Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1125
When outside 10,000 puts on bone armor, the hand with Warrior Undead Creature, is suspending the neat lineup, that eight people sphere, that eight people know that this test had ended, because they presently these Undead Creature level were really too high, each every had the 9th level Apprentice level, such strength, was adding on such population, opportunity that their eight almost ran continually did not have. Desbarres they looked that this situation also knows this test had ended, Desbarres and Tao Wang looked at one mutually, saw from the opposite party eye[ is popular] exerts . Strength that Zhao Hai shows, with regarding Magic Formation utilization and other aspects, complete left their imagination, do not look that just Zhao Hai had not used a overlay Magic Formation, but regarding Desbarres, this is not anything, 4th level Magician, with the person opposes the enemy, may not use a overlay Magic Formation, looks like a chef, he possibly only then several dishes, but he is impossible to make these most adept meals frequently, meal that normally he makes, is only some ordinary vegetables, this truth is the same. 4th level Magician, refers to these to use Layers Magic Formation Magician, they in fight, use often is only ten overlay, or 20 overlay, are impossible to use a overlay frequently, Might of although overlay is very big, however discharge is impossible to be too quick, but is battling, you can use quicker release Magic, on the stratagem which ensures success big several points. But that several Magic that just Zhao Hai used, is 50 overlay Magic, moreover almost the ear to say flickers, the law of 3rd level demon, can achieve to flicker unexpectedly, this is many 5th level 6th level Magician cannot even achieve, therefore Desbarres and Tao Wang can such happy. Strength that other person also very happy in hall, Zhao Hai shows complete left their imagination, they have not really thought that ascend just three months of person, really will have such strength, in their opinion, had Zhao Hai, Bones Symbol Camp promotes hopefully. The test ended, Desbarres and Tao Wang got large quantities of Bones Symbol Camp people to arrive at outside the mountainous region training ground, greets Zhao Hai, looked that Zhao Hai came out from inside, moving forward to meet somebody of Desbarres laughed, grasped Zhao Hai said : great Little Hai, dry was attractive, walked. Today all the person, we go to the dining room set, drinking well one cup!” People bang has complied with one, but most people, curious is sizing up Zhao Hai. These two months, Zhao Hai although does not have appears in camp, but stays in own room, however the Zhao Hai details made the people in camp give rub to be clear, Lower Realm ascend came up, ascend came up for one month later has carried on the first outside smelting trial, moreover passed successfully, later entered to Bones Symbol Camp. To be honest, sees this material time, person some in Bones Symbol Camp cannot believe that also feels happy, somewhat anticipated that they want to take a look, this rare talent, by the talent that Desbarres so settles on, after this time closing up, but can also create any miracle! Really, Zhao Hai has not made disappointed, after two months deliver close, the fruit was creating miracle. In a pair of ten test, had ended unexpectedly the fight within the so short time, although finally by his Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature itself are Zhao Hai, is part of his strength, therefore and nobody does not think fairly. Desbarres got the people to arrive at the Bones Symbol Camp big dining room, this big dining room arrived at Third Layer in Bones Symbol Camp large building First Layer, became the courtyard shape design, what middle was spatial, can simultaneously accommodate ten thousand people to go to eat. Every one year to year's end time, the Bones Symbol Camp person, will come here to dine together one time, all people will participate, summarizes to the matter that this year handles, will put also the bonus. Desbarres led a troop person to go to dining room there, immediately has alarmed entire Bones Symbol Camp, therefore ran in the people of home, in the dining room gathered about 5000 people at once.

