Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1121
................................................................................................... The people in Bones Symbol Camp know that in Bones Symbol Camp a new person, this new person came to be arranged the villa level that only then 4th level Expert can live, although regarding them, villa level there they already did not go, they already practiced the house in villa area there, but just heard this information they are some are uncomfortable. Moreover this person of very mysterious, except for coming first time them in camp has seen 100, moreover made Tao Wang give them to deliver beside one bottle of liquor, this person almost appears in the camp, now two months had not passed, has seen this person of person, entire Bones Symbol Camp, can count with a hand. Not only this person does not walk in camp, he almost does not leave the room, everyday stays in the room, but his room, besides two robots, has Tao Wang and Camp Lord has gone, moreover Tao Wang and Camp Lord go also attendance, above one week of minimum most twice, this for the past two months, Camp Lord and Tao Wang, went to that individual wild minimum two ten times. Camp Lord and Tao Wang every time goes to that villa, after coming out, is red light over the face, obviously has drunk, moreover drinks also many, this lets the person in camp, regarding that the person in villa and villa was more curious. These Bones Symbol Camp people are don’t know, Desbarres and Tao Wang go to Zhao Hai there obviously, not only to drink, they want to have a look at Zhao Hai to adapt how. But Zhao Hai adaptation degree, lets Desbarres and Tao Wang feels extremely happy, others use for one year, can exempt adapted to the machine here Spiritual Qi density, but Zhao Hai only with two months fully adapted. Desbarres and Tao Wang and don’t know, Zhao Hai in these two months, not only adapted, the machine Spiritual Qi density, his strength also broke through. Zhao Hai to Bones Symbol Camp one month of time, quickly in adapting to the here Spiritual Qi density, moreover he also felt that he soon broke through, therefore he looked for one day specially, comes out from camp, to outside found a nobody's place, arrange Spirit Gathering Formation, this starts to attempt to break through, this breakthrough, lets his Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula, from First Layer, broke through Second Layer, but Spiritual Qi that meanwhile needed was also the terror. After breaking through Second Layer, Zhao Hai spiritual force also had very big enhancement, originally he has only been able to use hundred overlay Magic Formation Set, after the breakthrough, he has been able to use thousand overlay Magic Formation to advocate, then on equivalent to 6th level Magician. This breakthrough not only made the Zhao Hai strength have the enhancement of very big degree, in Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula Second Layer, one set of Martial arts, studied to wrap Martial arts unexpectedly is one set of Fist Technique, name actually very unusual with this set of Fist Technique, this set of Fist Technique known as, Tempering Stars Body Technique! One set of Fist Technique, actually gave a Cultivation Method name, this lets Zhao Hai very curious, he thinks most from the beginning this set of Fist Technique will not have anything to use to him greatly, after all he had Divergent Technique, the body already left the range of average person, no matter the Crystallization body, was the liquid metal Incarnation body, did not need any body tempering technique to exercise, he thinks that he obtained this book, can learn one set of Fist Technique, was really a little weak! After he carefully looks at this Tempering Stars Body Technique, he was not having a meaning of looking down upon, the content on this book, was really too formidable.

