Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1126
Standing of Zhao Hai calm in elevator, has Tao Wang in his side, they sit in this elevator now may not be who can sit, that this elevator without obtaining Desbarres allows, can only enter with Tao Wang and Tie Sheng, other people will want to enter by the elevator on accurate defense system attack. In this elevator does not have any digit, only then two press to turn, on and under. Moreover this elevator in secret room of underground room, the entire camp few people knows. Tao Wang stands in the elevator, look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : this elevator to go nonstop to the camp arsenal, there is the family property that our Bones Symbol Camp for many years saved, Camp Lord did not hate to use, he always said that wants the steel to use on the knife edge, only if encounters any significant situation, will take the use thing in arsenal, but you are these ten years each except for me, person who beside Camp Lord also Tie Sheng, allows to carry on the arsenal.” Zhao Hai nodded, at heart is actually one warm, Desbarres they too has looked after to him, making him want not to repay difficultly. The Zhao Hai conscience is[] people,[] people exquisite is, by the graciousness of person water drop, when reported by the bubbling spring, therefore Desbarres was good to him so, his certainly will pay back his. Tao Wang said : arsenal in a underground kilometer place, in the arsenal above, was then arranged the multiple defenses, one layer is by banning Spirit Stone is made, but also electronic early warning system, Magic solution defensive system, even also has a destruction system, any dares in the person who has not been allowed to enter the arsenal, will be killed by striking of Wuqing/ruthless, even if were that person of strength formidable rushed in the arsenal, the arsenal also met self-exploding finally, Might of its explosion, the equivalent to hundred nuclear bombs, feared that was the arsenal, if has exploded, entire Dark Magic Star will destroy!” Zhao Hai was startled, he has not thought, this arsenal defense unexpectedly such formidable, and has the destruction system, even can destroy entire planet. Reason that Tao Wang look at Zhao Hai appearance said : Bones Symbol Camp can accumulate these many thing is because Camp Lord and camp brothers position goes all out to trade, Camp Lord said that these thing are one battalion altogether has, Bones Symbol Camp has last to have is also meeting protect these thing, if the Bones Symbol Camp person could not preserve these thing, that rather made these thing be buried along with the dead to the brothers, cannot fall to others in hand.” Zhao Hai nodded, he has not thought really that looks like fat, ugly and ferocious-looking of although face, but in the person with camp will speak very friendly Desbarres really to have such blood xing! The elevator had walked for more than ten minutes, this stopped, Tao Wang opened the walked out of elevator door from the elevator, left the elevator is not a big room, this room had three Dao Sect, above writes separately, one, two, three, three digit. Tao Wang led Zhao Hai to arrive at No. 1 gate there he to put out more than a 30 centimeters key from the bosom, Zhao Hai paid attention, this looked like the key probably is very ordinary, material actually right and wrong [gold/metal] Feimu but who manufactured the key, looked like very mysterious.

Tao Wang has arrived at No. 1 gate there in pound that gently in the gate presents restrained, continually has knocked more than 20, this stopped, his c stops, in gate immediately appears very mysterious Magic Formation, this Magic Formation appears in this Magic Formation most, is a key hole. Tao Wang inserts the key, starts to unlock this unblanking is not only toward a directional rotation key, but turns right like the turn left several shapes, entire process very troublesome. Tao Wang used for ten minutes doorkeeper to open, after waiting for the gate of storehouse to open silently, Tao Wang then relaxed, turns the head to Zhao Hai said :to go, this was divided into four small storehouses, was our Bones Symbol Camp to save completely, 2nd and No. 3 storehouse was the false storehouse, if some people went to that two storehouses, immediately will report to the police, if opened forcefully, the self-destruction procedure stood already starts. At the same time was saying a Tao Wang sideband Zhao Hai was entering No. 1, entered No. 1 storehouse, Zhao Hai two eyes was one bright, this storehouse crossed 30 meters highly, the length about ten thousand square meters, the width also knew to be the same, inside was suspending many stance/framework/shelf, these stance/framework/shelf with the coverglass, on stance/framework/shelf, were suspending many Warrior, 18 weapon, every kind had, moreover there is Magic Staff and Magic Formation plate and so on weapon of Magician use. Tao Wang looked at Zhao Hai one, shows a faint smile said : here is only the outside storehouse in No. 1 storehouse, does not have what good thing, walks, goes to other three storehouses to have a look, good thing in there.” In Tao Wang leads Zhao Hai to walk toward the storehouse, also three gates in this storehouse, these three gates is not very big, high about ten meters, the wide about four meters, Tao Wang this time has not used the key, but arrives by Dao Sect, knocked gently several, big gate automatically opened. big gate opens, Tao Wang led Zhao Hai to walk, walked while said :this is in arsenal three one of the storehouses, in these three storehouse respectively was, armor storehouse, the arsenal, with the demon storehouse, is armor storehouse that we are at now, here depositing was some protective shield and so on thing, these protective armor, not only Warrior can use, Magician can also use, you had a look at each protective armor some to introduce, to know that detailed some, asked me.... When Zhao Hai nodded, has let loose Divine Sense, look at this armor storehouse original all, to be honest, he does not think one can obtain any useful thing in here, he has Staff, almost all have been solved, if not fear others to get suspicious, his simply will not choose any weapon. Sweeps with own Divine Sense, Zhao Hai present, in this storehouse does not forbid Divine Sense, conversely, has to enlarge the Divine Sense ability in this storehouse, enabling your Divine Sense to be able clearer seeing armor all armor.