Desbarres has not been blocking, looked can come almost came, Desbarres has then stood from his seat, has arrived at the middle of courtyard, looked at people one eyes, shows a faint smile said : I to think that everyone/Great Clan knows today point, today my official introduced to everyone/Great Clan, this was Zhao Hai, two months ago already join to our Bones Symbol Camp, but these two months have been closing up, today official met with everyone/Great Clan.” Zhao Hai has also stood, Tao Wang advanced Desbarres's side, salutes to all around Bones Symbol Camp person, the Bones Symbol Camp person has also delivered own applause. Desbarres downward presses with the hand, people then stopped, Desbarres looked at all around one, then said : these time convenes everyone/Great Clan, except for Little Hai introduced that to the everyone/Great Clan understanding beyond, a matter, I decided that was represented our Bones Symbol Camp to participate in the 6 Realms new person to strive for hegemony Gu's invitational meet by Little Hai!” One hear of Desbarres said that the entire dining room buzz has blasted out, the invitational meet of this 6 Realms new person competition, is all ascend is about five years of person can participate theoretically, but a little influence of facial countenance, will conduct a test in the interior generally, is sending out these people to participate in machine competition. Like Ashley Clan, is first carries on an interior to test by various Outer Sect eight battalions of camps, then selects some strength formidable, participates machine competition, but this population will not limit, is mainly looked the result that various camps test, was decided by Camp Lord of various camps, Clan not extremely in interference. Bones Symbol Camp here although has many new people to attend this competition, but they have wanted Desbarres this pass/test, but according to the past convention, in the camp some strength some people, Desbarres will not allow them to attend the competition, feared that meets the appears casualties. The protections of Desbarres's in these young man to the camp is very proper, although these people now will blame possibly him, but Desbarres will not agree that they take risk, because of Desbarres very clear, the strengths of these people are too bad, do not say that participated in machine competition, even if were the Clan internal test, feared that could not pass. Ashley Clan has also adopted very strictly struggles the mechanism unexpectedly, relationship between eight big Outer Sect camp is not good, unexpectedly struggles is also very fierce, if allows them to participate in the Clan test, possibly appears casualties, therefore Desbarres will not allow these people to attend the test match. If this Zhao Hai through the test, Desbarres will not make Zhao Hai participate, even if in good to be also useless, this test that Zhao Hai said that not only tests Zhao Hai fighting strength, but must think his fight experience, from the fight experience of Zhao Hai, Desbarres can look, Zhao Hai is passes through the war absolutely, he also on feel relieved. Desbarres looked at people, in these people have a large part and don’t know Zhao Hai strength, therefore some such responses, Also is normal. Desbarres had not said that any his static standing waited for a while in there, these people also present, Desbarres quite a while had not spoken all people on own initiative peaceful.

When the people were peaceful, Desbarres look at people said : Little Hai strength everyone/Great Clan does not need to suspect, moreover his ascend to machine just three months, attended this competition, c decides, just we had carried on to him have measured the type, Little Hai definitely have that strength, this Realm the invitational meet of 6 Realms new person competition I prepare only to make Little Hai participate, other people did not need to think, if that refused to accept, made them find three groups of people to go.” Three groups of people who Desbarres said that is that several tests the Zhao Hai person now they not only does not have a point embarrassment, instead to also stands up, to people gave a salute. Desbarres said : to invitational meet about one month, these days no one must then disturb Little Hai, listened clearly?” The people have complied with one loudly, Desbarres then waved to lead Zhao Hai returned to table there. Desbarres's that table of several people of four people, Desbarres, Tao Wang Zhao Hai, make person of body level of Warrior appearance are big, muscle seems like such as molten copper iron cast is more common, is greatly bald, two eyes sparkling with divine light, a pair of palm specially thick, looked at the pair is in the hand skill. This person of name called Tie Sheng, was 5th level Warrior, his weapon was a pair of sledgehammer, but has now placed in Space equipment, he was also Expert that in the camp knew how things stand, was Desbarres's most efficient assistant. Before Tie Sheng went to duty, today just came back, he looked at the entire process that Zhao Hai has tested today, strength also suitable understanding Zhao Hai, therefore to Zhao Hai also very polite. After Desbarres sits down, turned the head to look at three people of said : „the matter of Little Hai test such to decide, tomorrow Ngawang you brought