Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1122
............................................................................................. The person in Bones Symbol Camp, although to Zhao Hai very curious, but actually nobody enjoys such allowance to have any opinion to Zhao Hai, because that is the decision of Camp Lord. Bones Symbol Camp person very united, especially to Desbarres, all person very respectful, therefore Zhao Hai was arranged to have the opinion to 4th level Expert dwelling nobody, everyone/Great Clan hopes that Zhao Hai can soon have acquired achievements from study, is Bones Symbol Camp strives. The Bones Symbol Camp person now is not strange regarding the Zhao Hai matter, they also know that Zhao Hai just ascend one month, was brought in Bones Symbol Camp, but these two months of time Zhao Hai continuously in the room adaptation machine Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi. Just heard Zhao Hai this situation time, the Bones Symbol Camp person one has seethed with excitement, Zhao Hai can in ascend one month, be brought to the camp, this fully explained that Zhao Hai innate skill, they also attached great importance to Zhao Hai. Now Bones Symbol Camp is any situation, all people know, However their practice innate skill are not good, now in camp strongest is also 5th level Expert, to other on camp simply not any superiority, therefore they want to make Zhao Hai earlier complete study, earlier becomes Expert, is Bones Symbol Camp raises the eyebrow to spit the institute. Most from the beginning Bones Symbol Camp person regarding Zhao Hai whether quick adaptation machine here Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, but is worried, feared that Zhao Hai because of such giving favored treatment, but becomes is arrogant and complacent, finally vanishes however in the people. However has not left the magnificent feat of door along with the Zhao Hai two months, these people all shut up, in did not suspect, but has filled with the anticipation at heart. Regarding Magician, closes up the practice is the common matter, but that most also on the several days time, will come out to take a walk frequently, in order to avoid the mood is oppressed, not only does not have the advantage to the practice, instead to may affect mental state, causes mental state not to be steady, affects cultivation level. Generally closing up of long time is Cultivation World there these cultivator dry matters, Cultivation World there these cultivator, in the practice, in the request regarding mental state is very high, long time closing up ascetic, is to the one type of practice of mental state, through the long time lonely practice, polish own mental state was been clear by own mental state, to favor own practice. However these cultivator, have oneself unique practice method is different to Magician practice method, although does not think recognize, but these Magician recognize, cultivator practice method, comes compared with Magician, truly stronger on many.

But Zhao Hai is grinding Mage, can actually close up for two months, does not leave door such mental state cultivation level, making in Bones Symbol Camp all people feel to blush with shame. although said that in this process, Desmarres and Tao Wang look at him often, but can achieve this degree , is really not easy. Their don’t know Zhao Hai these days, most of the time, practices certainly in Space, has not stayed outside the too long time. Two months later sign that Zhao Hai has still not gone out, but the person in Bones Symbol Camp, does not have the time now, in paid attention to Zhao Hai their present attention centralized to another matter, that was five years a time 6 Realms new person competition. The so-called 6 Realms new person competition, listens to the name is a competition is actually a life and death preys probably actually, this life and death preying holds the person who one time participates in every five years, is these five years, from Lower Realm Ascenders, only then they can participate, the person of Comprehend the world native place, is absolutely impossible to participate. Has conducted more than 100 this competition to the present, conducts the point of competition not only most from the beginning also single Cun to compete, but is a gambling fights. Comprehend the world here although incomparable general, even contained several Interface, the resources are innumerable, but truly the material of most top is also limited very much, takes the ghost silver ore, do not look that Zhao Hai gets so far as the ghost silver ore ore in Space to be many, but do not forget, Comprehend the world here cultivator has many, if these ore one points to these cultivator in hand, that also only then few few people can obtain. But thing like ghost silver ore, is very important regarding practice, had this thing, the practice, especially regarding cultivating demon person, is so. Therefore Comprehend the world here, does not have the moment to stop regarding competition of resources. Cultivator 6 Realms not extremely in obvious borderline, but in the place of 2 Realms intersection, will always have some grey places to treat, here 2 Realms can manage, but cannot manage, but generation in this , some high grade commodities, are the Comprehend the world all Interface people need. In order to compete for these thing, Cultivator 6 Realms fights repeatedly, the casualty are innumerable, finally the High level people in 6 Realms looked that this way does not have the means that finally a 6 Realms people achieved an association intent, every five years holds a time 6 Realms new person competition, new person who attended the competition, is in 6 Realms from Lower Realm Ascenders, these person of ascend come up time is less than five years, the strength is limited, is adding on comes up from Lower Realm ascend, even if died, these people extremely in the grief, not making them come one to rip to kill, finally that win, will obtain the intersection point higher. The jurisdiction of commodity, the time is five years, five years later, in one time holds the competition,

