Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1120
....................................................................................... Zhao Hai had not felt is unfair, perhaps said that he felt was unfair, but is not to him, but in other people to camp. His wind comes the new person in camp, to strength that the present shows, is 1st level Magician, in this case, arranges him to villa that only then 4th level Magician can live, this in other people to camp is is very obviously unfair. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but turns the head to Tao Wang said : ceramic Big Brother, this is not good, I just came to live in here, do other people think? I thought that I lived under to be good.” Tao Wang smiles said : feel relieved, these fellows will not manage your, did not want underestimated these fellows, these fellows currently some each and every one a lot of money, don't forget, on our Bones Symbol Camp besides camp here, two big villa areas, in these fellows a little prospect, have their house in villa area there, little came to here, said it, you lived in here, but Camp Lord told personally, who dares to say anything.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: „ That thanked ceramic Big Brother, ceramic Big Brother, the little brother came from Lower Realm the time, has not brought any precious thing, these two bottles of liquor delivered give you, this type of liquor was small Younger brother in hand best thing, altogether few bottles, couple of days ago had also given the Camp Lord two bottles, don’t know has Camp Lord drunk, you taste, have a look to meet one's taste, little brother in hand also has some not good liquor, but wins in brings from Lower Realm, everyone/Great Clan has not possibly drunk, will ask ceramic Big Brother one to get down to Big Brother, making everyone/Great Clan taste, the formula of this river I have given Camp Lord, first will make everyone/Great Clan have a look, whether this liquor will meet one's taste, if will meet one's taste, later our Bones Symbol Camp could open the brewery. ” Zhao Hai was saying while has put out two bottles of liquor and Space Bag, Space Bag this thing, in machine here, simply is not strange, so long as is the person of practice, almost every, simply cannot buy any price, therefore Zhao Hai can also now feel relieved bold took. Tao Wang also understand Zhao Hai said that these words are any meanings, but regarding the Zhao Hai respect, he was happy received, he received that two bottles of liquor, has put in own Space equipment, smiles said : good thing, Elder Brother I not to have other hobby, on tasty two, turned head I to taste your liquor, these liquor I gave you to get down, feel relieved, I will say with them that these liquor were you deliver.” Zhao Hai laughed said : ceramic Big Brother to be polite, later wants to drink looks for me, other does not dare saying that the liquor I managed to suffice, was right, this also two types of liquor, you took to taste.” Said that and has put out to the jar, has given Tao Wang altogether. Tao Wang not polite, received to put in Space, smiles said : to walk, goes to your house to have a look, wait for you tidied up, I in asked you to drink.” Said that then Zhao Hai walks toward the surface. The Zhao Hai house to the elevator is not near, his house at this one layer best position, but the so-called best position, approaches the position of window, can see scenery of out of the window in there directly, therefore is this one layer best position.

Zhao Hai looked at this room, his para-position room not too big request, so long as can live in the person on the line, but here this housing to is very good, the entire room half minute is two, does not arrive at both sides square meter, the base guarantees construction area of house , is less than 100 square meters, outside of house also has a small hua garden, this is also the construction forms of this one layer all houses. Tao Wang brought Zhao Hai carefully to look at the here house, this house although was very small, but the house should have thing here that to be equally many, the kitchen had. The entire house is divided into two, upper layer is a bedroom, three, the lower level is the kitchen and living room, in the bathroom building one, downstairs, in addition, in not too many thing. Tao Wang after Zhao Hai has introduced the house, to Zhao Hai said :1 Little Hai, this house now although is with a smile small, but your feel relieved, Camp Lord has made me prepare one set of villa to you, so long as you tried to comply with machine Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, can move to villa there to go. Zhao Hai smiles said : not to use, here ting is good, I, live in that big house to do, lives in here on ting is good, right ceramic Big Brother, this eats meal, can arrive at following cafeteria there to go? I think in this house to have kitchen, don't oneself do?” Tao Wang smiles said : naturally to do, if you will not prepare food, can arrive in the following store to buy a robot to come back to give you to prepare food, but your youngster did not need to be worried, Camp Lord said that no matter you had the request that anything wanted, altogether satisfied, feel relieved, said that I will surely give you to arrange.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to result, ceramic Big Brother, I had the robot, but also two, in academy, Qi Yi to the lane, I are using conveniently, said to Camp Lord, invited to help me that two robots making, duty that these days my lord wanted, stayed in here adapts to Spiritual Qi, so long as adapted to Spiritual Qi here, that all said.” Tao Wang laughs said :your this fellow, good, I one you will deliver some eating will come, later to the name will deliver using that will eat regularly, feel relieved was good, Camp Lord told that I do not dare to neglect., Said walking that laughs. Zhao Hai knows that Tao Wang said is joking with him, not point evil intention, He did not care, has been familiar with his small villa, on returned to in the room, has put out anti- monitor to examine well, presently after does not have the surveillance, he then relaxed. However he has not entered Space, he knows that meets Desbarres possibly also to come, at this time really did not enter Space time, therefore he is only sitting of calm in the villa, condense Magic Formation.

