Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1123
Zhao Hai static sitting in Space Villa, look at his front computer, on computer report about 6 Realms new person competition. Watched that report, Zhao Hai turned the head what? you to allow me to Laura said : to attend this competition?” Laura nodded said :Elder Brother Hai, we arrived at machine already soon three months, these three months, we basically adapted to here, but now you should study has learned, Desbarres you were also good, was this time 6 Realms new person competition, not just opportunity? Let Bones Symbol Camp praising world again. Zhao Hai smiles „the tone that said : you speak now to resemble the Bones Symbol Camp person.” Laura smiles said : my although is not the Bones Symbol Camp person, but these days Bones Symbol Camp feared that the situation I actually saw, to be honest, I also really somewhat liked this camp, here person very united, Desbarres have only paid to this camp.” Zhao Hai nodded, he agrees with the Laura words, the Bones Symbol Camp atmosphere he also liking, moreover thing that to be honest, he can learn in machine here now were not many, has a look in Comprehend the world the time to outside that different scenery. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this competition I participated, I to experience, other 5 Realms these people, strength how.” Laura their happy called, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile, reason that to be honest, Zhao Hai stays such long time in Space, mainly to accompany Laura they, Laura they were really extremely were now bored in Space, therefore Zhao Hai wants to find some time to accompany them. Looked at the time, has eaten meal in Space, Zhao Hai then comes out from Space, then passes own robot, contacts with Tao Wang and Desbarres. On all machines, has almost the communications function, but the people exit generally, the household robot belt in the side, the household robot will not look like a home fixed telephone of person will be the same, only will then be away from home, the people will use their computer to carry on the relation.

Why Tao Wang and Desmarres although don’t know Zhao Hai must look for them, but they with most quickly arrived at the Zhao Hai house. Looked to the room that Zhao Hai was waiting for them, Tao Wang look at Zhao Hai puzzled said : „does Little Hai, what matter have? To ask us to drink?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Camp Lord, ceramic Big Brother, sits, today I had the matter person to tell you.” Desbarres and Tao Wang looked Zhao Hai resembles has the matter, cannot help but thump, they contacted with Zhao Hai at heart already had two months, knows that the Zhao Hai temperament, Zhao Hai almost did not have too many requests, now suddenly is so official, this made their some not adapt. They somewhat restlessly sat, Zhao Hai sat them opposite. look at they, deep voice said : Camp Lord, I ask you to come today, wants to tell you that after two months of adaptation, I fully adapted to machine here Spiritual Qi to be thick, moreover I decide to attend the this Realm 6 Realms new person competition!” Desbarres and Tao Wang listened to Zhao Hai saying that they gawked, Desbarres one stood got up said : not to be good, Little Hai, was not good, the 6 Realms new person competition was really too dangerous, you cannot participate.” Tao Wang nod said : Little Hai, you have not been able to participate, was too dangerous, but 6 Realms new person competition meeting deceased person, moreover that can with several other Realms Expert to, that several person, turn one-on-one, the hope that we win is very small.” Zhao Hai look at their appearances, know that they are thinking anything, he shows a faint smile said : Camp Lord, ceramic Big Brother, your feel relieved was good, the danger of 6 Realms competition becomes I understood, but I must participate, this, will be a turning point that our Bones Symbol Camp will rise!” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Tao Wang and Desbarres stare, then they did not speak, they such diligently to let Bones Symbol Camp rose, but they have not thought really must let Zhao Hai Gu Jia this time competition.