Little Hai to go to arsenal there, choosing several weapon also to have Defensive Equipment, kept these many years family properties, should take to use with.” Tao Wang selected, he turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, although our Bones Symbol Camp the prestige has been not as before now, but must discuss rich to become to come, altogether its seven camp added also can't compare with our Bones Symbol Camp, these years our Bones Symbol Camp may also receive to blow many good thing, tomorrow I to lead you to have a look.” although knows that these thing are not useful to oneself, but Zhao Hai was complied refreshedly, he does not want to know that now his Staff secret, Staff although was his exclusive Item, others took away are also useless, but made the person know that the Staff magical thing, these people will certainly snatch, they do not believe one unusable, moreover looked like in these people, even if is unusable, must take in own in hand, always placing Zhao Hai in hand was stronger. Therefore Zhao Hai decided that takes several weapon with Tao Wang, opposes the enemy with was needless saying that can always work as to shake the child with in hand is not. This meal everyone/Great Clan eats the focal point that very much happy, naturally, all people discussed was Zhao Hai, Desbarres and Tao Wang they appeared very[ was popular] exerted, has drunk many liquor, finally somewhat drank unexpectedly. After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai on returned to room, entered Space, Laura they were waiting for him, look at him to come back, Laura they were busy at preparing Spatial Water to Zhao Hai, drank sailor Zhao Hai to feel that he little has not drunk today.

Waits for Zhao Hai well, today Laura to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, tests the time, what do you feel?” Zhao Hai face somewhat heavy said : is very good, 50 that flickers superimposes Formation Set ten formidable, in Lower Realm casting a spell can't compare with, although looks like probably is usually is not wonderful, but I can affirm, even if were in the Eddie woods one has also been able by instant kill.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that very happy, Laura was said : that fantastic, Elder Brother Hai, your not happy?” Zhao Hai let out a long breath said : although this strength looks like good in machine here, but compared with the Cultivation World there person, has actually fallen far short, do not forget, in Comprehend the world 6 Realms, the machine here strength is worst, in here can say that king how, in machine here, Magician, to the previous battleship, finally the person of defeat possibly is Magician, but Cultivation World there cultivator, can actually a person contend with a fleet, the strength differed was too big, if this time we were given to recognize by Lu Wei come out, that. Had bad luck.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also silent, some little time Laura said : „was that Elder Brother Hai your meaning?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : anything not to need to think, we arrived at Comprehend the world here, these must always face, is adding on now our strength, will fear Lu Wei not necessarily, must know, but we now machine person, his Lu Wei, representative is also Cultivation World there Sect, no big deal, if we continuously because of existence of Lu Wei, but fears the tail, that also discussed that what free and unfettered is comfortable.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has gawked, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai, before Zhao Hai was because feared chasing down of Lu Wei, therefore specially will elect to take the ascend point in Atlanta Continent here, now probably doesn't fear? Zhao Hai look at Laura their appearances, before showing a faint smile said : „, in Lower Realm, my position fears Lu Wei, but arrived at here, feared that is useful? Because fears the Lu Wei not 1 u surface? Since decides to want the 1 u surface, must prepare for with that he fights, this time our high-sounding talk, lets entire machine understand, machine Magician, there are with Cultivation World the strength of cultivator spelling, so long as we gain more benefits for machine, machine will certainly guarantee our.” Laura they were also the thoughts clever person, a Zhao Hai such saying, their immediately understand was any meaning, Laura nodded said : well, now Elder Brother Hai you have been able to use thousand to superimpose, this time competition, can certainly win a good position, so long as this time you won the position, machine certainly will guarantee you, even if were Lu Wei chases down you, machine will also guarantee you, if they did not guarantee, after that nobody has been working oneself to death for them, therefore now no matter Lu Wei Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, Millions Treasure pavilions, we do not need to be worried..” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, not only, I also want through this test, look to send in the contact with Cultivation World there that big gate, so long as can contact with them on, enters that big gate faction, my really anything did not need to be worried!” Laura several people nodded, Laura is said : certainly, Elder Brother Hai, your certain line!” a.