After two hours, outside of his villa has broadcast a sound of speeding car suddenly, then hears the Tao Wang sound to transmit said : Little Hai, 1 Little Hai, do you do? Comes out quickly.” Zhao Hai comes out from own bedroom, looks, is Tao Wang and Desbarres, this time besides them, was not having other people. Zhao Hai opens the door hastily, asking them to come, Zhao Hai at this time present, Tao Wang in hand was taking several bags, inside thought of thing probably. Tao Wang not polite, has arrived in that dining room in Zhao Hai villa directly, puts down the bag, opens, has put out several types of thing from inside, unexpectedly is several lunch boxes, inside thinks of the dish. Desbarres look at Zhao Hai appearance, laughs said :1 Little Hai, today is your comes first day to Bones Symbol Camp, I with Tao Wang am also the tasty two cups of hosts, therefore arrives at your here to come, wants to drink two cups with you, what kind of? Welcome?, Zhao Hai laughed said : Camp Lord saying that the there words came, some people accompanied me to drink, my happy also without enough time, quickly invited, what a pity, today you bring was the prepared food, otherwise my 1 u two hands showed you.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Tao Wang face 1 u suddenly left a strange smiling face, his hand turns, gave his present that Space Bag to take Zhao Hai, look at Zhao Hai, hey smiled said :1 【, The sea, this Space Bag was you installs the liquor to me that the liquor takes by me, now in this Space Bag attire to your food, many were raw food, wanted you to do, come, gave us 1 u two hands. ” Desbarres and Tao Wang think that Zhao Hai is boasting, in their opinion, the practice talent like Zhao Hai, that wholeheartedly puts certainly in the practice, he will prepare how possibly food, therefore they will say. Zhao Hai has not actually cared, melts one hear of Tao Wang saying that cannot help but stares, then curious near that Space Bag, looked at Space Bag inside thing, my goodness, the rice, the surface, the meat, the egg, the dish, has everything expected to find, all seasonings also very complete. Zhao Hai looked at inside thing one, looked at thing one that Desbarres and Tao Wang brought, thing that Tao Wang and Desbarres brought, many were some prepared food, such as the fried chicken, the fries and so on, really did not have any special thing, to be honest, Zhao Hai also liked drinking two cups, but to these thing, could not really be drinking. He in Space, drinking time, to eat up the food and wine, that is Meg does certainly, but craftsmanship that Meg prepares food now, is one is weaker than the common master chef, because Zhao Hai likes eating[] country cuisine, therefore Meg main study is also[] country cuisine, that flavor is really good.

Also because of this, therefore also created the Zhao Hai appetite trickily, common dish he may unable to eat, therefore Zhao Hai not polite, has put out a fish, has put out some green vegetables, started to prepare food. Desbarres and Tao Wang looked that Zhao Hai that skilled appearance cannot help but stares, they have not thought that really Zhao Hai will prepare food unexpectedly. Zhao Hai has completed before long two vegetables, together the cold dish, is the daily family activity cold dish of Pu'ai, in addition together is actually the hot dish, is 411 famous cuisine, the water the fish, waits for Zhao Hai these two dishes put on the table the time, Desbarres and Tao Wang the diameter was scared. Must say that entire Comprehend the world here, anything compared with Earth on strong, but only not compared with Earth on strong, that is eating can't compare with Earth there that they make. In Comprehend the world here, all give priority to cultivation level, even if their here has with Earth on same the food, their also will not spend completely plans goes to research anything dish , looks like in the Comprehend the world here person, had that time, might as well solid that went to research two sets of Magic Formation to come. Because has such idea, therefore entire Cultivation World here, does not have research to leave anything to leave dish , people things to eat, generally very simple. Daily family activity cold dish to, that together ordinary dish , belongs to the cold dish class, does not have too many specialness, but that spicy fish was not quite same, that needs several skill, therefore sees this dish, Desbarres and Tao Wang somewhat were scared. Before Zhao Hai, several days when academy there eats meal on present, here dish is really not much, after accessing the net to look up, knew the level in having prepared food, therefore came out to show off with own craftsmanship, must, his craftsmanship fall far short compared with Meg really now. Desbarres actually look at that two dish said : my goodness? Little Hai, these two are friendly you do? Do you study in that?” Zhao Hai smiles said : research, tastes.” Tao Wang has taken up the chopsticks to eat impatiently. a.