior accompany. This Zhao Hai the room on Spaceship, from this small Spaceship, it will not take long cannot enter to planet, at this time was going to the room apparently not to have that to will, therefore entered the command(er) hall with Desbarres.

In the command(er) hall naturally has captain command(er) Spaceship to fly, Zhao Hai they stand in the hall, look at passes computer in hall, look at outside scenery . Entered the atmosphere to Spaceship, Desbarres had relaxed, turns the head look at Zhao Hai, laughs at said : a while I to deliver to our Bones Symbol Camp you first to settle down, then in delivering the young lady went home, I in the person with camp have reached an agreement, they to you can with the good room, you that Spiritual Qi control one's breathing in academy was bringing must bring on the body, but you can try to adjust the Spiritual Qi density, corrupt quick, must gradually adapt.” Zhao Hai nodded, has complied with one, actually stirring up stands in him behind on these Magician good coveting, person of Desbarres although to Bones Symbol Camp is very good, but like personal instructing earnestly, never has, to Zhao Hai, Desbarres may be careful. Desbarres has not told other person of Zhao Hai is Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, when Zhao Hai told him this information, he had decided that must block this information, in his opinion, Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation becomes a Zhao Hai card in a hand, has not actually thought that the Zhao Hai card in a hand was not simplicity that he imagined. Was speaking, Zhao Hai noted on master control computer of command(er) hall appears nine has become the Nine Palace shape arrangement islands, middle island that should not be big, in eight islands was bigger than it assembling, but it in eight islands, looked like eight bodyguard same protecting in the surroundings in the middle that island. Desbarres is pointing at island said : there is the bone character island that Bones Symbol Camp is, in the island among is Bones Symbol Camp is, now in Bones Symbol Camp, there are Magician more than 4000 people, the Warrior more than 6000 people, the lowest strength is 1st level, highest achieving 5th level, in island besides Bones Symbol Camp camp, eight training grounds, but also two villa areas, a while you first arrive in Bones Symbol Camp to go to to settle down, I deliver to go home the young lady, can as soon as possible past.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Camp Lord freely busily and that's the end, my not anything too many requests, present to camp there, practices, will not have any matter.” Desbarres nodded said : I to tell they, want to come not to have any mistake, was good, let's go.” During the speeches Spaceship arrived at the Bones Symbol Camp sky, slowly declines toward Bones Symbol Camp. In Bones Symbol Camp has own Spaceship to anchor the field, but the scale is not very big, they are common duty to be travel by small Spaceship to trade big Spaceship to outer space base there, therefore this Spaceship anchors the field not to need cultivate is too big. But Zhao Hai is using these days, is observing Bones Symbol Camp camp, Bones Symbol Camp the camp, said is camp, is actually a very high building, Zhao Hai general considers as finished, altitude probably about 200 of building, cross the kilometer highly, battlefield area also about ten thousand square meters, the entire building becomes tower-shaped, on is inlaying the glass, looks like very beautiful. Zhao Hai has not thought really that this camp unexpectedly is one looks like so Advanced level large building, this in camp with his heart curtain is not quite same. At this time Spaceship steady falling to the ground, Desbarres was bringing Zhao Hai and these Magician and Warrior went out of Spaceship, outside Spaceship had large quantities of Bones Symbol Camp Magician and Warrior is waiting for them.