This Tempering Stars Body Technique lets the person of practice, directing Strength of Stars to exercise own, but this exercise, not only really regarding the meridians or bone lou of person, he exercises unexpectedly is the cell of person. According to the meaning on Tempering Stars Body Technique saying is, the human the cell looks like the each and every one energy reservoir, their mutual independent, mutually depends on each other, but this Tempering Stars Body Technique, must direct nine days of Strength of Stars, exercises the cell of person body, making the cell tenacious, can store up many energy, so long as can persist in practicing, that person of each cell can Strength of Stars, by that time the person naturally can Unparalleled Under The Heaven. This is one type of is unprecedented, is similar to fantasy story same new and odd practice method, before Zhao Hai, do not say heard that wants not to think, if not this Tempering Stars Body Technique practice method very perfect, Zhao Hai thinks simply this simply conjectures baseless, simply does not have such practice method. However sees on that perfect practice method, Zhao Hai somewhat hesitated, so perfect practice method, really baseless imagination? Sees not like. Moreover in Tempering Stars Body Technique final, but also has recorded the big shortcoming of this practice method, this person of shortcoming is same, that is the pain! This practice method, with own Spiritual Force, actuate Universe Strength of Stars, introduces Strength of Stars[ body], quenchings the body of person, this Strength of Stars quenchings may not be flesh and blood bone lou and so on, but is the cell of person, each cell! When practices Tempering Stars Body Technique, but must achieve boundary that intent and body separate, otherwise meets very dangerous! The so-called Consciousness and Body separation, is makes the thought of person be divided leave to come with his body, if that spirit soul leaves the hole to be the same, but not completely is the same, spirit soul left the hole refers to spirit soul leave of person his body, his body cannot move, but the Consciousness and Body separation that on Tempering Stars Body Technique wanted was, intent Mind Power and body separated, in other words, intent Mind Power leave the body, has looked like a person in operating a puppet same operation own body, the person operated the puppet, was what the don’t know puppet is feels, was only then the line, along with. Own regard operates, the Consciousness and Body separation is also so. although said that on Stellar Secret Art has written, will have this and that danger, but Zhao Hai wants learn Tempering Stars Body Technique, he always felt that this Tempering Stars Body Technique has big doing to use to him. The Zhao Hai book thinks that own body includes many Divergent Technique, in adding on Crystallization and liquefies the metal shape, will study this body tempering technique should not the pain like others, when his true start will study, he knows one have made a mistake, moreover wrong oddness. His body is has plenty Divergent Technique, Crystallization this type can become by own body the hard incomparable ability, meanwhile has by own body becomes liquefies the metal energy, like his mercury. However also because of this, therefore Zhao Hai in exercise pain, if the cells of other people, are the each and every one bread, how Tempering Stars Body Technique wants to rub how rubs, the cell of that Zhao Hai without doubt will be the each and every one iron ball, Tempering Stars Body Technique like the fire the iron ball heat, must like the hammer one by one will strike this iron ball, finally will make the iron ball turn into the refined steel ball.

Tempering Stars Body Technique by Fist Technique form appears , this set of Fist Technique, not only one set of body tempering technique, is one set of formidable martial arts style, can be used to oppose the enemy. When Zhao Hai true according to the method on Tempering Stars Body Technique practices this set of Fist Technique, his understand, why on Tempering Stars Body Technique indicates, wants the Consciousness and Body separation only then to practice, will otherwise have greatly dangerously, because was extremely is really painful. When Zhao Hai with spiritual force actuate Strength of Stars, exercises body time, he felt that each cell of own body probably was being burnt that pain to leave his imagination by the fire, he do not say has practiced boxing, fainted at the scene. Later Zhao Hai stopped practicing Tempering Stars Body Technique, full feeling how achieved thought leave, this regarding him was not very difficult, his wanting by own thought full blowing off, was given Cai'er to come control the body, even if were achieves the thought exsomatize, but Zhao Hai such has not actually done, because he felt that he achieved the thought exsomatize, will be of great advantage to him. Used five days, Zhao Hai to achieve the thought exsomatize finally, this also Zhao Hai under the help of Cai'er body complete blowing off, then let Cai'er control his body, he in the one side felt that what feeling this was the one type of, then slowly came the control body in the strength of own thought that achieved the true thought exsomatize. After thought exsomatize, Zhao Hai starts official practice Tempering Stars Body Technique, this time he succeeded Zhao Hai to feel one were flutters in in midair, looked like operates the puppet same to operate own body, in shadowboxing that there kept, but at this time he was only thinking the shadowboxing, has not actually felt a point pain. To here Zhao Hai was true learn Tempering Stars Body Technique, building up that but this Tempering Stars Body Technique impossible everyday to keep, Zhao Hai most can achieve about thought exsomatize two hours now, this practices time of one set of Tempering Stars body fist. On content of such