Decides the property rights of these places. But new person who all attended the competition, 6 Realms will not treat unjustly them, not only this person will obtain many rewards, is the influence that he is, also will obtain many advantage, some even can directly to them higher material mine, making influence who this institute is at mine, can say that the 6 Realms new person competition, is relationship to the competitions of 6 Realms all influences, is the shortcut that the new person becomes famous. Each time 6 Realms new person competition, is some appears talent same characters, although these people come from Lower Realm ascend, moreover to Comprehend the world is about five years of time, but cultivation level is actually good, some even became known Expert. Each time 6 Realms new person competition, is the grand meetings of major power struggle benefits, the although meeting casualty are innumerable, the quantity is no matter these big influence these Ascenders, Gansu such as lifts. But now to 6 Realms new competition also nearly one year of times, however the 6 Realms invitational meet was actually immediately may start, in 6 Realms all honored and popular influences, can attend the invitational meet, but first 100 of each invitational meet, will attend the 6 Realms new person competition. Along with time's show, now 6 Realms new person competition, already, not only to struggle to rush to the resources, to show own strength, crushed the opposite party best place, therefore each time 6 Realms new person competition very well-respected. Because 6 Realms new person competition regulation, can only from Lower Realm Ascenders, be able to participate, therefore in the major influences the strongest key forces, almost do not have the means to participate, takes Ashley Clan, the Ashley Clan key forces, are their Clan core member, but their Clan core member, is almost the Ashley Clan main family, or machine here the person of native place, almost does not have Ascender, even if has Ascender join, is ascend five years, the simply insufficient material attended the new person competition. Therefore in machine here, person who attended the 6 Realms new person competition, certainly is Outer Sect of major influences, because Outer Sect of major influences are few main family Core Disciple join, generally is comprised of the person of ascend. In Bones Symbol Camp has plenty ascend less than five years of person, their strengths is not very strong, now strongest is also 2nd level Magician, they think that is attending the 6 Realms new person competition, really a little exempts. However is this, does not interrupt the Bones Symbol Camp person to pay attention to the 6 Realms new person competition, especially on these ascend cannot arrive for five years, the although strength is insufficient, but they actually think the try one's chance.

But Zhao Hai actually don’t know this matter, he just came machine here didn't have long time, before adding on him has been practicing, nearest/recent including net on few, therefore and don’t know this matter. But Desbarres and Tao Wang have not actually thought must tell Zhao Hai this matter, because the 6 Realms new person competition was really extremely in the bad risk, that was momentarily the meeting deceased person, Zhao Hai just ascend came up less than three months, now can the adaptation machine here Spiritual Qi density be good, that can allow him to attend the competition, then with bringing death not congealed. although Desbarres knows that Zhao Hai has plenty formidable Undead Creature, can vie with each other with 4th level Magician, but he still has not actually thought must make Zhao Hai attend this competition, because of Zhao Hai, but the hope of Bones Symbol Camp, Bones Symbol Camp is not short of money, he does not hope that Zhao Hai take risks. However Zhao Hai although don’t know, some people actually short know that this person is Laura, Laura their present everyday will access the net, understood that gets off an aircraft here to have any important matter to live. But the important matter like 6 Realms new person competition, online possibly doesn't have? Not only has, the propaganda that but also blots out the sky, some websites, the origin of 6 Realms new competition, the case of competition process and conclusion have made, but also very detailed, therefore Laura they knew this matter. Was needless saying that the case inferior 6 Realms new person competition, a machine rank was existence of setting the base, after all other 6 Realms by practicing moral culture give priority to, but machine here actually by unfolding Mecha and battleship give priority to, therefore this 6 Realms new competition, machine has not always had the too high hope. However this non- telltale here will not send for participating, conversely, they every will send for participating, although they struggle other 5 Realms, but a machine interior actually wants to fight over a struggle. Machine the invitational meet of 6 Realms new person competition, regarded a competition of interest distribution to do, final that 100 participated in Ascender of 6 Realms new competition, will obtain the rich reward, the influence that he was at will also gain the corresponding benefit, if at the competition match, has obtained the good achievements, his Clan on will obtain more advantage, because like this, therefore machine here, each time competition, attach great importance to, the propaganda of even more larger strength, these days, so long as were the person of surfer, on not don’t know this. The matter, Laura they naturally also from online understood the complete content of competition. a.