Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1124
....................................................................................... Of mountainous region training grounds Bones Symbol Camp eight big training grounds, this is also in all training grounds, swims the most complex training ground, now here has been carrying on a competition, but both sides of competition both are the people in Bones Symbol Camp. A side is Zhao Hai, another side is Desbarres elects, in Bones Symbol Camp some Rebirth generation of representatives, altogether ten people, but this time test content also very simple, copes with Zhao Hai by these ten people in mountainous region here, so long as Zhao Hai can win, he can attend the 6 Realms new competition! After Zhao Hai had revealed strengths of hundred overlay, Desbarres has relented finally, he can agree that makes Zhao Hai go to join this time 6 Realms new person competition, but the condition, that is Zhao Hai must be good through his test. But mountainous region training ground here, but first measures the type content, because of Desbarres very clear, 6 Realms new person competition, not only carries in Arena, has fights under various environment. This mountainous region training ground, is the Bones Symbol Camp hua high price constructs, the entire training ground altogether has more than 2000 mu, inside was installed a near hundred thousand camera, in photograph aircraft of airborne also 100 small shapes, carries on the monitoring of entire period of five days to the entire training ground, the entire combat process, will record completely. Now Desbarres and Tao Wang sit in the monitoring hall in mountain training camp, in front of the look at large screen, on the screen other Zhao Hai and ten people, have prepared, the above must enter from the different directions to the training battalion. Row, in monitoring hall not, only then Desbarres and Tao Wang, old person in many Bones Symbol Camp arrived at here, these people learned from Tao Wang there that enters Zhao Hai of camp two months of not room, today must carry on here selects ten tests, felt that very curious therefore ran to join in the fun. By these ten people who Desbarres elects, is the ascend time over five years, moreover strength good person, six Warrior four Magician, in Warrior had three to reach the 4th level level, three have reached the 3rd level level, in Magician, there is one or two to reach the 4th level level, two were 3rd level. Along with Desbarres's issuing an order, other Zhao Hai and ten people entered the mountain training camp, the mountain training camp here trees cover, the terrain was changeable, has the mountain to have the stone to have the tree to have the water, had the pit to have the hole, the terrain very complex, wanted to find the opposite party in here, and by suddenly surprise attack, that was not needs very rich fight experience. When Zhao Hai they, as soon as after entering to entering to practice the field, the vision of all people have aimed at him, how wants to have a look at him to make Zhao Hai to look at all around one, meets to begin to wield, release about hundred Undead Creature, flew toward the training battalion, moreover actually relayed a while to look for small cavern to sit in the training ground, has closed the eye.

Saw the Zhao Hai appearance, Desbarres they have gawked, but then all people nodded, they were understandable regarding Zhao Hai the procedure, before Zhao Hai, in arriving at mountain training camp here has trained completely is not familiar to the here terrain, in this case, moved was inferior that one calmly sent Undead Creature to observe, but after he actually first looked for a safe place rest well and other present enemies, was carrying on attack to the enemy, this was the most correct procedure. The construction of this mountain training camp, Desbarres, but hua many thoughts, in the training battalion, had been installed massively can suppress spiritual force banning Spirit Stone, making the person not need to examine terrain in the training battalion with spiritual force directly, otherwise, a such entensive training battalion, these Magician, swept with spiritual force looks clear, then with hitting Arena had anything to distinguish. Bans Spirit Stone is in Comprehend the world, one type of quite common Stone, this Stone too big doing has not used, doing of sole with is, can suppress spiritual force of person, moreover bans Spirit Stone more, to the suppression of spiritual force is high, if before , your spiritual force can the release 10,000 meters, but you, if entered one region that has 100 cubic embargo on rice exports Spirit Stone to be, your spiritual force were most also on be good on can the release 100 meters. although bans Spirit Stone in Comprehend the world here is not too rare thing, but bans Spirit Stone not to be cheap, but in Bones Symbol Camp the mountainous region training ground, by Desbarres putting 2000 vertical banning Spirit Stone, this absolutely was a great writer. although mountain training camp the person in monitoring hall here has plenty, everyone/Great Clan also thinks that the plan of Zhao Hai is very good, truly but can achieve actually few. Thinks that is achieving Zhao Hai to make Undead Creature go to scout this point, must first achieve several points, first, you, if Darkness Element, specialize summon class Magic Magician, next, you must have enough many high level Undead Creature, if Inferior level Undead Creature, their simply is impossible to give any complex information, simply cannot have doing of scout to use. The third point wants spiritual force to want formidable, it is well known, Summoner, cannot leave their summoned creatures to be too far, has certainly been apart from Lou, will reduce regarding summoned creatures control ability, such words summoned creatures lost control, has not used. But these people on the scene, thinks can achieve this point are not many, although cannot achieve this point, but the eyesight of these people may at suspend, they from this point, saw the Zhao Hai strength. Quick Zhao Hai through Undead Creature present an enemy, this is Magician, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, walked out from cavern, then flutters in that Magician direction, Zhao Hai that Undead Creature while present that Magician, had been taken back by Zhao Hai, therefore that Magician not presently Zhao Hai. This Magician is the same with the procedures of other people, is investigating all around with spiritual force, 1 careful advancing, simultaneously his body has been supporting Magic protective shield, although this will possibly have let him presently, but similarly, when others carry on suddenly attack to him, this Magic protective shield can also play very good defense to do to use.