Zhao Hai everyday practice, also many Tempering Stars Body Technique. But just as such that he thinks, this set of Tempering Stars Body Technique, regarding him, has very big use, underwent the exercise of Tempering Stars Body Technique, he does to use two Divergent Technique on body directly, Crystallization and liquefied metallization, unexpectedly perfect fusion in together, now he, when uses these two Divergent Technique, the body will not change completely, before he used Crystallization time, the body surface became likes Crystal, liquefied metallization that energy, his although has not used in the fight, has actually experimented, a use time, his body. Changes secret Liangyin , looks likely is not the body of person. However currently Zhao Hai is using completely these two Divergent Technique on is different, in difference a little, will not look like Zhao Hai or Zhao Hai, without any unusuality . Moreover the body of Zhao Hai also will become indestructible, but will soften like the mountain stream. But advantage also not only this point that Tempering Stars Body Technique brings, has very big help regarding Zhao Hai spiritual force, moreover he in absorbing Spiritual Qi, practices Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula time, smooth, was quicker. Besides these, Zhao Hai these two months of biggest harvests, are Desbarres to these that Zhao Hai provides, Magic Formation of Bones Symbol Camp secret, these Magic Formation are momentarily open like Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai considers as finished, these Magic Formation altogether 100,000, are about two months of time, was all finished to condense by Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai condense Magic Formation was quicker, can simultaneously doubt to bring forth ten thousand Magic Formation, was extremely astonishing. Now do not say Magic Formation of Bones Symbol Camp here secret, even if machine there spreads all Magic Formation outside, had almost been doubted to practice to complete by Zhao Hai, this is a tremendous amount of difficult imagination, but Magic Formation Set of thousand overlay Zhao Hai can use now, don’t know had many.

However Zhao Hai has not thought that like this on Unparalleled Under The Heaven, that is impossible, his very clear, Magician in machine here is also a character, but compares with other Comprehend the world 5 Realms human appearance, Magician anything is not, other 5 Realms people, by practicing moral culture give priority to, their there strongest fighting strength is a person, but machine here strongest fighting strength, is actually a battleship. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai now while condense Magic Formation, has placed on the majority of energy Tempering Stars Body Technique, Tempering Stars Body Technique everyday although can only practice for one hour, However that wraps Fist Technique Intent Domain, Zhao Hai actually continuously keeping is estimating, more estimates more feels this set of Fist Technique uncommon place. This set of Fist Technique has two usage-styles, one type of coordinates Tempering Stars Body Technique, this set of Fist Technique coordinates Tempering Stars Body Technique, will use until the body of overlay, making the practice of Tempering Stars Body Technique twice the result with half the effort. But another one type of application method , to promote the use of this set of Fist Technique with Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula, that this set of Fist Technique is one set top listens to Fist Technique with the person battle. Now Zhao Hai Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula, has achieved Second Layer Second Rank boundary, after this breakthrough, Zhao Hai the practice of Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula each one layer, is divided into nine steps, First Layer is divided into nine steps, he in First Layer ninth step Stage, has caught for a long time, now finally broke through, but after he breaks through, this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula directly has achieved Second Layer Second Rank, the thick product was it may be said that thin. Except that Zhao Hai cultivation level was promoted, Space also similarly was promoted, now Zhao Hai Space has achieved 100 five Level 10 . Moreover the Spiritual Qi density in Space, ended one with machine here was equal, because even has existence of tree of hundred Spirit Tree and life, the Spiritual Qi density oneself in Space passes through slowly machine here. But reason that Space level will promote, completely because of the change of Spiritual Qi density, when the body of Zhao Hai gradually adapted to outside the Spiritual Qi density of world, the Spiritual Qi density in Space also slowly changes, but when the Space Spiritual Qi density becomes more and more thick, level also enhances, when Space Spiritual Qi density and outside world same time, Space level also promoted 100 five Level 10. The promotion of level, naturally the impossible advantage not to have, now Space had recognized, Spiritual Qi and science and technology that in Space absorbs have reached the medium grade level, Zhao Hai have been able to purchase medium grade Cultivator background and medium grade science and technology background, but Magic Space is recognized that has reached the Advanced level level, Zhao Hai has been able to purchase higher Magic background. Did not want underestimated these background, had these background Zhao Hai to do many matters, now Zhao Hai in own science and technology background there has been able produce Mecha and battleship, but in Cultivator background there, he can plant many high level medicinal herbs, even he has also gotten so far as many Magical Artifact in there. Promotion that because really level keeps, therefore Zhao Hai then nearly two months of not leave own villa, continuously practice in Space. a.