Naturally, does not make Zhao Hai attend this time competition, after not equal to, will not make Zhao Hai participate in the fight, their also very clear, only knows that stuffy gate training wholeheartedly, is impossible to have any result, they are the Zhao Hai show have made a plan of complete set. This plan... Very comprehensive, starts from Zhao Hai complete adaptation machine here Spiritual Qi thickly, will arrange some small duty to him, these duty will not be a Zhao Hai person will participate, will not have any danger, but can also play exercises the Zhao Hai point, then bit by bit will make Zhao Hai unfold, in several years later, Zhao Hai can participate in Clan competition on behalf of Bones Symbol Camp, then official praised to set up ten thousand in machine here. This plan... A little will not take risk, can play exercises the Zhao Hai point, will not have too many dangers, because Desbarres and Tao Wang placed too many hopes on Zhao Hai, they do not hope that what Zhao Hai takes the post. Because of this, therefore heard Zhao Hai saying that must attend the 6 Realms new person competition, two talented person such big responses, in their opinion, Zhao Hai must attend the 6 Realms new person competition, brought about own destruction absolutely. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : Camp Lord, ceramic Big Brother, first should not be mobile, sits down said slowly, to be honest, my decision is not a head heat decided that but passed through has thought that was open about the facts your two, my present strength, with 4th level Magician to, has confidence them is defeated, therefore I decided to attend this competition.” Desbarres frowns said : this time I already to know that you have Undead Creature to exist, is Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, you can defeat a 4th level Magician this not to be strange, but you did not know about the 6 Realms new person competition, well new person competition, no matter that attach great importance to, person who therefore attended the competition, is the elites in various Realm new person, but the loser often the right and wrong dies already injures, is a mortality rate very high competition, is not the spirit that I boost he to want, extinguishes our power and prestige, speaks the truth, our machine here Magician and Warrior, and other 5 Realms person. Compares, there is a disparity, the biggest disparity is weapon.” Speaking of here Desbarres to stop, Tao Wang connection said : „, the biggest disparity was weapon, other 5 Realms there strongest weapon, were almost Magical Artifact, but Magical Artifact can the single use, in other words in each inferior 6 Realms new competition, several other people, will use some Magical Artifact, these Magical Artifact Might very formidable, even if were our Magician, must draw onto compared with their strengths some, the opposite party only then has used Magical Artifact, what we did not occupy cheap, therefore I and Camp Lord were do not hope that you participated in this 6 Realms new person to strive for hegemony. Match.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this point I to know that these days I through computer, had understood other 5 Realms situations, speak the truth, Camp Lord, this arrived is makes me want to attend this competition, do not forget, this competition, all spoils of war turned over to various people, I want to snatch two spoils of war to come back, moreover I had confidence to cope with them.” Desbarres frowns said : Little Hai, I think this extremely Yu Mianqiang, at the 6 Realms new competition of case, our machine has not obtained well becomes, six people of competitions, our people, can enter the top three name, breaks through xing to become Zhai, moreover person who every time attended the 6 Realms new person competition, is our machine in genuine elite, moreover their ascend time can minimum over three years, how many you on look at the coming out opposite party from this point is formidable? I do not hope really you attend this competition.”

Zhao Hai has not said anything, but shows a faint smile, the hand moves, overlay Magic Formation Set appears in the Zhao Hai front. Desbarres and Tao Wang saw the Formation Set that Zhao Hai release comes, cannot help but is shocked, must know that the overlay combination of Magic Formation may not be easy to use, always increases Magic Formation, regarding the request of spiritual force is very high, moreover wants in Magic Formation Set, new join Magician, is the need experiments well, having a look at this Magic Formation to suit this Magic Formation Set, this Magic Formation join to this Formation Set, will play big doing to use, because like this, therefore Magician wants to carry on the Magic Formation overlay most from the beginning is very difficult, only then has certainly achieved in the strength. Becoming, rub slowly clear gauge rate, knew what Magic Formation most suits own, this Magic Formation slowly will superimpose to be quicker, why this also will be, so long as 1st level Magician the learn five overlay have been OK, but 2nd level Magician will be so long as the learn ten overlay have been OK, but wants in into 3rd level Magic Formation to need the learn 50 overlay, 4th level probably achieve a overlay. But general Magician, wants in achieving 50 overlay, minimum needs five to about ten years, even if in machine here, studies the Magic Formation person since childhood, wants to carry on 50 overlay Magic, needs three to five years is good, do not say that carried on to superimpose, has plenty Magician, can only study 50 overlay for a lifetime, stopped in 3rd level Magician this one layer time. Now Zhao Hai revealed that this overlay Magic Formation, Desbarres and Tao Wang were shocked, they have not really thought that Zhao Hai can achieve a overlay within such short time unexpectedly, they in Chinese mile don’t know must say that at once any was good. Zhao Hai wielded, unfolds own spiritual force, Magic Formation naturally also slowly dissipated, when a Magic Formation dissipation, Desbarres and Tao Wang then recovered, they looked at one mutually, saw from the opposite party eye a shock added the wild with joy facial expression. Zhao Hai look at they, showed a faint smile said : I to achieve the 4th level Magician strength now, moreover my Battle Qi, has almost achieved the fourth level warrior strength, attended this time 6 Realms new person competition, definitely had the self-preservation ability, Camp Lord, ceramic Big Brother, was this our Bones Symbol Camp feels proud and elated!” a.