Desbarres look at stands in forefront Tao Wang, deep voice said : Tao Wang, after Zhao Hai, was the Bones Symbol Camp person, I let the matter that you arranged, did you arrange?” Tao Wang nodded said : Camp Lord feel relieved, has arranged, you do not need to be worried.” Desbarres obviously is to Tao Wang trust, he nodded, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, your a while goes in Tao Wang, I must deliver the young lady, had anything to need to say to Tao Wang.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, then to Tao Wang gave a salute, on Desbarres then turn around Spaceship, Spaceship flew toward Chong Modao on. When Spaceship flies away, Tao Wang turned the head to these Magician and Warrior said : was good, why should why go, Little Hai came with me, I led you to go to your room to have a look.” Zhao Hai has complied with said : thanks a lot Tao elder brother. „ Tao Wang smiles said :polite anything, is Battalion brothers, walks.” Said that leads Zhao Hai to walk toward building, in this large building First Layer is a very big hall, side also has the dining room and rest place, but in the biggest hall, there is an electronic curtain wall, this electronic curtain wall, on that electronic curtain wall often appears all kinds of information. Outside camp of Tao Wang our Ashley Clan to Zhao Hai said :, Clan carries on competition to send some funds besides every year, is very[ from] by, outside the camp must accept duty that in some Clan sends every year, so long as these duty has made, other time also present minutes[ from] by, camp here will have every year in large numbers[ from] by duty, these[ from] by duty is the people through the network cloth, everyone/Great Clan can meet some[ from] by duty does, Clan gives the camp fund every year, actually on gives in the camp all people. The wages, these wages are not very high and presses level to delimit... The minute, although regarding ordinary losing, these wages possibly did not calculate to lower, but regarding the person of practice, these wages actually insufficiently why, therefore a quality of camp show, looked that camp can create the wealth to come.” The Zhao Hai understand Tao Wang words, this camp turns over to the Ashley Clan tube on although, but Ashley Clan actually in vain does not support them, every year is limited to the camp money, camp wants to cross well finds the way to make money on. Tao Wang then said : these duty, not only on Dark Magic Star, some duty on other planet, to make duty to sit Spaceship to go, if wants the quick point also to use Transmission Formation to go, Transmission Formation bill will be just higher.” Zhao Hai nodded, Tao Wang then said : „, if makes Clan duty, when that makes duty hua to sell, all comes by Clan, but if does[ from] by duty, that hua sold must be your.” Was saying while was leading Zhao Hai to nearby elevator there, turned on the elevator to walk, Tao Wang has pressed down 100 eight ten layers directly. After ending Tao Wang turned the head to Zhao Hai said : say really that our camp here, was also similar to Ascend Academy there, first floor had the dining room, had cultivate the rest the place, other balcony there also had, moreover in this building also had the market, had the store that Clan opened in there, we, can arrive at there to go[ from] by the transaction, for example we made duty, obtained some rewards or had some additional income, or what dug to Heaven and Earth Treasure, can there trade, Clan will not deduct any expense in there, thing that naturally, you harvested, Also can buy for Clan, Clan will not treat unjustly your.” Zhao Hai nodded, he now complete understand, Outer Sect camp, in fact is a mercenaries same place of Clan, but is half mercenaries, receives for Clan all collects good thing place. Great Clan wants to unfold, just by several Expert, several battleships are incorrect, he also needs the aspects to unfold, in other words, must have the inside story.

But existence of Outer Sect camp, in a Clan show process, will play very essential doing to use, the Outer Sect camp person, fighting strength although has , if, but generally speaking, their strengths are good, equal to is an army, but must raise this army, the bill money is not a lot, this army can also bring the advantage to Clan. For example, Outer Sect camp Magician, exited to make duty, made duty time, he obtained the a piece ore, but this ore was machine here very scarce thing, but this thing he could not use, if attained other places, sold to others, may come to kill a person and take his possessions, therefore he best means sold to Clan that this ore he was, received in exchange for some him needing thing, he can also certainly remain, after , the strength was strong, in using this thing, but before that., If known his in hand has this thing, can snatch, he danger. But this ore was very likely manufactures to seek the Might formidable Warrior essential block ore, Clan obtained, naturally can manufacture that weapon, the strength was stronger several. This, in Clan will have in the course of contacts many good thing, doing when with the person battle, good weapon, can play uses, that is the difficult estimate, especially in Comprehend the world here, in Comprehend the world here, in the influence that these become famous, that influence few extremely powerful weapon, only then wants that weapon , the ordinary person on does not dare easily to provoke them, on being similar to the nuclear bomb uses in doing of country is the same. Also because of this, therefore these Clan will allow the Outer Sect camp person to go[ from] by meeting duty, because this Clan will also bring the advantage to them. Tao Wang looked like Zhao Hai to introduce situation in camp, the market in camp was divided into two, in 100 th and 100 th five ten layers, in 100 th , was Ashley Clan opens respectively in the here market, other Potion and thing that some inside Magician and Warrior needed, has plenty, cargo very complete . Moreover the price wanted cheaply compared with outside market condition in some. But 100 five ten layers there, are camp[ from] from the Trading Field institute, in camp all people can arrive at there to trade, for example Magician, exits to make duty, obtained demon double-edged sword, is naturally useless regarding Magician, but has big using regarding Warrior, he goes[ from] by Trading Floor there, received exchange for thing that oneself need with demon double-edged sword. One hear of Tao Wang said that Zhao Hai to is two eyes one bright, he to has thought good means that like this type[ from] by the transaction place, will certainly have many good thing, but in Zhao Hai Space has Universal Manufacturing Machine, can manufacture many good thing, is taking to buy these thing, is absolutely feasible. At this time elevator, Ding has made a sound together, went to the place, Tao Wang led Zhao Hai to come out from the elevator, came out Zhao Hai to stare, because he has not thought that this one layer can be this, raising-of-truss method ten points of high of this one layer, fully about ten meters, were planting some not too high watching tree on the ground, some huahua carelessly, most important was, the here room likely other's place, was not one by one, but the here room had small courtyard, looked like small villas is the same, very elegant. Zhao Hai has not thought that here can be this situation, the Tao Wang look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : here generally to the dwelling that 4th level above person prepares, this Camp Lord told me specially, arranged here you, walked, I led you to have a look at your house.” Zhao Hai is somewhat affected, this was considered as absolutely is special allowance, although he has not gone to other floors to look, however was sitting moment that the elevator came up, Zhao Hai had paid attention, the rooms of other floors may not have here to be so good, naturally, here was better than has, toward stepping onto, the there room attractively, but Zhao Hai also felt, these in the room, lived was some 5th level Expert. a.