This looked that Zhao Hai knows. These armor are divided into two types, some armor of one type is machine here manufacture, these armor majority are the metals, above is carving many Magician, each and every one seems like an iron suacepan, the unusual few parts are made in armor attire, but also many are made of metal, seems like chain armor. But other one type of actually snatches from Comprehend the world there, protective armor that or buys, these protective armor styles have on has plenty, some looks like ancient[] general armor of country's, some actually seem are only the cotton garments, likely is not protective armor. Zhao Hai does not have what interest regarding these full body armor, even if these protective armor can receive with the special method, when does not use putting on is also same. These protective armor that Cultivation World there makes, are divided into two types, armor and cotton garment, armor -type protective armor can use strength of owner recognition Divine Sense, later income to[ body] in carries on nourishing slowly, the nourishing time is long, doing of protection uses is big. But cotton garment -type protective armor, can actually put on outside, made the defense merit to pass beside, evaded the dust, Clear Body and other functions, but also because had these functions, therefore the cotton garment protective armor defense capability must miss compared with armor -type protective armor on many. But machine here developed protective armor is also divided into two types, one type of is the exoskeleton, one type of is in armor, the exoskeleton is that protective armor Zhao Hai sees like iron suacepan, this protective armor is uses Magic Formation with the product of science and technology union, when does not use, he can turn into one to protect heart mirror same thing, protects before xiong of person, use time, only then the intention moves, can turn into one to pay protective armor of whole body, on adding the eye will be protected, has the computer operate system in armor, in protective armor itself also has Magic Formation to give protective armor Provides energy, not only can play doing of defense to use, but can also help to fight. However this protective armor in the use, needs to start, although is only a little time, but regarding Expert, the time of oath, sufficiently wanted the human life in a flash. But in armor is different, in armor is chain armor, chain armor cannot receive generally, can only like be the underwear, frequently putting in body . Moreover the manufacture of this chain armor also very complex, on chain armor all links, are each and every one small metal Magic Formation, puts on can open on the body to very good defense does to use, in, this chain armor also can only play doing of defense to use, cannot be used for attack, moreover defends time also needs person's spiritual force support, your spiritual force is formidable, chain armor. The defense capability is stronger. However speaks the truth, these protective armor that machine here makes, must miss compared with Cultivation World there on many, chain armor although looks like good, when meets attack most from the beginning, first often can only depend on chain armor own defense capability, that is very dangerous, but Cultivation World there protective armor, will have generally formation to provide energy, can automatic protective armor, in other words puts on Cultivation World protective armor, so long as some people of attack, no matter Master does have presently, protective armor will defend automatically, this is almost the ability that can save a life.

Zhao Hai look at these protective armor, while is analyzing, what he is most pleasing is Cultivation World cotton garment protective armor, although was bad in the defense capability, but these functions were actually he most like, moreover put on is also most comfortable, other these protective armor he was not abundant minute of liking. Is giving up other protective armor in the Zhao Hai preparation, elects cotton garment protective armor puts on, suddenly in the machine protective armor corner present one group of thing, this is thing of one group like mercury, his simply likely is not protective armor, instead to looks like one group of liquid metal sphere. Zhao Hai has gawked, because he actually had not felt that in that group of molten metal there any introduction, this arrives somewhat extraordinarily. Tao Wang has been paying attention to Zhao Hai, looks at a surprise of Zhao Hai face, he also cannot help but curious, don’t know Zhao Hai present anything. At this time Zhao Hai suddenly said : ceramic Big Brother, I present one group of molten metals, what thing is that?” Tao Wang one hear of Zhao Hai said that knows Zhao Hai present anything, he has smiled bitterly next step: That group of molten metals that you said that in machine here is very famous, nobody knows that thing fell our in hand, but knows, should not have anything to respond, because that rolled thing is actually a failure did.” a.