Zhao Hai personal appearance in forest slowly is fluttering, he grounded that Undead Creature knows terrain that he passes through, therefore Zhao Hai has not worried. Quick Zhao Hai felt that Magician, not only felt that Magician spiritual force, felt similarly that Magician Magic protective shield energy bo moved. Zhao Hai has been careful, his careful advancing, not only need hidden go to own spiritual force, but must oneself frequently hides in all around trees yin shade, in order to avoid by person present. Monitors the people in hall, look at Zhao Hai that holds the breath, they Zhao Hai looks like Assassin is presently same, careful advancing, but that Magician does not have presently Zhao Hai, still in careful advancing, distance getting closer and closer of both sides. When the distance of both sides is about hundred meters, suddenly Zhao Hai sped up, continuously on appears in that Magician, then his hand moves, 50 overlay Magic Formation appears in in his hand, Zhao Hai simultaneously said loudly: Sharp [gold/metal], spear|gun!” The speech sound falls, giant metal long spear departs from his Magic Formation, punctures on that Magician protective shield, that Magician protective shield, looks like an air bubble is the same, suddenly open/operated. That Magician just about to counter-attacks, Zhao Hai Magic Formation of another 50 overlay has prepared, listens to Zhao Hai deep voice said : cool breeze, lock... Along with the Zhao Hai words, together from wind elemental composition chains appears of green in that Magician side, one that Magician tying down, the matter arrived at here, that Magician is withdraws has competed with, because Zhao Hai can the release chains lock in him, naturally can also kill him. That Magician understand this point, his facial expression although somewhat is also depressed, but nodded to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai wields, that person of chains vanished, that person bows to Zhao Hai, leave battlefield. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, hidden entered in forest, if monitored the person in hall, did not observe Zhao Hai through the screen, almost could not find him. Just Zhao Hai with the process that Magician fought very short, Zhao Hai only left two Magic Formation Set, the opposite party defeating, so long as release Magic Formation, will produce Magic bo to move, several other people noted this Magic bo to move, was catching up toward there. But Zhao Hai was also welcoming a Warrior direction to fly, that Warrior was 4th level Warrior, although his strength in several is top existence, but he was still very young

The heart, weapon took by him in in hand, his advancing is also not quick. In this time, his suddenly was feeling that own front appears Magic bo moved, this Magic bo moves obviously is not that several people who he is familiar with, he has been careful, the in hand sword has prepared at any time shot Sword Qi. Careful advancing two minutes, that person felt that very strange Magic bo moves, not far away in front of him, hid behind of tree, careful look at ahead, this looked that he gawked, because not far away in front of him, took Magic Staff Undead Creature to stand in, saw this situation, a he cannot help but heart startled, he knows that this was a trap! although knows, but actually late, he heard a sound to transmit said : Cyan Vine, entangles!” Along with this sound, on the big tree that he presently he hides, suddenly appears the rattan of some pale , one has tied down him . Moreover the ten points that entangles die, making him look like look like a steamed rice dumpling. However this rattan has also entangled his, then loosened him, he also saw Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not said anything, but nodded to that person, turn around fluttered. That person is to actually harness to sigh, received own long sword, withdrew from the competition. But at this time several other people went to that place of Zhao Hai first fight, there naturally already nobody, some although also Magic bo move, actually could not see anything. Eight people looked at one mutually, then they almost simultaneously felt when Magic bo of Zhao Hai with that Warrior fight moved, is wanting past moment in them, actually suddenly present, they had been surrounded! a.